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These are the times that try men’s souls, and in these hours of testing, there is created a massive amount of opportunity for those who are seeking a better future.  Those who are not willing to embrace change and adopt new business concepts will find that the future has left them behind.

The Joseph Farley Show interviews the industry movers and shakers to garner wisdom and knowledge about the financial system and its technologies – such as Healthcare, Property and Casualty Insurance, and Professional Employer Organizations.  Also included might be Administrative Services Organizations, Career Opportunities, Professional Sales Organizations, and the complex challenges that top CEO’s and CFO’s are facing in the market place daily.

We are drowning in a glut of informational technology, and at the same time, starving for wisdom. Knowledge will serve you for naught if you lack the wisdom to make it work in your life. Once you learn just how great the combination of your body and mind can be, it will change your life forever. Find meaning and mission through these trying times on the  Joseph Farley Show.

Joseph Farley also works for the business development of companies like Trump Capital, AmericaCNG, American Direct Power, and Farley & Associates.


Episode Blogs

JFS 24 | Saving On Health Insurance
  Staying healthy and saving on health insurance are two things that can work hand in hand. In this interview that taps into health from our consciousness as well as the pharmacies and corporations, we have Kara Atkinson of Farley and Associates and Fred Meijering, the Market President with Echelon Advisors, to guide us. Starting with activating that desire to have better health, Kara talks about how to get and stay healthy with the information found in a 1937 book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. She discusses alignment, your burning desire, and making decisions based on what you value. Then we have Fred who explains the money-saving benefits that can be created if you know how to use them inside your health insurance benefit program. He emphasizes the importance of good healthcare practice and employees taking their prescribed medications. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means
JFS 23 | Healthcare And You
  In the health insurance scene, many often get confused about the benefits that they get and getting the most discounts on premiums. In the third part of this series, Joseph Farley and guest Fred Meijering, the Market President at Echelon Advisors, give us an interestingly fruitful episode about how association members can take advantage of the discounts they are supposed to have. Fred shares the importance of awareness and that one of the best ways to create that awareness is to encourage and incentivize employees and plan members to have an annual physical. Fred clarifies other details such as captive insurance and how to educate brokers on teaching their clients about their coverages. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means To You Part III Stop Loss And Re-Insurance Inside A Captive Health Insurance Plan We’re going to continue our discussion with one of the great
JFS 22 | Captive Health Insurance Plan
  Healthcare is one-fifth of the United States economy and it’s getting ready to change again. In light of this, we bring in one of the great leaders in the healthcare field, Fred Meijering. Fred is the Market President at Echelon Advisors, a commercial insurance and employee benefits brokerage firm that focuses in the self-funded, captive, and alternative risk-financing arenas. In the second part of this series on healthcare and what it means to you, Fred dives right into the topic of stop-loss and reinsurance in the captive plan. He gets into the process and the benefits of getting implemented into the captive health arrangement. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means To You Part II Stop Loss And Re-Insurance Inside A Captive Health Insurance Plan Information is about thought. We have been inundated with technology while at the same time drowning for wisdom. Once this
JFS 21 | Changes In Healthcare
  Healthcare is changing very fast, and the industry is trying to figure out which way this sector is going to go. It is important more than ever for healthcare professionals to move together with this change to avoid being in the losing end of the stick. In this episode, Fred Meijering, the Market President at Echelon Advisors, LLC, covers the healthcare industry – from what is happening now to the amazing opportunities it has in store for CEOs and CFOs who are looking for a better way to provide coverage without reducing the needed benefits. Fred starts by going right into the Affordable Care Act and how it affects the American worker, employer, and business. Moving on to the positive aspects, he talks about the captive market and the salient opportunities it offers. — Listen to the podcast here: Healthcare And What It Means To You with Fred Meijering
JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority
  Many Americans have been caught in the hamster wheel. You wake up to go to work and come home with just enough time to sleep and prepare for the next day. You do not have the time to research further into our state and discover that this thing we call the Federal Government has been set up for your demise. With Ron Gibson, we continue to explore and shed light into what goes on under the state. We look into the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority – —the Technical Platform for Senior Executive Service aka ‘Deep State’ – and how it was set up to enable the spy agencies to tap into any cooperating computer system at any time. We also dive deeper into lawyers and attorneys, identifying their role in this whole scheme with the government. — Listen to the podcast here: What You Need To Know About Land
JFS 18 | Public Information Request
  As we go in-depth with our theory that the term “in this state” is ethereal, we now embark upon the letters written to state agencies requesting them to disclose information that is needed for the general public under a Public Information Request or PIR. This information comprises of statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations in Texas that they have gathered. With several letters written and originally addressed to the Secretary of State, no response was refurbished and no consent was given to access the information requested which is in complete violation of the Texas Government Code 552. Here, we dive into the four assumptions why the request letters sent weren’t given consideration and what’s the next course of action for a US citizen to take under these circumstances. Listen to the podcast here: Public Information Request They Must Answer The Public Information Request (PIR) I want to read to you
JFS 19 | Land Patents
  Eddie Craig tells you how, why, and more importantly, who stacked the courts against We the People. He gets to the point where this is no question that we have been overrun by unelected, self-appointed bureau-rats. Eddie Covers the first fifteen minutes of our program before we bring Ron Gibson into the show to continue our series on land patents where we focus on foreclosing a property. If you want to learn how to destroy the Altars of Baal and take away their funding, then listen to this broadcast on what you need to know about land patents. You can also order the book, Destroying the Altars of Baal, from http://www.JosephFarleyShow.Com. Make sure you order Ron Gibson’s books, What You Need To Know About Land Patents and You Are Not A Slave. — Listen to the podcast here: What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part
JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
  In this episode, we go on a deep dive into the Act of 1871. When the South walked out of Congress in the 1860s, that was the last real Congress and everything else has all been theater. Nothing has been done since in the district called Washington, DC, better known as the swamp. Learn how the thieves in the district of criminals have been stealing everything you thought you owned as Ron Gibson unmasks the thieves people are not aware of. The American people are starting to wake up to the fraud and only the people are going to be able to restore the republic. Learn why your land patent is so important to you and your family. Make sure to purchase the book Destroying the Altars of Baal so you will know the truth and learn how to operate in your God-given rights. — Listen to the podcast
JFS 16 | Land Patents
  Still with Ron Gibson, we continue the fourth part about what you need to know about land patents as we dive deeper into state judges and their oaths of office. When you go back to the Constitution for Texas and look closely at the Articles, you will almost always spot the phrase “in this state.” Yet nobody really knows and can explain what this means even though all offense against the State or State agencies are committed to it. The State of Texas claims that one who is in violation of the law is always pointed back to “in this State;” however, they cannot prove where this ethereal location is. Where is it then? If all judges follow the law “in this State,” what law exactly are they following? What lands are owned by the United States on the organic land of Texas? Where are the letters that ceded
JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
  The International Monetary Fund, formed in 1945 and headquartered in Washington, DC, was founded to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world among its 189 countries. Yet why does the IMF have a hidden lien on your property? What can you do about this criminal attack on the American people? Together with Ron Gibson and our trusty sidekick, Justin Allen Case, we expose the deep state and how they are robbing you blind without you knowing. Once you know this trick, you can make your move to remove your home from the tax rolls. You can even feel free to give your state, county, and local city money if you want. Also, if you want your administrators to follow the rule of law, then you need to hold the purse because we will


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