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ShapeShift, The New Face Of Digital Asset Exchange with Erik Voorhees

Just like other currencies, there are different digital currencies that can convert from one type of coin to another. ShapeShift is a digital asset exchange, a website that makes the conversion of bitcoins to other coins faster and easier. Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift founder, explains how the system works. Bitcoins can be converted into ethereum and litecoin can be converted into dash.Simply go to the website, there is no need to use an email account which is one of the coolest parts of it. Also, ShapeShift uses KeepKey. This is a hardware wallet that helps in preventing people from knowing your private key through a USB device. Learn why this is the safest way for a person to store cryptocurrency. — We have our guest Erik Voorhees, who promises to have some exciting information for us. Erik Voorhees is among the top recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs, understanding Bitcoin as…