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Healthcare And What It Means To You Part IV with Kara Atkinson And Fred Meijering

JFS 24 | Saving On Health Insurance


Staying healthy and saving on health insurance are two things that can work hand in hand. In this interview that taps into health from our consciousness as well as the pharmacies and corporations, we have Kara Atkinson of Farley and Associates and Fred Meijering, the Market President with Echelon Advisors, to guide us. Starting with activating that desire to have better health, Kara talks about how to get and stay healthy with the information found in a 1937 book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. She discusses alignment, your burning desire, and making decisions based on what you value. Then we have Fred who explains the money-saving benefits that can be created if you know how to use them inside your health insurance benefit program. He emphasizes the importance of good healthcare practice and employees taking their prescribed medications.

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Healthcare And What It Means To You Part IV with Kara Atkinson And Fred Meijering

Mental Health That Saves Money On Your Health Insurance

We have two really special guests on the show. Our first guest is Kara Atkinson and she is out of Denver, Colorado. Kara works with us at Farley & Associates and she is our Manager for the state of Colorado. We’re going to interview her about a book that we have been studying called Think and Grow Rich. She is going to break down for us a chapter on desire and why desire is so important for your life and for your mental health. Kara has a lot of experience in the property and casualty and group health industry and when we were able to put our deal together with Kara for the state of Colorado, we knew that we had a quality person. I’m very excited to introduce Kara to you. Kara, how are you doing?

I’m doing great, Joseph. Thank you.

A lot of people that are reading this blog have probably not read the book Think and Grow Rich. This book was written in 1937 and it has been a fabulous, famous book for CEOs, CFOs, professional salespeople and the likes. Let’s get into desire and why desire is so important.

I know that the book Think and Grow Rich is one of the most pivotal books that have helped me and a lot of other people reach different levels of success at different times of our lives. It all falls down to one of the main principles for success, which is number one, a burning desire. With a burning desire, it can also be called your chief aim or your main definite purpose. It is the main parts of what creates everything else in your life. If you have an idea in your mind and you can see it in your eyes or your mind’s eye of what it is that you ultimately want, that is what’s called your chief aim or your burning desire. When you have a burning desire, you’re able to create and manifest in a different way than if you are more fickle or if you have more of a wishy-washy type of mentality. I would say that burning desire, desire in general is the most pivotal, one of the most important aspects of anyone’s success and that can go down to anything. It can be money, it can be relationships, it can be health, it can be a life experience. Every person has a different desire and everyone’s desire will be different. Whatever that desire is, that will be the driving force of who and what they create in their life.

A lot of people are indifferent on their goals and what they really want to accomplish in life. When we ask people to tell us what their goals are, usually you will get the Hominy comedies that they’ll start saying, “I’d like to be rich. Rich would be fun. I’d like to have better health.” They don’t have that desire. You have to spark that desire first before you can come into taking your first step of sitting down and starting to outline your goals. Have you started to see that as you begin to develop this philosophy in the Think and Grow Rich?

I would say that when it comes to desire, that’s even more important than motivation. It’s more important than passion and a lot of people have different perspectives. Once you’re able to really hone in and focus on what it is that you ultimately want, which can be a variety of different things, everything else becomes clearer. With the focus on what you’re wanting, the alignment happens a lot faster.

Explain the part about the alignment.

Alignment is when you have a goal and then your life begins to line up with that goal in a natural way. For example, I have a goal to run a marathon. My desire is to run a marathon and to run this marathon in the next year. As a result of that desire, now the alignment in my life will be small things like having very good quality running shoes, also having a regimen or a routine of going and running preparing my body for that marathon or for that event. That’s also going to include other parts that will start coming in like which vitamins to take, which amino acids are going to replenish the body the fastest and the most effective way. As that person or as I am running and on my way to practice for the marathon, all of a sudden I will come into contact with someone else who’s also running, practicing and preparing for that same marathon. Before you know it, you have what’s called alignment. Alignment is when your life’s actions are going towards your goals so seamlessly that everything is almost propelling you forwards without your conscious or effort needs to be taken. It is happening in a natural way.

It’s more pulling you in than this struggle of trying to accomplish something by willpower and trying to overcome something.

There’s no struggle in alignment. Alignment is flow. It’s when the flow of your life is moving forward. There’s no effort necessarily. Effort a lot of times is misconstrued. Effort is something which we can put forward, but it does not mean struggle. It does not mean resistance. It actually is the opposite. When you’re putting forward positive, aligned effort, you’re able to go with the flow and life will pull you towards your goals almost inevitably rather than finding roadblocks or obstacles that will come.

When you have a burning desire, you are able to create and manifest in a different way than if you are more fickle. Click To Tweet

If your desire using the example of running a marathon, as you begin to think about that desire and to create it, then all of a sudden things will begin to line up as far as maybe you’ll start to be conscious of your diet. You’ll be conscious of your sleep. You’ll be conscious of taking better care of yourself in all aspects of your life. Talk a little bit about this pulling action that transpires.

The pulling parts of burning desire are part of one of the most important aspects of the desire coming into fruition. It is more of a subconscious experience that becomes conscious, if that makes any sense at all. When anyone has a chief goal and they visualize in their mind what it is that they desire, that instantly, that moment when the desire has been seen in the mind, your body is emitting out energy. That is going out into the world and creating exactly what it is that you see in your mind that you want. As your body is pulling and giving energy out, it is also simultaneously pulling you forward like a magnet towards your goal or towards that desire. The magnet effect is seen as a random thought or as an inspired action that will happen as a result of saying you want the goal.

For example, running a marathon, I always think that’s an easy one because we have a lot of control over accomplishing a goal like that. If you put your mind’s eye on running a marathon and crossing the finish line, the moment your mind has seen that happen, your energy is already projecting out towards that finish line. Before you know it, you’ll be inspired to go to the grocery store just to go get your typical daily routine or weekly routine of fruits, vegetables and food. While you’re there, you’ll notice because you’ve activated your reticular activating system a magazine that’s about running and do you want to run a marathon? Things like that will come into your existence not because they were never there, but because now your mind has been activated to become aware of what it is that you desire.

Now that awareness is activated, you’ll notice that magazine, which by noticing the magazine you’ll be inspired to pick it up. When you pick it up, there may be an article reading about how to enhance your chances of withstanding a long-term marathon or going through a long-term process. Now you’ll have more information about reaching your goal than you ever did before and it happens by accident. It’s not something that you went to the grocery store consciously thinking, “I need to change this or make this shift,” but it happens more like a magnet. It’s pulling you towards accomplishing what it is that you want to accomplish without your conscious mind needing to tell you what you’re doing. Instead, it’s activating in your mind what it is to be aware of. As you become aware of more in your environment that is in alignment with your goals, you will be inspired to take action and then those actions will lead to other actions. Those results typically are going to be a lot more profound than what most people could expect to see if they were to do this on their own.

In the normal human mind, we might make a list. We can say, “I want a list.” Number one, I have a goal to run a marathon, I need shoes. That’s something everyone can be aware of. It’s pretty basic. Number two, I need to train. We’re pretty aware of that as well. Number three, I need a routine and so on. We can have an awareness of what needs to happen, but then there will be tweaks that we don’t know that we need to make or small changes that we’re not aware of consciously could affect our ability to reach our goal in an even better way. We don’t need to know those things upfront because the way that we become aware, that part is going to pull us towards all those small changes that we need to make.

JFS 24 | Saving On Health Insurance
Saving On Health Insurance: As you become more aware of your environment that is in alignment with your goals, you will be inspired to take action.


They’ll come to us in different ways, in different forms and in different experiences than what a person could consciously imagine in their mind. It happens naturally. You may go to the grocery store and see a magazine just as easily as you may go to the coffee shop and hear someone talking about a marathon. It’s all something that will come up and it will come forward and it will come into your life. It’s up to the person to take action and to go forward towards the energy that’s already coming towards them. That’s in alignment with what they want.

That desire piece has to start first. Even though we have or we think between 60,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day, when you start this desire piece on those thoughts, 90% of those thoughts are the exact same thoughts that you had. As you begin to create this desire and let’s say the thought jumped into your mind about running a marathon, you’re going to immediately think several different things all at one time. The human mind can juggle seven different thoughts at the exact same time while you’re speaking. There is a lot of firing and wiring that’s going on in the brain, but as you grab that thought and you start to create the desire piece, your next step and which is very critical is the action piece of, “If I want to run a marathon. I need to start listing the things that I need to put together,” like the shoes, like the better eating, like the sleep. A lot of people will stumble with a left-brain analytical of, “You can’t run a marathon. You’re twenty pounds overweight and you’re too old.” All of these negative things will try to come in and that’s what you have to grab through the desire to shut those negative things down and then start moving forward.

That’s also why burning desire is so critical and so important because we all go through left-brain experiences, doubts and possible reasons to stop or quit. There will be an infinite amount of opportunities to stop or not to achieve our goals, but the part where desire is so critical is where we are able not only to see ourselves experiencing the life that we are desiring, but it is so intense in our minds. When you have a burning desire, you have something so intense that it overshadows any doubts, any fears, any obstacles because the desire is more important than any perceived failure will ever be. Nothing will be able to stop someone. When they have that chief aim, when they have that ultimate desire, there are no obstacles that can stop someone who has a definite goal. When there is a definite goal, it comes from inside of you and that magnet will pull you closer.

In fact, I’ve realized that with the burning desire for especially achievement or certain levels of success, there will oftentimes first be a failure. A lot of times, especially on the higher levels, that failure will hurt pretty bad, but the desire will overtake any of the perceived pain of that failure. It will allow that person to transmute the pain of failure into the next level which is a desire for achievement. Taking the mind off of the left brain and taking our limitations away, we’re able to really accomplish so much more in our lives just by knowing what we want. A lot of times especially in America, we have an American culture idea of what we, “Should want,” the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, $1 million in the bank.

These are all goals that a lot of us have been exposed to or heard about, but it’s really important for a person to hone in on their own personal desires which are not going to be mainstream. They are not going to be what the media or what your neighbor has going on. A true burning desire is going to be unique for each and every individual. Finding that true desire inside of your heart, inside of your mind, that is going to be the fuel that will keep you going past any obstacle, past any downturn in the market, past any death, past any health problem, past anything that could potentially stop someone. A full-blown clear intention is one of the most powerful energies that exist and when you’re tuned in to one of the most powerful energies that exist, the magnet will be equally powerful and calling you forward. I think that’s why it’s one of the most important principles in the Think and Grow Rich book. If there is no definite chief aim, if there is no burning desire to have it come to pass, then all of the obstacles will sway you and all of the left brain negative self-talk, all of that will stop anyone. That’s what it’s designed to do, but if you have step one in place and you know what that desire is for you, then nothing will be able to stop that energy from going forward.

If there is no definite chief aim, if there is no burning desire to have your goals come to pass, all obstacles will sway you. Click To Tweet

We’re covering in the second part of this are captive health insurance programs. One of the things that we’re covering for the next couple of episodes is about pharmaceutical benefits and how people can start to become conscious of their pharmaceutical spend. With healthcare now, it has gotten so expensive. It has started to get people’s attention. The word disease all starts in the mind. That’s why we’ve put this blog together to help people become aware that they really can change their health outcome once they get that desire. Money is a great motivator because healthcare has done nothing over the past few years but go up and up. As people started to become conscious of this and began to get aware of this through their desire, they can have a desire to have better health and so we’re no longer controlled. Science has told us that we’re controlled by our biology and that has been proven that’s not the case. It all has to do with thought and that critical element of thought is desire.

When you have a desire for health or not necessarily even health, when you have a desire for a lifestyle that includes being healthy, it requires a healthy, capable body and energy. When that is your desire, you’re actually able to change the DNA in your body to align with your desire. Desire is the most powerful energy. More and more people are becoming conscious of the cost of healthcare but also the costs on their body of the pharmaceuticals and of the different disease affects that are happening and they’re happening at a rapid rate. Even if you individually are not the person affected, a lot of us more and more know someone personally who is going through a very serious type of sickness or disease. We’re able to see firsthand what that suffering looks like and we can know right off the bat, “That’s not what I want. That is not the route that I want to go. That is not the life I want to lead.” It forces us to think about, “How can we live differently?”

The side effects of the pharmaceutical industry and the medication, if there is another way to obtain good health, you should start to look for this and to figure out what steps you need to take in order to stay away from the pharmaceutical drug. A lot of people have not been conscious of this and that’s why we’re bringing this up and a lot of people don’t realize how powerful their bodies really are. I believe that we’ve covered in one of the programs in times past that your body has the ability to generate eleven million kilowatt-hours per pound. That’s amazing. In effect, your body could literally light up all of North America. We’ve been programmed and conditioned to feel tired, to feel apathetic and all of those things that keep you in a humdrum state. Instead of creating a desire because those thoughts are thoughts that you create. You can make a decision to say, “I’m tired of having diabetes, high blood pressure and all of these other ailments.” You can make a decision to say, “I don’t want to have that anymore. I’m going to get my desire for health and change my future.”

To someone who is not conscious or unaware already, it sounds like pie in the sky. Let me wish for something better and it will be. What it all comes down to is science has not only proven that the mind absolutely directly affects the body, but it’s also proven that by being more aware and conscious of our thoughts that we are thinking, we can change the DNA of our physical body. We can change the fact that even if you have generations of diabetes in your family, you do not have to have diabetes. Even if you have diabetes, you can change your body to heal itself, every single one of us. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you were born or what family bloodline you come from. All of us have a natural ease and natural health inside of us. Tuning into the health aspect and the ease part is all we have to do.

It’s going from disease into ease and the way that you do that is by switching the thoughts that you have on a daily basis. We have repetitive thoughts. The majority of what we think every day is the same recycled thoughts that we had. If now we are aware that we are recycling our thoughts, we can start programming our mind into thinking the thoughts that are going to cause ease, that is going to cause health, that is going to help your body become healthy and stay healthy. It then goes into autopilot. It’s as easy as those negative thoughts. It’s the positive. It’s amazing. It’s not a difficult task. It’s not about intense effort or a lot of information. It’s about having a desire for health, making that your chief aim, making that the most important aspect, and then allowing different ways of becoming healthier. It’s to come into your life and to become aware of them, taking action when you see them.

JFS 24 | Saving On Health Insurance
Saving On Health Insurance: The imbalances that come in the body originate in the mind.


For example, someone with diabetes may say, “I’m sick of diabetes. I’m sick of poking my finger. I don’t want any more insulin. I want to live in a different way.” That moment that they say that, instantly they have manifested a healthy diabetes-free version of themselves that wants to come into manifestation. As much as they want to be healthy, their body also is matching that energy. It also wants to be healthy. All of a sudden, a commercial will flash on the TV that says, “Did you know that drinking apple juice is causing diabetes?” The person will say, “I drink apple juice every day.”

Now, you might be aware of something that you were not previously aware of that you can change. That one small change, even though it’s something menial, it’s just apple juice. That small decision will lead to other small decisions. Now, you’re no longer buying apple juice, but you’re in the apple juice aisle, you’re in the juice aisle and now you begin to start reading the labels. Maybe that person will become aware of the ingredients that are included in a majority of what they’re consuming. Their mind is aware of what they were not previously conscious of. They have the choice now to make a different decision. If they choose a different decision, then by default they will have a different result and it’s that easy.

A lot of people have missed it because it’s so simple. Being able to sit down and turn off the cellphone, turn off everything, the apps, and taking some time to sit down and to create that desire will take you into a quantum leap. That’s a great part about quantum physics that it will take you into that quantum leap that things will start lining up in your life to get you to that end goal. We’ve talked about that a lot of people are under the assumption that the brain and the mind are the same things when in fact they’re not. Your brain is an organ. Your mind is every cell in your body. Your body releases over 50,000 cells a second out of your body and those cells are going out based on the thoughts that you’re thinking.

That part that we talked about, that’s pulling that desire to you whether it’s good or bad. If you’re having bad thoughts, these bad things are coming towards you into your life. Getting on the diabetes piece that if people don’t control their eating habits, the diabetic future is where some bad things can happen with this. I was interviewing a guy, this was many years ago, and I was talking to him about his life insurance policy. He was a little bit of a heavyset guy and some way we came across diet and he made a comment of, “I like Blue Bell ice cream.” I think on the application we touched on diabetes. I told him, “You realize that when you get down that road, they will cut your feet off. Is it worth missing a foot over Blue Bell ice cream?” When he made the comment of, “I really like Blue Bell ice cream,” and that completely went over his head. I have always thought about that interview with that guy. I thought if somebody was going to cut a foot off, I would do anything to change that future event if I could.

That’s also because you understand the value of your feet. We all make decisions based on what we value. In that situation, I’m assuming that he has valued the feeling that he gets from Blue Bell ice cream more than anything else in his life. He values that feeling, nothing else matters. It’s almost like a burning desire. It’s the unconscious burning desire. He genuinely wants that feeling and it doesn’t matter if it’s going to cause them an arm or leg, a foot or his life because that feeling is what is important to him. That’s basically what happens in the other way when you have a burning desire for health.

When you get to that point where you are truly aware of your power, that's when the burning desire comes into play. Click To Tweet

It can go either way. It’s a matter of what is most important, also educating yourself and understanding the purpose behind or the benefits behind being able to keep your feet, being able to keep your body in motion. It’s finding alternative ways to achieve that same feeling which I’m assuming is probably a great feeling, that enlightened feeling. I picture him eating his ice cream and bobbing his head a little bit, enjoying life. Nobody can mess with him and it’s his moment. It’s teaching him that there are other ways he can still experience that same great pleasure and not damage who he is, not destroy his health.

As a Blue Bell ice cream fan, being to have Blue Bell ice cream in moderation is a great thing. I’m not knocking that piece of it, but it is that story and it’s that desire that once he really became conscious of saying, “I need to cut out a lot of this sugar in my life. I need to go walking more. I need to start having better positive thinking. I need to begin to work on my body so I can, when I accomplish goals, have my treat of Blue Bell ice cream.”

That’s right and still get that elated feeling. It’s all in moderation. I feel whenever any disease is happening, it all comes down to being out of balance. The balance is on a cellular level if we’re talking the science of a disease, it’s a cellular imbalance. All of the imbalances that come in the body, on a cellular level, they originate in the mind.

When a doctor begins to ask you about family history, that begins to program in you that, “My father died of heart disease when he was 45. His father died of heart disease in his 40s. I’m now 35.” Now, all of a sudden that thought has started to kick in when the truth is this, your family history has nothing to do with your future. However, the medical industry will lead you to believe that it does, that it’s all heredity, and that is not the case.

In fact, even the DNA, even if on a technical level you’re carrying the DNA of diabetes, even that DNA must be activated by the mind. Even if you’re carrying some hereditary disease, that does not mean you are inevitably going to have that disease. It’s a switch in the mind of whether that DNA will be activated or not. It’s all programming of the masses and feeding into the lie that we have no control over what happens to our lives. That’s not the truth at all. The truth is whatever you believe, whether you believe it will affect you or you don’t believe it will affect you, you’re right. It’s up to you. It’s up to your belief. I’ve met people on numerous occasions who have been diagnosed with cancer. I’m telling you the number of miracles that I have witnessed by simple shifts in their mind and it took something as serious as a diagnostic of cancer before that individual was aware enough of their own power.

JFS 24 | Saving On Health Insurance
Saving On Health Insurance: We should teach the employees the value of buying generics so they can save money for themselves and for the health plan.


Sometimes that’s what it takes. However, when you get to that point where you are truly aware of your power, that’s when the burning desire comes into play. Those people, every single one of them that beat cancer or have cancer miraculously disappear or the doctors will reexamine them and say, “It looks like it’s gone. I don’t know what happened. Some miracle came.” That happens 100% of the time because that individual has a burning desire to live. They refuse to allow any doctor to tell them what their body is going to do. Instead, they change their belief system. They put it on a whole brand new hat of beliefs and they act on them in a different way. They think in terms of health, they think in terms of why their life is important. They think in terms of how they want to live moving forward. They focus their mind on life. When you’re focused on life, death cannot consume you and it’s amazing. It’s those small changes in your thought process and in those small changes and the belief system that create the massive miracles that we see on a regular basis, especially with cancer and tumors. Those two are very common to have immediate remission and instant disappearances.

Darkness never puts out light.

It’s interesting because when it comes to health, especially now, we’re in a very interesting time where almost all people will have some form of critical or chronic disease in their lifetime. That being said, statistics-wise, to me it really is highlighting that imbalance of our thought systems and our belief systems as a nation. The amount of time that people spend focused on making money or focused on looking good versus the amount of time that they focus on living abundantly is very out of balance. As a result, you see a lot of diseases and you see it on increasing scale. I think that’s because people are buying into the belief that if someone in their family has a disease, then they’re going to by default also get the disease. The moment they decide that’s the truth for them, they’ve activated it. That right there is what will activate a disease in your body even if you’re a happy, positive person. Believing that you are inevitably going to inherit some form of disease will cause it to manifest. That could be why we see such an increase at such a rapid speed.

When you look at the television programming, I was in an airport and happened to look up at the screen. Seeing the pharmaceutical content, seeing the constant barrage of programming onto the American people of healthcare and issues, what that’s doing is bringing in more worry, more concerns. A lot of people don’t know how to get out of that. The best way of getting out of it is unplugging the thing because there’s nothing out there that’s worth watching. As humans, for the most part, we’d love to be complacent. We’d love a routine. We’d love to get in a routine and when we start to get out of a routine, it’s uncomfortable for us. The reality is if you’re comfortable, you’re in the most dangerous position of your life.

Typically, when somebody has a life-altering event, at that point they wake up and say, “What do I need to do? I need to change.” Instead of saying, “I really want good health. I’m going to go get my yearly checkup. I’m going to get these things to make sure that there’s not something that I need to focus on and work on.” That gets back to that desire piece. In order to have good health, you have to have a desire for good health. This is why this is so important to CEOs and CFOs that your employees get their minds wrapped around this concept. It’s going to cost you a lot of money in the long run under your health insurance if you don’t begin to promote your employees for much better mental health. Kara, let’s bring in Fred Meijering with Echelon Advisors.

Employees foregoing their prescriptions in order to save money is not a good a healthcare practice. Click To Tweet

As America goes, so goes the rest of the world and healthcare is a massive issue all over the globe. There are other countries that are going to start watching how America deals with their healthcare and how we are able to get our costs under control. That’s why I’m so excited about this piece that we’re going to do on the pharmacies and how corporations can really grab hold of their healthcare cost and their pharmaceutical cost. I had not brought that up to you before, so I wanted to let you know that the rest of the world is reading. No pressure, but let’s get into this thing. Fred, let’s talk about the pharmacy benefit managers because those guys are going to be key in order to reduce the healthcare expense.

I can do a pretty deep drill down into that. That’s helpful. I think when people read this, they don’t necessarily read all five at the same time. If we dive into this and highlight that, I can set it up early as one of the five parts which we’ve talked about in all of them as we’ve gotten into different places.

You have the floor, my friend, so take it away.

Continuing on our journey of de-bundling health plans and highlighting the independent nature and the ability to control all of the elements in the captive space, I thought we’d take a little deeper dive into the PBM, the Pharmacy Benefit Management program. You might recall the five elements for the selection of the network to rant, how the claims funds are handled? Who’s the third-party administrator? What are the stop loss and reinsurance arrangement and provider? Who’s going to do Pharmacy Benefit Management? We think about healthcare costs in the United States, they’ve been rising steadily for the past two decades. With that of course is the cost of prescription drugs and it’s become less and less affordable to get name-brand drugs and medication and there’s really no relief in sight. In fact, our indications are the opposite that they’re going to continue to rise as fast or faster than any other healthcare spend area.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services projects by the year 2022, prescription drug costs will grow to $355 billion annually. That’s in contrast to $40.3 billion that was spent on prescription drugs in 1990. That’s going from $40.3 billion to $355 billion in less than 30 years. With drug costs increasing at a faster rate than any other healthcare spending, now’s the time for employers, especially in our de-bundled arrangement to review that cost and what savings are available in mitigation strategies to help curtail that rapid spin. Ensuring your employees, your staff has the correct medications important for their health and also for your bottom line when you think about things like retention, sick days and time off and that sort of thing. Employees who only use main brand drugs might forego their prescriptions in order to save money, which is not a good healthcare practice.

JFS 24 | Saving On Health Insurance
Think and Grow Rich

This leads to lost productivity, increased employee stress and a whole host of issues related to not taking their prescribed drugs. Alternately, some employees might have a variety of main brand drugs that they take. While it’s good that they are taking their medications and attempting to stay healthy, using only name brand drugs means higher costs for employers, plan sponsors and the end-users, which is the employee. I think the first step in unpacking that and making it affordable is the consideration of generic drugs. Generic drugs can sometimes be misunderstood and labeled as subpar or not up to the same quality standards as main brand prescription drugs. Consumers recognize the brand name and consider an unknown label as an inferior product. This is unfortunate because generic drugs are not only of the same high quality as the main brands, but they usually cost much less, oftentimes 80% to 85% less.

An interesting factoid here is the United States saved nearly $1.5 trillion over the past several years by using generic drugs according to Anthem, who uses one of the most expensive Pharmacy Benefit Management systems that I’m aware of. Moreover, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, generic drugs are important options that allow greater access to healthcare for all Americans. They are copies of brand name drugs and they’re the same as those brand name drugs in dosage, in form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics, intended use and all the ways that you might think about how something could be similar. An important key element about driving as much prescription business as you can to the generic part of the PBM is employee education. If generic drugs are the same high quality as brand names and they cost less, the question would be, why isn’t everyone using them?

The problem could be employee education. As part of our de-bundle captive approach, we’re constantly encouraging enhanced employee communication and awareness as an effort to arm employees to become part of the solution that controlling the unsustainable increases in the health plans and at the same time elevating their health. We should teach the employees the value of buying generics so they can save money for themselves and for the health plan. Another interesting little factoid, according to the Food and Drug Administration, generic medications save $3 billion every week and more than $150 billion annually. With boosting the use of generic medications by incorporating these strategies with the consumer in consumer-driven health plans, the prescription coverage of design that can potentially save you, employees, significant money. We know that to be the case. A good way to begin employee education is by integrating information about generic drugs in the benefit communication. It’s the open enrollment in the periodic things that are sent out by employers to employees about their health plans. Sending informational articles or emails to employee, explain the difference between generic and brand and encouraging them to request generics when filling a prescription.

You may even wish to reach out to those employees through social media with additional information about that. The FDA has a generic drug approval checklist and we find this checklist to be a powerful tool when we’re talking to groups about generic drugs. According to the FDA, a generic drug must follow the following checklist before they can be considered for FDA approval. The first is the drug pharmaceutically equivalent to the main brand. Second is the manufacturers’ ability to make the drug correctly and consistently. The third is the active ingredient is the same as the brand drug. Fourth is the active ingredient gets to the place in the body where it has the effect. It has to take the same route once it’s been ingested.

Next to the inactive ingredients of the drug are safe, the fillers and those things, followed by the drug must not break down over time. The drugs container must be appropriate to ensure unaffected quality, meaning the container that the pills are in or the foil wrap preserves that drug for the period of time of the prescription or beyond. The drug information label is the same as the brand and relevant patent or legal exclusivity on the brand have expired. Once those patents of the brand had expired, then the generic market is open to other manufacturers to make that same drug based upon that checklist.

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Let me see if I understand this correctly as far as the name brand, you’re basically paying for that name brand. Everything else is the same.

Exactly right. If you think about it in terms of the entrepreneur that I know you are, let’s say you invented a cure for a disease of some kind or you created a drug that had a better impact on a certain pathology or disease. You created that, you built that, you took it to market, you paid the millions of dollars in R&D to get that ready for market, you got FDA approval as a brand and it goes out as a specialty or something. You want to recoup all the money you spent getting that to market. There’s a shelf life on how long you can have the exclusive patent on that drug. It’d be the exclusive provider by extension control the price of that drug. When that patent expires, then your ingredients and your drug can be made by others and brought to market as a generic, but it is the same as what the original was.

Most pharmacies typically don’t tell you that there’s a generic available unless you ask them, is that right?

That’s right. If you think about the whole process of going to the physician for care and then the physician determines that you need a certain prescription to take care of what ails you, that decision process is not always centered around what’s a least expensive, most effective way to do this for my employee. It tends to have more to do with what’s top of mind and other factors around making that choice. A lot of times when you’re getting your prescription filled and you ask the pharmacist, “Is there a generic equivalent for this?” They’ll do a quick look or they might already know. I’ve done this personally, Joseph. I have them call back to the doctor’s office to see if we can get the script altered to the generic. I’ve never had my physician say no to that. They don’t really care. I think the primary concern of the physician is the impact of the drug on her patient. It’s a little bit more mindful about that. What’s interesting in the PBM that we use in our captive arrangement is we actually build that into the process. If something is prescribed, then there’s literally a check for generics, step therapies, those things before that prescription was fulfilled.

Is that done at the doctor’s office, that checklist? Is that at the pharmacy that there’s an instruction to check to see if there’s a generic?

It’s done by the PBM or the Pharmacy Benefit Manager. They’ll filter it there, which is a powerful thing. Our de-bundled captive approach is that we get to put those legal filters into the PBM on those things to help cost mitigation and to help drive to make sure that there is the generic or not, to make sure that less expensive step therapies may have been tried. There are things that happened before that expensive prescription is fulfilled or sustained for that individual. The priority in that process is number one, highest quality healthcare for the employee. Number two, it’s the lowest possible price. It continues our journey here on bringing consumerism to healthcare spending. Based upon what we’ve talked about, why wouldn’t you use a generic for a fraction of the cost if it’s available to you? When you continue on our PBM journey here, beyond using generic drugs, there’s a number of other ways to save money for the company and many carriers or third-parties offer options like mail order or other unique cost-saving programs.

I want to talk a little bit about some of those options. Some of these programs are carrier-specific, it might not be available to you. However, your provider may have a comparable or even different program. Any consult that we do with a group or a new brokerage or agency that we work with, we describe what these things are and the PBMs that we use on our plan. That becomes an important conversation piece when you’re bringing a client into a health captive. What are your priorities around the PBM? Is that to be the least inconvenient? Is it to be the most effective? That’s part of the console. It almost seems silly to me is it’s a half-tablet program and this program aims to reduce the number of tablets that a participant consumes while they still get the same strength of the medication. I’ll give you a quick example. If an individual needs fifteen milligrams of daily medication and they receive a prescription for 30 tablets, with a half-tablet program, individuals that receive a prescription for fifteen tablets with 30 milligrams strength. Instead of taking one, they would take a half tablet. What’s really crazy is so many times they’ll pay half for that prescription but get the same thing. We’ll even provide the tablet splitter for that. Little things like that are interesting and helpful.

Go back to the splitter and expand on that. Is that a mechanical device?

Yes, like a mini guillotine. Participants on the program only pay half of their usual script copay because they’re receiving half the number of tablets. At the same time, individuals who pay co-insurance would be paying a smaller percentage for fewer tablets. This little splitter, I don’t know think they cost $5 but it has a little indention where you put the pill. Oftentimes, there are different sizes of indention and you set it in, you push the thing down, it splits the pill for you. It’s really not difficult at all, but it can be big savings. Continuing on with other ways to control pharmacy costs, one strategy is called strategic exclusions. In this example, the carrier will monitor newly-launched, high-cost medication and will exclude it from the benefit coverage if it meets specific criteria. For example, an expensive new drug might not be offered if there’s a low-cost equivalent over in the market. This approach can save participants lots of money and not expose them to those high costs because the vast majority of people are going to the dock for something they don’t know if their scripts should cost $50,000 or $50. Excluding those drugs, which we can do in our PBM when there’s an equally as effective, less expensive approach, it’s a bit costly.

Without having that, they pretty much have an open checkbook of whatever somebody prescribes to a patient without somebody looking over their shoulder.

That’s exactly right. We call that the blind check phenomenon because if you leave it unchecked, you are allowing them to write that check on your behalf and charging whatever prescribing, whatever. This is another aspect of bringing consumerism into this equation by being aware of these things and knowing what to ask.

That really affects the employer at renewal time.

It really does. Claims should be and are the number one driver to any increase you might receive in the middle. There are even some common-sense strategies as we continue our discussion about how can we save money in the pharmacy space. Another program is called Refill and Save. This program gives discounts on copays. For those who fill their prescription on time or on schedule. The idea here is that with chronic diseases, we’ll be more engaged and better manage the conditions and UHC, what their high-priced PBM says, the participants around $240 away. Thinking about the way you handle the refill, if you’ll take mail order for 90 days and all of those approaches, you can say money on the exact same script in that way.

Another strategy is called progression prescription. In this program, similar drugs are evaluated on a cost basis and the participants are directed to cost-effective options before progressing to a more expensive alternative. We touched on something similar to that before. This is a filter that when their prescription goes through, it pings back to the patient or the participant to engage in that conversation actively either at the pharmacy counter for a bounce back to the decision or at the time the script is issued by the submission.

Fred, thank you so much for sharing this great information with us and we’ll have to pick this up next time. I’d like to leave you with this thought before we go. It’s taken from the book, Think and Grow Rich, “Success requires no apologies and failure permits no alibis.” We’ll see you back here next time. Until then, have a great day.

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I work with large employer groups and am the district manager over the state of Colorado. I also work with new associates in helping bring them through the training process for life, health, property, and casualty advisory services and products.

