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Posts tagged as “Integrating Systems For Protection”

Blockchain of Things: Integrating Systems For Protection with Andre De Castro

Tokens can be considered as key to gates that hold data and energy that are being transferred through a truck system. Unfortunately, not all of these systems come with highly effective protective outfit. Andre De Castro of Blockchain Of Things shares their company‚Äôs holistic approach to the productivity of many industries. They are a security company that de-centralizes functioning systems when it is integrated to it, turning it into a platform that creates smart assets at the simplest level. This is also another way to send a lock and unlock flow of information and energy, a system of control and transference on a large geography. Andre explains how their tokens are access tokens to functioning technology that create an intelligent ethereum system. — Our guest is Andre De Castro, a giant in the blockchain industry. Andre is CEO and Founder of Blockchain of Things, Inc., a company that has the…