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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Why You Pay Tax On Real Estate with Ron Gibson

  Land Patents. Why they are important to you and your family? Have you ever ask yourself this question, “Why do I pay tax on a property that I own?” The answer is in the question! Maybe, just maybe, you don’t own the property that you think you own. Sure, your name is on the mortgage and, yes, your name is on the deed of trust (as a tenant), but why would you pay a tax on a property that you think you own? In this audio, you will discover the truth behind mortgages, deeds of trust, warranty deeds. Spoiler alert, the globalist have tricked you once again. You don’t own your real estate, your cars, your cash in the bank, or even your children. Once you register an asset, you give it up to the corporate fiction called the state. Find out how to own your stuff and tell…