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Healthcare And What It Means To You Part III

JFS 23 | Healthcare And You


In the health insurance scene, many often get confused about the benefits that they get and getting the most discounts on premiums. In the third part of this series, Joseph Farley and guest Fred Meijering, the Market President at Echelon Advisors, give us an interestingly fruitful episode about how association members can take advantage of the discounts they are supposed to have. Fred shares the importance of awareness and that one of the best ways to create that awareness is to encourage and incentivize employees and plan members to have an annual physical. Fred clarifies other details such as captive insurance and how to educate brokers on teaching their clients about their coverages.

Listen to the podcast here:

Healthcare And What It Means To You Part III

Stop Loss And Re-Insurance Inside A Captive Health Insurance Plan

We’re going to continue our discussion with one of the great leaders in the healthcare field. Before we get to that interview, I wanted to take a few moments to invite you to think about something that maybe has not been on the radar screen of your mind. This is going to be a continuation. If you missed that, you need to go back to that and read it in order to follow along. Here we go. Let’s review the steps. First, you get comfortable and close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Five breaths. Second, create a winning feeling by bringing forth a positive image from your past and relive it for a minute or two.

Third, envision your future goal as if you’ve already achieved it. Do the mental rehearsal of that event or objective with as much color and detail as possible. There’s one more thing that I want you to do. At the end of every session, save these powerful and very important words. When you open your eyes then say this, “I now allow myself to have a big bank account,” or whatever you want and then say, “So be it.” You’re aligning your subconscious mind with your conscious mind in this event and when those two agree, nothing is impossible to you. Once you’ve done this, release it, don’t think about it again. Go about your day and allow this to begin to work.

Dwelling on something is like you’re telling your subconscious mind that you really don’t believe that it’s possible. Remember, it’s not up to you to make this happen. You are like a farmer just planting seeds. Don’t dig up your seed the next day to see if it’s growing. Let it grow. Water it every day and the fertile soil of your subconscious mind knows what to do. When any thoughts try to show up of doubt, what you have to do is run it off. When it comes back up again. Tell that thought that there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s only listening to successful thoughts. Albert Einstein had something burned in the corner of his desk, and that something was this. “For all creation waits eagerly, expecting for the children of God to be revealed.”

Release it and let it go. Something else. You must believe that you deserve it and not feel the least bit guilty about it. That’s your dream. You created it. If you continue along these lines, you’ll begin to see doors open up for you. Many of us have an unconscious guilt about being happy and you need to remove those feelings from your subconscious mind once and for all. Why would you feel guilty about being happy? It’s because somewhere along the line, our parents, our schools, our churches, our friends have programmed into us that we have to suffer to be happy or pay the price for happiness or some other type of foolishness. My friends, that is simply not true. That is a whole lot of masculine bovine feces. People say those things because they themselves believe in a system of lack and limitations. They believe at their core level that they don’t deserve success and happiness.

Why should anyone else? Most people think that happiness comes out of being successful or having good health, when in fact the reverse is true. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. Happiness is not something that’s earned or deserved. Happiness is simply a state of mind by which our thinking in a positive and good percentage of the time will occur. If you wait until you feel deserving of having pleasant thoughts about your life, you’ll end up convincing your subconscious mind that you’re undeserving of happiness and the result is you’ll be unhappy and unsuccessful for most of your undertaking. You are a slave if someone else controls your life and if your outside world is controlling your life, you have been caught up in the matrix. People really object to being referred to as a slave because we all agree that slavery is wrong.

Subconsciously, we have allowed the outside world to dictate our happiness, therefore making us a slave to our outside world. If you would fight for others not to be in slavery, why would we not fight for ourselves not to be a slave? The reason is you’ve never really thought about it. It’s not selfish or wrong to be happy regardless of where you are in life. Be happy. Happiness is a means to an end of success and well-being and it’s also an end in and of itself. We all desire happiness and we can and should cultivate happiness in our lives. If you’re waiting for happiness to happen to you, you’re going to be waiting a long time. Instead, take a quantum leap to happiness right now. Make a decision that from this moment forward, you’re going to be happy. How do you do that? It’s very simple. By being and acting happy, even when you’re not, it gets back to the “as if” philosophy. It’s the new you that tells your body how to feel. It’s what winners do all the time and it’s what you should do and do it now.

Here are the three components that will allow you to create the mental habit of being happy a majority of the time and winning in every circumstance that you encounter. The first aspect of this is to not allow any outward experience to influence you on how you think about yourself. You do this by changing the way that you react to circumstances instead of being a participant in the circumstances. Be apart from it. Let’s say that you’re a salesman and you make sales and create commissions for a living. You spent the last three months of your time and money putting together a major deal and it’s getting ready to close. Your prospect backs out at the last minute and your commission was big bucks and you see it all going down the drain before your eyes. You say to yourself, “I just knew this was a lousy business. Why did I ever go into this business in the first place? People are rotten and now I have to start my career all over again.”

Timeout, stand outside of this picture for a moment. Those circumstances are that the deal fell through, but how you react to it will have everything to do with your happiness and the success of future deals. Instead of moaning and feeling helpless, make a conscious habit of reacting aggressively and positively toward these threats and problems. Don’t let it affect you personally. It’s just another deal in a world that’s full of deals. Rejoice, move onto the next deal. Whatever you wish, pray, affirm, speak, and think for others, you’ll attract to yourself. Doesn’t it make sense to you why Jesus said to forgive your enemies? Bless those who curse you. When you forgive, you release that thought and emotion from your life. Every time that that thought comes back up, it’s like a fighter’s bell going off. It’s your opportunity to win and bless them. Wish great things for them. Pray for everything you want in your life. Once you do this constantly, your thoughts change toward them and great things will start coming to you. It’s a law of success in nature.

When you can mentally control the circumstances and never see failure as failure, you’ll be amazed at how much easier life will become. Every human being that’s alive is presented with challenges and obstacles. Everyone wants great victories, but few see the battle as an opportunity to win. It’s only how we perceive the battle that makes them negative or positive. Failure never happens until you decide it’s over and you’ve failed. The second component of this concept is to consciously practice living your life in the present, not the past or the future. You can envision the future the way that you want it to be on the theater of your mind, but don’t make the mistake of living in it. Once you start doing this consistently, an action plan will start to happen to you. The secret of being alive and always happy is to experience the present. Think back for a moment of the happiest times in your lives.

I bet those were the moments that you were really totally absorbed and focused in the present, and you are happiest because you felt so alive, so in touch with the experience of living. You weren’t thinking about the past, the future because you were too busy living in the now. This is one of the secrets of truly happy people. They’re absolutely absorbed in the feeling of being alive now. They have a future and a hope, but they live in the present. America right now is getting ready to go through some of the greatest opportunities in our history and we get to be a part of this great challenge that is coming. If you’re looking for it and get ready for it now. The financial sector is going to change in a big way and everything connected to it will change. For some, it will catch them off guard, but for our people that are focused and ready for the change, it will become the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. I am so excited about what’s coming and we are getting in position.

JFS 23 | Healthcare And You
Healthcare And You: It’s not up to you to make things happen. You are like a farmer just planting seeds. Don’t dig up your seed the next day to see if it’s growing.


Do you want to know something interesting? Many Vietnam vets will admit that the times when they felt most alive was when they were in country walking out in some rice paddy. As strange as it may seem for those soldiers, that was the time that they felt most alive. They were living in the present, very conscious of everything around them. Most can describe with detail the smell, colors, noise and everything about the event. By living your daily life with focus and concentration, you will not only perform at your best, but the intense pleasure you will derive from just living will dramatically increase. There’s a simple way to go about doing this. Getting rich is not hard, but you need to understand the simple principle and how it works. There is a famous story told back in the ‘50s by Earl Nightingale about 100 men starting their career at the age of 25. They followed these men for 40 years and here’s what happened. One retired rich, four retired financially well off, 54 retired broke living off friends, family, and the government and the rest didn’t make it to retirement. The 1% had a plan and he stuck with that plan to become rich.

Do you have a plan to become rich? It doesn’t happen by luck. It takes thought and action to become rich. The third and final point I want to make here for you to make happiness a habit. Link it in with your self-image regardless of your fears, anxieties and circumstance. Make happiness a choice that you pick. See yourself as happy, focused on the details of the moment. Take the time to love and appreciate the magnificent world around you by affirming life and moving forward through life’s experience with an attitude that says yes to all circumstances that you encounter. You’ll program your subconscious mind to deliver a meaningful and joyful experience. It’s true and it’s not that difficult if you make up your mind to do this. It would not be their fault. It would not be our fault or even the asphalt. You cannot blame anyone but yourself if you don’t take the challenge to change your thoughts and change your life. Science is just now catching on to the immense power of the mind. Power to spontaneously heal disease, power to overcome extreme handicaps, both physically and psychologically, and power to live a life filled with joy and happiness.

We spend hours in the gym, conditioning our bodies to look and feel their best, but we spend very little time developing our most valuable resource, our mind. The more you condition your mind for success, the more you will have success. The computer programmers have a term that they used and it’s called garbage in, garbage out. A badly programmed computer is doomed to spit out bad information. That’s the same way with your mind. Make a point of using this program on a regular and consistent basis and create the movie of success in the theater of your mind. The reason I love to interview visionaries is that they create. Professionals create, amateurs compete. Our world is changing every day and if you’re not willing to change, you will be left behind. We are covering a very hot topic in the healthcare sector. Healthcare is one-fifth of the United States economy and it’s getting ready to change again. Let’s bring on our next guest so we can continue.

We talked a little bit about larger groups and we’ve talked a little bit about the association programs and why this would be so critical for associations that are selling their association benefits and so forth. That a smaller member may not be able to take advantage of the discounted rates, but inside an association, they would be able to take advantage of the discounted rates. Can you address that a little bit?

It’s a great conversation and we’re getting a lot of traction in this space. Companies will join an association because they want to receive value. What is the value that they receive? It can be a purchasing power. It can be back-office support, it can be training, it can be leads, it can be any number of things. They would join to be able to access those goods and services on a discounted basis or in lieu of having to provide some of those services in their own small shops. The association headquarters is seeking to retain and attract new members. The way they do that is by adding value. The ones that we work with in our initial consult and even the new ones coming in, we always ask the question, “What is your membership looking for in terms of value?”

Always the on the top three is a discounted health plan right next to discounted property and casualty plans. They want to be part of the big group from a buying power perspective and still be the small group in that space. Since this health coverage is always one, two or three on their surveys or just their anecdotal awareness of the inbound calls they receive, it’s an easy conversation for us to have with association offices. It’s interesting that to hear the things that they’ve gone through in the past to try to get to that space, but most have failed. I think we previously talked about nuance and association health plans and all of these kinds of things that in my opinion are political football in very complicated ways of trying to administer this and almost work against an association trying to implement it.

By the time an association gets to us, it’s typically been beat up by this stuff. Most of those efforts, if not all, had failed along the way. What’s elegant about our arrangement is that when we worked with an association, the small group can have the deeply discounted health plan because the insurance portion is spread out over all members of that captive. The rating or the premium is based upon the large group and not the small group, but the contracts for the health insurance are issued to the group. You would have a group for your five or ten life company, but it would be discounted because the reinsurer and the stop loss I’ve evaluated on the basis of the hundreds of thousands in the captive. In this way, the group and the association get what they’re after, which is premiums that we really haven’t seen since the ‘90s. They get to bypass the compliance and laborious steps that are part of trying to get a MEWA or an AHP, which are bouncing all over the place.

That compliance issue is really a big issue.

It really is because what we see across the country is tightening of the MEWA stuff. It’s more and more difficult to get it. MEWA is Multiple Employment Welfare Arrangements or control at the state level where insurance is controlled. The rules are different. Associations are in multiple states. Now you’re looking at having to mess with all of the states that work here. It doesn’t work there. The AHP is our back and forth now. We’ve seen under the current administration, there was some favorable association health plan guidance passed and then later rescinded by the Department of Justice. We have letters from members of AHPs where their plan has been discontinued because of those things. That’s not the thing we want to bring forth to our clients. In our arrangement, we provide health in the way that it’s generally accepted by all parties, which is a group contract at the group level. That contract is discounted because of the hundreds of thousands in the captive. They get the lower premium and they get the buying power, the association gets the credit for that and it’s just a good deal all around.

Have you seen groups that are over 500 that are not in a captive program or a self-funded program that they’re in a fully insured product?

JFS 23 | Healthcare And You
Healthcare And You: Companies will join an association because they want to receive value, whether it’s purchasing power, back-office support, training, or any number of things.


Every day we see that and we consult with groups like that every day.

That’s really amazing, isn’t it?

It is. I consulted with a group that has 163,000 employees that’s on a fully insured plan.

Did the conversation ever come up about have you ever looked at this before? How can you have a group that’s big that’s not in one of these?

I think the answer to that lies in the culture of the company. I’ve consulted with very large groups that are in the fully insured space who simply say, “We’re doing so well. We don’t want to mess with it. We’re going to pay the high premium. Don’t care.” My answer to that is go forth and prosper and joy and see you on the trail. You’ll see others who just simply haven’t been made aware of that. That’s a great opportunity to show them the value of that. We can do that once we have their data, exactly what’s at stake.

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We had talked about the brokers as far as how many people in the broker community understand this and that number, I believe that you said was below 1%. This is a phenomenal market and especially with what’s going on in the healthcare industry with rates going up and people are trying to scramble. Once the brokerage community figures out that they are missing a huge piece of the pie and can really help their clients out in learning how this works.

I want to qualify that 1%, all of it, because I think many or most brokers have heard of captive. There’s a number of them, certainly less than half that can find a captive arrangement and present captive in a box. Captive solution where all this stuff is laid out and you can scale to it because it’s a script that you memorize. The 1% is the consultative benefits strategists who goes into a group and evaluates all of their insurable risks and has the acumen and experience to listen to what’s going on, see the data and help build a program specific and unique to the circumstances of that company based upon their preferences. Things like risk tolerance and pain points around how much they’re paying versus how low their claims are. I’m talking about all lines of coverage now and then come back with categorical solutions in that space. That’s the unique element. The folks that will go in and build a program from scratch for a company for what it is that they need and want, that’s the rare element here.

That’s why this is so important for guys to be able to go back to this, begin to understand it, begin to develop the questions because this is a wide open market.

If you know one captive, you know one captive. If I just think back in the last two or three business days, I’ve consulted on a single parent captive for business continuity, which is interesting. I’ve done health, I’ve done a huge property management company on the PNC side. It’s a dynamic and varied space and if you truly are a consultant and you can listen and apply it, companies love this. It’s neat to be in a place where groups and brokers are happy to see you and excited to hear what you have to share.

The health piece of it is a hot point, but the property and casualty are a completely new dynamic in and of itself.

JFS 23 | Healthcare And You
Healthcare And You: The average time for a broker to be able to educate clients independently is at least a year.


What’s interesting about that is that was where it started in the early 1900s in the captive space. This is around property and casualty. That’s where most of the captive insurance arrangements are now. It’s just been since the early 2000s that the health has really started to escalate.

What would you say is the timeframe once somebody begins to look at this to be able to understand what’s going on and be able to get this implemented? I believe that a lot of this is educating the client.

There are two ways in which we educate. The first way is we educate brokers. I would tell you the average time for a broker to be able to do this independently is at least a year. That doesn’t mean that they’re not selling captive cases in that year. That means that as their knowledge and experiences increases during that year, they have somebody like me or others in our company to consult with and rely on to partner with them on that case. After they’re trained, we’ll go in and do the whole thing for in with them until such a time we can begin to fade and they can handle more of it. Pretty soon they’re running on their own. We have brokers all over that spectrum that use us just for access to the product and the expertise.

As far as the broker goes, that is an invaluable service to have somebody such as yourself that they can go back to, ask the questions and have you explain it and then go on meetings with you to where the pressure is really off of them while they’re learning this process.

I do all the talking and at some point later, at some future appointment, might be second, third, eighth appointment based upon the comfort level of the broker that they’re doing more and more. Our model encourages them to do as much of that as they are confident with knowing that at any time they can pitch it to us. We come in as a vendor of theirs working for them and they had the foresight to bring us with them to the client. It presents to the client as a value add. I brought my expert, my vendor in here to talk to you a scenario. In this way, the broker is free to learn at her or his pace and not have to worry about being 100% knowledgeable on day one.

Captive health arrangement doesn't present to the employees or to the company transactionally. Click To Tweet

The other interesting part of this, we know that CEOs are going to be picking this up. HR directors are going to be reading and getting a great education on this. It’s imperative that the broker get ahead of that and get with you in order to get the accurate knowledge.

The other part of the training and implementation is as it relates to the group, and if I was going to give you an average, I would say probably six weeks is that amount of time that we can do it quicker, we can do a longer. It depends on the culture of the company and their preferences. The great thing about it is that this captive health arrangement, doesn’t present to the employees or to the company transactionally in any different way than they’re fully insured. What I mean by that is they look at health plans that they would recognize, they make selections which they’re used to. When they’ve done that, their issue to health card which they take to the doctor. In terms of how it works, it’s exactly the same as a fully insured plan.

The part that we’re consulting on is the level to which the company or the client wants to understand what happens behind the scenes. That part of it is really the value add because the more that they’ll learn about that, the more actively involved they can be in the life cycle of their health plan. The mitigation strategies and the awareness of the fluctuation. Understanding of merging ambition that we can bolt on case management or other kinds of activities around so that there can be a constant awareness for an employer of the cost and the savings of their health plans. They’re living their health plan in real time every single day of the plan year instead of just getting a shock renewal with no knowledge in month nine or ten of the plans.

We’ve seen employers try all kinds of things in order to reduce their expense. Somebody had given me a flyer that an employer had given out about avoid the tobacco surcharge, protect your health. The employer is going to charge $75 per month per person that uses a tobacco product. All that’s doing is saying that, “The health insurance is so expensive, we’re going to have to start carving this thing out for people to take responsibility on their health plan.”

What we have found with that strategy is agitation. When you impose that on somebody, they’re not pleased about that. That community becomes unhappy because of that in your work environment. The approach that we take with that is one of the hallmarks of the captive arrangement is to encourage awareness of health and wellness at every level. The way we would approach that is to incentivize smoking cessation, not penalize choices. We take everyone in the place where we found them, literally everyone, and encourage things to make them healthier. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have some aspect of their health that they could improve. I would commend to you that that is an important journey for everyone of us to take, not just as a function if I happen to work here, but for your own well-being and for your family, to the extent that you have an appetite for that or you’re willing to take baby steps, large steps, whatever steps you want to take. It’s a worthwhile journey.

JFS 23 | Healthcare And You
Healthcare And You: One of the hallmarks of the captive arrangement is to encourage awareness of health and wellness at every level.


That journey always starts with awareness. One of the best ways to create that awareness is to encourage and incentivize employees and plan members to have an annual physical. What happens after your physical? You come back in for a consult and all your numbers are reviewed with you and then you might learn in that consult that you have high triglycerides. You might have high cholesterol, you might have low white blood cells, you might have this or you might have that that you were completely unaware of. Now you are aware and your doctor will likely discuss with you what can be done about that. That’s the jewel of this approach. We’re going to have awareness about this. You get to make choices early in the discovery process so that something big isn’t down the road for you with regard to some of these things.

What else do you see out there in the marketplace that you see as getting ready to come about in 2020? Is there anything new that’s coming that people need to start to get aware of?

There’s some movement in the news about efforts to repeal all of ACA again. I know with an interesting debate. You may want to keep an eye on that. That doesn’t make a lot of difference for what we do. It would make a lot of difference for what some of the employers would take that interacts with that. There’s also a lot of talk about capping some of the costs of the high prescriptions and dealing with the shock claims. Just a little of the shock bills, surprise bills I think is the term. Just a little bit more about the surprise bills. What the surprise bill is generally a bill that you weren’t expecting or that you didn’t have an opportunity to weigh on. For example, if you were going to have an in-patient surgery and you did everything you could to get pre-certified, then where you went with a network provider. A network facility and all the conversations happen and you went in for your procedure. Here comes the anesthesiologist who’s out of network and you need anesthesia, but you had no choice and the plan doesn’t pay for that.

You’re three, four, six weeks post-op and you get a balance from your anesthesia that’s a shocking five-digit number. That’s the stuff that we’re talking about with the surprise bill. Where that’s the most egregious in my opinion is if you imagine a car accident that you were in that required you to go to the hospital and you weren’t in a condition to be able to respond to questions or go through an intake. You’ve got all of these procedures and all of these things appear on this bill that you had no opportunity to control or participate in. That’s just an unfortunate circumstance on top of an unfortunate circumstance. There’s some work in those areas right now that are happening.

Let’s talk a little bit about the app that you have. I’m taking my little boy to see the doctor and when I set this up and put it on my calendar, I thought, “I’m an hour out. I’m an hour back. It will take two hours for the doctor to say, “It’s runny nose and a cough and that’s normal for a nine-month-old.” You want them to take a look at it too to see if there’s anything else going on and having the app that you have would be so convenient and save me so much time.

You’ll never meet anyone who didn't have some aspect of their health that they could improve. Click To Tweet

We encourage every client that we have or through our broker distribution model to take a look at it because it’s helpful for the employees and their families. Our app is called One Point Health and you can see it in the App Store, the Android store. When you open that app and you’re fully enrolled in it, you’ll see some buttons on the front screen. The first is customer care. If you touch that button, the employer has the opportunity to put the name, email and phone number of the primary contact at the employer for who to talk to about your benefits. In the case of a small company, they might’ve been associated for that to be account managers at the broker shop, but it’s whatever the right person or people are for these questions to be addressed to and if it’s a rapid accelerator. Instead of somebody go off to work for going to HR, HR is busy doing the things that they do and so that can be messy. When somebody has a question with the app, you just touch the button.

There’s also an area there for your profile and every member who’s on the app can build their profile, which includes your information, your dependents, your ID cards, your health provider, their contact information. We can’t overstate the impact of having all of your benefit cards inside of this app. If you talk to account managers in the health insurance space and the voluntary insurance space, the number one request you get is to reissue health cards because employees lost them or they went through the wash or the dog ate them. Nobody loses their phone and if they do, it’s never for more than a day or so. What that means is they always have their health cards in their app on their phone. It’s right there when you go into the doctor. You don’t have to have the carrier card because it’s built into your app. That’s a wonderful thing. It also has your doctor’s info in there instead of having to look that up or however you do it. It’s just a one-touch system in there.

The next button right on your home screen in the app is your telehealth provider and so that’s who is the telemedicine person for the exact circumstances that you mentioned, Joseph. Instead of having to look at your benefits bundle and try to find a number, it’s right there, built into your app. You touch the button, the phone rings, and then you have a provider. If that provider can address your health concern on the phone, they will do that. In most cases they can. For the routine stuff, a runny nose or throat, temperature, flu, all these kinds of things. I had an injury on my leg and I had to send a picture using that and he looked at them, prescribed an antibiotic because it got infected. I saved all kinds of time. I didn’t have to make a doctor’s appointments in the waiting room, be gone from work a half a day, pay an office copay, run to the pharmacy, and wait for the script to come. All of that, those kinds of steps. He just looked at that, made a script, send it to the pharmacy that I had pre-selected. All I had to do is stop by there to get my prescription.

Those calls, those consults are $0 deductible, $0 copay and unlimited use. In addition to the time savings, it’s also a cost savings for the health plan and for the employee. Office visits are expensive and time-consuming. If you can do these lower level kinds of things this way, it’s a win-win for everybody. The next button is about your circumstances around how your health plan is performing, where you are on your deductible. You can price out procedures which provide clear optics. If you were somebody who had to get a tonsillectomy and you set this thing up to geo around 25 miles, 15 miles, whatever distance it was, and you put your procedure in there, it will show you the offices in that area that do it and what the costs are. People are always shocked at the differences. The same procedure at the same quality level can vary 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 12%, 100% from one provider to the next. I don’t think most people realize that there can be a huge price difference from one to the next.

We do the same thing with prescriptions and the blinders are really on with regard to prescriptions. What we’re used to is we go to the pharmacy, we pay our copay, we get the script that’s been prescribed to us, and we leave without ever knowing what that drug costs. In our app, you can see that the drug costs $500 at Walgreens and $4 at Walmart by way of hypothetical examples. If you could find your way to Walmart instead of Walgreen’s to fill that script, you’d save the plan $100 in the case that I had mentioned. In that way, everyone can be involved in keeping the costs for the high quality of healthcare that we need down so that we all get lower renewals. We all have better running health plans. That’s our app and it’s available for any of our clients and can be sold independent of us having any of the coverages.

JFS 23 | Healthcare And You
Healthcare And You: We’re used to going to the pharmacy, pay our copay, get the script that’s been prescribed to us, and leave without ever really knowing what that drug costs.


That is a super app. We didn’t have that few years ago.

I certainly wasn’t aware of it.

As technology begins to expand and it’s going to expand rapidly, being able to have that on your phone where you don’t get over to the pharmacy and you figure out, “My card’s in the car,” or it’s at a different place or you’ve lost it and you have to go through all those hoops. Having that on your phone is super convenient.

It was designed with everybody in mind, but in particular, the current generation entering the workforce who’s never known a day of their life without apps, phones and computers, unlike you and me. In my lifetime home computers began. When I was a kid, there was no such thing. Nobody had it. My kids in their early twenties, they’ve never known a day of life without it.

I remember the old box Dell computer and watching a website load one layer at a time. Do you remember that?

I do. I remember running a phone line from my computer to the wall jack, and then listening to the modem dial into my internet service provider.

We’ve come a long way since then. Folks, remember this. Saving money is the only check you’ll ever write that won’t cost you a penny.

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About Fred Meijering

JFS 23 | Healthcare And You

The executive team at Echelon Advisors has a great diversity of experience in the insurance and alternative-risk financing business. Practicing at all levels and in various different positions, from small boutique shops to the largest of national brokers, the wealth of knowledge and experience they all brought to the table collectively, ultimately came together to create Echelon Advisors.

The business environment is changing, and organizations are having to become more and more competitive to stay relevant. Because of this, we decided to focus our organization’s strategy on partnering with our clients to create innovative insurance solutions to help position them for success.


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Healthcare And What It Means To You Part II

JFS 22 | Captive Health Insurance Plan


Healthcare is one-fifth of the United States economy and it’s getting ready to change again. In light of this, we bring in one of the great leaders in the healthcare field, Fred Meijering. Fred is the Market President at Echelon Advisors, a commercial insurance and employee benefits brokerage firm that focuses in the self-funded, captive, and alternative risk-financing arenas. In the second part of this series on healthcare and what it means to you, Fred dives right into the topic of stop-loss and reinsurance in the captive plan. He gets into the process and the benefits of getting implemented into the captive health arrangement.

Listen to the podcast here:

Healthcare And What It Means To You Part II

Stop Loss And Re-Insurance Inside A Captive Health Insurance Plan

Information is about thought. We have been inundated with technology while at the same time drowning for wisdom. Once this information is presented to you, you will begin to think about it. Our lives are analogous to the hamster on the wheel in our daily routine. Think about once you wake up, you do the same thing, in the same way, hoping for different results in your life. Once you shift how you think about yourself and your circumstances, you and those circumstances will begin to change. Do you want change in your life? Do you want a better life? I’m sure you’ve heard the idea that our thoughts somehow shape our reality we experience, that negative thoughts influence the world around us and bring about negative circumstances while positive thoughts somehow bring about positive circumstances. In order to change a culture, you don’t focus on the problem. The elephant in the room gets replaced once you start to focus your attention on the answer, not on the smelly beast that’s in the room.

There has been an entire industry of motivational speakers that have been created around this premise and almost all of us have been exposed to the tenets of positive thinking. If it works so well, why isn’t it that everyone that attends these seminars and reads these books become rich and successful and most of all, happy? If all we need to do is think positive thoughts, we should be able to create a positive world almost overnight, shouldn’t we? What’s wrong with that picture? I’ve spent almost twenty years working on this philosophy and interviewing people to find out why they continue to do the things they do, but expecting different results. I’ll share with you along the way with a set of tools and programs I think will not only be of tremendous benefit to you, but will literally allow you to become your potential and drive the maximum pleasure out of life.

Much of what I’m about to share with you will seem simple in concept. Most people miss the simple things in life. The best ideas are usually simple and easy to implement. I should caution you that there is a tendency to view these simple ideas from a surface level without really internalizing them and practicing them. Therefore, I recommend that you read this blog every day for 30 days so that these life-changing ideas can get down on the inside of you. Each time you read these ideas, you will discover something new. It’s not that it’s new, but it will be something that you’ve never really heard with your emotions. Those paddles on the side of your head that you call ears miss a lot of information the first time you hear something new. Just because you hear something once doesn’t mean that you’ve really listened to the message.

Rather than using your rational intellectual brain which analyzes information that causes paralysis by analysis and makes you take no action, use your creative, playful, risk-taking side and make an effort to incorporate these tools into your daily life. The reason I’m asking this of you is because I know that most of you will read this blog once and then go on to more information. That’s why I used the hamster metaphor earlier. You build synaptic connections in your brain once you hear something and start to really think about the information you’ve heard and then put that information to work in your life. I want you to use this new information and practice it and internalize it in your daily routine. Your success or failure comes about by your daily routine. It takes a commitment and a conscious commitment to make a positive change.

This can only occur on a subconscious level. The tools and reprogramming process must be used daily to make them work in your life for success. Here’s something I want for you to realize right now. The old self, your past daily thinking, will do everything in its power to prevent you from changing your life. It will come up with every excuse for not listening to the recording every day and put these tools to work. The old you is comfortable. It will scream at you not to change and to start thinking so it can stay in the known program.

The old you doesn’t want to think. It just wants to operate in the subconscious program that has been placed in your mind. The late Dr. McFarland said that 2% of the people think, 3% of the people think they think and 95% of the people would rather die than think. Your old self will procrastinate and make excuses for not using these ideas and tools. You need to ask yourself this question. Who is in charge of your life, you or your past programming? If there’s something better out there for you, wouldn’t it make sense for you to take advantage of this? Sure, it would. The real fight is this, make up your mind right now to take charge, because the old use comfortable. It has a built-in surviving mechanism to protect the status quo. That’s why change is so difficult for those people that don’t know how to change. It’s also why positive thinking on a surface level always fails.

Millions and millions of people attend positive thinking seminars or buy the books and the tapes each year, yet very few derive lasting benefits from them. If you’ve ever attended any of these seminars or read any of these books, you’re usually high from the emotional uplift for about two days. Then you go back to your old self again. It isn’t that the material isn’t valid or that it doesn’t work. It’s just the positive thinking and motivational stories deal only with a conscious mind. That conscious mind is not the engine that powers your life rather, it’s the subconscious mind or the unconscious portion of your mind from which your behaviors and attitudes spring forth. It’s going directly into the unconscious and rewiring how you think about yourself. Your future is the key to permanent and lasting change and that’s precisely what we’ll be addressing in this program.

Let me give you the philosophy behind this program and also answered the question of just how our thinking and beliefs on the subconscious level affect our wealth, health and our success or failure in any undertaking. What we believe that determines what we make true in our perception of reality, how we think about ourselves and the world around us. What we look for and what we take to be true is determined by our beliefs. Once you alter a belief, you can change reality or at least the reality that you experience. Through your belief, you form your reality. A friend of mine who’s a very successful and wealthy entrepreneur started out without a single dime in his pocket, and he was able to amass a great fortune in only a few years with a simple philosophy. I remember how he did it and I watched him in the early days of his career.

He envisioned his success. Sure, he had some setbacks and I watched how he handled them. He took a position of learning from what looked like on the outside as failure to a position of success on the inside. His thoughts convinced himself on a subconscious level that he had already acquired a great fortune when in fact he was really broke. In his mind, he became a multimillionaire. The circumstances that brought about reality then followed. Years later, I’m sure he adjusted his vision because now he’s a billionaire. I’m sure that you’ve heard similar stories. What we take to be true on a subconscious level becomes our reality if you will stay with it. Failure cannot cope with persistency, and every great leader has learned about being persistent. Luck has nothing to do with becoming successful as some people think. You must learn and apply what you have learned to have wealth and prosperity.

The recipe for doing captive insurance wrong is always the same. It's not having set up the captive correctly. Click To Tweet

Moneymaking skills are learned and it begins with a desire and a belief that it’s possible. What we believe is based on our perceptions and what we perceive depends on what we look for, and what we look for depends on what we think. We all know of those people who seem to be exceptionally lucky, but it’s not luck at all. It is created out of a core belief that good things should happen to them because they have already seen this play out on the theater of their minds. It is an expectation. Expect to be healthy, happy and prosperous, and you will be. If you can hold this vision in your mind, you can eventually hold it in your hand. You are bringing something from the invisible into the physical realm. It’s as simple as that. Life becomes a lot of fun once somebody explains the rules of the game to you.

You’ve probably seen this happen all the time, but in reverse, when you tell yourself that you’re having a bad day and sure enough, you do. What we believe determines what we make true, and that’s the entire premise of this idea. What I’m telling you here is nothing new. In fact, it’s a very old philosophy and great thinkers have been saying it for thousands of years. The Roman philosopher, Marcus Aurelius, said, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.” Napoleon Hill said exactly the same thing in the famous book, Think and Grow Rich, and everyone since has said the same idea. However, that doesn’t necessarily help you make it work better in your life until you learn how to apply those principles. You’ve got to break through an encrypted mind script that’s made up of years of negative programming. That’s why we’ve created the 1% club at Farley and Associates. The purpose of these tools is to deal with the issue of belief and behavior at the deepest level of your being and to anchor those new beliefs into your subconscious mind where your beliefs are formed and reinforced by your daily habits, your perception, and thus made true.

