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Healthcare And What It Means To You Part IV with Kara Atkinson And Fred Meijering

  Staying healthy and saving on health insurance are two things that can work hand in hand. In this interview that taps into health from our consciousness as well as the pharmacies and corporations, we have Kara Atkinson of Farley and Associates and Fred Meijering, the Market President with Echelon Advisors, to guide us. Starting with activating that desire to have better health, Kara talks about how to get and stay healthy with the information found in a 1937 book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. She discusses alignment, your burning desire, and making decisions based on what you value. Then we have Fred who explains the money-saving benefits that can be created if you know how to use them inside your health insurance benefit program. He emphasizes the importance of good healthcare practice and employees taking their prescribed medications. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means…