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Healthcare And What It Means To You Part II

  Healthcare is one-fifth of the United States economy and it’s getting ready to change again. In light of this, we bring in one of the great leaders in the healthcare field, Fred Meijering. Fred is the Market President at Echelon Advisors, a commercial insurance and employee benefits brokerage firm that focuses in the self-funded, captive, and alternative risk-financing arenas. In the second part of this series on healthcare and what it means to you, Fred dives right into the topic of stop-loss and reinsurance in the captive plan. He gets into the process and the benefits of getting implemented into the captive health arrangement. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means To You Part II Stop Loss And Re-Insurance Inside A Captive Health Insurance Plan Information is about thought. We have been inundated with technology while at the same time drowning for wisdom. Once this…