To create lasting change, you must reset the core beliefs that forms how you think and perceive your reality. Inside your subconscious mind, we have scripted what we see as true. What we accept to believe as true is true or becomes true, period. Any evidence contrary to our core belief is discarded or perceptually modified by our brains. If you’ve been told all your life that you’ll never amount to anything or believe that wealth is something beyond your grasp or if you believe all people that have wealth are evil, then that is the mind script that you’ve of welded into your subconscious mind. That’s your reality. Let me give you a very simple and very powerful tool that you can create the reality that you’d like to experience in order to attract happiness, health and prosperity in your life. To bring forth a loving and positive relationship to make you shine and glow and achieve in every area of your life, it’s a process I call As If. It is a process that every successful salesperson uses and every top CEO uses to become successful.

It’s a program of mentally rehearsing future events that anchor success images to a positive emotion through a simple visualization technique. You are the captain of your soul. You choose what you want in life. If you don’t like the results, change the program. I told you that this was simple, but a lot of people overlook it. By doing the mental rehearsal, it also programs our subconscious mind to bring forth a desired goal into reality. You’re probably familiar with visualization techniques and perhaps you’ve experienced them in your life. Most people try it for a while, but then they give up usually for two reasons. The first is that the old you creeps back in with excuses for not changing. It also may be because you have not been doing it right. Faith is seeing in your mind the things you can’t see with your eyes yet, so you never really notice any positive feedback to justify continuing doing it.

People tell me all the time that they’ve tried faith and what they’re really saying to me is that faith has tried them and found them wanting. There are certain laws including the law of faith that will work every single time you’ll work them. It’s a law. If you don’t think the law of gravity really works, go jump off a building and unless you can get the law of lift to really kick in fast, you’re not going to like the way the law of gravity works. I’m going to give you a super simple solution that’s going to work very well for you, but it’s up to you to use it and there are three steps in the process. Before I give them to you, let me give you a little tip. You must set up a regular time each and every day for your movie that will play on the theater of your mind.

There are 168 hours in a week and approximately 10,080 minutes in a week. I’m asking for you to spend five minutes a day. I’m talking about five minutes a day and you can achieve any worthwhile goal you desire. Here’s another trick of the trade. Do this first thing in the morning. You can control your mornings. Get up earlier. That’s how you control your mornings, but it’s really hard to control your nights. Stuff happens at night. You’re tired. You get home late. There are all kinds of excuses, but in the morning, there’s no excuse when you get up and get this done. Spend the best time of the day on you. It’s like saving money.

People that have no money think that they will pay all the bills first and keep what’s left over. Guess what? Nothing’s ever left over. Rich people save first, then they pay their bills, but that’s another subject for another time. Give yourself five minutes in the morning. You’re worth it. These five minutes must be exclusively devoted to the movie on the theater of your mind. Are you ready for a session? Get in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and listen to yourself breathe. Focus your attention on slowly taking deep breaths in on the sound of the air coming in and out of your lungs. Fill yourself relaxed. Do this breathing exercise five times. It will only take you about 45 minutes or so.

As you focus on your breathing, this is a simple relaxation exercise that will immediately alter your consciousness, putting your brain into an Alpha state. In fact, if you were to hook yourself up to an EEG machine while doing the simple procedure, you would see an increase in Alpha waves production emitting from your brain in only 45 seconds. The next step is to pick out an image of the past, a memory where you were extremely happy, and really get in touch with that experience. It doesn’t matter what it was or when it happened. The point is to conjure up a winning feeling or a positive emotion that you can then use to connect with your image of a future event. Perhaps this is an image of the moment you remember falling in love, receiving a standing ovation during a grade school play. A sporting event where you scored a point. You kicked a field goal or scored a touchdown. Go back in your past and pull out a very specific event that you will relive in detail.

Feel the pats on the back, the loving adoration. Remember the voices, the smell, and the colors. As you create this scene, let yourself re-experience all those winning feelings. What you’re doing here is bringing forward into your consciousness a positive emotion that will psychologically become connected with a future goal in your subconscious mind. This has an effect of anchoring that desire into your subconscious mind so that it is energized. It becomes a subconscious reality. Making it happen is really quite easy because if the subconscious mind believes it, it will alter your perception and we’ll look for it to make it into reality. I’ll talk more about that a little bit later. Once you’ve relived that positive emotion and feel those winning feelings welling up inside of you, the next step is to envision the future goal that you want to achieve as vividly as possible.

JFS 22 | Captive Health Insurance Plan
Captive Health Insurance Plan: The first step of getting implemented into a captive plan is to secure a stop-loss contract with the carrier.


It can be through a middle picture, a word, a musical note or a taste. In fact, any sensory image that you can think of. Our brains think in pictures. When I ask you about your car, that picture pops up in your brain, the color and where it’s parked. Most people think in words unless you speak a second language. For instance, if someone spoke to me about a dog in Spanish, I would see the word perro, not the picture of a dog. The reason for that is that Spanish is not my first language. Spanish is my second language, and when learning Spanish or any language, in order to learn it, you have to think of the word first and then equate it to the picture. Each person is different. Some people respond better to pictures while others to words. For the most part, if you’re working in your first primary language, you’re going to think in pictures.

The key point here is to see yourself as if you’ve already achieved that goal, whether it is in a form of a picture or feelings. If it’s money, see yourself already having it. Perhaps see yourself checking your balance on your phone and seeing the large number in your bank accounts. If you only have one bank account, go set up another account because when you do this right, you can start filling up a number of accounts. If you want a dream home, set up an account and name it Dream Home. Start putting money in it each time you get paid. Don’t worry about the amount, just start it. Imagine you going into the bank with a big deposit. It’s your movie. Learn to script it.

Imagine telling the clerk you want so much money in this account and so much money in that account. Ask for some water while you wait. Imagine the cup they bring you and the cold water that you drink. Begin to feel it. Begin to get into the movie. Make it real and detailed. Look for colors. Notice the music playing in the bank lobby. See yourself walking down the street wearing the finest clothes, driving your dream car and hearing the whisper and comments of friends, wondering how you became so successful. If you’re a student taking a test, think of that big red-letter A-plus marked across the top of the exam. If you’re sales person, see yourself closing a sale. See your wife or your husband congratulating you, your friends telling you how great you are and that everyone would want to buy from you.

If you’re giving a speech, see the audience clapping for you and telling you what a great job you did. Let’s say you want a vacation home in Maui or Colorado. See yourself walking through the front door. Notice the color and the textures on the wall, the lawn, the roof, the entry area. Go ahead and walk through the entire house in your mind, filling in the details exactly the way that you would like them. Go outside to the backyard and see your negative edge pool looking down into the valley if that’s what you want. Be in your reality. Give your images as much richness and detail as possible and don’t worry at first if the images are a bit fuzzy, the process improves with practice. Tie in sounds and smells with touches.

In fact, the more senses and the greater the focus, the more ammunition that you’re giving to your subconscious mind to believe it and then to act on it. Your left brain will try to jump in and ask you, how are you going to do this? You need to put that dude on hold. It’s not up to you on how at this point that will come, doors will start to open and you will begin to expect something good coming to you. When doubt and fear and unbelief knock at the door, your faith will answer and doubt and fear and unbelief will vanish like a vampire at high noon. Let’s bring in Fred Meijering from Echelon advisors. You can reach them at Fred, let’s get right into the stop loss and the reinsurance.

On the topic of stop loss and reinsurance and the captive, it’s an interesting process because when you’re getting implemented into that arrangement, the first step is to secure a stop-loss contract with the carrier as if though you were an independent, traditional self-funded client. We get all of that premium and all those coverages in place. Once all of that is done in month two of your plan year, then you move into the captive, sign the appropriate documents and you seed or surrender that premium to the captive for your re-insurance coverage. That sometimes seems a little bit odd to people, but you no longer have just your own contract. It goes into the captive. It doesn’t change the rates at all because the rates were based upon this occurrence happening. That’s not a cost change or anything for that particular group.

It’s just that you become part of the reinsurance agreement inside of the captive, which is a really interesting phenomena because now you’ll have your specific deductible as you would with any self-funded plan. Let’s say that that’s $50,000 per plan participant. That means claims for any plan participant between $0 and $50,000 would come out of the claims fund of your plan. From $50,000 to $300,000, go up $250,000 and between, those claims in that space are paid for at the captive layer, which is shared across all of the other groups inside of that captive. That would happen for each plan person. It’s the specific deductible plus $250,000. If there’s another group in that captive who had $100,000 specific deductible, then their claims would be paid at a captive layer between $100,000 and $350,000 so $250,000 of coverage sits on top of your SPEC.

The really cool thing about that is it neutralizes the bad year for any particular group. What I mean by that is if you’re in a fully insured arrangement and you have a bad claim year, no fault of your own, then you’ll see that reflected pretty miserably typically in your renewal. In the captive space, we know that any group is going to have a bad year one in five years on average. We can prove that actuarially. When those claims hit in that captive layer, it’s spread out across all the groups. If there are twenty groups in your captive cell, then we know at least four are going to have bad claims here. Four of twenty that means sixteen are having a good year. It evens out the impact of that. Where you’ll see that is for renewal. We don’t beat you because you have a bad claims year. We know when and how to expect it and we spread that across the captive.

Like a fully insured plan, the employer has no clue of what his rate increase is going to be until they throw that on the desk for him.

Different companies have different financial circumstances and arrangements that require professional consult. There isn't one way to do it. Click To Tweet

That’s the cosmic surprise. I don’t know what’s happening with my claims all year. I have no ability to control how those things are handled, and here comes my broker at renewal with my 30% increase long after I have any opportunity to do anything about that. It’s really hard to budget in a business for this unsustainable increase that you have no way to anticipate. I don’t think that most businesses out there are growing at 30% a year, and they probably don’t have any line items in the most cases that increases 30% unless they’re growing rapidly and the revenue is there. Generally, that’s not the case. In the captive space, you at least have optics into that and can anticipate that and you can be proactively involved in mitigating that throughout the plan here so that you become informed every step of the way.

Would you say as far as a line item go, in most large companies it’s going to be payroll number one and then employee benefits number two for the most part?

We find that to be very common. In fact, it’s almost always top three depending on the business. There are some businesses that have high inventory costs and those kinds of things. It seems most of the time it’s top three or five expenses for the business and usually second behind payroll. To have that be a wild card on your finance statement, it’s pretty hard.

When you look at this and sit down, especially a CEO or a CFO, and say, “I have an opportunity to be able to get out ahead of this curve so it’s not a 30-day surprise. Now I have to figure out how to pay for it for the next twelve months.”

For years now, the industry has been changing planned designs, higher deductibles, and worst co-pays to try to bring those increases down, which means worse benefits for the employees in the 11th inning. We run their course now. There are not more places that a lot of employers can go because they already have a high-deductible plan. Additionally, being shackled with the employer mandate, if they have more than 50 employees, they have to provide it. It’s a conundrum.

For the company, when they go in and say, “Medical has gone up. We have to change the plan,” at some point in time, employees start to think, “I need to change my employer if they’re not paying attention to this.” You begin to lose key employees.

You’re exactly right, especially the youngest generation entering the workforce, they’re evaluating employment offers differently than the generations before them. They’re looking at things like social engagement and time off and what’s the full package including benefits. Comp is still important, but it’s more equal with these other kinds of things that the current generation is looking for. We see that here and I read about that regularly. You’re right, a good benefits plan can attract and retain employees or the opposite.

We’re doing a lot of hiring at Farley and Associates and I’m seeing a lot of people come through that are in their 50’s that are looking for a new career. I know in the back of my mind that an employer’s looking at their costs and having younger employees is going to make your plan work a lot better. The older employees and when I say older, I’m talking about in their 50’s and up, they’re really getting squeezed because this health insurance premium is just getting completely out of control. I know that you keep up with all of this with the Democrat and Republicans or bouncing this ball back and forth and nothing’s being done. They’re working to change it, but the last time they did that change, people didn’t like the way that turned out.

You bring up a really good point, and that’s the notion of age as an indicator for what premium should be. In the health plans that are age-banded, you’ll see that. It’s a safe assumption and actuarial data will bear this out, that in general, older people have more claims and those claims can tend to be for higher dollar. It seems it’s only appropriate then to blanket everybody over 50 with higher premiums because of that generalized trend. A unique element in the captive space is not doing that. How do you get away with that? We evaluate the risk. What is the risk? Let me give you a concrete example before I explain that any further. Consider my company. I’m in my 50s as is my wife, and we have two children in their early twenties. For the last umpteen years, we have been the best-performing family on our health plan.

JFS 22 | Captive Health Insurance Plan
Captive Health Insurance Plan: A unique hallmark in the self-insured and captive space is that a group gets to choose how they fund their claims.


We are all healthy, we all get an annual physical, and nothing follows. We have been the best risk as opposed to in just the six months, some of the other risk that our plan has endured for people under 40 in some cases under 30. Traumatic childbirth for example, unforeseen other kinds of medical conditions. These have been shock claims for people that are under 35. If you look at our health plan, I am the good risk over 50 and the young people are not. That sets that model upside down. How do you reconcile that or rectify that as you’re trying to develop premium? In the captive space, we would look at the risk and the risk has nothing to do with your chronological age. It has to do with the summation of the claims for your group.

We do that by looking at what the claims data is specifically and surgically, no pun intended, and looking at what those things are or aren’t and what that might hold for the future. The most precise way to determine an accurate and not a generalized premium is by determining what, what do we see, what is there, what do we anticipate as a result of that information? Groups are getting fair premiums for their circumstance as opposed to just generic platitudes from across a large group of people that may or may not apply to a specific group. Another unique hallmark in the self-insured and captive space is that a group gets to choose how they fund their claims. When you dissect premiums in this space, you’ll have fixed costs and claims costs. Fixed costs are comprised of things like what is the reinsurance and/or stop loss premium? What is the broker commission? What are the administrative fees for the third-party administrator?

In other words, it’s those things that are standard from month to month. Those are the fixed costs in the plan. The other part of the plan is the claims filed. This is where we pay for claims out of between $0 and whatever the specific deductible is, whether that’s $50,000 per planned participant or some other number based upon how the group wanted to evaluate their risk. How do we build a claims fund for group? They can do it in one of three ways. The first is as incurred, which means that they would get a monthly bill for all the claims from that month and then pay that bill to the third-party administrator, which means they’re not pulling any money or prepaying in any way. They just pay that monthly bill.

This is a great option for a group for whom cashflow is not that big of an issue that want to manage it more tightly so that they can roll with the ups and downs of what the claims might be. It can be a good way to manage your cash flow. In the first two months of a calendar plan year, in January and February, you typically won’t see any incurred claim or very few because they have a process through the system for that year. You’ll have low premiums for January and February and they’ll catch up with you later. The second way a group can pay for their claims is to prepay at the expected claims level. Think of that as a three-year average of the cost of claims from the previous three years. They just pay their fixed costs plus the expected claims fund amount and they prepay it and it goes into an account, at the money market account.

That makes a little bit of interest but it’s static in most cases. The claims that come in are taken out of that account by the CPA. You generally will run pretty good at that level. There might be months where you get a little bit of a balanced bill or a cash call for your own claims when it exceeds your claims filed. There will be other months where you’re building up a reserve for the next month, but generally claims funds funded at the expected level because it’s a pretty accurate look at the history and what that can be going forward. The third way is to fund your claims fund at the max level, which oftentimes 120% or 125% of your expected claims. Why would somebody do that? There are a number of reasons to do. The first a reason that I hear is because we don’t want to mess with balanced bills or cash calls in the plan year.

We want this to be more of a fixed arrangement, pay a monthly bill and then at the end of the plan year plus the runout, whatever money’s left, 100% of that in our captive arrangement is eligible for the employer to have back, to apply to the future or whatever they want to do with it. That’s part of the consult in what way do they want to fund claims? We see all three choices being made in an equal part just based upon the preference. That’s also something you can change in the middle of the year at any time that you want to. It’s not something you have to stick with for the whole plan year. If the fluctuation in the claims, if they’re paying at incurred is too dramatic and they want to neutralize that, they can pick expected or max claims funding. If they’re having a good cashier and they want to push as much money as they can legally into the captive, they can fund it in that.

Let’s talk about that because that’s going to be really important for employers as far as from a tax standpoint to do a max fund, I would think.

I think so too. If you googled captive insurance or something related to that, normally the first things that pop up are the examples of folks who have done it wrong, and the recipe for doing it wrong is always the same. It’s not having set up the captive correctly. You can put virtually any insurable risk into a captive. Where they do it wrong is that they didn’t properly assess and enter into that agreement with a defined insurable risk. What is normally required in defining that risk is actuaries and underwriters using their science and their experience and their methodologies to determine what a premium for that risk is. You can’t pay over that amount. If you do, you’re overfunding it, then you’re going to get in trouble or can, if you get caught. Those are the stories you’ll see.

You need an insurable risk. That risk has to be properly identified, qualified, quantified, and then you pay at that level. As that applies to the health space, you can max fund at 120% or 125% of claims into your health captive cell. You can do that without any worry of any trouble. Then you can leave that excess in your captive cell for whatever period of time. There are rules and regulations about how you can use that with how it comes out and how it goes in. We encourage folks who want to consult about that. Either get with our wealth advisors or their own or both to determine the exact right ways to do those things. There isn’t one way to do it. There isn’t a script that we can give because different companies have different financial circumstances and other kinds of arrangements that require professional consult on it. In most cases, that money, you can bring it back to yourself in a legally tax-advantaged way. That’s another aspect of this that can be favorable for clients.

In general, if a health captive declares a dividend, you've got to do something with that money. Click To Tweet

Let’s say a company-funded at 125% and they’ve been doing this for several years and they have quite a bit of cash set aside. Would they be able to offer a key man life insurance product to their upper management and using those funds to do it?

The answer to that in general is yes, but you want to be careful about that transaction as it relates to a risk and other things and you can do that correctly. The thing that we choose to stay away from at Echelon is the micro captives that are based on life insurance. Those are just getting beat up by the IRS and it’s just not a space we’re willing to take clients. I don’t know about that. In terms of taking your leftover assets, your health plan and paying life insurance, there are correct ways to do that. There are a lot of questions that need to be asked before that can specifically happen, but it would be a good use of that I would think if that was something the company needed.

Let’s talk a little bit about the dividend piece to this thing.

It’s an exciting and sometimes not fully understood additional benefit of a lot of or most captive health arrangements. We talked earlier about the steps to get into a health captive. You first become traditionally self-funded in month one and then in month two, you see that that premium for your stop loss to the captive for that reinsurance agreement. What’s truly wonderful in addition to sharing claims across that captive layer at the end of the plan year and after the runout for that particular captive, the unused premium paid to the captive layer is available for the group to consider using for something else. Most captives will have at least an annual meeting. Oftentimes participation is mandatory. Among the things discussed at that meeting is how to handle the dividends. That dividend can be any amount. We see 10% to 20% is probably the normal range, 10% to 20% of premium of the captive layer of reinsurance.

Probably the most frequent distribution that’s made of that dividend is to have it be a dividend paid to each member inside that captive on a pro-rata basis. Meaning, based upon your premium volume, you’d get a part commensurate with what you paid into it. That’s in addition to a few pre-funded claims fund. You’re getting that money back if there’s any left in your claims fund. In addition to these things over the long-term being less expensive and being able to control and understand and mitigate your risk along the plan year to anticipate things like a renewal increase or not, you get 100% of your claims fund back, which is not common in the level-funded and self-insured space, but you’re also eligible for any dividends from the captive way of reinsurance. Now we’re compounding advantages to this arrangement. That can make this advantageous for a group.

This is the way under this scenario to somewhat regulate your expenses, as well as your dividend piece of this. If you had a great cash year, you may not want to take a dividend. It depends on where you are in the business cycle.

You might want to make other kinds of choices with that. In general, if a health captive declares a dividend, then you’ve got to do something with that money. You don’t necessarily have to repatriate that if you’re offshore, but you will want to consult on what other options are at that point.

Let’s see if you can demystify this offshore terminology a little bit. When you talk about offshore, what does that mean to an employer that is not familiar with that term?

When you’re investigating a captive health arrangement for your group to take control of your healthcare spend and all the other advantages we discussed, one of the things that you’ll get to consider as a part-owner or a sole owner of the health captive is where that captive is done and filed. It is an entity. There are lots of captive-friendly states in the United States. There are some that aren’t so friendly and you can domicile it in any state in the US if you wanted to or you can domicile it offshore. What you’ll hear as the advantages of domiciling it offshore in places like the Cayman’s or Bermuda is the favorable tax treatment. You’re not paying US corporate tax, for example. That’s appealing to people.

JFS 22 | Captive Health Insurance Plan
Captive Health Insurance Plan: The unused premium paid to the captive layer is available for the group to consider using for something else.


In the case of our offshore captives, the money never leaves the continental United States. Ours are set up in trusts in New York. The money doesn’t leave here. It just is credited in the domicile, wherever that is. Initially, if you’re not familiar, that can sound shady or strange or something. When you investigate it and we encourage that investigation, you’ll see that it’s really legitimate. The ways in which we do are based upon US Law. If you never get comfortable with the notion of offshore or if your business works in a space that prohibits that or you don’t feel that that’s right for your company, then you can domicile it within the United States.

The paperwork that’s offshore, the money stays in New York, so there’s not a wheel barrel of dollar bills that are leaving from America over to some other country.

It is recognized there, audited and accounted for there, but the money never leaves the continental United States.

It’s more of a tax strategy and a business arrangement that Congress has set up and has implemented in the US Codes.

Any company wanting to look at this, I would encourage them to fully understand all of that and include their advisers if they want to. Also, we would have advisors they could talk to fully understand those choices. In terms of how the health plan works, they wouldn’t see a difference as it relates to where the captive is domiciled.

It has no difference with the PEO network or any of the benefits or anything else. It’s just a paper transaction in order to take maximum advantage of the rules and regulation and the tax laws.

The networks are all based in United State and are recognizable. The reinsurance and/or stop loss is all based in the United States and recognizable. All parts of the health plan is that the transactional part where the employees would place all herein and something that they would recognize and have seen before.

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About Fred Meijering

JFS 22 | Captive Health Insurance Plan

The executive team at Echelon Advisors has a great diversity of experience in the insurance and alternative-risk financing business. Practicing at all levels and in various different positions, from small boutique shops to the largest of national brokers, the wealth of knowledge and experience they all brought to the table collectively, ultimately came together to create Echelon Advisors.

The business environment is changing, and organizations are having to become more and more competitive to stay relevant. Because of this, we decided to focus our organization’s strategy on partnering with our clients to create innovative insurance solutions to help position them for success.


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Healthcare And What It Means To You with Fred Meijering

JFS 21 | Changes In Healthcare


Healthcare is changing very fast, and the industry is trying to figure out which way this sector is going to go. It is important more than ever for healthcare professionals to move together with this change to avoid being in the losing end of the stick. In this episode, Fred Meijering, the Market President at Echelon Advisors, LLC, covers the healthcare industry – from what is happening now to the amazing opportunities it has in store for CEOs and CFOs who are looking for a better way to provide coverage without reducing the needed benefits. Fred starts by going right into the Affordable Care Act and how it affects the American worker, employer, and business. Moving on to the positive aspects, he talks about the captive market and the salient opportunities it offers.

Listen to the podcast here:

Healthcare And What It Means To You with Fred Meijering

This show is for CEOs, CFOs, human resource department heads and professional salespeople. In this episode, we will be covering financial products, insurance products, risk management, professional employer organizations, administrative services only, commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions and financing of M&A activities. We will interview CEOs that are making a positive change for the American workers. Our program is designed to rediscover what made America the greatest country in the world. It is also designed to help keep America great. America has its problems and you can spend decades to find out the whos, the whats, the whens and the hows because you already know where. The question is, “Are you going to spend all your time wallowing in the problems of America or are you going to be the answer and be part of the new American Revolution that is at our doorsteps?”

America is going through a lot of changes right now and you can sit on the sidelines and complain where you can get in the game and make things happen. If you don’t like your direction, then change. You do have free will and you can change. Just like a switch turns on the light, that quick. Change happens that quick, once you make up your mind to do it. You now will need to make a decision, a real conscious thought, “Can I learn what made people rich? More importantly, can I learn and do the true secret that made them rich?”

I would like to read something to you from Earl Nightingale. If you’re not familiar who Mr. Nightingale was, let me read a little bio on this great American leader. Earl Nightingale was an American radio speaker and author dealing mostly with the subjects of human character development, motivation, and meaningful existence. He was the voice during the early 1950s of the Sky King, the hero of a radio adventure series and was a WGN radio program host from 1950 to 1956. Earl Nightingale was the author of The Strangest Secret, which economist Terry Savage has termed one of the greatest motivational books of all time. You can find out more about Earl Nightingale at Mr. Nightingale was also a United States Marine.

In this particular recording that I’m going to read just a part of, the value of the numbers have changed, but the percentages have not changed much at all. It’s that information in which I would like to visit with you about. We live in a world of consumerism and we have forgotten one of the greatest secrets out there for success and successful living. I’m going to cover some of the greatest men and women in American history and this might give you an idea that will change your life for the better forever. It only takes one idea that could totally change your life. You see, the laws of nature are without change. If you learn these laws, you can have anything you want in life. The law of lift was and has always been here. We just discovered it when the Wright brothers grabbed that thought out of the ether. The question is, “Why?” The answer might surprise you. They were looking for it, that’s the answer. What is the next great discovery the whole world is looking for and the idea could come to you if you’re looking for it?

There is a story about two shoe salesman that were sent to a far country. As soon as the first salesman saw that no one had any shoes, he telegraphed home and said, “Get me the first flight out of here. No one wears shoes here.” The second salesman also sent a telegraph and said, “Send me more shoes. The market is wide open.” The second salesman had an attitude. He was looking for an opportunity. The field is ripe for the harvest, but the laborers truly are few.

Let me read you this little piece from one of Earl Nightingale’s great recordings. From the earliest writings of men, we know that the human race has been comprised of the haves and have nots. When I was a kid back during the Great Depression, I observed with a great desire to know the invisible is something that separated the haves and the have nots, being a have not myself. I wanted to know why so few manage to be well-off financially in this country for success is available to everyone. For example in checking, the statistics abstracts of the United States published by the Bureau of Census, I discovered that only 10% of the men in this country, 65 years of age and older, have incomes of $6,000 or more.

We are going to see in 2019 and 2020 mergers and acquisitions of doctor groups because they are unwilling or don't know how to make one of the biggest changes in history. Stay tuned. This series is going to be very exciting for all concerned with any… Click To Tweet

More than 80% of all men 65 years old have incomes under $4,000 a year. Only 7.6% of the incomes between $7,000 and $10,000 a year and only 3.7% have incomes of $10,000 a year or more. A man starts his working career in his 20’s, often earlier. He’s fortunate and that he lives in the free world. He has better than 40 years to make it great financially and the richest country on earth. Yet according to the statistics, only 10 out of 100 will be financially secured by the age of 65 rolls around, and only four men out of 100 will be financially comfortable. Why? Let me tell you how you can find out for yourself. Conduct your own surveys. Start down the street in the neighborhood on a Saturday and Sunday and asked the man of every house two questions. The first question is, “What are you doing at the present time to increase your income?” That is how much do you want to earn? When you’ve evaluated the blank stare you’ll get in response to that question, ask question number two, which goes, “How much money are you planning to be worth at age 65?”

When the silence becomes too unnerving, thank him and move on to the next house. Ask 50 men, 100 men or 1,000 men until you’re completely convinced that the reason men don’t make more money during their working lives and the reason more are not financially independent by the age of 65 is simple. That seldom, if ever, do any constructive thinking on either subject. It’s that simple, unfortunately. The reason it’s so easy to earn more money than the average man earns in this country is that very few are going about it the right way. This is the race without enough contestants to bother about. The few who are in the race can all be winners. Some will finish ahead of others, but even the man who finishes last in the race will be financially secured.

Most people, more than 90% aren’t even in the race. To prove it, ask yourself the two survey questions. Up until the time you started reading this message, what were you doing to plan to increase your income? How much do you want to earn or how much money have you decided to be worth at the age of 65? People who earn large incomes aren’t lucky and they’re not crooks, as those without money who are so fond of pretending. Nor are they endowed with more brains or talent necessarily than their friends or neighbors, nor are they privy to an occult secret and only a few were lucky enough to have rich fathers or grandfathers.

Most of the people earning big money start the same way you and I did and most other people. The only difference between the man who earns big income and those who earn a small income is that those earning big incomes decided to earn more. They’re the people who made it their business to earn more. You see, a woman who does not think about making an apple pie for dinner will never think of looking up a recipe for the apple pie. Without a decision for pie, there’s no motivation for checking out the recipe. A man who does not think about driving his car to St. Louis, Missouri or to Nacogdoches, Texas will never get a roadmap which shows how to get to St. Louis or Nacogdoches, Texas. A man who never decides to earn more money will never think of learning how to look up the rules for earning more money.

You see, people do with a make up their minds to do so. Get rid of the ancient superstition. Once and for all, the people who are earners of big money are special people or lucky or get the breaks or had money to begin with or knew someone or are smarter than anyone else. These are all alibis and they can all be disproved a thousand times. The reason there are so many of these alibis around is that men who fail to make great financially are seldom honest enough just to admit that they didn’t try and keep trying. In order to justify their failures, in order to remain seated, they dream up and pass along these old alibis. We’re all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.

Once I had an occasion to visit Charleston, South Carolina. I had never been there, so I hired a taxi to drive me around the historic town. I particularly wanted to see the battery where the famous shots were fired on Fort Sumter along this beautiful drive of Charleston’s oldest and finest homes. I looked over the bay. I commented to my cab driver on what lovely homes there were and he said, “Some of those homes have 40 rooms.” Then he thought for a moment and said, “Every one of them is owned by crooks.” This is how the have nots justify themselves for their lack in life. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t feel I was entitled to advise him or to straighten out his thinking. This is a free country where as long as he doesn’t hurt others, anyone has the inalienable right to be just as wrong as he wants to be.

JFS 21 | Changes In Healthcare
Changes In Healthcare: The secret to success is simply this – sit down and make a plan to save 10% of everything you earn.


As Thomas Lansbury, the American scholar and educator, put it, “We must view without profound respect the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist the inroads of useful knowledge.” My taxi driver and men and women just like him all over the world have been kidding themselves, holding themselves down and refusing the bounty and abundance of the world for centuries. Knowledge is available to everyone. We can either listen to those who are qualified to teach us or we can go along with the ancient stumbling blocks we get from people who don’t know any more than we do. The truth, incidentally, about those homes along the beautiful drive is that they were built by the men and women who made the largest contribution to the City of Charleston. In just a moment, I’m going to give you the formula for getting rich, but before I do, I want to remind you of something.

Before a jet pilot begins his takeoff from the airport, he carefully goes over a checklist item by item. He does this not only because it’s required by law, but because he cannot afford to trust so important a job to his memory alone. He has another checklist that he goes over just as carefully before he begins his letdown at his destination. He does this without fail every time he takes off and every time he lands. I think living successfully is as important as flying an airplane and because of this, I think each of us needs a checklist. That was a little bit from Earl Nightingale, one of the great American heroes.

In each of our segments, I will cover a little bit from each great American hero that has encouraged us for decades. Some of these great writings and some of this great history sometimes gets slid away out of our sight, but the principles are very valuable because these principles could truly change your life. The secret to success is simply this. Sit down and make a plan to save 10% of everything you earn. Most Americans have never had that idea before. Therefore, it’s not in their budget. They go along, as the hamster on the wheel, busy about their lives and make millions of dollars over their career and at age 65 have virtually nothing to show for it. It’s important for you to make contact with someone that can put such a plan together for you.

Procrastination is the mother for failure. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan and that’s why we have the society that we have now. They spend all their working years accumulating things that they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. It makes good sense for you to sit down and make a plan. If you’re unable to do this, find a financial planner that will sit down with you to make sure that you reach your goals for the most important time of your life, retirement. We have a great guest and we’re going to talk about the healthcare crisis, but don’t only talk about the crisis, but discover a solution that a lot of employers have a great deal of interest in knowing more about. With that, let’s get right into our episode.

Joseph Farley, it’s Fred Meijering.

Fred, how are you doing?

Obamacare made congress the only large employer in the country that can make tax-free contributions towards its employees. Click To Tweet

I’m doing great, Joseph. How about you?

I am doing just fine. Let’s get into this.

I’ve been on both sides of employee benefits on the employer’s side and on the broker side. Lately, I’m in the consulting space on alternate risk financing, which we can talk a little bit more about, but it has to do with how to pay for that coverage in new and different ways.

Fred, let’s go back a little bit and explain to the audience what Obama did to the healthcare industry and how Congress exempted themselves from this and put this tax on the American worker. What’s moving forward with the new administration changing some things up?

The ACA, the Affordable Care Act was 1,440 pages. I just want to call out a few of the significant things that created the pain points. A chief among those was the subsidies available to the uninsured across the country. Although on its face that is a good thing to do to provide coverage to people who can’t get it, there were some consequences to that that said that wasn’t favorable for the rest of us. Number one from that list is who pays for those subsidies. The rest of us who pay for health insurance have got to bear that cost in the form of premium in our group plans and even their individual plans when we were not eligible for a subsidy. As that went on, there was a huge amount of pent up or deferred healthcare needs in the uninsured that all of a sudden exploded onto the utilization of medical coverage market that was somewhat anticipated but not as full impact. All of a sudden, all of these folks are paying little or nothing for health coverage are coming in and getting those services.

