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Healthcare And What It Means To You Part III

  In the health insurance scene, many often get confused about the benefits that they get and getting the most discounts on premiums. In the third part of this series, Joseph Farley and guest Fred Meijering, the Market President at Echelon Advisors, give us an interestingly fruitful episode about how association members can take advantage of the discounts they are supposed to have. Fred shares the importance of awareness and that one of the best ways to create that awareness is to encourage and incentivize employees and plan members to have an annual physical. Fred clarifies other details such as captive insurance and how to educate brokers on teaching their clients about their coverages. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means To You Part III Stop Loss And Re-Insurance Inside A Captive Health Insurance Plan We’re going to continue our discussion with one of the great…