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These are the times that try men’s souls, and in these hours of testing, there is created a massive amount of opportunity for those who are seeking a better future.  Those who are not willing to embrace change and adopt new business concepts will find that the future has left them behind.

The Joseph Farley Show interviews the industry movers and shakers to garner wisdom and knowledge about the financial system and its technologies – such as Healthcare, Property and Casualty Insurance, and Professional Employer Organizations.  Also included might be Administrative Services Organizations, Career Opportunities, Professional Sales Organizations, and the complex challenges that top CEO’s and CFO’s are facing in the market place daily.

We are drowning in a glut of informational technology, and at the same time, starving for wisdom. Knowledge will serve you for naught if you lack the wisdom to make it work in your life. Once you learn just how great the combination of your body and mind can be, it will change your life forever. Find meaning and mission through these trying times on the  Joseph Farley Show.

Joseph Farley also works for the business development of companies like Trump Capital, AmericaCNG, American Direct Power, and Farley & Associates.


Episode Blogs

JFS 002 | Blockchain of Things
Tokens can be considered as key to gates that hold data and energy that are being transferred through a truck system. Unfortunately, not all of these systems come with highly effective protective outfit. Andre De Castro of Blockchain Of Things shares their company’s holistic approach to the productivity of many industries. They are a security company that de-centralizes functioning systems when it is integrated to it, turning it into a platform that creates smart assets at the simplest level. This is also another way to send a lock and unlock flow of information and energy, a system of control and transference on a large geography. Andre explains how their tokens are access tokens to functioning technology that create an intelligent ethereum system. — Our guest is Andre De Castro, a giant in the blockchain industry. Andre is CEO and Founder of Blockchain of Things, Inc., a company that has the
Just like other currencies, there are different digital currencies that can convert from one type of coin to another. ShapeShift is a digital asset exchange, a website that makes the conversion of bitcoins to other coins faster and easier. Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift founder, explains how the system works. Bitcoins can be converted into ethereum and litecoin can be converted into dash.Simply go to the website, there is no need to use an email account which is one of the coolest parts of it. Also, ShapeShift uses KeepKey. This is a hardware wallet that helps in preventing people from knowing your private key through a USB device. Learn why this is the safest way for a person to store cryptocurrency. — We have our guest Erik Voorhees, who promises to have some exciting information for us. Erik Voorhees is among the top recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs, understanding Bitcoin as
JFS 03 | Silk Road
The fake news media continues its streak of misinformation. During the past administration, this manipulation of information took a young man for its victim, leaving him with a double life sentence with no possibility of parole. Ross Ulbricht created a video game he called Silk Road that practices the free market economics. Being young and idealistic, his vision tagged along mistakes he couldn’t handle like selling illegal stuff and accepting payment only in cryptocurrency. The actual crime is yet to be seen until this day, with no victims claiming they suffered a loss, was injured or hurt. Lyn Ulbricht retells the story of his son stepping out, but unfortunately stepping on the toes of people that got upset. Has the court violated this young man’s rights throughout the trial? Do they even have the jurisdiction over the case? —   This episode will be with Lyn Ulbricht, the mother of
JFS 004 | Cryptocurrency Regulations
In the Bitcoin Blockchain space, startups need to do the right things for regulatory or compliance with anti-money laundering programs. Amber D. Scott and BitAML Inc. help compliance officers understand their role. Knowing these compliance policies and procedures are in place is important for startups because money is involved in the process. Joseph Ciccolo of Outlier Solutions Inc. also works with clients early in the startup phase to help them with cryptocurrency regulations and compliance since it’s what drives the US market in this space. — We have a wonderful show lined up for you that deals with cryptocurrency, blockchain entries and some of the pros and cons of each. We will be talking to two very exciting people who are extremely knowledgeable on these topics. Amber D. Scoot, MBA, CIPP/C, CAMS and Joe Ciccolo, a graduate of Northeastern College of Criminal Justice. Amber is the founder of Outlier Consulting
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