Although they were, in most cases, likely needed, it overwhelmed the system. Very quickly those subsidized plans and those carriers offering coverage in the health insurance market were overwhelmed. Even passing those premiums onto others who couldn’t keep up with that utilization and it made it completely unsustainable. Many of those carriers pulled out of the exchanges altogether. It’s shocking how many counties in the United States don’t even have one carrier option on the exchange. The vast majority of counties have very few carrier options and plan options. It didn’t work in the way that it was intended, although the high costs for the people who do pay for health coverage remain.

JFS 21 | Changes In Healthcare
Changes In Healthcare: The universe of captives is as broad as the universe itself. It’s hard to talk in a specific way about something so general.


The other item that was a huge challenge for the American employer was the employer mandate, which required companies of certain size to offer not only minimum essential coverage, but minimum value plans to their employees. Whether or not they could afford it or whether or not their business wanted to offer that, that choice was taken away. The threshold for that is 50 employees and up. If you’re in a business where you’re making it and trying to grow and trying to do the best you can, now all of a sudden you had this unfunded mandate of that you had to deal with. Joseph, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard companies say that they would rather cap their growth as a business than to go north of the employer mandate. You can think about that what you want, but it’s an unintended lid on the growth of American business in this country. It’s an unfortunate circumstance.

You talked a little bit about the exemption of Congress, which is a fascinating study that in as brief as I can do it. Back when President Obama was implementing Obamacare, he promised that members of Congress would not receive anything that’s not available to the public. The Obamacare explicitly requires Congress to live under the same rules as everyone else by kicking members and their staff out of the federal employee health benefits program and leaving them to enroll in health insurance to do the exchanges like everybody else. It was I think at that time and attempt at leadership, if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me, kind of thing.

Contrary to those assurances. In violation of federal law, the Obama administration shielded lawmakers from the effective pay cut of around $12,000 per person with several types of special treatment unavailable to the public. For example, it deemed congress eligible to participate in Washington, DC’s small business exchange that both federal and DC law prohibited. That form of special treatment gave rise to another. It made congress the only large employer in the country that can make tax-free contributions towards its employee’s exchange plan premiums. I think it’s important to note that cut is against federal law. As I think about it, and here’s my little editorial on that topic, Joseph, if it wasn’t good enough for Congress, is it good enough for America? Anyway, those are the chief takeaways from the ACA and a little bit about that exemption.

Now they’ve discovered this and as a matter of fact, Gruber that had designed all this, there’s a lot of bad press out there about how he put this together, that the American people are stupid or not paying attention or so forth. I think it’s the American people that are keeping their heads down and plowing and hoping that a congress would do the right thing. It’s turned out that it gets back to, “If you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” That’s not the way that this thing turned out. The spooky thing about this is the bureaucrats are getting ready to take another stab at this. That’s why it’s important for the employer to be ahead of the curve and know what’s getting ready to happen and what’s going on and how they need to get into a good position before they change this thing again.

I think that’s a good point, Joseph. The landscape of this thing changes every day. What’s interesting about healthcare is it’s been a political football for about as long as it’s been around. When each party gets into power, they try to do what they think is right and impacting that, and then sometime later the other party gets into office and they try to move it their way. What you end up with is a program that has remnants from both political affiliations on it that makes it totally dysfunctional and weird. If you think about covering any insured interest, for example, like for your car. If you acquire a new vehicle, you call your insurance company and give them the year, make and model the mileage, the VIN and then three minutes later you have a policy and an insurance card.

If you want to get health coverage, I can talk for the next several hours about how complicated that is for anybody, “Am I an individual looking for individual coverage that hardly exists? Can I join my group plan and when can I do that? What are the rules around open enrollment and do I have any options?” The answer to that question is you don’t. There are no options on the individual exchange and at work. You get the policies that the boss chooses to offer. There are many things that complicate that. We take that as what it is, but when you look at it in terms of how any other insurable risk is handled, it’s bizarre.

Healthcare has been a political football for about as long as it's been around. Click To Tweet

It’s very complicated and that’s why we put together at Farley and Associates the piece that our agents go out and explain the coverage and sit down with the individual employee and go through it. If need be, then the agent will be available to sit down with the family and make an appointment, go out to the house and show them the policy. Here are your cards. Here’s how this works. Here are the numbers that you need to call. For the most part, what we see in the marketplace is that the employee comes home, he has a packet that he has no clue of how it works, don’t know anything about it, throws it on the desk or the kitchen table and tells his wife or the husband, “That’s our insurance.” They don’t understand how it works. A lot of people can get in the situation of having an emergency, going to the wrong place, getting the wrong information. They don’t find that out for 90 days until after the bill hits and now they’re stuck with a medical bill because they didn’t understand how the program worked. I think that there’s a great deal of service that can be provided to the employer, as well as to the employees if it’s put together correctly. Let’s get into a little bit about the captive market and tell the readers what a captive is and the history and who set it up and why they set it up and bring that forward for us.

The captive insurance market is largely not known or understood, but it’s relatively simple once you lift the hood and look under it. It offers some salient and advantaged opportunities to take that road. First, the term captive, as it relates to insurance is synonymous with the insurance company. The difference between a captive insurance company and another company is that the captive is owned by private entities or individuals. The universe of captives is as broad as the universe itself. It’s hard to talk in a specific way about something so general.

You can have micro captives that are owned by one person. You can have group captives that are owned by multiple. I think the underlying premise is that it’s one or more people who make a conscious choice to own their own insurance company. It’s up to organizations like Echelon to make sure that they stay in compliance and everything is handled as it should be so that they can enjoy the benefits of it. As it relates to health, specifically in the captive insurance market, I think the primary hallmark is that in that space, we bring consumerism to healthcare spend. What does that mean to bring consumerism to healthcare spend?

If you think about it, Joseph, you as a business owner, if it came time for you to buy new furniture for your offices, then you, like me, would likely look at that as a consumer and say, “What are my options out there? Have I reviewed them all? What are the products made of? What is the warranty? What is the cost? What is the meantime to failure?” All of these kinds of things. The same thing is true if you buy a fleet of vehicles or even your personal vehicle. We’re all over the details of what we’re spending and what it’s for. In this country, in the fully insured health market, we’ve conditioned people to simply look at a spreadsheet and look at prices without regard for what that money covers. Year over year, those prices tend to be anywhere from 5%, if you’re lucky, to sometimes 30% and 40% increases from the previous year.

It’s been an unsustainable path largely because of ACA and largely because of the way that healthcare works in general. I say business owners, because that’s where most health insurance lives in this country. We try to do reasonable improvement things around our budget and manage the cost. The only thing that we can’t seem to get our heads around is what is that healthcare spends increase going to be this year? Is it on par with increases in my revenue? In most cases, it is not. Most companies aren’t growing at 30% a year, but that’s the kind of renewal that we see.

In the captive space, what we do is we identify the owners. Either they come in as a group or if they’re big enough, they can have their own captive and we de-bundle the health plan. What that means is we present the elements that make up your health and pharmacy coverage. We present those to the members of the cap as options where we have gotten competitive bids and set performance standards with each element that’s contained within. Let me give you an example. When we talk about network, claims fund, third-party administration, pharmacy benefit management, stop loss and reinsurance coverage. If one or more of those terms aren’t familiar to you, it’s because your health insurance provider hasn’t let you have optics into those elements. Those elements exist in any health insurance plan, whether it’s fully insured from a BUCA, the Blue Cross, United, Humana, Cigna, Aetna or a self-funded arrangement or a captive arrangement.

JFS 21 | Changes In Healthcare
Changes In Healthcare: There is a growing body of healthcare providers who are forward thinking that want to meet the market as it is emerging.


When you de-bundle, you can bring that consumerism to a balance by climbing all over those contracts and understanding what’s in the contracts, what do they do, what are the performance standards, what do I have to pay for that? You become informed about those elements and can make choices as the owner of that insurance company about that. You would want somebody like Echelon or somebody who understand this market to be able to consult with you and present those options and explain these things. Because for most groups, this is a new thing and understand how those things come together. I will tell you one of the chief ways where these plans tend to be 20% to 40% below market for the same health plan is the fact that we’re not publicly traded. On our priority sheet, nowhere does it say, “Meet stockholder expectation or dividend expectation.” We’re not chasing the profit.

I don’t say that because I’m anti-capitalist because I’m not. We have a different set of priorities for this approach. Our priorities in order are to provide the best possible healthcare for the members, number two, at the best possible price, nothing follows. That looks markedly different from the fully insured market. What’s interesting and I’ve seen these hundreds, if not thousands, of times when you’re consulting with a group about this approach, it’s new to them. There’s an education uphill that you take with them as you’re showing them and providing optics and analytics and insights into these things and helping them with their choices. That takes a little bit more time because they’re not used to it. They’re used to picking number three off the spreadsheets and then grimacing for a year.

There’s a little bit more time involved in understanding this and being informed. Once you get into it, you can take healthcare spend back under your control. Even when you think about things like annual renewal, in the BUCA space, in the fully-insured space, your broker comes in and says, “Here’s your 20% increase. Sign here.” What happens then is that the broker is on the opposite side of the table, almost a conflict of interest because if that employer signs that renewal, the broker just got a 20% increase. That’s not how we operate in the captive space. In the captive space, there’s a line item on the sheet of all costs that the employer gets to see and as the PEPM, Per Employee Per Month. What cost is increasing at renewal time? It’s the insurance cost. The stop loss and/or the reinsurance. Not necessarily the network charge or any charges associated with managing the claims fund or the administration costs or the PBM because they’re all separate.

When you get a fully insured renewal, it’s 20% over everything. When you get an increase of any kind in the captive space, it’s for the part of your premium that’s the stop loss and the reinsurance. If it’s thought that other elements deserve an increase, like the pharmacy benefits management or administration, it has to be separately called out. It’s very rare that that ever happens. An employer gets to see every penny of spend, every penny of revenue and how it flows in and out and who gets what, where. It’s totally enlightening for them and you can see the lights go off because now they can control those elements.

Healthcare is one-fifth of the US economy. This is a massive deal right now and probably will be for the next decade or so. Employers need to pay attention to this issue because their revenues may not be increasing by 20% or 30%, but their renewals in the open market are under a fully insured plan. As far as the captive piece, a decade ago, these things were set up for the larger employers and when I say larger employers, typically over 1,000 employees. The smaller employers, under 1,000 employees, were stuck with the open market. Since this Obamacare came in, we were curious about the silence from the insurance industry of, “Why aren’t these guys throwing a fit about this?” Can you answer that as far as why the companies were quiet?

I think it’s important, first of all, to understand that captive started in 1903 and preceded fully insured. Sometime later when the fully insured market started and they were able to pool back when the risk dynamics were preferable, they took a back seat to that until that risk pool became adverse. When you fast forward to now, 95% of Fortune 1,000 companies are in one or more captive in. Although those are primarily property and casualty and other risks, large companies are very familiar with it. If captives fit into their risk management philosophies and practices, then it’s a great fit and it is something that at least should be considered.

Health insurance is highly regulated and so there's a lot of alphabet agencies that have their tentacles in there. Click To Tweet

Health insurance is highly regulated and so there are a lot of alphabet agencies that have their tentacles in there. Group health is one that’s impacted by that. What’s happened since the early 2000s both in the fully insured marketplace in terms of premium and then in the self-insured and captive space is that it used not to make sense to self-insure a small group from an economic standpoint because you didn’t have a broad enough risk for it to make sense financially. When you do the math on it, the rates were higher for fully insured. As the fully insured health rates have climbed at these alarming rates, it surpassed the economic numbers in the self-funded space, making it possible for the smaller groups to take a look at that and have that make sense.

Happening at the same time is there are a lot of third-party companies and strategies emerging to help mitigate claims. What I mean by that is not make people go places they don’t want to go, but to understand more that there are options around where people can go. I’ll give you an example. We have an app that shows the price of procedures inside of a specific geo parameter that you put in. You might set it for twenty miles from your current location and then put in the procedure that you need to have addressed. If that’s a total knee or a tonsillectomy or whatever that is, you put it in there, it is shocking the variance in prices from any location. They can vary as much as 300% or 400%. That leaves the consumer wondering why is there such a difference and why didn’t I know about that?

If you’re buying a car, you jump around to the different dealerships wherever you’re at and you can see those prices and quickly know it. It’s not so easy to do that in healthcare and that’s one of the reasons for our app, is to provide optics in that. From a mitigation perspective, some of these third-party administrators in the captive space have made a forward progress by when that claim comes up through the administration system, reaching out to that employee and saying, “Your total knee is going to cost X here and here’s your co-pay and your deductible and here’s the quality rating for that provider. What we want to talk to you about is would you consider this other provider with the same or higher quality rating? The total cost is less than half and we’ll waive your co-pay and deductible.” Ultimately the consumer or the patient gets to make a choice, but it’s an informed choice. Somebody is doing their homework. When you take a $30,000 claim and you cut that in half to $15,000, that’s another $15,000 that sits in that claims fund for the next person’s healthcare need. It’s strategies like that that can begin to control that claim spend instead of just letting it be willy-nilly, whatever comes through, what price is it the highest and go forward.

There’s a tremendous shift, there’s a large dynamic that’s changing in the healthcare space, not only with the products that you guys have put together, but also there at the hospitals. I was talking to a buddy of mine that runs a hospital. He was telling me about the physicians and the RNs that they can’t keep the RNs. They’re in such high demand and the doctors are getting a 10% increase and it’s very hard to keep the doctors. Each year the doctors are expecting that 10% increase. Prices are getting driven up from the provider. If the employer wants to be able to bypass at 20% and 30% increase, they better get armed to be able to counteract this with an app that you guys have. I think that app is amazing because when you look at that and see the price difference in your own city, “Why does this hospital charge X and this hospital charge Y if for the same service?

The good news about the points that you made that are all reality is that there is a growing body of healthcare providers who are forward-thinking that want to meet the market as it is emerging. We see the rise of things like DPC, which stands for Direct Primary Care programs. We work with about three of those right now. It’s a cool program. In general, how that works is that the employer pays a fixed monthly cost for all of the enrolled members on the plan. It would be the employees and the dependents and they figure out who pays what part per company policy, but they pay a fixed cost every month.

For the vast majority of things that an enrolled member would need, they simply call and make their appointment and go get it done at no additional cost because it’s covered by the fixed monthly cost. If there’s something that surpasses the scope of the services offered by the direct primary care network, then that would fall to their normal health insurance, but managed more than the exception. This is a powerful strategy, Joseph, for employers to begin to transition their healthcare spend into more of a fixed cost without the huge annual increases.

That’s all we have for now. Thank you for joining us. Remember this, the secret to your successful future is in your daily routine. We’ll see you next time.

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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part VII

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority


Many Americans have been caught in the hamster wheel. You wake up to go to work and come home with just enough time to sleep and prepare for the next day. You do not have the time to research further into our state and discover that this thing we call the Federal Government has been set up for your demise. With Ron Gibson, we continue to explore and shed light into what goes on under the state. We look into the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority – —the Technical Platform for Senior Executive Service aka ‘Deep State’ – and how it was set up to enable the spy agencies to tap into any cooperating computer system at any time. We also dive deeper into lawyers and attorneys, identifying their role in this whole scheme with the government.

Listen to the podcast here:

What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part VII

Federal Bridge Certificate Authority

We’re going to continue our discussion with Ron Gibson, but before we get into the interview, I wanted to bring you something that I think you’ll enjoy. I’m getting this information. This is from an article on September 4, 2018 from If you’re not familiar with Patriots for Truth, American Intelligence Media on YouTube, you should get familiar with them as well as Leader Technologies, Michael McKibben. Let’s get into the article, Federal Bridge Certificate Authority is the Technical Platform for Senior Executive Service aka ‘Deep State’. The Federal Bridge Public Encryption Key platform was set up in the early ‘90s under Bill Clinton to enable the spy agencies to tap into any cooperating computer system at any time.

It was facilitated by the National Institute of Science and Technology, NIST, through the embedding of an encryption backdoor key algorithm called the Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm. That stands for Dual Elliptical Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator. For all my Bitcoin brothers and sisters out there all around the world, you are not alone. Meaning that this totally fake story about the creator of Bitcoin was just that, fake. Bitcoin and the blockchain was created by the Senior Executive Service and some other alphabet houses. Which ones? Let’s go through the jingle. The NSA, the CIA, the FBI and DOJ. MOUSE, ladies and gentlemen, they’re all rats.

While I’m on the subject, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Elon Musk are cardboard cutouts of the deep state. Let me refer you back to an article in the Economist, a Rothschild magazine in January of 1988 with the Phoenix Rising Up Out of the Ashes for a history of the Illuminati. You can order our book called Destroying The Altars Of Baal. You can order a copy of your book on the while supplies last. In the article about The Economist magazine, it said in 30 years that all currency would be digital. Do you think they’ve been working on this for a while? All of a sudden this guy from Japan comes up with this Bitcoin amazing system that will change the world. It’s going to change the world, but you can count on the official story not being true.

“It is a special mathematical formula for generating random numbers used for encryption. The NSA insisted on building a flaw in this algorithm known only to them as a way to bypass all keys that were generated with this algorithm. All keys everywhere. This NSA flaw in the encryption key is known to all insiders in the deep state shadow government around the planet we believe. Here are properly formatted versions of the NIST Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm registry required by the Department of Commerce on all hardware, software and firmware used outside of the United States.” I wonder why they’re not using it inside the United States.

We want to give a special thanks to Americans for Innovation researchers for putting a majority of this information together. Let’s run through a little overview here of the company. Company overview 2003, Entrust. Securing Digital Identification and Information. The Federal Bridge: A Foundation of Trust. Entrust, this infrastructure supports the Walker patents’ “Mass Data” surveillance grid. Human beings are described as “wet-ware” for the Internet of things in the Walker patents. That patent number is US Patent 6,965,816. Relevant timeline, entries show that the Federal Bridge is the encryption key sharing architecture that enables the Deep State shadow government Senior Executive Service to hack/tap into any computer or phone anywhere, anytime. They’ve been able to do that since the early 1990s.

Do you think the recording is out there about 9/11 and the complete setup of that? You better believe it is. Robert S. Mueller III has all the information on all of us wetware humans on the planet since the early 1990s. In 1993 Clinton’s FBI encryption backdoor keys and endorsed by the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, John Podesta and James P. Chandler III. If you’re not familiar with James P. Chandler III, you need to do some research on that guy, what a character.

In 1994 Federal Bridge Entrust, Public Key Infrastructure monopoly. In 1994 Clinton secured high-tech rare Earth minerals in Congo and Rwanda using genocide as a pretext. In 1994 Chronicles documentary released proving Clinton’s racketeering, drug smuggling, money laundering and Rose Law Firm. In 1995 Highlands Group created by the DoD to coordinate illegal public/private spy partnership off the record, decisions used as a pretext. In 1997, the Federal Bridge Entrust, PMI portable access, Privileged Management Infrastructure. In 1998, HP engineer Richard C. Walker, starts filing a string of patents for the Internet of Things and lays out a global spy grid. In 1998, George Soros told CBS that he did not regret working with Nazis against his fellow Jews in Hungary. In 1998 through 1999, the Kosovo War used to clear out Christian Serbs from Kosovo to create unimpeded land routes for planned coming to Soros-funded Muslim immigration and created genocide as a pretext in Rwanda.

In 1999, the Federal Bridge Entrust PKI for Wireless Monopoly. In 1999 the precursor to Serco, SI International formed by ex-Lockheed Martin Executive. In 1999, Clinton formed CIA In-Q-Tel as a public/private spy technology funding entity, abolished Glass-Steagall banking controls, formed the National Infrastructure Assurance Council, NIAC, to run mass surveillance on all Americans from the White House. I think it a couple of years before on this Pfizer deal that John Cornyn said that we’re not spying on US persons inside the United States. This has to do with foreign actors outside of the United States. Technically, he was right but fundamentally false in his statement. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, he lied. They’re spying on everything and have been doing it since 1999.

The Federal Bridge Certificate Authority was the Senior Executive Service (SES)’s actual technical platform for how computer systems across the internet could allow the spy state to tap into any system in real time Click To Tweet

In 2000, NSA architect William Binney resigned. He observed that the NSA had gone rogue. In 2001, Clinton appointed James P. Chandler III. In 2001, Clinton appointed James P. Chandler III and Microsoft’s Bill Gates to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council as he departed the White House. In June of 2001, CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer warned of a World Trade Center attack using airplanes. She was imprisoned without a trial. In July of 2001, operation Stellar Wind to spy on all Americans was approved by the DOJ. On September 4th, 2001, Robert S. Mueller III was sworn in as Baby Bush FBI Director. September 11th was used as a pretext for the Patriot Act to take over American privacy and property Bill of Rights.

In 2001, Federal Bridge Entrust, Enhanced Internet Security PKI monopoly, the excuse, the 9/11. The conclusion, the Federal Bridge aka Federal Bridge Certificate Authority was the deep state shadow government aka Senior Executive Services, SES. The actual technical platform for how computer systems across the internet could allow the spy state to tap into any system in real time. I wanted to cover for our audience some highlights that you may want to think about and begin to research on your own. Here at the show, we want to point you to where you can find these things. We realized that a lot of Americans have been caught in the wheel of a gerbil. That you get up in the morning, you go to work, you’re exhausted when you come home and you have very limited time to do any research only to start the process all over again the next day. If we can drop some hints for you and give you places to look, then you can start to discover that this thing we call the Federal Government has been set up for your demise. You can find out about that in the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act that trickles through the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States. We have Ron Gibson and Justin.

Justin is here. How are you doing, Justin?

Absolutely fantastic.

We’d like to hear that.

I wanted to share something with you. I’m going to go into I’m going to type in just for fun State of Texas and hit the search button and see what pulls up. At the top is the State of Texas right there in Austin and it’s lapsed.

Is this a corporation or what?

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority
Destroying The Altars of Baal

Let’s click on this long number here and see just what that is and where it is. You used to be able to go into this system and type in the Social Security number without the dashes and it would pull up all the transactions all over the world. I had found Elvis Presley’s Social Security Number online. I typed it in and it was still active. I typed in my dad’s Social Security Number and he had been gone to his great reward in the sky for several years and his account had stopped.

Elvis is still active?

At that time it was, which I thought, “What conspiracy could you start with that?”

He died in 1977.

What I wanted to show you was this next account. These are the offshore accounts that are being traded and I have to go back to the very front of it because there’s another one that I wanted to show you that I have to get through the State of Texas. When you go down here, the second one is the Veterans Land Board of Texas. Then you have the Permanent University Fund of the State of Texas and that entity has also lapsed. The fourth one is UBS (Cayman) Trust 2 – UBS State of Texas Equity Strategy Fund. That puppy is active. Justin, can you see the address of this?

It’s 89 Nexus Way, Peterboro Matboards, Camana Bay, Not Available, KY1-9007 Cayman Islands.

Those are the trading accounts. When you go through here, you can pull up any trading account that’s offshore. It’s an interesting bit there. I had pulled that up and had meant to tell you about the Social Security trading accounts. A couple of years ago, they changed this platform and I haven’t found out how to get back into doing that. I’m sure it’s here, but they have another platform that this goes to and this is the LEI Lookup. I haven’t spent enough time on this one to be able to bring anything out, but there is a way of finding these offshore accounts. One of the queries that I did was a court. I typed in District Court 299 to see if anything would pull up. There were several things that pulled up with court in the name. I’m going to go back. Johnson Court Unlimited or something to that effect. I know that these judges have offshore accounts, it’s just finding them. We had left off with number eighteen. I think it was nineteen that sent me on the search and reminded me of this GMEI Utility report.

By the way, Ron, I had sent you via email a recording that Eddie Craig did on Rule of Law Radio. Right after the opening and then they go to commercials and as soon as he came back on again, I guy called in about allodial title and about land patents. Eddie did a good job on this and there were some pertinent information recording on that I wanted for you to listen to. He had an idea about something and now that idea has escaped me because I was just listening to it. Usually, I’ll listen to it and then go back and listen to it again and take notes and write some stuff down.

My point is that the message is getting out about the land patents and people are trying to figure out how to get this done. Justin, I pulled up a land patent from 1854. I believe Justin had ordered that particular patent because it had an interest to him. The government land office here in Texas is extremely helpful, but you have to know what you’re asking for. If you don’t narrow down on what you’re asking for, I don’t know that they know it that worked there. They haven’t put two and two together yet. If they have, they’re not telling anybody. If you know that you’re asking for the patent and that you want to see the original documents, they had told us that there were no patents issued. The Republic of Texas was formed in 1836 to 1846. I’m more than willing to be corrected on that.

An equity court sets aside the law for the sake of discretionary fairness. Click To Tweet

The Republic of Texas was formed in 1836 and entered statehood in 1845 or 1847.

We were asking for any documents before the 1836 and the lady had told us the only documents were after 1854 on this particular account. We don’t know if that’s going to be true or not, but here is the thing, the land patent, you cannot find online, it’s in their vault. You have to order it and have them send it to you. The other stuff you can find online which I was very pleasantly surprised of how easy it was to get it all to put together from that standpoint. We have not gotten the documents in that we’ve ordered, we’ll find out. We had left off at number eighteen and it is America.

Can we visit with number eighteen again?

There are no judicial courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce statutes and codes. Executive administrators enforce statutes and codes.

I pull FRC versus General Electric and read it. This is a Supreme Court case. One of the paragraphs says, the courts in Washington, DC are administrative courts. My question is, “Does that trickle down to the state because number one, Washington, DC is a corporation and number two, each state is a sub-corporation of Washington, DC. Is that what ties it all together?”

All the states are sub-corporations to Washington, DC because they’re all incorporated. You cannot have a common law judicial court under a corporate structure. They do not have the same jurisdiction. One of them again is corporate and the other is organic. When the states began to incorporate through enticement and financial bribery by the United States corporation government then, in essence, they were all led to the slaughter. The people are the ones that suffered as a result of that because we now have no justice, we only have a remedy. The remedy is not the remedy in the context that we feel or have been led to believe.

A remedy is any ruling that the court wants to give. If you’re the short end on the stick, they’re telling, “You’ve got a remedy,” maybe not to your liking but you’ve got remedy and that’s all we’re obligated to do. We’ve lost the judicial process. We have lost the ability to have a fair trial. We’ve lost the value of evidence. We have lost the whole value of the whole system of right and wrong. I want to address something here if I may. That is the issue that people even in the law circle do not understand. The issue that we’ve come to the point in our past history of establishing an equity court. I’m sure all of you have heard that, in law and in equity. Equity court was never to have been had it not been for the corporation. What an equity court is, it sets aside the law for the sake of discretionary fairness.

There have been cases in our history of our court system to where the law can be harsh, brutal and direct in certain instances. The bleeding hearts in the world at that time decided let’s do this administrative court system. Give the judge all the power that he needs or wants and then let him make a decision predicated upon his feeling and his viewpoint of the whole issue. That just destroyed the element of law per se. Because instead of the element of right or wrong or unlawful or lawful, legal or illegal, however, you want to define it. Now, you have a system that judges have way too much power and that adversely affect the wrong decision in most cases. You have a guy who had some financial hardship, doesn’t have a new set of clothes coming into the courtroom. You’ve got another woman there that’s very shapely and very well dressed. She’s going to win the case. It doesn’t matter what the merits of the case is.

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority
Federal Bridge Certificate Authority: You cannot have a common law judicial court under a corporate structure. They do not have the same jurisdiction.


It’s tremendous injustice and yet, here we have a saying, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” That is an absolute misnomer in our day and age because it is not justice. You don’t get justice, you can’t get justice. You will get a remedy but not justice. The only way that our courts were originally set up based upon God’s law and the Bible’s very clear about how to set up a court and our Bible is to be our guideline. Courts in the past had a Bible at the judge’s desk. When there was an issue, he went to that part of scripture to see how he should rule. Now, what we have is anarchy in the court system. The court system is probably one of the most chaotic institutions that we have in our nation. We think Washington, DC is a mess. Pick a good heart. You will want to puke. It’s pathetic.

If I read the Administrative Procedures Act 1946, what you just said, is that going to be relatively plain to me?

I would hope so.

I don’t know if we told you or not, but I am being sued by the State of Texas to try to get a temporary restraining order against me and then a permanent injunction to try to stop me from practicing law. I’m aware of Butcher’s Union versus Crescent City. I’m putting together a motion for summary judgment.

Justin, could you tell the audience about Butcher’s Union, because a lot of people haven’t seen that case before and don’t know anything about that and it’s a tremendous case.

Butcher’s Union says basically that most of the occupations of common right, butcher baker, candlestick maker. The court goes on to mention four of them and the very first one is the practice of law. Then there’s the practice of medicine. Then there’s the preaching of the gospel and the tilling of the soil. These specifically are occupations of common right and the Supreme Court says that a state cannot restrict that by licensing. Any state can’t have a licensed attorney. The way they do that is they created another state and it’s called On This State. Anytime they want to violate your rights, they say it’s okay to do that in this state. My position on that is that if it’s a state, then the Supreme Court and Butcher’s Union decision applies there too. If it’s not really a state, then it doesn’t apply to me because I’m not there, I’m in Texas.

The prime example here that you have to keep in mind and that is to take into consideration the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. Under that act, you’re not subject to that jurisdiction. There’s a very famous case. In that case, the court stated very clearly that you and I are not subject to government rules and regulations unless we volunteered to be subject to those rules and regulations. Why I bring that up is the very fact that here you have this element of the Bar Association. It’s nothing but a private club, no state, and accurately so that there is not a state in the union that licensed attorneys and they cannot practice law because they do not deal in law.

I don’t know if you guys are aware of it, but in law school, there is not one semester that taught on law. They’re taught in the law school of statutes and codes, research, writing briefs and how to create confusion out of nothing. Why I even bring that up, the reason that no state can issue a license to a bar member or an attorney, I didn’t say lawyers. I just did a law class. I teach four law classes. I taught on the issue why attorneys are not lawyers and it’s a very interesting subject. When you get down into the meat and potatoes of it, that because the attorneys are not taught law, an attorney can only deal in statutes and codes or any other corporate designated rule or regulation or whatever. On the other side of the coin, lawyers deal in law.

Justice is an absolute misnomer in this day because you can't get justice, only remedy. Click To Tweet

I was doing some research on that and one of the things that attorneys and their goals that they’re taught to do is how to take away your rights, your property and your money. Have you ever wondered why an attorney charges $350, $450 an hour? When you can have somebody with his same education just as critical in society and they get $40, $50 an hour? That is the reason that they joined the Communist Party in 1923. I have the documents. In that, they fully adopted the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto. In addition, when the communist joined that, they said, we want you to implement two other additives to number one. You guys know what number one is, the abolishment of private property. Here’s how they plan to do it.

You are to accept with your practice of law that they’re practicing. That they never get proficient at it because they’re outside of the realm of the boundary of law, they’re dealing with statutes and code. That’s why they’re called the practice in the law. What happened in this thing is that they agreed through inflation of costs to clients to divest them of their money, their rights and their property. That’s how this whole thing got started because the reason that no state can issue a license to an attorney for the practice of law, it violates our First Amendment right. The right of free speech. I just wanted to throw that into the equation. I didn’t mean to interrupt your presentation there.

I appreciate your input. This is from Butcher’s Union right here. It says, “It cannot be that a state may limit to a specified number of people, the right to practice law, the right to practice medicine, the right to preach the gospel and the right to till the soil. To pursue particular business or trades and thus parcel out to different parties, the various vocations and callings of.” What it says is that we have the right to want to do with very few exceptions and those occupations cannot be licensed.

You know what the definition of a license is, do you not?

It is the authorization to do something that would otherwise be illegal.

The first section of the 14th Amendment was among other things, designed to prevent all discriminating legislation for the benefit of some to the disparagement of others and when rightly enforced as other prohibitions upon the state, not by the legislation of a penal nature.

Justin, why don’t you read that next sentence?

Butcher’s Union is a fantastic case and any audience out there who hasn’t read it needs to. The citation is Butcher’s Union versus Crescent City Co., 111 U.S. 746 or you can just type in Butchers’ Union Versus Crescent City Co., 111 US 746.

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority
Federal Bridge Certificate Authority: License is the authorization to do something that would otherwise be illegal.


That was decided on May 5th, 1884 and it has never been overturned.

It’s been challenged four times and never successful.

A little bit about that particular case. They have not yet scheduled a court date.

Let’s go back into this thing. I was helping a guy in court as a private attorney general. I turned in all my private attorney general stuff to the court saying that that’s how I was operating. I got a call from a detective from the city in which this court was located and he told me that he had a warrant for my arrest for holding myself out to be a lawyer, which is a third degree of felony. I was a police officer for twenty years almost and told him that and ask him for some courtesy. I said, “If you’ll tell me when you have the warrant your hand, I will drive out there and go to a bonds office. I will arrange to make bail and then I’ll come and surrender and you can book me and I’ll bail out.” He said, “That’s fine. I’m not worried about it.” He did.

