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Posts tagged as “Opportunities In Healthcare”

Healthcare And What It Means To You with Fred Meijering

  Healthcare is changing very fast, and the industry is trying to figure out which way this sector is going to go. It is important more than ever for healthcare professionals to move together with this change to avoid being in the losing end of the stick. In this episode, Fred Meijering, the Market President at Echelon Advisors, LLC, covers the healthcare industry – from what is happening now to the amazing opportunities it has in store for CEOs and CFOs who are looking for a better way to provide coverage without reducing the needed benefits. Fred starts by going right into the Affordable Care Act and how it affects the American worker, employer, and business. Moving on to the positive aspects, he talks about the captive market and the salient opportunities it offers. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means To You with Fred Meijering…