When the time came, he told me that he had the warrant in his hand. I got hold of the bondsman and bonded out and I went in and got booked and released. I had to report to the bondsman. After two months of that, the bondsman told me, “Would you be offended if I just had you report once a month?” You’ve been clockwork. I said, “No, that would be great.” After that, the bondsman calling me back and said, “You don’t have to report anymore.” I said, “What?” He said, “You don’t have to report anymore.” I said, “Why?” He said, “The district attorney has decided not to prosecute the case.” I said, “Do you have anything in paperwork?” He said, “Yes”. They sent it to me over email.

When they did that, you immediately called the county and wanted to get the information in your file and they couldn’t find it from what I remember.

I have not only called them. I have sent them public information requests. I’ve asked for the warrant and the mandatory affirmation that supports the warrant and witness statements or whatever and they have refused to provide anything. I think that’s one of the reasons that they didn’t proceed with this because I started my discovery immediately and I started hitting the district attorney with all these requests. He realized that he couldn’t come up with that stuff. Four or five months after I was arrested, he gave a statement to the bonding company saying that he was not going to pursue the case, which of course leaves me on the hook. I got a summons from the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee here in the state of Texas and they summoned me to a hearing.

I appeared at the hearing after I wrote them a letter and said that I wanted them to produce any man that had been harmed and filed a verified claim against me and they didn’t produce any names. I got to the hearing. The first thing they did was start to question me. I said, “We don’t go on here. There’s a supreme court case that says anytime I deal with the government, it is my responsibility to make sure that the agent that I’m dealing with is authorized to do what they purport to do.” There were about fifteen people there. I said, “I want everybody’s identification up here so that I can copy it down and I want to know everybody in here who is an attorney. They all refuse to identify themselves and they refuse to identify any of the attorneys there. I said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I think that means we don’t have anything to talk about.”

The United States is a corporation, not a landmass. Click To Tweet

I started gathering my papers together and the one lady who was trying to end this thing up said, “Yes, we do. We’ve got many questions for you.” I said, “No, you’re not going to do anything because you won’t identify yourself and you’re required to by a ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States.” A guy who obviously was in charge and he’d been silent. He said, “No. We don’t have anything more to talk about.” I got up and left. I’m on a walker so it’s hard for me to carry stuff. He came down and escorted me and came up to the car and opened my car door for me. It was three or four months after that that I got the summons that they’re suing me attempting to get a restraining order.

It’s the court order that if you violate it, that’s where they get you.

That’s a temporary restraining order. That’s where we are now. I answered that lawsuit and started turning in discovery. I asked the names of all the people on the committee and they refused to give me anything. It’s been sitting there for over a year with nothing happening and I’m in the process of putting together a motion for summary judgment and see what happens. If you would be good enough, Ron, when I get done with this thing, if I could send it to you and you can tell me some of the things I’m missing or some of the things that I’ve got there that shouldn’t be there.

I’d love to take a look at it. I was going to ask if I may, “Had you considered filing a countersuit for malicious prosecution?”

It’s too late to do that in this case. What I have to do is wait until this is over and then file it. I should have filed it right away. Are you talking about on the criminal charge? Because malicious prosecution is a criminal matter. Its abuse of process is for a civil matter.

I think you would have grounds for either/or.

Yes, because they did arrest me and book me. I was arrested, not just threatening me. They booked me.

That’s the criminal part of it. That arrest is the criminal act without authority to do so. That’s very interesting. I’d like to learn more about your case on the thing simply because that’s what they do. It’s all based upon threats and intimidation. It sounds like you handled it pretty well.

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority
Federal Bridge Certificate Authority: Malicious prosecution is a criminal matter. Its abuse of process is for a civil matter.


I figured out what they were doing. They booked me for a Third Degree Felony with the sole purpose of coming to me when I had an attorney and talking with my attorney and saying, “We can drop this down to a misdemeanor if you’ll plead guilty and work out something where you serve little or no jail time.” Because I started firing off all this stuff to them, they realized that they weren’t dealing with somebody who was totally ignorant of the law. They said, “What are we going to do here?” I called the district attorney’s office and the secretary said, “He can’t talk to you.” What do you mean he can’t talk to me? I’ve been booked. She said, “He has to talk to your attorney.” I said, “I don’t have an attorney. I’m acting as myself.” “He can’t talk to you. He could only represent the people.” I said, “I am the people.” He never would talk to me.

That’s another real problem with the court system as a whole. They’ve got some of dumbest rules and protocols, you have to file this exactly this way or you have to say this special way when you’re in court.

Every time they hit me with something like that, I always come back at them and saying, “I’m acting as myself. I’m a man and you cannot hold me to the same standards as a licensed attorney.”

This software that’s being developed is designed to hold them into their administrative duties. When they step outside of that box, you can zing them was so much paperwork and put so much on them that they will wish that they never tangled with you. It’s a really cool software. Let’s get back onto our schedule on number eighteen. It says America is a British colony. The United States is a corporation, not a landmass. It exists before the Revolutionary War and the British troops did not leave until 1796. You have a couple of case sightings here and a treaty. It’s the Treaty of Peace (8 stat 80) and you have IRS publication 6209 and Articles of Association, the 20th of 1774.

That’s where the corporation took a big step in that direction.

A lot of people think that we won that war. What really happened is they said, “Let us send our attorneys over and we’ll help you get America’s set up correctly.” That’s when the Thevenin started. Number nineteen, in order to give the history of where all of this started, it’s going to help people to realize what transpired. We don’t have direct contact with the Vatican or the queen or anything to that effect. The reason why we don’t is because we have the local criminals that are set up. It’s important to know the backstory. Number nineteen, the Vatican owns Britain and that’s the Treaty of 1213. In these treaties, it’s important that the audience go pull these and look them up and when you read through that, you’ll discover what we’ve been talking about. Number twenty, the pope can abolish any law in the United States. That’s the Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1 53-54. Tell us a little bit about what you’ve discovered with that, Ron?

This country was so infiltrated, indoctrinated, manipulated and all of the good stuff. All of the laws and everything virtually came out of the Vatican for the purpose of implementing the whole function of what the Vatican was trying to do and that basically was take over the world. They didn’t know how long it would take, but that’s been the original goal since day one. In align with that, let me share something with you. I’ve got a thing on my internet and it had to do with Oregon where I live. The notation was from somebody in the assembly said that so far, there were proposed of 2,200 plus bills that were coming and there was a deadline on it, that’s how I understand it, of which you have to submit it. There was another 300 to 500 yet to come was their estimate.

What I found interesting about that, it said, “All of these bills proposed to the state legislature are written by attorneys.” I knew that, but the thought that went through my head was that we don’t have any representation in the state legislature. It’s the same thing in Texas, California, New York, New Hampshire, Florida and Alaska. We think we send people that we vote for, their only function is to get with the manipulators and say, what do you want to pass? Then they go and they do their dog and pony show. All of these laws that we’re talking about initiated and the whole court system came from the Vatican. The Vatican had very ill intentions about the people and the function of government. As a church entity, they didn’t want to seem they could do any wrong. They wear white robes and then they told this other group that being the attorneys and the judges and the court system, you take care of all the messy stuff but don’t let that spill over on us. That’s why a judge wears a black robe in the courtroom.

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About Ron Gibson

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority

Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years, has been in the construction and mining business. Ron is an engineer by training and secondary studies include constitutional law. Ron has worked for 19 years in mining and general consulting. He is also a mineral producer by profession. Ron has been involved in both precious metals in Industrial Minerals development in all phases. Ron’s background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling and testing, sampling, plant layout, and design Ron has run the day-to-day operation including marketing, environmental studies, estimating and many other phases of mining operations.

As a managing consultant for large investment groups, Ron learned very early on the five “P” Principle: Proper, Planning, Prevents Poor, Performance.

Ron’s background in law includes a counselor at Law and he is in the process of obtaining his Private Attorney General authority from the Senate Judiciary.


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Public Information Request

JFS 18 | Public Information Request


As we go in-depth with our theory that the term “in this state” is ethereal, we now embark upon the letters written to state agencies requesting them to disclose information that is needed for the general public under a Public Information Request or PIR. This information comprises of statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations in Texas that they have gathered. With several letters written and originally addressed to the Secretary of State, no response was refurbished and no consent was given to access the information requested which is in complete violation of the Texas Government Code 552. Here, we dive into the four assumptions why the request letters sent weren’t given consideration and what’s the next course of action for a US citizen to take under these circumstances.

Listen to the podcast here:

Public Information Request

They Must Answer The Public Information Request (PIR)

I want to read to you several letters that we started on in the summer of 2018. These letters are to state agencies asking under a public information request, better known as a PIR, for them to disclose information that’s needed for the general public. This is going to involve the Texas statutes, codes, ordinances and regulations that they have put together for them. This is their blueprint. It’s not for we the people, but it’s for them to abide by. As we’ve talked about before, if you walked into a Walmart to do some shopping and a nice little old lady stops you at the front door and says, “Where are you going?” I’m like, “I’m going in to buy some things.” She’s like, “You have to have a vest on.” I’m like, “What do you mean a vest on?” She’s like, “You need to put a vest on. You need to go back, clock in and wash your hands.” I’m like, “I don’t work here. I’m coming in to buy some things.” She’s like, “It says all employees have to follow these guidelines.” I’m like, “I’m not an employee.”

Letter To Governor Greg Abbott

What would happen if she gets on the radio, calls security and the next thing you hear is marching steps coming up from behind you? They tackle you and drag you to the back and begin to charge you for not obeying the employee rules. That’s exactly what they’re doing to us. Turnabout’s fair play. Let’s get into the rules and find out what they are supposed to do. We started our letter campaign, the FOIA request. That’s Freedom of Information Act. That’s for the Federal Government and Public Information Request, PIRs, that’s for the state government. We’ve written to Greg Abbott, our Governor and we’ve also written to the Secretary of State and we’ve written to other people. What I want to do is read some of these letters and also shows you what the responses are. This all is surrounded by the tax code and in Texas that would be titled to State Taxation Subtitle E, Chapter 151, Subchapter A, section 151.004. In this state means, within the exterior limits of Texas and includes all territories within these limits ceded to or owned by the United States. The question is what land do the United States owns on the organic soil of Texas?

Our first letter is to Governor Greg Abbott, May 9th, 2018. This letter is to the Honorable Greg Abbott, Governor, State of Texas. 1100 San Jacinto Boulevard, Suite 151B, Austin, Texas 7801. The certified mail number, I’ll not be reading because it’s too long and boring, but that’s on there. In regard to public information request, Governor Abbott, if you are not the keeper of the records requested, please forward this request to that person who is the keeper of the records requested. This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code which guarantees the public access to information in the custody of governmental agencies. This research is in the public interest and I, therefore, request a waiver of fees for this service. However, if that is not possible, please accept this as my promise to pay an amount up to $25 for the service. If the fee will exceed that amount, please call me to discuss the matter.

The constitution of the United States in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 provides the method in which one or more of the States of the Union may cede land to the Federal Government so that the Federal Government can erect forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings. Over which may exercise exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction over that land. Additionally, Title 40 U.S.C. Section 3112 states, in relevant part B, Acquisition and Acceptance of Jurisdiction. When the head of a department, agency or independent establishment of the government or other authorized officer of the department, agency or independent establishment considers it desirable. Those individuals may accept or secure, from the State in which land or an interest in land that is under the immediate jurisdiction, custody or control of the individual is situated, consent to or cession of any jurisdiction over the land or interest not previously obtained.

The individual shall indicate acceptance of jurisdiction on behalf of the government by filing a notice of acceptance with the Governor of the State or in another manner prescribed by the laws of the state where the land is situated. It would appear that the Texas legislature has ceded a lot of land to the Federal Government for the purpose of erecting forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings. I am doing research regarding this subject and therefore submit the following public information request. I wave prior inspection and requests that you send me a true copy of the following documents. Number one, all letters of acceptance submitted by those described in 40 U.S.C. 3112(b) for any and all lands within the external borders of the State of Texas that had been ceded to the Federal Government or any agency, department, etc. Thereof, by the legislature of the State of Texas.

Number two, if no lands have actually been ceded to the Federal Government by the State of Texas, please so state in your reply. In that case, state what agreement has been entered into with the Federal Government, giving the license to use said lands currently being used for forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings. I have in mind military, naval, air force facilities, federal buildings, etc. Thanking you for your prompt attention to this matter, I am sincerely. It’s signed. Certified mail receipt is on that. This letter is May 24th, 2018. The State of Texas, Government Filing, P.O. Box 12887, Austin, Texas 78711. Regarding public information request. The salutations. Your request for information has been forwarded to me because I handled the Deed of Cessions Records here in the Government Filing Division.

What happens to a public servant that does not do their job and willfully does not follow the law under a public information request? Texas Government Code 552.353 Click To Tweet

However, what we have in-house at the agency are photocopies of index summarizing each filing. The actual Deed of Cessions are at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, TSLAC enclosed. I am providing you with copies of the index cards we have in our possession and reference numbers that can be used when speaking with TSLAC. Please see below for contact information. Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Attention reference desk. P.O. Box 12927, Austin, Texas 78711. Phone number (512) 463-5455. Email address, Reference.Desk@TSL.State.TX.US. I hope this helps your research. Kindest regards, Andrea Reyes, Government Filing, Office of the Texas Secretary of State. Unsigned letter. We’ll get into the 3×5 cards later.

Letter To The Texas State Library and Archives Commission

The next letter is dated July 2018. This is to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission with their address and the certified mail number on there. Public information request. Dear Sir/Madams, if you are not the keeper of the record, please forward this request to the person who is the keeper of the record. This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code which guarantees public access to information in custody of government agencies. This research is in the public interest and I, therefore, request a waiver of fees for this service. However, if that is not possible, please accept this as my promise to pay an amount up to $25 for the service. If the fee will exceed that amount, please call me to discuss the matter.

The constitution for the United States in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 provides the method in which the United States may acquire land for the purpose of erecting forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings situated in one or more of the several States of the Union. The United States much purchase the land and the States must cede land to the United States. Once those two acts have been accomplished, the United States obtains legislative jurisdiction over the lands. When a qualified representative of the United States sends a notice of acceptance to the Governor of the state involved. Pursuant to the provisions found entitled 40 U.S.C. 3112. It appears that that the Texas legislature has ceded a lot of land to the Federal Government ostensibly for the above-mentioned purpose. I’m doing research regarding this subject and therefore submit the following request to you.

My original request went to Governor Abbott and the Secretary of State, but I was not informed by the Secretary of State’s office that you would be the one who has these records. I waved prior inspection and request that you send me a true document of the following documents. Number one, all letters of acceptance submitted by those described in 40 U.S.C. 3112(b) for any and all lands within the exterior borders of Texas that had been ceded to the Federal Government or any agency, department, etc. Thereof, by the legislature of the State of Texas. Number two, if no lands have actually been ceded to the Federal Government by the State of Texas, please so state in your reply. In that case, what agreements have been entered into with the Federal Government giving the license to use such lands currently being used for forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings, etc.? If the lands had been ceded to the Federal Government, but Texas has received no such notice of acceptance from a person qualified to give such notice, please state that no document responsive to my request for each piece of land that lacks such notice. In thanking you for your prompt attention in this matter, I am sincerely then the signature.

Section 3112 Federal Jurisdiction A. Exclusive jurisdiction not required. It is not required that the Federal Government obtain exclusive jurisdiction in the United States over land or interest in land it acquires. B. Acquisition and Acceptance of Jurisdiction. When the head of the department, agency or independent establishment of the government or other authorized officer of the department, agency or independent establishment considers it desirable that individuals may accept or secure from the state in which the lands or the interest in the land that is under the immediate jurisdiction, custody or control of the individual is situated consent to or cessions of any jurisdiction over the land or interest not previously obtained, the individual shall indicate acceptance of jurisdiction on behalf of the government by filing a notice of acceptance with the Governor of the State or in another manner prescribed by the law of the state where the land is situated. C. Presumption. It is conclusively presumed that jurisdiction has not been accepted until the government accepts jurisdiction over land as provided in this section.

JFS 18 | Public Information Request
Public Information Request: Freedom of Information Act is for the federal government and Public Information Request is for the state government.


Letter To Honorable Rolando B. Pablos

The next letter is to the honorable Rolando B. Pablos, Secretary of State, the State of Texas dated May 9th, 2018. P.O. Box 12697, Austin, Texas 78711. Certification number regarding public information request. Hang with me because you’re going to hear a lot of the same thing, but there’s a point to this. Number one, you could copy the information that we have sent out and send your own public information request. Dear Secretary Pablos, if you are not the keeper of the record requested, please forward this request to that person who is the keeper of the record requested. This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code which guarantees the public access to information in the custody of government agencies. This research is in the public interest and I, therefore, request a waiver of fees for the service. However, if that is not possible, please accept this as my promise to pay an amount up to $25 for the service. If the fees will exceed that amount, please call me to discuss the matter.

The Constitution of the United States in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 provides the method in which one or more of the State of the Union may cede land to the Federal Government so that the government can erect forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings and over which makes cede exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction over the land. Additionally, Title 40 U.S.C. 3112 states in relevant part B, Acquisition and Acceptance of Jurisdiction. When the head of a department, agency or independent establishment of the government or other authorized officers of the department, agency or independent establishments consider it desirable that individuals may accept or secure from the State in which land or an interest in land that is under the immediate jurisdiction, custody or control of the individual is situated, consent to or cessions of any jurisdiction over the land or interest not previously obtained, the individual shall indicate acceptance of jurisdiction on behalf of the government by filing a notice of acceptance with the governor of the State or in another manner prescribed by the law of the State where the land is situated.

It would appear that the Texas legislature has ceded a lot of land to the Federal Government for the purpose of erecting forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings. I’m doing research regarding this subject and therefore submit the following public information request to you. I wave prior inspection and request that you send me a true copy of the following documents. All letters of acceptance submitted by those described in 40 U.S.C. 3112(b) for any and all lands within the exterior borders of the State of Texas that had been ceded to the Federal Government or any agency, department, etc. Thereof, by the legislature of the State of Texas. If no lands have actually been ceded to the Federal Government by the State of Texas, please so state in your reply. In that case, state what agreements have been entered into with the Federal Government giving the license to use said lands currently being used for forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards or other needful buildings. I have in mind military, naval, air force facilities, federal buildings, etc. In thanking you for your prompt attention to this matter, I am sincerely, the signature.

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The next letter or correspondence has the 3×5 cards that are scattered all over our page and it looks like a third grader potentially copied this. Anyway, the first postal card here, the 3×5 card is Pecos Post Office in Reeves County, filed 1933. It says filed for record in the office of co-clerk. I’m assuming that’s a county clerk, September 29th, 1933. The next card appears to be Corpus Christi Post Office. Galveston Post Office is the next one. There is a National Air Station in Corpus filed in 1941. It looks like it’s Wichita Falls. Naval Air Station in Corpus Christie. I got something in Galveston, Radar Aviation School project, New Aces County dated ‘43. Here’s Dallas County, expansion of the United States Naval Air Station at Dallas, Texas. Sixteen tracks of land September 1943. Correspondence, a copy of the Deed of Cessions, the plot of land. We have a Santa Fe building, 0.76 of an acre of land in Dallas County for the use of connections with the establishment and maintenance of headquarters of the 8th Service Command and the Headquarters of Southern Division of the United States Army Engineers and the buildings known as the Santa Fe Building.

Bonham, Texas for the VA Hospital, San Antonio Army Service Force Depot. Authenticated copy of judgment as evidence of title, a description of the land by metes and bounds. Metes and bounds. They are working on their little land patent there. They drafted the Deed of Cessions. Police jurisdiction has been ceded by the state of Texas. Volume 1, Page 29 Deed of Cessions, registration, administrative vault. No date on it. Maybe it’s swamped in with other things. Bexar County, letter of Attorney General HD Pruitt, Jr. dated January 22nd, 1948. Three copies of the letter to the Governor from Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson, April 15th, 1946, Deed of Cession signed by Governor Jester. Police jurisdictions ceded by the State of Texas. These are the 3×5 cards, but it appears that these 3×5 cards only had to do with Air Force bases, VA hospitals, Biggs Air Force Base, Dallas County, Rio Grande convey in the United States the bed and bank of the Rio Grande in Hidalgo County. It looks like the Federal Government owns the Rio Grande, potentially. The point is we still lack the letters. Here’s Lackland Air Force Base, Bexar County. Deed of Cessions of jurisdiction over 754 additional acres of land at Lackland Air Force Base to the United States filed on November 5th, 1954. Police jurisdiction ceded by the State of Texas. Isn’t that interesting?

We have another letter that’s to the honorable Rolando B. Pablos, Secretary of State, State of Texas. Executive Division P.O. Box 12697, Austin, Texas 78711. Public information request. Dear Secretary Pablos, this request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public access to information in the custody of government agencies. This research is in the public interest and I, therefore, request a waiver of fees for this service. However, if it is not possible, please accept this as my promise to pay an amount up to $25 for the service. Please send me a copy of the Articles of Incorporation for each of the following entities. The State of Texas, upper and lower case, THE STATE OF TEXAS, all caps, State of Texas, STATE OF TEXAS, all caps, Texas, upper and lower, TEXAS, all caps and TX. If an entity named above does not exist, please state so. If an entity listed is doing business in Texas or doing business in this State, please so state and provide the entity’s state territory or insular possession of incorporation and name, address, phone number of the registered agents listed for Texas and/or this state. In thanking you for your response, I am sincerely signature and certified letter.

Another Letter To Honorable Rolando B. Pablos

It appears that our good buddy there, the Secretary of State, has lost his pen and does not know how to write a letter, which I believe he is in violation of Chapter 552. The next question is what are you going to do about it? I’m going to read to you the relevant parts of Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code. That’s where it begins to get a little interesting. We have another letter to our honorable guy that didn’t know how to write a letter back and has not replied to the public information request. Let’s see what Rolando has to say about this letter. Dear Secretary Rolando B. Pablos. This is a request made under the Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public access to information in the custody of the governmental agency. I sent the original public information request, PIR, to you on May 9th via USPS. See enclosed, attached thereto. You’ll receive the PIR on May 11th, 2018 at 8:00. See the enclosed, 1C attached hereto.

JFS 18 | Public Information Request
Public Information Request: Though there are a lot of records, they’re kept in numerous locations throughout the state, sometimes depending which governor was in office at the time the land was ceded.


That PIR was specific and the items sought. A recap of that information and its necessity are both the Constitution of the United States and the United States Code state categorically that any land ceded to the United States for the purpose of conveyed legislative jurisdiction from a State or States of the Union to the United States must be for the purpose of building forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards or other needful buildings must be purchased by the United States from said states. Once the legislature of said states has ceded the land to the United States, a representative of the United States must send a notice of acceptance of that land to the Governor of said states. Upon receipt of my PIR, you had ten days to respond to it. I received an unsigned letter from Andrea Reyes of the Government Filing Section of your office with fourteen pages of copies of what appears to be 3×5 cards each containing various notations.

This letter was dated May 24th, 2018. I have attached a copy of her letter along with copies of five of those pages as enclosures 2A3E. Miss Reyes further referred me to the Texas State Library and Archive Commission, which infers that the documents I seek might be housed there. On July 16th, 2018, I sent a PIR to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission via USPS certified mail number. See enclosure 3A. That letter was received on July 20th, 2018 at 8:00 PM. On August 3rd, 2018 at 3:16 PM, I received a call from a woman who identified herself as Tamara who stated she was from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and that her phone number was (512) 427-9057. She stated that she was going to send me a list of documents that might contain notice of acceptance that are housed in her department, though there are a lot of such records, they are kept in numerous locations throughout the State. Sometimes, depending on which governor was in office at the time the land was ceded. On August 3rd, 2018 at 4:38 PM, I received an email from TW who I assume was Tanya listing many places that I could look for the documents I request. She spent all of an hour and 22 minutes researching this matter.

Secretary Pablos, you’re required to keep the records I request if they came to the hands of the governor or his/her representative. That duty is outlined herewith below. The Texas Constitution of 1845 requires the Secretary of State to keep a fair register of all official acts and proceedings of the governor and to provide these to the legislature when required. This duty and others were reiterated in the act to define the duties of the Secretary of State approved on May 9th, 1846. This authority was reconfirmed by the Constitution of 1866 Article 5 Section 17 1869, Article 4 Section 17 and 1876, Article 4, Section 21 and subsequent amendments. The Secretary of State is a constitutional officer of the Executive Branch of the State of Government, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate for a term concurring in the governor’s two-year-term at first, a four-year-term since 1974. The office was first created by the Constitution of the Republic of Texas in 1836 Article 6, Section 10 and has been continued by each succeeding Constitution.

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According to the term of the Articles of Annexation, the State of Texas when admitted into the Union after ceding to the United States all public emphasis, fortifications, barracks, ports and harbors, Navy and Navy yards, docks and all other property and means pertaining to the public defense belonging to the said Republic of Texas. Shall also remain all the vacant and unappropriated lands lying within its limits. The residue of said lands after discharge, said debts and liabilities to be disposed of as said State may direct. The joint resolution on March 1st, 1845, 5 U.S. Stat 797. One of the constitutional duties of the Secretary of State being with the first State Constitution is to register all official acts and proceedings of the governor including Deeds of Cessions. The statutory documents section of the Business and Public Filing Division, formerly called the Statutory Filing Division in the office of the Secretary of State receives filings of the record copied of Deeds of Cessions. Texas Constitution, Article 4, Section 21, Secretary Pablos. I don’t mean to seem rude or argumentative, but taking all this into consideration, it appears to me that one of the following situations is applicable.

Number one, you and your predecessors are unbelievably sloppy in the manner in which you maintain the records of the state. That though the records I seek are there someplace, they are hopelessly buried in numerous locations and can never be found. Number two, the records I seek don’t exist. Number three, the records I seek do exist and you have them filed excessively, but for some reason, do not wish to produce them. Number four, the documents I seek are prohibited from disclosure by Chapter 552. The Texas Government Code at Section 552.006 states in relevant part, this chapter does not authorize the withholding of public information or limits the information of public information to the public except as expressly provided by this chapter.

I have read through the portion of Chapter 552 outlining those types of information that is expressly prohibited from disclosure to the public. I find nothing in there that would have described the documents that I request. Items one and three above are not acceptable to me and both are the same as stated that they do not exist. If item two is actually the case, please so state in your reply to me. If you believe that item four is applicable, please provide the specific section of Chapter 552 that exempts those documents from disclosure. In thanking you for your immediate attention to this matter, I am sincerely, with the signature.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was August 19th, 2018 and since that time we’ve had nothing. What is the next course of action for an American to take under these circumstances? I believe it would be to go into Chapter 552 and find out the fines, penalties and adjustments that are required for the Secretary of State. The reason this is important and what we have concluded in our research is that the term in this state is totally and completely ethereal. It doesn’t exist. It is an overlay that the criminal administration has placed over the organic lands of Texas. We’ve covered several Supreme Court cases that say that no state can license a right of common occupation. How did they create the plumber’s license, electrician license, the physician license, even the attorney’s license? It’s not in the organic state. It’s in the ethereal location of in this state. I wanted to record and outline some of the things we’re working on here at the show in order to bring you the truth of what’s going on in our nation.

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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part VI

JFS 19 | Land Patents


Eddie Craig tells you how, why, and more importantly, who stacked the courts against We the People. He gets to the point where this is no question that we have been overrun by unelected, self-appointed bureau-rats. Eddie Covers the first fifteen minutes of our program before we bring Ron Gibson into the show to continue our series on land patents where we focus on foreclosing a property. If you want to learn how to destroy the Altars of Baal and take away their funding, then listen to this broadcast on what you need to know about land patents. You can also order the book, Destroying the Altars of Baal, from www.JosephFarleyShow.Com. Make sure you order Ron Gibson’s books, What You Need To Know About Land Patents and You Are Not A Slave.

Listen to the podcast here:

What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part VI

Proof The Courts Are Stacked Against We The People

Before we get in with our guest, Ron Gibson, I’d like to play something for you from my friend, Eddie Craig. Eddie is with Rule of Law Radio out of Austin, Texas. Eddie has some amazing teachings that you should pay attention to. I want to play a segment for those people out there that are under the false belief that you could get a fair shake in a court when, in fact, it is very difficult to get a fair shake. As a matter of fact, a court is where truth goes to die. If you don’t have Rule of Law Radio on your iTunes, you should download it because Eddie Craig, Randy Kelton and Deborah Stevens have some wonderful information for you. They’ve been recording for about twelve years. When I need a break from all the lies and deceptions, I’ll go and listen to Rule of Law Radio. I believe they also have Logos Radio. I wanted to show this piece that shows the absolute truth that Eddie has discovered. With that, let’s bring in Eddie Craig.

Something I’ve been studying here while I’ve been working on the stuff that I’ve got to work on is called the Uniform Rules of Evidence Act. The reason I’ve been studying this is because of something that specifically appears in the Texas Rules of Evidence. First, I’m going to explain to you what the Uniform Rules of Evidence Act is and when and how and who brought it into being. I’m going to go into what the Texas Rules of Evidence show us. You’re not going to like it. I know I don’t. We’ll let you decide how you feel about it when I’m done reading it to you.

The Uniform Rules of Evidence was originally promulgated in 1974 by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law. Remember, these people are not elected individuals. These people are not appointed individuals. This group was a group of private attorneys acting in concert to formulate this co-op that they have and to create this act. There were extensive amendments in 1986 and a minor amendment in 1988. New amendments have been added in 1999 and 2005. The Uniform Rules of Evidence attempts to achieve uniformity of the law of evidence between all states. It also provides large-scale unity between State Rules of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Evidence. Remember, it says unity not matching requirements. In fact, the Federal Rules of Evidence are spoken of strictly as being similar to the Uniform Rules of Evidence.

When you break it down, you’ll find out that every state is only similar. None of them match up and none of them have a real applicable code of evidence that can be used across the board by everyone. The Uniform Rules of Evidence attempts to achieve uniformity of the Law of Evidence between all states. It also provides large scale unity between State Rules of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Evidence. The primary object of the act is to simplify and codify the rules pertaining to what may be introduced in evidence in any civil or criminal trial in a court of law. It closely reflects the Federal Rules of Evidence. It says that many states in the US have adopted the Uniform Rules of Evidence, though it doesn’t tell us what specific states have done so.

Let’s look at how Texas implements this. When you go to the Texas Rules of Evidence, you will find the very first rule which is Rule 101 Title, Scope and Applicability of the Rules and Definitions. When you read these, it says A. The Title, these rules may be cited as the Texas Rules of Evidence. B. Scope, these rules apply to proceedings in Texas courts except as otherwise provided in Subdivisions D through F. Subsection C Rules on Privilege. The rules on privilege apply to all stages of a case or proceeding. Here are our exceptions. Subsection D of Rule 101, exception for constitutional or statutory provisions or other rules. Despite these rules, a court must admit or exclude evidence if required to do so by the United States or Texas Constitution, a federal or Texas statute or a rule prescribed by the United States or Texas Supreme Court or the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

If possible, a court should resolve by reasonable construction any inconsistency between these rules and applicable, constitutional or statutory provisions or other rules. E. Exceptions, these rules except for those on privilege do not apply to one, the court’s determination under Rule 104-A on a preliminary question of fact governing admissibility. Two, grand jury proceedings and three, the following miscellaneous proceedings. A. An application for habeas corpus and extradition rendition or interstate detainer proceedings. B. An inquiry by the court under the Code of Criminal Procedure Article 46B.004 to determine whether evidence exists that would support a finding that the thing that may be incompetent to stand trial.

C. Bail proceedings other than hearings to deny, revoke or increase bail. D. Hearings on the justification for pretrial detention, not involving bail. E. Proceedings to issue a search or arrest warrant. F. Direct contempt determination proceedings. We get into my biggest issue with this, Subsection F. Remember, the exceptions to this are D through F. I read you D. Here’s F, exception for justice court cases. These rules do not apply to justice court cases except as authorized by Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 500.3. What this is telling us is that not a single thing in the Texas Rules of Evidence apply to any of the cases that can be heard in a justice court. Not a single rule of evidence can be used except as shown under Rule 500.3 of the Rules of Civil Procedure. Let me read you at least the titles of each of the subsections of Rule 500.3 under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. A. Small claims case is a lawsuit brought for the recovery of money damages, civil penalties, personal property or other relief allowed by law.

The claim can be no more than $10,000 excluding statutory interest in court costs but including attorney’s fees if any. Small claims cases are governed by Rules 500 through 507 of Part 5 of the Rules of Civil Procedure. B. Debt claim case. C. Repair and remedy case. D. Eviction case. E. Application of other rules. The other Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Evidence do not apply except, one, when the judge hearing the case determines that a particular rule must be followed to ensure that the proceedings are fair to all parties or two, when otherwise specifically provided by law or these rules. We know very well that the judges in these courts take full advantage of what they think is fair and what is not fair to the accused in their court. It’s never to the accused individual’s advantage, especially when the state is the one doing the accusing.

Subsection F, examination of rules. The court must make the Rules of Civil Procedure and the Rules of Evidence available for examination either in paper form or electronically during the court’s business hours. That is the limit of the application of the Rules of Civil Procedure in justice court under the Rules of Evidence. In the criminal proceedings held in the justice courts, there is absolutely no way for you to compel the court to review your evidence. There is no way to compel the court to allow you to introduce your evidence or to refute the evidence of the state. There is no standard other than that the judge and the prosecutor agreed to use to beat you regardless of the facts and the law.

This is why you cannot bring the statute into evidence, even though the Rules of Evidence specifically say that a statute is allowed to be brought in by the court yet in these courts, they don’t have to follow those rules. When you say, “I have the statute right here,” the judge can go, “I don’t care. You’re not going to be able to admit it.” Folks, if you wanted to understand that it’s a rigged game, here is one of the biggest pointing fingers that you have. Notice that this does not say anything about this exception applying in municipal courts. Even though when it comes to criminal cases, the municipal court and the justice court have the same jurisdiction. Rule 204 says, “Judicial notice of Texas municipal and county ordinances, Texas register contents and published agency policies.” Again, the courts are required to take notice of those except in a justice court. They’re not required to take notice of anything if they don’t want to.

There is only one mention of municipal in the entire Rules of Evidence. Rule 204, Subsection D of 204. That’s it. Rule 204 is the only place that any mention of municipal exists. What that’s telling us is that there is an inconsistency and a hole in the law that we don’t know whether or not the Rules of Evidence can be used in a municipal court at all. There’s nothing here saying that they can’t be or that they shouldn’t be or that they’re accepted from yet the municipal courts do exactly the same thing the justice courts do when it comes to the admission of statutes and state law and the Texas Constitution as items of evidence. They refuse to allow them to be presented on what legal authority? Even more to the point, how do these rules establish a law that is binding upon anyone in relation to how they must act because the Rules of Evidence and the Rules of Procedure aren’t law? They’re not created by legislatures. They are created by a private organization of attorneys, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law. They’re BAR members.

That was Eddie Craig. Eddie, thank you so much for allowing me to share that with our readers. I wanted to encourage our readers to go over to and you could find out information about their show. Eddie also has a book that deals with transportation. I believe the book is $250 a download. That book, Eddie should sell for ten times that much. That is the Bible of transportation. Once you learn that and research that book, it will begin to unfold to you what the criminal administration has set up and that they’ve placed you in by your ignorance. It’s important to stop being ignorant. Get Eddie’s book and you’ll be glad that you did. With that, let’s bring in Ron Gibson for part six of what you need to know about land patents.

Let me jump in here on a question. Let’s say that you’ve been going through foreclosure for six months or a year or whatever it’s been. They’re getting ready to take the house. Can you file that quiet title at the last moment?

You run into a time restraint, but that puts a stay on any further proceedings of the foreclosure. Here’s the other thing about it and people will hear what I say but they don’t hear a thing I say. You cannot foreclose on a property, number one, without being the owner. Number two, you cannot foreclose on a property unless you have the title. The only title that’s out there that any and all land is not a warranty deed is a land patent. In the section in my book called The Memorandum of Law, I address the issue of foreclosure. You may owe money from a bank if the loan is for real and they’re not. Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that it is, you may be obligated to pay that money back but the bank cannot come and touch your property for a number of reasons.

It violates the intent of Congress. It violates the treaty that protects that property. It violates the Constitutional Provision of Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 that they cannot impair the obligation of a contract. When that patent is issued by the United States government, it creates several precious things. Number one, it creates a perpetual and forever contract. The second thing that it does is it creates a vested right. In other words, a vested right is to protect the covenants that are in law. Whatever comes out of the Constitution is in law. The title is in law, in Article 4 Section 3 Clause 2. You may still legitimately owe money if it’s a lawful loan and they’re not. If they are, they cannot touch the property. I addressed that in The Memorandum of Law in my book.

Getting back to the Motion for Quiet Title, you want to get that file as soon as possible because a Motion for Quiet Title puts the monkey back on the bank to prove that they have privity. Privity is a Latin term meaning lawful standing or proper standing to come at you and try to foreclose on that property. I want to give you a court case here that typifies the point although it was not a foreclosure per se. It was an attempt to take it or what’s called a compensatory taking. It’s listed in my book called Summa Corporation versus State of California Coastal Commission. It’s a 1984 case. In there, the state wanted to come and take by eminent domain, property belonging to Summa Corporation. They went to the local court. The court ruled against them. They went to the Appellate Court in the state, they ruled against them. They went all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court blustered the State of California and stated that if they were not in privity of which to be named on the original patent, they cannot come back at a later date and claim any of that property. That’s the same principle that I’m sharing with you here about a foreclosure.

If the bank doesn’t have the patent and they can’t because they’re a corporation, I don’t have the patent but I’m in possession of the property, I win because I’m in possession.

Not necessarily. Let’s back up a bit, your land has a patent. It has the underlying patent from the first grantee.

That would be the State of Texas. If nobody has filed to take it from the state of Texas, the state of Texas still has that, I assume.

There’s a custodian of the record. The patent is yours because you are an assignee in that law where you bought the property.

Let me ask it this way. The State of Texas is the trustee. Let’s put them to the side of the equation for a moment.

No, but they’re not a trustee. Why are you calling them trustee?

They’re the custodian.

That’s correct.

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When the bank comes to file the foreclosure, the bank will go ahead and do that. The state knows that they’re the custodians of that property until somebody claims it with a land patent. Is that right?

They are the custodians of the land title records because remember, the state of Texas never ceded their land back to the United States when they became a state. They held on to that. That’s why they called as you well know better than I, they’re the Lone Star state. Once Texas issued that, they had the same fiduciary duty to protect that patent as the United States does in all of the other states. Because on every patent that says to the undersigned, to their heirs and assigns forever. In other words, they duplicated exactly the same premise and the jurisdiction that the United States General Land Office did. Therefore, they have to protect that.

Justin and I were talking about a case. I believe it was the Twill case.

It’s the Twill case, yes. I’m familiar with it.

When the state has an obligation and they remained silent or when they have a duty to speak and they remained silent, and when I referred to the state, I’m talking about that judge, that judge that’s sitting there, he has a duty to speak. He’s going to remain silent knowing that the State of Texas is the custodian of the patent. He says nothing because it’s all a money game that’s going on behind the scenes. The banks had paid him off is what the real issue is.

You have to know what you’re talking about and that’s why people need to learn and go to these land patents seminars that I do and get my book and read whatever because everything I teach is in that book. The point being, there’s no provision for that judge to breach his fiduciary duty and what he’s obligated to protect that patent because the patent is issued by the state. The judge has that authority or claims to have it, I want to see it. I want to see it in writing where he thinks he has authority to breach that which he has been entrusted to do and his constitutional oath that he gave to protect rights in the property.

He has a duty to speak is my point with the case and he doesn’t. He remained silent and allows the bank’s attorney to run over the people that are ignorant about what’s going on in the background.

That judge can be sued under that scenario that you’re describing.

He violated rights and that is one of the areas that takes jurisdiction away from it.

He breached his fiduciary duty and he warred against the Constitution. Those are an open door for torts cases or damage.

Let’s move on your items here. This was a real shocker that I didn’t know about. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all other alphabet gangs were never part of the US government even though the US government held stock in the agencies. I’ve never heard that. That’s awesome. Explain that one.

These are all separate corporations for profit. They’re independent corporations.

JFS 19 | Land Patents
Land Patents: You cannot foreclose on a property without being the owner and having the title.


They are tax exempt for-profit organizations.

They’re stealing you and I’s money and funding these. What obligation do we have to fund the FCC or the CIA or the FBI or NASA or any other alphabet entity? We’re not a party to that corporation. Do you receive an annual dividend from any of these corporations?

I’ve missed my check over the past 50 years or so.

That’s my point. Unless you’re a party to that corporation, you have no obligation.

Wouldn’t you say that these different acronyms are foreign agents to the organic State of Texas or the other states?

They’re foreign entities that you and I have any liability of which to be bound by any obligation to.

Whenever you see the FBI come in and they tell the sheriff, “We’re going to take over. You step aside.” When that sheriff does that, he’s in violation of his fiduciary duty. It happens all the time.

The reason why it happens is that we, for the most part, are ignorant. We don’t stand up and go down to that sheriff’s office and we’re going to bounce you like a rubber ball. You better take it. Are you familiar with the Hage case in Nevada? Wayne Hage?

No, I’m not.

He’s called the Sagebrush Rebellion. The US Forest Service decided that they wanted to confiscate the pine tree ranch that was owned by the Hage family. There were some 70,000 acres or whatever as a part of that ranch and the range rights gets after Tetra. It got a beautiful home on it. They decided they’d come in there. They started claiming the Hage’s cattle beyond their range right boundary. They virtually tried to run them out of business and tried to put them in prison like they did the Bundys. Wayne Hage’s wife, Jean, was a state senator I believe. He has a book out called Storm Over Rangelands. The federal agents, the FBI, and the federal marshals were sent by the US Forest Service to go and impound all of Wayne Hage’s cattle.

The same thing that they tried to do with the Bundy’s. That sheriff said, “No.” They threatened the sheriff. The sheriff said, “No, you’re not taking a single animal off of this property until the court gives their decision.” They got a little pushy, and he and his officers stood right there. He told that federal marshal, “If you set one-foot pass that gate, I’m going to call my SWAT team and have you arrested for trespassing and breach of fiduciary duty.” They stood there and eyeballed each other and kick rocks and finally the federal agents left.

The point being that sheriff did his job because that sheriff knew what his right was. That he’s the chief law enforcement officer of any county. That’s a tragedy in the LaVoy Finicum murder here in Oregon two years ago. That Grant Sheriff should have stepped in there and told the federal agents, “Get your ass out of here.” Instead they’ve murdered an innocent man for nothing. The point that I’m making in all of this error is we need to be careful who we elect for sheriffs. We need to be careful who we elect for county commissioners, state representatives, governors and on and on it goes.

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It gets back to the American people not knowing what their rights are. Therefore, they don’t have any. The administration certainly knows that.

You bet they do. They even teach classes on this.

Tell us about your seminars and your availability as far as going into different states and teaching these. If we put together a seminar in Texas, do you know if you’d be available to come in and teach?

I would make myself available. I have a passion for this stuff. If I want to be honest about it, it’s a mission to you. I love doing these land patents seminar where I can get eyeball to eyeball with people because I read body language pretty well. When you have people that are trying to learn, I thoroughly enjoy it. I do well in front of a crowd of people. I enjoy doing that. To answer your question, I’d love to come to Texas and do a land patent seminar. I need a minimum of about 30 to 40 people. I need the sponsor of that. Let’s say you were to sponsor me to come and a place where we can hold that event. It’s a one-day event. It’s an eight-hour class. We need to figure out something for the people to have for lunch. We’re not strung out all over town trying to get a bunch of people fed.

Let us work on that and see if we can rally the troops and see who’s interested in that. You can contact us at the Joseph Farley Show and let us know if you’d be interested in coming to a seminar. We’d probably hold it here in the Dallas area and try to do something. Social Security number is a big deal. Social Security numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF, International Monetary Fund. The application for a Social Security number is an SS-5 form. The Department of Treasury, IMF, issues, the SS-5 form and not the Social Security Administration. The new SS-5 form does not state who publishes them while the old forms states they are the Department of the Treasury. You can find that in 20 CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, Chapter 111 Subpart B 422.103B. That is pretty amazing.

You and I are not even supposed to have a Social Security number. I do long classes on this. By having a Social Security number, it shows that you’re an agent on a special mission for the Social Security and the IMF, the International Monetary Fund and all of the other departments which can be withdrawn at any time. The Social Security card also shows that you are a government agent.

We don’t get any type of benefit for that.

No, we don’t get any benefit, do we? We don’t get paid for doing it. We don’t get a discount on anything. All we get to do is to have our money taken from us by somebody who claims they are our employer.

I was joking around with Justin last year about writing a letter to the Social Security Administration and saying, “I would like to sell my Social Security number and I’d like to offer you the first right. If you don’t bid on it, I’m going to sell it to somebody,” just to be able to get the letter back from them stating that, “You don’t own that. We own it.” A lot of people will tell you under oath that they have a Social Security number. That’s their Social Security number. They own the Social Security number when, in fact, that’s not true.

If you want to get out of the Social Security system, you have to send a letter of revocation to the Social Security Administration department and to the US Treasury. Try to send them both a notification of it. Also in addition to that, once that’s received by certified mail return receipt, then you can file an action in the federal court of which to reclaim all the money that’s left in that to be paid to you.

Let’s back that up because a lot of people are going to be interested in that. What you’re saying is that you could get out of the system and get all the money that you’ve paid in it back?

That is correct. You get that. The court action has to be filed in the Federal Court of Claims. That’s where the monetary disbursement of any claim against the government is done back to the individual. That’s either in a tort claim or just a relinquishment of trust monies that’s been held by the US government or an agent thereof. You file it under the Federal Court of Claims.

JFS 19 | Land Patents
Land Patents: People not knowing what their rights are and therefore they don’t have any.


A lot of the Christians are waiting for the mark of the beast and the number. We’re already there. That day is not coming. That day is here.

They’ve been so blinded they don’t see it.

The next one is there are no judicial courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce statutes and codes. Executive administrators enforced statutes and codes. That is referred to or what you have here is FRC versus GE 281 US 464 and Keller versus PE 261 US 428 1 stat 138 through 178. Can you talk a little bit about that one?

First of all, let’s go back to what you quoted on FRC versus GE. You have the number, the capital US on that after the 281. Look at Keller versus PE, it’s 261 and there are other US capital letters there. That means that those are both United States Supreme Court cases that have never been overturned. They stand as read. The reason that there are no judicial courts is that in the United States, as with every state in the union, you have two Constitutions. We have the organic or 1777 and then the 1789.

This taking over of America has happened several centuries ago.

There were those that had allegiance to Britain and to the Crown and those who wanted to be free and in certain instances they got outvoted.

That brings us into this next issue is that there had been no judges in America since 1789. There had been administrators and that you also referenced the same case.

Because there is no law that the judges are dealing with. They’re dealing with statutes and codes. Statutes and codes are not law. They never were intended to be law. A judge cannot deal in statutes and codes nor can an administrator deal in law. We don’t have any law per se that’s been under statutes and codes. There are only administrators to enforce the statutes and codes, and that only applies to corporate entities and people who are under contract to the government or the government entities.

If you’re not an employee of the government, the kangaroo courts don’t involve you or shouldn’t involve you.

That’s why I tell people whenever they get a summons to court, you want to write across it diagonally in red ink, “I do not consent to these proceedings and I do not consent to enter in a contract.” Underneath that, sign your name. The summons is an invitation to a private court. You’re not obligated to go to that if you’re not a party to it. If you are a corporate entity, then you’re obligated to go.

If you have a corporation that you’ve incorporated in the state, then you would be obligated to go. As a human, you’re not obligated to go.

You got to write on that thing within 72 hours, “I do not consent.” A court has to have the consent of all parties to conduct an action. Without the concern of both parties then they have no subject matter jurisdiction, nor do they have personal jurisdiction. The court must have both.

Mortgage is a pledge of death. Click To Tweet

Number ten according to the GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, you must have a Social Security number.

The GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade is what it stands for. You must have a Social Security number because only government parties can be involved directly involved in international trade. Therefore, you’re on a special assignment. You need to have a Social Security number because you’re representing the government.

That birth certificate and Social Security number is a demonic instrument that the people don’t understand or have a clue. This is a very interesting one. Number eleven, New York City is defined in federal regulations as the United Nations. Giuliani stated on C-SPAN that New York City is the capital of the world, for once he told the truth. You can find that in 20 CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, Chapter 11 Subpart B44.103B2 and 2.

The CFR stands for Code of Federal Regulations. That’s why the United Nations is located in New York City. That’s why it’s the capital of the world.

We need to throw the UN out of America.

That’s your big amen to that.

Social Security is not insurance or contract, nor is there a trust fund that a lot of people think that there is a trust fund?

It’s the same thing with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that’s supposed to ensure your money and your checking account up to $250,000. There isn’t one red penny in that.

It’s a big facade like all the other schemes and scams that they’ve perpetrated on the American public.

All the banks do is whichever level of the bank they borrowed the money to pay off when there’s a disaster having to do with your money and they go about their regular business. There is no insurance fund there. They say there is, but there is not. It has no substance to it.

In statement thirteen here, the people that receive their Social Security checks, I would assume almost everybody within the past decade has been getting direct deposits.

Most of them, yes. If you haven’t, they’ll want you to get a direct deposit.

JFS 19 | Land Patents
Land Patents: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that’s supposed to ensure the money and checking account doesn’t have one red penny in that. It’s a big facade like the other schemes and scams that they’ve perpetrated on the American public.


They will force you to get a direct deposit. If you don’t have a bank account and you don’t open the bank account, so that you will get a direct deposit, they’ll open a bank account for you. If you don’t want to go get it, that’s up to you.

What a wonderful country we live in then.

We had a little boy at the hospital and I was up on what they were doing. Justin had triggered this when they said, “No, they’ll open one for you.” With the birth certificate, they constantly hounded me for a name, “What are you going to name your little boy? What are you going to name him?” I probably had that question from everybody that walked in the room. They wanted a name. I would never give them a name. We were released. I use that word released because it did feel like a prisoner type of a scenario. We’re discharged from the hospital. We needed to travel outside the United States. I thought, “Now I’ve got to deal with this passport issue. I’m going to have to deal with this birth certificate issue.” Long story short, when I went through the administration of this, they had issued a birth certificate. They will do this. They will issue the birth certificate in the mom’s last name and call the baby Baby Boy mom’s last name or Baby Girl mom’s last name. They are going to issue that birth certificate whether you want them to or not.

I’m suspecting they had been on us for both of our boys to get Social Security numbers. As I’ve told all of them, “You’re making the assumption that he’s going to pay a tax when he grows up and he’s not going to pay a tax, so no Social Security number.” I guarantee you they already have one issued in the background. People feel that we live in a free country. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF, the International Monetary Fund agency of the United Nation. It says the US Department of Treasury at the top left corner, which is part of the UN as pointed out above. In fourteen, you own no property. The whole point of this episode is to show and demonstrate to the people that this mortgage that you get or the debt pledge, the translation from Latin is for a mortgage is a pledge of debt. This thing that you’ve gotten, you think that you’re the owner when in fact you’re only a tenant. You’re not the owner of your property.

The only exception to this that you own no property. When you bring that land patent forward that nullifies the warranty deed. That repositions you back into the true owner of your property. That’s why they can’t come and take it.

In effect, if you wanted to, you can go through all types of qualifications. You can get your mortgage, buy your big house, put your down payment, and get your land patent. Some people would say, “That’s unethical.” Let’s stop there for a moment because I had the same thought and stop and think about this. They haven’t loaned you any money.

That is correct. Therefore, there’s no liability.

They haven’t given you a dime. The next thought is, “How did the seller get paid off?” The seller got paid off through a roundabout way from your birth certificate account because they put money in that account. You are the beneficial owner, but they’re the trustee. You can’t get into that account. There were some guys out of San Antonio that figured out how to get into the account. She worked for the Federal Reserve at one point in time. She was pretty sharp. She knew the backend story of this thing and knew that there was money in that account. They figured out how to get the money out of the account. The guy is doing five years and she’s doing seven or it could be the reverse. That account is real. The bank has not loaned you anything, not one red cent.

That’s why they have no stand to foreclose.

Your land patent, on a 30-year mortgage, you will pay three times for the price of that home. Your taxes, if they don’t go up at all, which is not going to happen, they’re going to go up. Your tax rate in Texas is 2.8% so let’s call it close to 3%. In 30 years, that’s going to accumulate to another 90% or so. Assuming taxes don’t go up in 30 years, which they’re going to go up. You’ve paid four times plus for the value of that house. That’s why it’s so important for you to get your land patent. When this economic disturbance comes in, if it does, then you’re protected. If it never comes in, you’re still protected. If you will get the book and follow the steps in the book, you’ll be able to get off the tax rolls. That is super critical.

Important Links:

About Ron Gibson

JFS 19 | Land Patents

Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years, has been in the construction and mining business. Ron is an engineer by training and secondary studies include constitutional law. Ron has worked for 19 years in mining and general consulting. He is also a mineral producer by profession. Ron has been involved in both precious metals in Industrial Minerals development in all phases. Ron’s background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling and testing, sampling, plant layout, and design Ron has run the day-to-day operation including marketing, environmental studies, estimating and many other phases of mining operations.

As a managing consultant for large investment groups, Ron learned very early on the five “P” Principle: Proper, Planning, Prevents Poor, Performance.

Ron’s background in law includes a counselor at Law and he is in the process of obtaining his Private Attorney General authority from the Senate Judiciary.

About Eddie Craig

JFS 19 | Land PatentsEddie is an Air Force veteran that began realizing that the government was lying to the people at virtually every turn. He earnestly begins his research into government rules and statutes in the mid-’90s after he witnessed his mother breakdown into tears of hopeless frustration over a property tax bill that threatened to take away her property and home.

Angry at the malicious and callous demeanor of those that supposedly worked for the greater good of the People Eddie began to carefully research and document the relationships between the various statutes and the legislative enactments that created them, especially the “ad valorem” property tax, and eventually the federal income tax. He has since spent the past eleven years researching the various Texas Codes such as the Transportation Code. Much to the dismay of many municipalities, police officers, and prosecutors he has thrown a very large monkey wrench into the gears of their money machine, using their own laws! With Randy Kelton’s passed down knowledge about due process and criminal actions, Eddie’s research has become even more dangerous to them.

Vigorous study and research revealed the truth, most government employees know even less about the language and application of the law than the general public! Angered by the cavalier attitudes of public servants acting as if their ignorance was of no consequence, Eddie sought out other like-minded people to exchange ideas and find a remedy, which led him to Rule of Law Radio.

Eddie has now dedicated himself to “fighting the good fight” against the total willful ignorance that consumes our public servants at every level of government, an ignorance in which too many people share by way of an apathetic attitude about our rights and liberties. The biggest problem with being apathetic is that it is a word comprised mostly of the word “pathetic”.

This country was formed by great men, true Patriots who literally risked everything. With wisdom learned from their forefather’s mistakes as well as their own they formed a plan whereby those of us that came after would never have to take the same risk as long as we remained vigilant. They used that knowledge and wisdom to formulate the “Grand Experiment” that is America. Patriots should not be ridiculed for railing against the government, for that is how America came to be a nation. A Patriot does not fight with government simply because he or she does not agree with the government but do so because a Patriot sees the long-range harm and danger in “letting things ride” that are created outside of government authority. A Patriot is someone who takes a stand even when those around them are still being tossed by the tide. A Patriot has the courage and conviction to say “No” for the benefit of the greater good of the People and not for their own selfish desires, much like Christians should. We should all pray and work to be known as true Christian Patriots. (


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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part V

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked


In this episode, we go on a deep dive into the Act of 1871. When the South walked out of Congress in the 1860s, that was the last real Congress and everything else has all been theater. Nothing has been done since in the district called Washington, DC, better known as the swamp. Learn how the thieves in the district of criminals have been stealing everything you thought you owned as Ron Gibson unmasks the thieves people are not aware of. The American people are starting to wake up to the fraud and only the people are going to be able to restore the republic. Learn why your land patent is so important to you and your family. Make sure to purchase the book Destroying the Altars of Baal so you will know the truth and learn how to operate in your God-given rights.

Listen to the podcast here:

What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part V

Truthful Facts People Don’t Know But Should

Before we get into the interview with Ron Gibson, I wanted to go over some things. In 1868, the 14th Amendment was ratified ending slavery by giving all American citizenship. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and the states wherein they reside. The United States code annotated, amended however, what the public was not told that while under the Lieber Code, a 14th Amendment citizen can only be found within the jurisdiction of the United States. That is all government employees, all those who live in territories occupied by the federal government such as Washington, DC and former slaves.

The rest of the population was not subject to the 14th Amendment and thus, could still claim jurisdiction under the original Constitution. In addition to that, after the conclusion of the Civil War, the federal government was now occupying the Southern states, placing these captured citizens under the jurisdiction of the Lieber Code. The Southern states had to agree to ratify this amendment in order for them to be granted their freedom from the federal rule. Thus, instead of ending slavery, the 14th Amendment held all southerners captives as slaves in the plantation known as the United States of America. Just like how all citizens were turned into corporations in 1790 to subject them to the Revolutionary War debts, 14th Amendment citizens were created to be franchised subjects to the corporation known as the United States, Incorporated.

Like all corporate brands, you do not have any Constitutional Bill of Rights protection. Proof as such can be found in the all caps versions of your legal name, which signifies a corporate entity after the Civil War. The United States defaulted on its war debt during the bankruptcy proceedings. Cunning lawyers in league with the international bankers found a foothold with an Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 of the United States Constitution, which allows the creation of duplicate entities known as the corporation of the United States to replace the now bankrupt and defunct Republic of the United States. This occurred with the passage of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, which incorporated the area of the District of Columbia into a private foreign corporation chartered in the city of London, known as the United States, Incorporated.

This corporation designated Congress as the Board of Directors to continue the business needs of the government under Martial Law. Thanks to the Lieber Code, federal jurisdiction under the Organic Act was expanded to include not only all captured citizens in the Southern states but all Americans in all states. Thus, America lost her sovereignty under the yoke of the Crown of England and international bankers. During the same time, the corruption of the United States adopted its own Constitution, which was identical to the original national constitution to fool the people. One word was changed from its original form, the Constitution for the United States toward the present day, all capitalized meme, which signifies a corporate entity, the Constitution of the United States. Incidentally, the title of Nobility Amendment was removed from this new Constitution. With the Illuminati over full control of the United States, they now seek to rule the world after the death of Adam Weishaupt in 1830. Giuseppe Mazzini was selected to head the Illuminati.

In 1871, the mental power passed on again to an American General Albert Pike as its new director. Pike became fascinated with the idea of a one world government and eventually constructed the Illuminati blueprint of one world domination. His plan called for the financing of three world wars in the twentieth century. The first war would bring about the atheistic communist state from the ashes of the Czar of Russia. The second war would bring about the Jewish holocaust under a fascist government to ferment support of a Zionist state of Israel. The third war would manipulate the difference between Christians and Muslims for their own annihilation. Finally, the political Zionist would come out as victors of all.

These three world wars would require enormous funding since most of the royalty in Europe was already deeply in debt, thanks to numerous wars and conflicts created by the Rothschild banking dynasty. The only place left that could possibly pay such ambitious plans was in the prosperous American republic. After the Civil War, the United States went through a great industrial expansion. The new industries of oil, steel, textile and railroads all needed generous financing, which is the Rothschild family was more than eager to provide. To access these markets, the Rothschilds sent their agent, Jacob Schiff, to infiltrate the New York banking scene, which was controlled by JP Morgan.

By the turn of the century, the Rothschilds had fully entrenched themselves into the tightknit fraternity of Wall Street bankers such as Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. They now saw their most prized possession have full control over the American monetary system. With the help of Jacob Schiff and JP Morgan, the Rothschild’s formed a scheme which would seduce Congress into languishing control over the monetary supply. This occurred with the panic of 1907 when a liquidity crisis caused many banks and businesses to fail all across the United States. The meltdown began when JP Morgan pushed rumors that the Knickerbocker Trust Company in New York was insolvent. With a bank run on and they were forced to call their loans, creating a chain of reactions which would threaten to implode the entire banking system.

The failure continued until JP Morgan and company provided a generous loan to the insolvent banks, but JP Morgan was not trying to save the American banking system, rather he used the crisis to destroy his competition by choosing which banks he would bail out. The biggest casualty of the economic fallout was the looming bankruptcy of the corporation of the United States, which had no means to pay back their loans, which were due in 1912. In anticipation of this bankruptcy, representatives from the world’s most powerful families met in November 1910 at a secret meeting at the Jekyll Island Club Resort in Georgia to discuss the foreclosure of the corporation in the United States and to brainstorm solutions, which would prevent further liquidity crisis such as occurred during the panic of 1907.

Trump is destroying the Altars of Baal and the left is out of options. The truth is coming out. Get ready, America. The fake news is crashing. It's legal to lie to congress Title 18 USC 1001 (B). It's right there black ink on white paper. Click To Tweet

These in attendance included Senator Nelson Aldrich, Paul Warburg, representatives from JPMorgan and company, and Jacob Schiff representing the Rothschild family. They proposed a twenty-year extension on the national debt if the United States would agree to charter a privately-owned Central Bank. It would serve as a bank of last resorts by lending money to other insolvent banks in order to prevent future bank runs. A week later, they emerged with their plans to create what is known as the Federal Reserve System because the current President Taft would never agree to sign away the American monetary system to a cabal of international bankers.

They waited until they got their man, the progressive Woodrow Wilson into power. In return for the bankers’ generous campaign contributions, Woodrow Wilson reluctantly promised the bankers he would sign the Federal Reserve Act if he was elected into office. Many powerful forces were opposed to the creation of a private controlled Central Bank. To neutralize this threat, JP Morgan invited many opponents of the Federal Reserve Act on board the maiden voyage of the newly built Titanic luxury steam liner built by the White Star Line owned by JP Morgan.

JP Morgan ordered the captain to steer the ship into the iceberg and under gunpoint prevented the men from escaping onto the lifeboats, killing many of his enemies in one fell swoop. When word of this got back to Woodrow Wilson, he commented, “There exists this power in the world so subtle, so organized, so watchful that we dare not speak above a whisperer when we speak in condemnation of it.” At the beginning of 1913, the United States had defaulted on its debt after being denied a new credit line. Now, President Woodrow Wilson faced a constitutional crisis.

With no other sources of funds, he went along with the banker schemed and engineered at Jekyll Island Resort. To avoid any oppositions, Senator Nelson Aldrich quickly pushed the Federal Reserve Act through both the houses of Congress. On December 23rd, 1913 while most of Congress was way on vacation, a quorum call was issued and a few selected congressional traders voted by voice to avoid public record and passed the Federal Reserve Act, which President Wilson signed into law. Wilson later admitted with remorse when referring to the Fed, “I have willfully ruined this country.”

This act gave away the keys of the printing press at the US Treasury to foreign corporate charters under the Crown of England, known as the Federal Reserve Bank. In a speech, Ben Bernanke gave in relevant part said this, “The Federal Reserve was created by Congress in 1913 and it was entrusted with the power branded originally to Congress by the US Constitution to coin money and regulate the value thereof. The Federal Reserve Bank advertises itself as a nonprofit corporation that operates as another branch of government. However, its board members are unelected and their meetings are conducted behind closed doors away from public scrutiny. G. Edward Griffin said this, “The board of governors of the Federal Reserve System is chosen by the president from a list prepared by the banks themselves. President Bush made this statement with regards to Fed Chairman Greenspan’s replacement, “It’s important that whomever I pick is viewed as an independent person from politics.”

All this secrecy became very suspicious considering how the Federal Reserve monitors and controls trillions of dollars within the world’s banking system. After the federal government lost its ability to issue its own money, the national debt soon soar to astronomical heights because now the government had to pay the Federal Reserve interest on all of its currency printed in circulation. This interest on the national debt could never be repaid as a Federal Reserve required all debts to be repaid with gold, which the federal government did not have.

Even worst the interest portion of the national debt was not issued into the money supply. In other words, more and more debt would have to be issued to continue servicing the growing interest payments on all loans. In order to cover this interest payment, Congress was forced to pass the income tax legislation, which became law in 1913 with ratification of the 16th Amendment, also known as the income tax amendment. Initially, they levied a 1% voluntary tax on all income over $3,000 and a progressive surtax on income over $20,000. This would soon increase without the break of World War I and World War II. Income tax allowed the Federal Reserve System to confiscate earnings of the common man. The industrialists, the financiers were exempt from paying any income tax because they could afford to hide either the assets in tax-free foundations, which they claimed were devoted for philanthropy. Examples of such include the Rockefeller Foundation, the Mellon Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation.

G. Edward Griffin said this, “The main purpose of income tax is not to raise revenues but to redistribute wealth and to control society.” Technically, the 16th Amendment was not ratified by the necessary states as it violates the constitutional clause of no direct tax. Despite this, Congress went ahead and taxed the people anyway. Article 1 Section 9 Clause 4, “The government was able to do this because under their corporate charter, Congress was operating as a board of directors and therefore they had the authority to enter this amendment as ratified.”

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: After the federal government lost its ability to issue its own money, the national debt soon soared to astronomical heights.


Remember, this amendment has nothing to do with the original United States Constitution, which was replaced back in 1871 with the Corporate Constitution. Peter Gibbons, a tax attorney, said this, “It’s very simple. Congress tried to enact an income tax in 1894. The Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional. When the Supreme Court says things are unconstitutional, they’re unconstitutional. They tried again in 1913 and the Supreme Court said the 16th Amendment conferred no new power of taxation. If they didn’t have it then, they don’t have it now. There is no constitutional basis for tax on the wage of the American people living and working in the 50 states of the union,” end of the argument.

In 1933, the United States once again declared bankruptcy to make all citizens subject of repayment of the national debt. The bankers chartered a Delaware corporation known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue. This corporation was illegally masquerading as part of the government placing them under the constraint threats of a lawsuit. To escape this litigation, they moved their jurisdiction to outside the United States to Puerto Rico. This occurred in 1953 when they changed their name to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS incorporated as a Puerto Rican trust within the division of the Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Further proof can be found within the United States Code, which lists the IRS as a Trust Fund Number 62 the Puerto Rico Special Fund and Derivative.

This was done to divert all income tax payments to the International Monetary Fund owned by the various central banks of Europe and North America, which in turns are owned by the Crown of England. Bob Schulz with We The People Foundation said this, “There is a substantial conclusive body of evidence that proves that our income tax system represents the most pernicious form of tyranny. It is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by the government against the working men and women of America.” An unnamed speaker said, “I can eliminate all income tax tomorrow and have more than enough money to fund the government by using some other guy’s bright idea. We tax the federal government at a point of 0006, double our money until we decide to put them out of business permanently because we certainly should not have a Central Bank.

The evidence proving the income taxes paid to the United Kingdom is found deep within the IRS individual master file, which contains every transaction had financial report gathered by IRS officials throughout your lifetime. One of these codes determines what kind of tax you will pay. After looking this code up within IRS 6209 Manual, you find they have incorrectly classified all Americans as domicile corporations in either Guam, the Virgin Islands or poor Puerto Rico. Furthermore, all taxpayers who have filled out a 1040 form are subject to a tax for doing commerce in the United Kingdom under the treaty with the United States. Charlie Beard with We The People Foundation said this, “There is no law that requires the average American worker in a private sector to pay a direct un-apportionate tax on their labor and compensation for services. There is no law.”

As you follow the money trail, you will find that the taxes collected on the 1040 form is then sent to the Crown of England as a tribute payment. The Crown of England is a sovereign corporation located within the 677 acres of the city, found within the heart of greater London. This tiny strip of land contains the world’s most powerful banking houses such as the Bank of England and Lloyd’s of London owned by the House of Rothschild. It is these bankers and the power based known simply as the Crown. Even though the Queen of England is a member of this club, she is not its corporate head. That job was given to the pontiff of Rome.

The pope was given control over the monarchy with the signing of the Treaty of 1213 between King John and Pope Innocent III, which forever pledged England as a vassal state of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1297, that treaty was used as a precedent to incorporate the city as the independent city-state controlled by the Vatican, which would govern England without directly relying on the monarchy. Just like how the corporate United States was subject to the Crown of England, so too were the subjects of the British Empire enslaved with debt by the financial division of the Vatican headquartered within the city of London.

This small clique of bankers have full authority over the affairs of parliament and this has been the case since 1694 for when Pope Innocent XI hired William of Orange to dispose the Stuart King and charter the Bank of England. Located within the Crown of England is the original Federal Reserve Charter, which according to the farmer’s claim legal team allocated at 67% of the income tax collected by the IRS was to be divided to the Crown of England. Another 23% was to be paid as a dividend to the 300 shareholders at the Federal Reserve Bank and the last 10% was to be paid to the employees of the IRS to keep them quiet about this deal. In 1913, none of the income tax collected by the IRS has gone to the federal government. The federal government is funded totally through black budget sources such as drug trafficking, off the budget accounting on the comprehensive annual financial report. With that, let’s go to our show with Ron Gibson. We have Ron Gibson. Justin, are you there?

Justin is here.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any rights. Click To Tweet

Justin, how are you doing?

Absolutely fantastic. How are you, Mr. Gibson?

I’m still kicking and scratching. I’m still above ground. I used to laugh at my dad whenever someone would ask him. He said, “Charlie, how are you doing?” He said, “I’m doing wonderful.” He said, “I got up this morning. I looked at the paper and at the obituary column, I didn’t find my name. I put on my clothes and went out. I’m having a wonderful day.” There is some merit to that.

I sent you an email, Ron. I sent it to Joseph too. It’s Chrysler Corporation versus Brown. Are you familiar with it?


Joseph and I were talking about the IRS and how it’s not a part of the federal government and that kind of thing. The Supreme Court confirms that. If you want to open it and go to Footnote 23, it will tell you that they are not now and never have been a part of the United States.

They’re a part of the United Nations. The collection agency is in the United Nations.

That’s the first piece in your book and you have on Page 52 truthful facts people should know but most do not. You have listed 33 of them. I wanted to see if we could cover a couple of them. The first one was the IRS is not a US government agency. It is an agency of the IMF, International Monetary Fund. The case that you have listed here is diversified metal products versus the IRS. What Ron has written is called What You Need to Know about Land Patents. We wanted to cover a couple of these things. Justin, the case that you were talking about is Chrysler Corporation versus Brown?

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: Our constitution is not a self-executing document. In other words, you can take a copy of the constitution big or small, depending upon who’s published it, and you can lay it on the table.



The American people have been so afraid of the IRS because the tyrannical maneuvers that they’ve made and trying to make examples out of people that don’t file a tax on a note that when you tell people this, they won’t believe it. You have to give them something to be able to go back, look up and read for themselves. Part of the problem is people are too lazy or don’t know where to find it.

The prior one is the biggest culprit. We’ve gotten inherently lazy about everything in our life. We want this machine to do that. We want that gadget to do this for us and as wonderful the machines are, you can still use them to great educational benefit if a person will in fact, spend a little bit of time and study. They will give all time to sports events and all time to television programming. We won’t take ten or fifteen minutes a day or even an hour a week to learn what our rights are and how to protect them.

It’s like the thing I share with a lot of people about the Constitution. “They’re violating my constitutional rights,” and the first thing I ask them, “What’s constitutional right are they violating?” What I get is this blank look like a deer in the headlight. They don’t even know. They know somewhere they’re being violated. My point to them is that our Constitution is not. Let me tell you what it is not. It is not a self-executing document. In other words, you can take a copy of the Constitution big or small, depend upon who’s published it. You can lay it on the table.

It can lay in there 150 years and have no effect and no benefit to anybody if nobody picks it up and reads it and then takes a stand for what they read. That’s the whole point that we’re talking about. I’m an avid student of case law and the federal courts especially some say, “Courts have done it.” The federal courts have stated in numerous cases, “If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.” Fundamentally that’s a true statement. I like to challenge people not only to defend themselves but to know why, how and what it is that they’re defending. There’s a big hole there. It’s all I can say.

I did a short study one time and asked about everybody that I met about the First Amendment. I told them that there are five rights listed in the First Amendment. Can you tell me what they are? Nobody could give me all five of them. One person gave me four. Nobody could give me all five. Most of them could give me maybe one. People don’t know and they don’t care.

It isn’t because the information is not available. They’ve gotten complacent. Complacency is a killer.

This goes back to 1 Samuel Chapter 8 where Israel wanted a king like all the other nations. Exactly what happened when Saul appointed his sons that the sons began to take bribes and do all this other stuff. The people came to him and said, “We need to have a king.” That’s exactly what’s going on now that the courts are doing. Talk about crime and criminal activity, you can see the most criminal activity in a courtroom. It’s usually done by the guy sitting in the black robe and the mouthpiece that’s in front of him. The people have no clue of when to say, “That’s wrong. You can’t do that.” The people don’t know. They don’t understand the administrative code. They don’t that the Constitution is a box for them to stay in and that the people designed that box for them to stay in. You’ve got to know it in order to keep them in that box.

The fact is that we really don't have money the way that we've been led to believe. Click To Tweet

The second one is the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, is an agency of the UN. That’s Black’s Law Dictionary. What I want to try to do is show this roadmap that you’ve outlined here, which is a tremendous roadmap of what’s going on because a lot of people see the issue at the local level. That’s right, it is at the local level. Once it gets out of the state that you’re in and it gets into Washington, it doesn’t stop at Washington either. They’re attempting to build. They’d been planning to build this one world order for a long time. Can you comment on that?

To put it down where the rubber meets the road, these alphabet agencies, departments and international consortiums by whatever means all boil back to an individual or a group of individuals who want to ruin the world. It matters not in their view and their opinion on how many people it hurts. It doesn’t matter how long that it hurts as long as they can accomplish their objective. When you get into the International Monetary Fund, that’s all tied to the Vatican. I catch hell over this all the time. I made Catholics come unglued. I’m not saying anything against the people within the Catholic church, but as an organization, the Vatican is as corrupt as it comes.

In fact, that’s where the judges came out to take care of all the dirty laundry that they wanted done. This one world power is predicated upon the leading factor which is money. That’s what the IMF was born out of was to have an International Monetary Fund that’s controlled by the Vatican. The international banks are funded by the Vatican. It goes on and on and on. That’s why we had the bankruptcy in the United States in the 1930s. It was the very fact that they had to break the back of the American middle class because that’s where the real wealth lies. It didn’t end the rich people in this country.

Reagan had said this numerous times during his presidency there in the ‘80s, “If you can destroy the strength of a nation,” and that’s what we define as the middle class. I don’t like to call it that, but so that everybody identifies what I’m talking about. In essence, you start seeing the fulfillment when Daddy Bush began. He touted the new world order is the new world order. He did everything that he could to help promote and facilitate that. All of your banking affiliates or whatever are all tied to the IMF. Even your birth certificate when a child is born, there’s an account that’s set up by the IMF.

What they do is they monetize that money that’s in there and as it grows on the thing, then that further creates money for people who are involved and in control of the International Monetary Fund. The World Bank is another player. Bank clearing houses are another arm of that. It’s like this massive octopus with all of these arms and tentacles out there. They’re all sucking the people dry. That’s the intent. I don’t know if I mentioned to you, but another tremendous travesty that we have in this country is the Bar Association.

The Bar Association, no state issues a license to practice law. Of all the 50 states, not a single state issue what they call a BAR card, whatever. It is nothing more than union dues to the Bar Association. I don’t remember the exact date, but I’ll be pretty close. In either 1922 or 1923, the Bar Association joined the Communist Party. They accepted the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. What’s the first one of the Communist Manifesto? It’s to do away with private property in it. That’s the first one. That’s why when the Bar Association joined in, they gave them two addendums to that. Number one is that they were to do everything they could to deprive the people of this nation of their money, their rights and their property. Because if you can divest an individual, that’s how the attorneys manipulate clients so that they will lose, they have an exorbitant price of their per hour rate. There’s nothing justifies $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $800 an hour for what they do.

They are the masters of copy and paste.

The reason that they do it so that they can drain your money and it’s much easier for them to say, “Let’s make a settlement agreement,” or whatever. “You’re going to have to drop the case because I’m going to withdraw if you don’t.” All of that is a planned scheduled of events of which to hurt the American people so that they can attain the objective. You look at school boards and how many attorneys are on school boards. I was reading here in Oregon that in the state of Oregon, where I live right now, there are over 2,000 proposed bills to go before the state legislature. Every one of those is written by attorneys. They expect another 400 to 600 or 700 to be before the closing date. That brings up to be a very fundamental question. Why are attorneys writing all of these bills? Where’s the American public? Where’s the farmer? Where’s the truck driver? Where’s the grocery clerk that has an issue that should be brought before the state legislature? Why is all of these written and submitted by attorneys? It is because that’s part of the master plan.

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: In 2000, the cost of government red tape that curtails economic benefit and the conveyance of money in our GNP cost the American public over $780 billion a year of lost revenue to our economy.


They have us going down to believing that we’re not capable of it. The only people that are capable of writing a bill is an attorney.

I’ve written a lot of contracts and been evolved in a lot of contracts in my life. The longest contract that I’ve ever written has been three pages. Yet you go to a real estate contract or so-called contract because there’s not even a contract. You look at all of the provisions in that and all letters in there for is to give some attorney should it need be something to create a controversy over. Controversy is an attorney’s best friend.

We have started to work on the attorney thing several years ago. You’re absolutely right that no state licenses an attorney and what they’ve done is they’ve created an ethereal place that’s called in this state. All attorneys are licensed to practice law in this state. That’s why we’ve been on the letter campaign of sending public information request as well as FOIA request to find out the territories within the limits ceded to or owned by the United States as far as Texas goes. All penal provisions are committed in this state. As a matter of fact to tax real estate, they can only tax real estate in this state. That little buzzword phrase, whenever they use that word in this state or this state or in Texas or Texas, that’s when they’re attempting to completely violate your rights. Let’s move on to number three. The United States has not had a Treasury since 1921. You have 41 Stat Chapter 214, page 64. Can you address that, please?

Basically, here again, we don’t have a Treasury because we have no money. The United States does not have any money.

Mnuchin is a Hollywood cardboard cutout as a Treasury secretary that looks nice in a suit. He’s acting. He’s playing a role.

It’s a showplace. He’s the figurehead. It’s all he is. Speaking of that, you see on the news it talks about all the inflation and all of the money that’s being printed. You see the Federal Reserve printing money. Do you see those big rolls of thing spitting out $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100? Do you know what they’re showing there? They’re showing the replacement money for the bills that are damaged. They’re not printing $12 trillion or $400 billion or $192 billion. There is no physical presence of that money. The optical illusion of that, they say, “They’re printing all of this money.” I want to share something with you when we go on here and follow me because this is crucial. In 2000, the cost of government red tape that curtails economic benefit and the conveyance of money in our gross national product costs the American public over $780 billion a year of lost revenue to our economy.

Just on the basis of government interference and red tape. Like Paul Harvey said, “Wait until you hear the rest of this story.” Years later, the last one that I have was done in 2013 and because they’re the same group, they’re the same accounting, there was $1.78 trillion was the difference of thirteen years later to $780 billion. Let me put that in perspective. If you took a $100 and walked outside in the parking lot and you lay that $100 on the payment. Then you take another one and you put on top of that and you keep stacking one on top of the other until you got to $1.78 trillion. That pile of $100 would extend up into the sky from the Earth’s surface over 126 miles. That’s the loss to the American economic benefit like government intervention, delay, red tape and permits.

The fact is that we don’t have money the way that we’ve been led to believe. We understand that the greenbacks and maybe that’s not the right word to use because there were greenbacks before. The Fiat currency that to have in your pocket is a note and everything else is digital. It’s all credit. The whole world is running off credit. I heard a report that China has a deficit of $41 trillion. I’m thinking, “I thought we owed China money and all of a sudden China has borrowed $41 trillion from somebody.” I’m thinking, “Who’s loaning all this money out? In order to loan it, you got to have it. It’s the biggest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen.

The money that you see printed or what we call money is nothing but a dead instrument. Click To Tweet

When they want more money, they create a war. The IMF and the Federal Reserve fund both sides of those wars. They make money on both sides. It doesn’t matter who gets killed. Previously in the Marine Corps, I was a body escort. I took Vietnam casualties home with their families. If you want to get an eye-opener, step into that set of shoes. They fund both sides. That’s what happened why the United States got in trouble during the Civil War. You’re right, it’s debt. The money that you see printed or what we call money is nothing but a debt instrument.

A debt instrument is a debt instrument because you can never pay off a debt. You can only transfer the debt because you can’t pay off a debt with a debt. That’s the thing I tried to help people understand and to do with land patent and a warranty deed. I have people all the time said, “I own my place.” I said, “No you don’t.” “I most certainly do. I paid it off and I’ve got the warranty deed.” I said, “Go look on your warranty deed and tell me where it shows anywhere on or within that document that you are an owner.

People cannot believe that. That is the cognitive dissidents in our society that they can’t get their mind around that until they get up out of their armchair, go in there, get their warranty deed and read it because most people never read their documentation. We’d have real estate closings. We’d have borrowers that would come in. They’d sit down and here’s an almost the size of a Houston phone book. If you could imagine what that would look like of documentation, sitting in front of people and they start flipping pages and signing. Not having a clue of what they’re signing. Maybe 1 in 100 would want to read their documents. By the time they got finished reading the documents, they didn’t have a clue of what was in there or they may object to something that’s in there. The question came down to, “Do you want the house or not?”

The other side of that coin is what they read, they don’t understand.

The US Treasury is now the IMF. You have a presidential document Volume 24 and page number 113. You have 22 USC, page 285 to 2887. Talk about that as far as when that switched over. Was that back there in 1921 or did that happen 1913 when they set up the Federal Reserve?

It encompasses a time period, not a date because that was the whole purpose of the Jekyll Island meeting on the setting of the Federal Reserve, in the 1933 the bankruptcy and then prior to that to facilitate the bankruptcy, they had to have the stock market crash. All of that was tied together and planned. There was no slope thing that happened in that.

Right now on YouTube, a majority of the financial news and the propaganda that’s out there, we’re headed for a major reset. They can’t keep going. The whole thing’s going to blow up. I’m thinking, “Look at all these guys that are promoting this concept and idea.” When you had the mainstream media and the globalist starting to say it as well, you start to think, “That’s not going to happen.” As a matter of fact, whatever the mainstream media is telling you is coming, go in the opposite direction and you’ll do great. They can continue this charade forever. If we have $21 trillion or $22 trillion of the debt clock, there’s nothing wrong with running it up to $44 trillion or $100 trillion. Your money or the thing that you think is money goes down in value. That’s all.

The other half of that, keep in mind, the reason that there’s unlimited spending is that there is no accountability. You have a worthless currency that’s nothing but a debt instrument in its own right and then you have no accountability from the people who were spending the money.

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: Until we take personal accountability for our decisions about the voice that we put out there, we are not going to get better.


It comes back to the question of, “Who’s going to keep the financial crack head off the pipe?” so to speak, as far as from a drug standpoint because that’s what it is. Who’s going to keep these people in check? Surely not the sleeping American people because they don’t know it. They don’t know what’s going on.

The Bible’s very clear about the leaders that the people are to select and what the qualifications of that. You gentlemen know what that is, that they must have a servant’s heart. The Bible says you reap what you sow. We have sown complacency. We have sown “I don’t care” attitude. We have sown all kinds of, “It’s not bothering me right now so why should I care?” We elect most representatives, congressmen, senators, president, whatever you want to call it, for the wrong reason in most cases, not all but in most cases. Now, we don’t have people with a servant’s heart. We have people there who are self-serving. It’s like the story I tell occasionally. You have your so-called friend who prays for you on Sunday and preys upon you Monday through Saturday only to come back Sunday and pray for you again and start the process all over. It’s a revolving process and until we take personal accountability for our decisions about the voice that we put out there, we are not going to get better. It’s going to get terribly worse.

That’s the thing that I appreciate about President Trump. Here’s a guy that’s in his 70s, that has $7 billion of cash and a lot of real high-priced real estate. He did not need to step into the shoes that he did. He’s the only guy in Washington that understands economics. He graduated from Wharton Business School in a degree in Economics. He’s been wildly successful. I believe that we’ve been given a godsend. It’s one guy and he’s involved in this swamp. The American people have got to get educated, get involved in order to get our country turned around.

Look what’s happened. Let’s talk about that. You bring up a very good point. When you get a man in there and the Bible tells us that God places all leaders in their position, he has a hand in that, whether they’re a good reader or a bad. The opportunity is there for them to do what’s right. You turn around and you’ve got a midterm election. Look at the tidal wave of opposition that was elected because of the hatred for a man who’s doing what’s right. That is phenomenal to me.

Those people outed themselves. When you see Hollywood that came out against Trump and right before his election, Tom Hanks, a great actor. I liked Tom Hanks. He comes out and says, “I can assure you that Trump will not be president.” All of these famous stars came out because they knew he was getting ready to be a wrecking ball to their whole industry.

God has blessed us with the right man for the right job. Even he was shocked by the depth and the magnitude of the corruption. I didn’t want to get away from your question about addressing the subject matter here on Page 154.

Justin, did you have anything to jump in on?

I’m pulling up a document that I’m going to email both of you. It’s from the Code of Federal Regulations and it talks about IRS agents being members of Puerto Rico.

The Bible's very clear about the leaders that the people are to select and what the qualifications are - they must have a servant's heart. Click To Tweet

That’s where they’re registered. They’re not in the United States corporations. They’re not a government entity. They’ve never been a government entity. There’s a collection agency for the International Monetary Fund.

I heard a broadcast that Rod Class did. He had a client that he was working with and helping that the IRS came after him. They wrote to the Treasury Department to see if there was any type of case open or any deficiency, I believe is what happened in that particular case. The Treasury Department said, “No, we’ve got no deficiency here.” They were able to out the IRS. I thought, “That’s a great move. That’s a tremendous move.”

I have a personal friend of mine that he knows that IRS rule book and codebook better than the IRS does. I have seen with my own eyes the documentation to where he has helped people get off the tax roll and get off of the BNA taxpayer because you and I are not taxpayers by law. It’s right in the IRS manual. He also got about $13,000 or $14,000 of the guy’s previous money that had been garnished and paid to the Internal Revenue Service. The document that I saw said, “We are now removing him come to the tax roll because he had demanded on behalf of this client that they prove that he’s the taxpayer. The IRS couldn’t do it. They also demanded to show that he was obligated to pay a tax. The IRS couldn’t prove it and went on. Basically, to make a long story short, it took eight letters. Eight letters over about eight months period, eight, nine months and he got the guy completely exonerated from any tax liabilities from now and forever and got over $13,000 of his money back.

Those are priceless type of people.

He is and the guy is sharp. He is one sharp cookie. Did I tell you that he bought a home about $500,000 worth in 2007? Several later when things got worse and worse on the economy, they came after him to foreclose on the property. He called me. He wanted to know what to do. I said, “Get a securitization audit done first and let’s see what has transpired relative to your promissory note and all of that stuff.” He got the audit done, the company did and took a month and a half, whatever it was.

They had proved that the promissory note they securitized and monetized is a promissory note. As of five years after the fact that they had the people involved in buying and selling these things as they do on some of them, they’re not all done the same way. It generated over $97 million. He offered his signature and still, he owed $430,000 or whatever the number was. Yet all these millions are being made behind in this shuck and jive game. They want to take his home away from him.

That’s why I’d love to interview these guys because that there would be a ton of people that would say, “I want to do that for my home and see how much they’ve made off my signature.” Go out there and do something about it.

One of the things that is important about that whole subject matter and one of you alluded to it, when you get in a fight like that, there is a certain day you’ve got to be ready for and most people are not. If you’re going to be facing any type of foreclosure, whether it be a notice foreclosure, what they call a notice to sell or whether traditional one where they go to the court, you want to file immediately a motion for quiet title. What a motion for the quiet title does is it petitions the court to determine who has rightful title and ownership and possession of the property? That’s why the patents are so important. I have court cases here that shows that if you have all your property on a land patent, you cannot be removed off of your property.

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About Ron Gibson

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked

Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years, has been in the construction and mining business. Ron is an engineer by training and secondary studies include constitutional law. Ron has worked for 19 years in mining and general consulting. He is also a mineral producer by profession. Ron has been involved in both precious metals in Industrial Minerals development in all phases. Ron’s background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling and testing, sampling, plant layout, and design Ron has run the day-to-day operation including marketing, environmental studies, estimating and many other phases of mining operations.

As a managing consultant for large investment groups, Ron learned very early on the five “P” Principle: Proper, Planning, Prevents Poor, Performance.

Ron’s background in law includes a counselor at Law and he is in the process of obtaining his Private Attorney General authority from the Senate Judiciary.


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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Part IV with Ron Gibson

JFS 16 | Land Patents


Still with Ron Gibson, we continue the fourth part about what you need to know about land patents as we dive deeper into state judges and their oaths of office. When you go back to the Constitution for Texas and look closely at the Articles, you will almost always spot the phrase “in this state.” Yet nobody really knows and can explain what this means even though all offense against the State or State agencies are committed to it. The State of Texas claims that one who is in violation of the law is always pointed back to “in this State;” however, they cannot prove where this ethereal location is. Where is it then? If all judges follow the law “in this State,” what law exactly are they following? What lands are owned by the United States on the organic land of Texas? Where are the letters that ceded those territories and the letters from the United States receiving the land? We get to the bottom of this as we uncover how it affects real estate and why land patents are even more crucial.

Listen to the podcast here:

What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Part IV with Ron Gibson

State Judges And Their Oaths Of Office

I wanted to cover some interesting information with you that we have been working on for several years and that has to do with judges in this state. Let’s go back to the Constitution for Texas and look at this. You can find this in Article 16 General Provisions, Section 1. Official Oath of Office. (a) All elected and appointed officers, before they enter upon the duties of their offices, shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: “I,” the legal name of the officer, “do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will faithfully execute the duties of the office,” and then whatever their office is, “District Court judge,” and a number or whatever the designation of that office is, “of the state of Texas, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the Laws of the United States and of this State, so help me God.”

Section (b), all elected or appointed officers, before taking the Oath or Affirmation of office prescribed by this section and entering upon the duties of office shall subscribe to the following statement: “I,” the legal name of the officer, “do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have not directly or indirectly paid, offered, promise to pay, contributed or promised to contribute any money or thing of value, or promised any public office or employment for the giving or withholding of a vote at the election at which I was elected or as a reward to secure my appointment or confirmation, whichever the case may be, so help me God.”

The first time reading that, you think that’s pretty straightforward. You probably think you have a good understanding of what that’s actually saying. Let’s go back and look at this just a little closer, Section 1. Official Oath of Office, (a) All elected and appointed officers before they enter upon the duties of their office shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: “I,” the legal name of the officer, “do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the duties,” that’s a very important word, “of the office,” whatever that office is, “of the state of Texas.” “Of the state of Texas,” is an important word because that’s an office inside the state of Texas, “and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” You’re led to believe that that’s the United States Constitution. Let me stop right there. The United States Constitution for America, a corporation can have a Constitution. I’ll let that sink in. Let’s go to the next word that’s connected to this, “and laws of the United States.” That doesn’t mean the United States of America Constitution that you and I know or should be familiar with, “and of this state, so help me God.”

The phrase, “This state,” and “In this state,” is one of their trick words. To find that definition, we’ll go over to the Tax Code, which is Title 2 State Taxation Subtitle E Chapter 151. In Chapter 151.004, it’s going to give us meaning. It says, “In this state,” means within the exterior limits of Texas and includes all territories within these limits ceded to or owned by the United States.” This definition is not as simple as one would think on the surface. The question arises, where is “This state?” Where is, “In this state?” If they’re talking about the organic lands of Texas, why wouldn’t they just say Texas or the organic lands of Texas? Instead, they’ve put together a trick word and that trick word is in this state. Let’s read that section again. “In this state,” means within the exterior limits of Texas,” that would be the borders, “and includes,” the word and is a conjunction. Includes is a term that could be used for expansion or exclusion, “and includes all territories within these limits.” Does Texas have territories in these limits? “Ceded to or owned by the United States,” what does the United States own in Texas? The answer will surprise you. The answer is very little. The United States Corporation, which is defined in Title 28 3215 (a) says that the meaning of the United States means a federal corporation.

We’ve written letters to the governor, to the attorney general, to the secretary of state asking what lands have been ceded to the United States. It’s a pretty simple question. It should be a very straightforward answer. Let me read to you out the Constitution of the United States of America, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17. It says, “To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such districts (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states and the acceptance of Congress.” Those are the letters that we want to see, “become the seat of government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent.” That would be the consent of the state, “Purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which that same shall be,” now they’re going to tell you why the United States would purchase the land, “for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards and other needful buildings, and make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution. The foregoing powers and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States or in any department or officer thereof.” The very simple question is what lands have been ceded to the United States and where are the letters that the United States has accepted it?

The linchpin of all of this is in the state. If I could explain it this way, when you hook up a tractor and you want to pull a trailer, you have a linchpin. That linchpin, if it’s pulled out, the power from the tractor cannot pull the trailer in. “In this state,” is that linchpin. Writing letters to the public servants, they can’t answer that question. They can’t document that. All of the “judges” in this state are judging and ruling codes, statutes, ordinances in an ethereal location. Ladies and gentlemen, what we’re showing you is that you’ve been lied to again and that the administrative offices cannot be trusted at all.

'In this state' means within the exterior limits of Texas and includes all territory within these limits ceded to or owned by the United States. So, what land does the United States own in Texas? Click To Tweet

Time and time again, they have proven that they cannot be trusted. You can get from the secretary of state the appointment of any judge. I will tell you that a majority of the judges will use pseudo names in their declarations. They’ve agreed to uphold a Constitution that you don’t even know what Constitution they’re talking about and the Laws of the United States and of this State. The big question is, where is in this state or this state? It’s something to think about, something for you to do your own research and look into this because I’m telling you, “In this state,” is an ethereal location. It does not exist. With that, let’s get into our program with Ron Gibson. Ron, Joseph Farley, how are you?

How are you doing?

Ron, I was going through on the book what you need to know about land patents. On page 31, I came across something that I thought maybe I should read this. We could talk about it. It’s about the IMF issue. Let me read this through. It says, “Federal liens on property tax in a de jure United States of America and under the Common Law, the land patent is the highest evidence of title for sovereign American citizens, evidence of allodial title and true ownership. In a bankruptcy and de facto federal United States inhabited by US citizens and directed by its creditors under Admiralty Law, the real estate is collateral hypothecated against the debt, which has been fraudulently transferred to the international bankers regarding your property. There is a hidden federal lien on all real estate in the federal United States because of the federal debt to the International Monetary Fund. This federal lien is not attached to the land, but to the property in real estate situated above the land. It is assessed and collected through the property tax.”

Eric Madsen asserts real estate of the United States was quitclaim deeded to the International Monetary Fund, IMF, by the last sitting US Supreme Court in 1944 as their last action. The title, interest in land still belongs to we, the people, the king to lease the liens on equitable title. Discover how much federal debt is attached to your property and real estate by writing the Department of the Interior and requesting an accounting of what portion of the federal debt is attached to your property. To motivate them, tell them that you want to pay off the debt in full. Borrow FRNs if necessary to discharge the debt in full or offer to pay the debt in full with gold or silver, they will refuse to accept.

You can sue the title company for treble damages for not revealing the hidden federal lien when you purchased the property and the real estate in the first place. They failed to perform on their end of the contract. They will likely settle out of court. This lien must be satisfied, paid or released to own equitable title to your property and real estate free and clear as well as any outstanding bank mortgages. Notify the county tax assessor that the taxes liens have been satisfied in full.” Please take us off the tax rolls forever. Ron, there’s a lot of great information in there. Once you get this information, in any court situation, the evidence is paramount. You have to get everything in order before you start any type of transaction. Justin, if you have this available about the UCC, if you could pull up that little section and read that for us, then we can start our discussion.

3-603 of the Uniform Commercial Code Subsection A, Tender of Payment. If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument, the effect of tender is governed by principles of law applicable to tender of payment under the simple contract. Subsection B. If a tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument and the tender is refused, there is discharge, to the extent of the amount of tender, of the obligation of an endorser or accommodation party.

JFS 16 | Land Patents
Land Patents: All of the “judges” in this state are judging and ruling codes, statutes, ordinances in an ethereal location.


Tying back to Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2, where it says, “The Congress shall have the power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting to the territory or other property belonging to the United States. Nothing in this Constitution shall be construed as to prejudice any claim of the United States or any other particular state.” The point is that we have gotten to the point of coming up to say back to the phrase in this state, under the tax code, “That’s fine. If in this state means within the exterior limits of Texas and includes all territories within these limits, ceded to or owned by the United States, what lands do the United States own?” The real answer is none.

It’s only military bases, ammunition, ports, docks, post office and other neutral buildings. Other than that, they don’t have any constitutional authority on it. It’s the same thing with the water. We have a big issue here in Oregon.

Even in the cases that you mentioned, they don’t have it. The Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 says that there are certain things that have to be present when land is transferred from a state to the federal government. The first thing that has to happen is that the legislature of state sells it to the federal government. The federal government has to pay for it. Once that’s done, the federal government must send a notice of acceptance of jurisdiction. If they don’t send that notice of acceptance of jurisdiction, there is no jurisdiction there.

The federal government is arresting people off the street for violating federal crimes that they haven’t violated because there is no jurisdiction there. That’s another thing that we have been trying to do here. They cannot come up with the notices that there is jurisdiction. They can’t come up with that jurisdiction. The Supreme Court in Adams versus the United States says specifically, “Yes, they have to have that.” That case involved three military men that allegedly raped a woman on a military base in the State of Louisiana. The State of Louisiana at the time had already ceded the land to the federal government. The rape took place. After the rape took place, the federal government claimed jurisdiction. They sent the notice of acceptance of jurisdiction. The Supreme Court said, “Because they hadn’t sent that notice at the time of the rape, then they didn’t have jurisdiction.” It’s that simple.

That what was I alluding with you gentlemen about the issue of jurisdiction. That’s a powerful instrument and without it, they are totally void of any authority to do anything. That’s the whole issue about getting back to the land disposal. There’s nothing in that Article 4, Section 3 Clause 2 that says the government can turn around and implement a legislative act. It gives in the title to that land. The government can’t own that land. They can only hold it in trust.

That’s not ownership when somebody rebuts it.

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They’re in trustees of the people’s property, of the people’s land if you please.

The people just have no clue.

They have no clue. That’s part of the reason I wrote the book. I laughed at my son pulling all of this pile of stuff. You wouldn’t believe it. It’s this lifelong pile of documents. He walked by. He shook his head. I asked him what he was laughing at. He said, “Dad, when you start in that, they’re going to have the people in information overload in about a couple of minutes.” That’s exactly what’s happened. I get calls from all over the United States and Canada. “What do you mean? I never knew that. Wow.”

Justin and I have read this book twice. We’ve gone through it and begin to pull all the cases. It’s crystal clear once you do two things. That is to take the time to sit down, read it and understand it. Pull the cases and read the cases, and spend some time on this. This is not something that like most people will do. They get a ticket on Thursday and have to be in court the next week. They want to read up on the Transportation Code. It’s too late. Now is the time to study for this. For instance, California has one of the lowest property rates out there as far as tax rates. California is being bankrupt. Trump has demanded them to return $3.5 billion now on this Green Train Project that failed. The only remedy that the state is going to have is to raise the property taxes on the people’s home. You say, “The price of the home is going down.” Yes but the property tax is unlimited. It’s like going into an attorney and say, “How much do you charge?” You pick the rate, but I get to keep the clock. That’s really what they’re getting ready to do. When people’s property rate doubles, when that happens, it’s going to be too late because this is a steep learning curve. You need to get in it now and begin to digest this.

You brought up a very interesting point about the cases that I cite in the book. There are many more. I didn’t put them all in there saying it’d be a whole long block of encyclopedia of case law and stuff. The point that I’m trying to make is that I wanted to show that what I’m trying to share with people was not just some opinion of Ron Gibson’s. I’m trying to show that there are numerous and a consistency of the cases that had to do with land law. If you start reading one, read another, pretty soon you get a sense that there is something pretty special about these patent issues.

That’s what I tried to bring forward because no one else even knows what I’m talking about. I’ve been called a liar to my face, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Ron.” Let’s see. I will tell you a little story. I’m the Chairman of the largest paying district in the United States. We cover a better part of four states. When we did our assertion letter to the government entities for coordination, we set a notice, I did, on behalf of the assembly that if they wanted to disagree with what, we, the miners were conveying in law.

JFS 16 | Land Patents
Land Patents: The only remedy that the state is going to have is to raise the property taxes on the people’s home.


I’ve got some of the best researchers there are. These guys don’t miss anything. The point being I said, “We will be glad to meet with you, but bring your documents.” In other words, I was saying, “You can disagree with me if you want, but bring something of substance, not just your opinion.” That was several years ago. To this day, of thirteen government entities, not one single one ever has said, “Ron, I want to come and meet with you and debate the issue you were talking about,” not one. I don’t say that to be bragging or boasting. What I’m trying to convey here is I’ve spent a lifetime in law and it’s almost like a love-hate relationship because I see it’s so perverted now, so manipulated and so misunderstood. That’s the reason that they went to administrative law. They call it equity law. There was never to be an equity court.

Please explain that.

You have two types of court. You have a law court and you have an equity court. The law court deals with law. Sometimes law can be pretty harsh. Here’s what it says, here’s what it means. We execute based upon those factors. In an equity case, the judge gives and has tremendous latitude and discretion about the rule, however, he wants to make something fair if he feels that that’s necessary in a case. What happens in those cases is you’d greatly damaged the value of law by doing that because there are no set boundaries in an equity case. In law, there are. Here’s the case before, here’s the case before that. In an equity case, “Even though this guy is 100% right, they’re 100% wrong. I’m just going to give green to this other poor guy because I feel sorry for him.” That’s how it works. Therefore, your law part is so diluted that nobody knows the difference anymore.

This administrative code is written for them. When I say them, I’m talking about federal government employees. Everybody that is attached to it. That attachment goes through all the states. Any state worker, those rules, ordinances and codes are for them. When they drag you into court, they want to put that on you. If you don’t know any difference, then you’re done.

I’ve read numerous cases toward the federal courts, especially the federal court. There are a few state ones, but they have said, “If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.” That’s true because you don’t know when you’re being run over and you don’t know how to defend it.

In your book, it talks about that the patent is prima facie conclusive evidence of title. It says a patent once issued is the highest evidence of title and is a final determination of the existence of the facts.

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Read that again. When I ask you to stop, stop because there’s a reason I’m going to do this. Read that again.

The patent is prima facie conclusive evidence of title.

That does not say that that letter is patent. That paper that you have is your title, does it?


It’s prima facie evidence of your title. If this is evidence of your title, then where is the title? If this is evidence, they’re called letter patents. They’re a one-page document that gives all it needs to be said on it. Your title is in law. Your title is in Constitutional Law. Your title cannot be altered, changed, deleted, manipulated or whatever because it’s in Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2. What’s interesting about that, once that patent is issued, that patent title for the sake of that is held constitutionally safe. That’s why no state court can screw with it. That’s why it cannot be impaired. That’s why you can’t exercise an ex post facto against it. That’s why it’s covered by Treaty Law and protected by Treaty Law. That’s why they cannot implement a bill of attainder. All those items are protective covenants to protect that patent and the holder of that patent. That’s why mortgage cannot infringe upon that patent. That’s why a court case cannot infringe, impair that obligation of that contract. I don’t know if you realize the point I’m making. It’s powerful stuff.

What they’ve had to do is create a word called real estate and dupe everybody.

JFS 16 | Land Patents
Land Patents: If they don’t bring a patent forward, they can’t do anything.


Let me ask a question, Ron, because you brought something up here. Let’s use my house as an example. Some place in the past in Texas, there has been a land patent here. The people that are trying to foreclose on my house don’t have that patent in their possession. They can’t foreclose on it. That was what I was after. That’s what I thought you said. It’s my job to bring that patent forward and claim it myself. Even if I don’t do that, if I can’t do that by the time if necessary, if they don’t bring a patent forward, they can’t do anything.

Let me give you a case in point because you bring up an excellent point. Without the title, there can be no infringement or movement of that property. Let me give you a case and I want you guys to look this case up. It’s a fabulous case. It’s listed in my book. It’s called Summa Corporation versus State of California Coastal Commission. It’s a 1984 case. What the state of California decided to do was to come and take by a compensatory taking of Summa Corporation’s tideland and lagoons that went out to the ocean. They took them under eminent domain, foreclosed on it, and the local courts said, “We’ll give your state that property.” Summa appealed. They went to the state appeals court. They ruled against them. They went to the Supreme Court of California. They rule against them. They went to the Federal District Court. They rule against them. They went through the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and they ruled against them. It was decided to hear the case by the US Supreme Court.

In that case, the Supreme Court stated, “Unless the state of California was named on the original patent, they could not come back at a later date and lay a claim to that property.” Bringing that point forward to your foreclosure issue, anyone that wants the foreclosure, you demand that you provide a title that’s superior to mine. Go down to your local County Recorder’s Office. If you know the patent number, if not, get ahold of the BLM and give them your metes and bounds off of your warranty deed and get a certified copy out of the BLM office. He had the General Land Office in Texas.

If you have the original record, get a certified copy. Go to your county recorder, take that document and say, “I want you to pull out of your archive record this exact document. When you find it, I want you to certify it and I’ll pay you for it. When Johnny Do Right comes along and tries to foreclose on your property, you hold that document up and say, “Would you please show me your superior title to that in my land patent?” Because unless he has one and he does it and he won’t and he can’t, in an essence, you have lawful standing to stand there and protect your property at any and all cost. That’s not just in the Summa case, there are numerous cases like that. That Summa case, the Supreme Court spelled it out, under Land Law, no land can be conveyed without a title. No land, zero. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. You have to have a title. The only title to that land is a patent.

You have a quote here in the book that says, “Once lost, those rights will be exceedingly hard if not impossible to reclaim.” Quite possibly as Thomas Jefferson said, “The children of this generation may someday wake up homeless on the land their forefathers founded.” We’re here. That day is now because unless you have a land patent, allodial title, you don’t own anything. Something else that’s really important. People are going into court need to realize that there is no money. You have nothing. When they want for you to pay a court cost or a court fee or whatever the case would be, you can very simply say, “I don’t own my car,” because you registered it with the state. You don’t own your home or your real estate because it’s registered with the state. You don’t own your money according to Title 12 411. You have nothing. What they’ve been able to do in a roundabout way over the century is steal everything from the American people.

They want us to be corporate slaves. Do you know what the true definition of human resource is? Corporate slave.

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That’s what we’ve become.

We’ve been positioned and had become. We’re a corporate slave.

Until the American people wake up and realize that the people in the administration are to work for us and they hijacked it. Administrative Procedures Act, is that correct?

Yes. I think it was June 11th if I remember correctly.

I looked up the date and it is 1946. One of the things that they have continued to promote through the media, through Hollywood, through everything else, and that is that we are a democracy. When in fact that’s not true. We are a republic.

We’re functioning as a democracy. That’s the difference.

JFS 16 | Land Patents
Land Patents: The American people need to realize that we’re the mark. We’re the product that the corporation is selling for profit.


We might be functioning as a minority because the persons in Washington and the persons in the states are the ones telling the people what to do. The American people don’t realize that we outnumber them. There was an article that came in Arizona about DNA testing. A Republican out there introduced a bill that said, “Anybody that has a license with the state is going to be required to give DNA.” They are pushing this closer and closer and closer to the mark of the beast. If Arizona does not rise up and throw this guy out of office and deal with him harshly and send a message to the rest of the legislature over there as well as all the states.

Here’s the other thing about what you said. Here you have a so-called Republican functioning full force in effect as a Democrat, as a liberal. There’s no difference. They’re all identities. They’re all criminals. They’re deceitful brats, deceivers, liars. Other Republicans turned on Trump when he won the election. His own party turned on him like a pack of wolves. That sold me everything. That’s what they do. The Bible says, “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Just because you wear a Republican pin doesn’t make you a Republican.

It was even back before Trump’s election, they did the same thing all the way through Bush’s tenure. All the Republicans lay contrary for everything the Democrats wanted.

What has become very apparent is that it is a theater. You have acting judges. You have the bailiff in the courtroom that wears a costume. The judge is wearing a costume. When you read the codes and statutes and everything else, you noticed the word acting like acting attorney general or acting judge or whatever the case is of their particular position because it’s all a theater. The American people need to realize that we’re the mark, we’re the product that the corporation is selling for profit.

You’d never sit down and play Monopoly and not have a clue of what the rules are or any game. This game of life, we’re too busy to read what their playbook is and what the rules are. They had written this so well. It reverts back to a Bible story where they were going to build the gallows, I believe it was Haman. What they have built, they’re going to hang themselves on. These rules, statutes, codes and everything else when the American people know how to use this correctly, we can beat them black and blue with their own statutes.

The Administrative Procedures Act and the statutes and codes were deliberately enacted and called what they were called to circumvent Common Law and God’s law. Do you know what the definition of legal is? It means as the circumventing of God’s law. That’s what the definition is.

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That gets back to a Babylonian type. What would be the right word? I don’t want to use the word state, a concept, the Babylonians did that. We see how well that worked out.

We live in interesting times. I’ve undertaken this issue of law. I’ve got a really good friend of mine I did some law work for. We’re over at his house. I’m sitting at the kitchen table. We got all done. He’d put them in his briefcase. He turned the chair around and he sat down on it right in front of me and he said, “Ron, I have a question for you.” I said, “What’s that?” He said, “Who’s your protege? Who’s going to take this on when you can’t or won’t or something happens to you?” He said, “Who have you got coming up through the ranks?” His name is Rick.

I said, “Rick, let me ask you a question.” I said, “Who do you know that has the background, the will to do it and will devote the time to do it to do what I do?” He pulled way back in his chair and he looked at me and he said, “I don’t know of anybody.” I said, “That’s my answer.” I look at what I do as a mission field. I’m not ashamed of my faith. All of my seminars, I make that fact known right up front. I want to honor in the glory of God. I pray that the day will come when he says, “Enter in now, my good and faithful servant,” because people need to know. I want to especially compliment and thank you too because the mission field that you’ve undertaken because what you’re doing is priceless. I find it astounding that God keeps bringing around believers to help me and to give me support and whatever. I’m dumbfounded at that. I asked for a lot of it. I asked for Godly wisdom and He keeps bringing people around me that are all believers.

When I saw one of your videos, I thought that’s right there because as we move forward and as they begin to squeeze more into people, they squeeze them out of their comfort zone. Here’s the thing about the devil and the satanic issue, is that they always overplayed their hand. They’re going to get the American people just like they have to wake up and to experience enough pain to say, “This is not right. I need to take action.” They’ve for the past several decades have worked diligently night and day to put the American people to sleep. They succeeded. They did a great job on it.

Trump was that turning point. President Trump was the only authority figure because it wasn’t in the churches, that called out fake news for what it really is. It is. It’s fake news. When you do the research with Operation Mockingbird and see that the CIA was the one that orchestrated all that, then you know that you’ve been programmed. Everything you see on television, everything you see in Hollywood. Hollywood is paid to lie. They’re the highest paid liars out there other than Washington, D.C.

The American people, they never saw it. They said, “We just want to be entertained.” It’s put them all to sleep. Those days are coming. That’s why it’s important to get this information and understand it. We’re talking to Ron Gibson of what you need to know about land patents and the reason that these land patents are so important because this is the foundation. Once you understand the foundation, then you can begin to build from there. In the book, you have the steps to your land patent. I think you’ve listed sixteen steps in here. This is a step by step.

JFS 16 | Land Patents
Land Patents: A home is a woman’s domain. If you threatened her home, you’re on the wrong side of the program.


If you’ll go through, read the book at least twice, pull some of these cases, then go back to these steps. You’ll have a real clear understanding of how to get your land patent. If you get your land patent and do nothing with it but you have it for that day, that day is coming up. If the people would have known about the March 9th, 1933 bankruptcy and the gold heist from the American people, if they would have been alerted to that before time, they would never have surrendered their gold. They’ve surrendered their gold. The next step is to surrender the land because all they have to do is double or triple your taxes and you’re done. They’ve stolen your property.

You hit on some important points. I cannot emphasize enough how important this stuff is. I have people all the time telling me, “It’s not affecting me. Why should I do anything about it?” I tried the best I can to let them know, “They’re coming, you’re next.” Do you remember that little saying about during World War II? “They came after the machinists. I didn’t speak up as I’m one of the machinists,” and I forget all of the parts of that. “They came after the Jew and I wasn’t a Jew. There was no one to speak up for me.” That little saying, I don’t have it correct, but the point of it is that we better take a stand.

Here’s a very important fact and that is when you’re in the heat of the battle, you’re not going to operate as well as not being in the heat of the battle. Therefore, learn this stuff before it starts.

I have an old saying and it’s called the Five P Principle: proper planning prevents poor performance. Michael Jordan didn’t become a basketball elite by practicing once or twice a week. Jerry Rice didn’t become the National League leader in receptions and yardage by practicing once or twice a week. Those men got in there and put blood, sweat and tears into doing it so when they got on the field they were winners. That’s what God asks us to do. We have too few people who want to do that.

This takes work and it takes practice on the front end before you ever get to the game. This book that you’ve written is your practice. To be able to go through it, to understand it, you list in your book a summary of a chain of title. I think in this particular case, it’s actually your chain of title that you’ve listed here. It goes back to 1862. That chain of title where you followed it back of who you bought the property from and then who they bought it from, that takes time to do. That takes a lot of work to do.

You’ve spent 30 years paying for your home and probably paid three times the value of it. With the property tax, that’s another 3%. At the end of 30 years, you’ve paid another 100%. You’ve paid four times for a piece of property. You’re too lazy to look up the title of who owns it. That doesn’t make sense at all. If you’re in a home and if you’re making a payment, instead of watching the football game, you ought to get down there and figure out the chain of title and get your allodial title.

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I couldn’t have said that any better because that is so true. The thing that I find interesting too, a lot of people who have taken on the challenge to land patent and forward have come back and told me, “I’m really glad I did it. It’s exciting. I know the total history. I know who bought it when looking through the county records, it’s a history book.” Especially with women, I was surprised how many women are excited to know what their land history is. I’ll tell you, there were a lot of women out there that will fight toe to toenail more so than a lot of men will to protect that home. It’s wonderful. A home is a woman’s domain. If you threatened her home, you’re on the wrong side of the program. Most women are going to defend it.

When you walk into the courtroom and you’ve tracked your patent all the way back to 1862, that judge realizes I’m not dealing with the regular dumb American football-watching knucklehead. I could have some liability here so I need to pay attention. It’s hard to refute that when you say, “No, I bought it in 2011 and here it is all the way back to 1862. Here’s my title. Where’s the bank’s title? Where is the city’s title, the county title, people trying to tax me?” It looks to me like all of you are colluding in fraud against me.

That’s exactly what they are doing. That’s another very good argument too in those situations of foreclosure. Fraud negates any and all contracts. If the bank or the finance company has created any fraud and they have, the first four days that the bank is involved with you. Are you with the bank? Therefore, frauds that are committed automatic right down the line.

There’s no contract. I liked the possibility or the thought of the possibility and probability of going in and looking at the mortgage company as far as a lawsuit, looking at the title company, looking at the city-county school district, and then being able to say, “I’ve been cheated and I want all my money back.” That’s when it’s going to get interesting because now all of a sudden these guys are going to start doing the pee dance trying to figure out, “I need to get out of this room because this is getting ready to get hot.” Justin, did you have anything that you wanted to add to this?

No, you covered it very well. Every time I talked to Ron I get more excited about this.

I wanted to get into the IMF and track this thing back. There’s a spot in the book that I’ve been thumbing through to try and find where you describe the IMF and exactly what they’re doing. It’s a couple of pages. When I read that it was like, “Oh my goodness.” All of a sudden it made so much sense to me. It makes sense what they’re doing. In thumbing through this, I didn’t find it but I’ll find the IMF page in there because that is fascinating.

We’re trying to find stuff, Ron, and we’ve written several letters about the phrase in this state because that is so critical because when you can bust that issue right there, this whole administrative Pinocchios is exposed. We now have them to the point we’re going to file suit against the secretary of state because he’s the keeper of the record. He’s the one that must produce the lands ceded to the United States and based on them hiding everything and the way that they’ve treated us, they don’t have it. He’s also violated the public information request. They’ve just completely run all over that. We have to do a little bit more research on that. Holding these public officials accountable for what they’re supposed to do, it’s a treasure trove of great stuff because they’re not even following their own guidelines at all.

I teach four law classes a month on different subjects of law. I did a series of classes on the breach of fiduciary duty. I would like to encourage you to go look at that. You can pull it up on the internet or if you want information, I’ll be glad to send it to you. That’s right down your alley of what you’re talking about because that’s what they’ve done. I get in the middle of politicians and so-called public servants face a lot, especially a police officer, and they’ll say, “I’m just doing my job.” I’m telling you that winds me up tighter than a nine-day clock. I said, “I don’t care about your job. I really don’t. What I care about is your duty, your fiduciary, your moral duty, your legal duty. What you’re doing is a job, but you’re well out of bounds.” I love to sue those kinds of cases because they’re so easy to prove. It’s a fact they’ve done what they’ve done. They can’t hide it. You go into the public record, you pull all of that. How were you trained, when were you trained?” It’s amazing. You can mop the floor with those teams. It’s based upon a breach of fiduciary duty. If you’re going to do a suit, please include that because that covers a multitude of areas that are very critical.

One of the things that most people don’t realize is the only purpose for government is to secure the rights that were given to me by my Creator. It’s not to pave the roads, take the garbage out, or provide water. The only thing they’re supposed to do is secure my rights. That’s it.

That’s their primary function is to protect rights and property.

Property is right.

That’s where we get our rights is with the property. Wayne Haig said it best, “If you don’t own the property, our property.”

Ron, thank you very much for your time and your information. We’ll talk to you then.

You’re welcome. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on your program. I pray to God that it bears fruit because it’s important stuff, whether they realize it now or not.

Thank you very much. God bless you.

About Ron Gibson

JFS 16 | Land Patents

Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years, has been in the construction and mining business. Ron is an engineer by training and secondary studies include constitutional law. Ron has worked for 19 years in mining and general consulting. He is also a mineral producer by profession. Ron has been involved in both precious metals in Industrial Minerals development in all phases. Ron’s background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling and testing, sampling, plant layout, and design Ron has run the day-to-day operation including marketing, environmental studies, estimating and many other phases of mining operations.

As a managing consultant for large investment groups, Ron learned very early on the five “P” Principle: Proper, Planning, Prevents Poor, Performance.

Ron’s background in law includes a counselor at Law and he is in the process of obtaining his Private Attorney General authority from the Senate Judiciary.


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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Part III with Ron Gibson

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund


The International Monetary Fund, formed in 1945 and headquartered in Washington, DC, was founded to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world among its 189 countries. Yet why does the IMF have a hidden lien on your property? What can you do about this criminal attack on the American people? Together with Ron Gibson and our trusty sidekick, Justin Allen Case, we expose the deep state and how they are robbing you blind without you knowing. Once you know this trick, you can make your move to remove your home from the tax rolls. You can even feel free to give your state, county, and local city money if you want. Also, if you want your administrators to follow the rule of law, then you need to hold the purse because we will show you how.

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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Part III with Ron Gibson

Why Does The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Have A Hidden Lien On Your Property

We’ll be joined by Ron Gibson and our trusty sidekick, Justin Allen Case. I wanted to get into a couple of articles before we start our show to inform the audience of some interesting things getting ready to happen. I want to read an article or a portion of an article that was updated February 20th, 2019 by the Arizona Republic. You may soon have to give your DNA to the State and pay $250 for the privilege. I’m reading a corrected article, I’ll go ahead and read the corrections and clarifications. An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed Senator David Livingston’s title. Arizona could soon be one of the first States to maintain a mass statewide DNA database. That’s not true. All of the states have your DNA. At birth, they get your blood and create DNA. The federal government pays the states for the DNA and the birth certificate. The birth certificate is a corporate fiction that they create after stealing your birth name.

That’s why your birth certificate is in all caps. Your driver’s license is in all capital letters and nowhere in these style manuals is there any place for all capitalization of a word, unless it’s an acronym. They have created a corporate fiction and they’ve gotten you to go along with it. Back to the article, if this proposed legislation passes, many people from parents, school of volunteers and teachers to real estate agents and foster parents will have no choice but to give up their DNA. You do have a choice and that is not to. Tell the state to go find somebody else because there’s plenty of people asleep willing to give up their DNA and security for enslavement. Under Senate Bill 1475 which Senator David Livingston, Republican Peoria introduced, DNA must be collected from anyone who has been fingerprinted by the state for a job. Let’s think about that, are senators fingerprinted? That would exclude them. How about other public officials, are they fingerprinted? Could be but I doubt it, I’m sure there’s a loophole in there.

I’m sure judges are not fingerprinted and pretty sure attorneys are not fingerprinted but I’m willing to stand corrected because I don’t want to look it up. I don’t care. The bill is so ridiculous that if the people from Arizona don’t throw this bum out immediately, rise up and take action then maybe you deserve what’s coming. Hopefully that won’t happen. Let me continue to read the article. “To volunteers in certain positions or for a myriad of other reasons, the bill would even authorize the medical examiner’s office in each county to take DNA from any bodies that come into their possessions.” I wonder why they’d want to do that. “The Department of Public Safety would maintain the collected DNA alongside a person’s name.” That would be the corporate fiction, a person’s name. “Social Security number, date of birth and last known address. Any DNA in the database could be accessed and used by law enforcement and criminal investigations.” Let me stop right there. They could use it to create a criminal investigation.

They wouldn’t do that. Back to the text, “It could also be shared with other governmental agencies across the country for licensing, death registration, to identify a missing person or to determine someone’s real name. It could also be provided to someone conducting legislative research.” A $250 fee could be collected from a person because they can’t collect it from a human who submits biological samples according to the bill. It’s not clear who would foot the cost for the dead. That’s already been determined. Back to the text. “No other state does this.” I would respectfully disagree. No other state has told you that they’re doing this. “No other state has anything this expansive in place.” According to David Cane and Associate Dean for Research at Penn State University, who studies genetics and its applicable law. He needs to go back and look at the birth certificate. Cane said the proposed bill is one step away from requiring DNA from anyone who wants a driver’s license.

That’s such a big subject. I’m not even going to handle the driver’s license at this point. In Arizona, DNA is collected from anyone convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, sex crime. If passed, the bill would expand the current database exponentially. The proposed database appears to be focused on making it easier for law enforcement to use DNA in investigations but Cane said, “It’s not focusing on the people most likely to be linked to a crime. It’s spreading the net more broadly. There are questions about whether certain requirements of the database are even legal in the first place,” Cane said. Let me stop right there. If it was completely illegal and they couldn’t do that other than an attorney, who’s going to say anything? The answer is nobody because if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.

Land patent is your God-given rights, not the rights that the government or the alleged government gives to you. Click To Tweet

A Federal Law known as The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act bars employers from using DNA testing as a condition of employment. That is a trick sentence. It leads you to the impression that there is an act that’s going to protect you. I guarantee you we don’t have time to get into that. I guarantee you if you dig into that act, it does nothing like that. Connections to the Hacienda case, police collected DNA from male employees after the woman unexpectedly gave birth in December, nursing care facility employees like Sutherland would have to submit their DNA under the proposed legislation. This could have expedited the Hacienda investigation and would assist with any similar cases in the future. There’s always a reason why they have to come in and take your rights. One guy that everybody has to give up their right to privacy. This is a fabricated story and a lie on that particular statement. It’s not clear whether the proposed legislation was crafted in response to this crime.

The reason that it’s mentioned is to put in your subconscious mind, “Good point. Yes, they should. If they had their DNA, they could have found out who did it a lot sooner.” Livingston has not publicly explained the motivation behind the bill. He didn’t respond to multiple calls from the Arizona Republic. He’s probably not because he doesn’t have to. If nobody throws a fit, they slide this right in there. Liz Recchia, Director of Government Affairs for the West Maricopa Association of Realtors said, “The organization is against the bill.” She urged readers in an industry blog to brace themselves before looking at the bill. It isn’t very often a bill at the state legislature affects so many Arizonian civil rights in such an onius manner. Recchia wrote, “Dozens of individuals and organizations have registered in opposition to the bill, including Arizona Police Association, the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association, the Arizona Association of Realtors and the American Council of engineer companies of Arizona.”

How about you file suit against this guy? Are any of those associations going to pick that one up? I’m going to tell you they’re not. They’re going to moan and complain and do a whole lot of nothing. Maybe they’ll hear the audio and a light a fire under him to do something. A DPS spokesman said the department doesn’t come in on pending legislation. Thanks for the clarification. Senate Bill 1475 is scheduled for a public hearing Wednesday before the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee, which Livingston chairs. Transportation and Public Safety, I guarantee you it’s getting into the driver’s license and it will get into everything you have. It’s the start of the facial recognition, the DNA to tie you one step closer to the corporate fraudulent birth certificate account, corporate fiction that is filed in the State of Washington DC. I thought it was important to bring this up as we get into land patents. What does this have to do with land patents? It’s ownership and it’s your God-given rights, not the rights that the government or the alleged government gives to you.

The people are the government, the people are sovereign and you cannot be a sovereign citizen. You cannot be a free slave. That’s an oxymoron and people that use that term drop the oxy. Let’s go to the next issue. Until the American people step up and stop acting like slaves, then you’ll always be a slave. It is not my fault. It’s not their fault. It’s the responsibility that belongs squarely on you. You’re responsible. If you don’t know your rights, then you don’t have any rights. All humans are God-given rights. If you don’t know how to operate your God-given rights, they will run all over you. The first action is thought. It’s consciousness and the globalists have controlled your thoughts through programming. You may say, “They haven’t programmed me and they sure don’t control me.” I would have to say, “Let’s do something fun.”

Raise your right hand and repeat after me. Come on, it’s all in fun. It may save your life and your freedom. Raise your right hand and repeat after me. I swear or affirm to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. You are now sworn in under pains, penalties of perjury. Let’s have some fun, answer truthfully. Here we go. Are you a US citizen? You may answer it. Yes, I am. The next question, do you have a job where you worked for money? Most of you would say yes. How do you get to work each day? Did you say drive? Number four, what did you drive? A motor vehicle. Do you own your own motor vehicle? That could be, “Yes, I do or the bank owns it. I’ve almost got it paid off or no, I take the bus.”

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.


Number six, is your motor vehicle registered with the state? Most people are going to say yes, it is. Number seven, while you were driving to work and your motor vehicle, did you make sure to obey all the traffic laws while operating your motor vehicle? Most people would say yes. If so, why did you do that? Was it because the police officer may give you a ticket? Most people would say yes. Do you have a driver’s license? Most people would say yes. You took a test, passed the test and they issued your driver’s license. Most people would say, “Yes.” “May I see your driver’s license?” “Yes. Here you go.” “Is this your driver’s license?” “Yes, that’s my driver’s license.” “Do you even understand the Transportation Laws or the laws in this state?” “Yes.”

Do you have your Social Security card? “Yes.” Do you have it on you? “No.” Do you know your Social Security number? “Yes.” Can you tell the court your Social Security number? “Sure, X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X.” Are you sure that’s your number? “Yes.” Those are a few questions, let’s go back and review your answers. Question Number one, we’ll review your answers along with what you think is the right answer that you gave and the real answer. The answer that you gave, you’ve been programmed to give. Number one, here’s the question, are you a US citizen? The obvious answer is yes. The real answer is that you are not a US citizen. You are a human and you have placed yourself in slavery, voluntarily. A human cannot be free and a slave.

The definition of United States is found in Title 28, USC 3002 15(A). What it says is United States means a Federal Corporation. How can you be a citizen of a Federal Corporation? The answer is you can’t but that birth certificate, it sure can be. If they can trick you into thinking that the birth certificate and you are one and the same, that’s where the problem starts. The name that the deep state, senior executive services, globalism, New World Order, Luciferians have given you was stolen at birth and they created an artificial person. However, you did not know that. When they called out that artificial name in class for twelve years or longer, you have been programmed to answer, “Here.” Number two, do you have a job where you worked for money? Most would answer yes, you may be working but it’s not for money. You’re working for a note. A note is not money. It’s a note that has no redemption date. It’s a promise to pay you but they never tell you when you will be paid, how you will be paid or if you will ever be paid. The money that you think you have is not yours at all.

Look up Title 12 Section 411. It’s a credit line issued to the Federal Reserve banks and for no other purposes. The money that you have in your pocket, the money that you think you have in the bank, you don’t own it. Number three, how do you get to work each day? Did you say drive? What did you drive? A motor vehicle? A motor vehicle is a term that they created that is in commerce. You have said in number five, do you own your motor vehicle? Most people would say yes but the real answer is you don’t own it. Number six says, is it registered with the State? You said, yes. You don’t own your motor vehicle. The State owns it. Anything you register, you have given it away. You pay for it. You pay for the upkeep, the gas, the tires, the maintenance and the insurance and you don’t even own it. You think you do but you don’t. You don’t have the title. Once you pay it off, you may get a Certificate of Title, but that’s not the title. It’s a Certificate of Title. You don’t own the vehicle.

Number seven, while you were driving to work in your motor vehicle, did you make sure to obey all the traffic laws while operating your motor vehicle? Yes, of course. There are eight words that you should write down and put on your wall. I’ll read these words to you and I have used all of these words in the questioning and that is this State, law, police officer, operate, drive, motor vehicle, vehicle and transportation. All of those words are words found in commerce. Why is that important? If you are driving to a job where you are being paid for driving, then you need a driver’s license. If you are traveling to the store or traveling to your work then you don’t need a driver’s license but they’ve convinced the American public that you must have a driver’s license. It is so far from reality that people have a very hard time getting their minds around this. If you were on the stand and I ask you, “You took a test and pass the test and they issued your driver’s license to you?” You said, “Yes.”

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When I asked, may I see your driver’s license? You said, “Sure, here.” Then I clarified it further and said, is this your driver’s license? You’d say, yes. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not your driver’s license. It’s not your Social Security number. It’s not your card. You own nothing. Under perjury, you have perjured yourself with these questions. Is that my driver’s license? Your license? Whose license is it? When the cop stops you on the side of the road, he asks you for your license and you voluntarily give it to him not thinking about he’s violating The Fifth Amendment that you have a right not to be a witness against yourself. By handing him the driver’s license, you’ve become a witness against yourself and it’s a downhill spiral from there. I’ve asked you, do you understand the Transportation Laws or the laws in this State? I can assure you that you probably don’t. The point of this is to give you an idea of whenever you talk to a government administrative person because I don’t want to say official. If you’ve ever noticed, they’re public servants when they’re running for office and then they’re officials after they get in.

When you’re talking to a public servant, never ever answer a question. Never ever make a statement of fact. You should be the one asking your public servant the questions, not the other way around. They have turned this whole ship to where we think that we own our Social Security cards. We own our driver’s license. We own our vehicles, we own our houses, we own the things that we buy, when in fact you own nothing unless you own silver or gold. I don’t sell silver or gold. I’m not promoting that. I’m not on this bandwagon that the whole economy’s going to crash. You better get silver and gold. I’m making a point and that point is you don’t have what you think you have. If you’re not willing to invest in your education to find out the truth, then maybe you deserve what you have. That’s a hard statement but when you ask yourself that question, if I’m too lazy, too apathetic, too stupid to learn this, then maybe I do deserve it. I want to pull back a word and that’s stupid.

You can be ignorant about something but have the desire to begin to learn it and you can learn it. I could learn to be an astronaut if I wanted to but I have no desire to learn that. Am I ignorant about that issue or about space? Probably but it’s not important me, I’m not going to spend the time on it. This that we’re talking about has to do with your freedom and at any point in time you can be in jeopardy and you need to know your rights. This first article that I read to you is only the beginning of what’s coming and I’m not a fearmonger and I’m not trying to get you into fear and trying to get you into fact because fear is false evidence appearing real. That’s the acronym. You don’t need to fear this because we have it on black ink, on white paper, the facts that America has been hijacked from within and we can prove that. The best place of proving this is to the American people. When you figure out how bad you’ve been robbed, cheated and lied to, I hope it fires you up. If it doesn’t, your wood is wet. I don’t know what it takes to get you motivated to get in the game.

Under this scenario, this little game that we had that we asked the questions and you could answer the questions, I’d like to first of all thank you. I’ll go ahead and go back into the role play of this. I had to tell you how this would end up for you. The prosecuting attorney would say, “Congratulations. You have won our grand prize. Bailiff, please tell our contestant what they’ve won.” Bailiff, “Put your hands behind your back and count the clicks. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I’ve read to you?” With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me? If you say anything other than no, you need to have a psychological examination. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, it does not say anything you say can help you. Anything you say will be twisted to their advantage. They’re not about fair or even what’s right.

It’s all about control and that is the trick that has been placed on the trusting public orchestrated with the intent to deceive you by all your so-called government officials. Their goal is to cheat you out of your labor. Let me read another interesting piece that headlines with the voice I had put out and I thought this was so good that I wanted to read a portion of this for my audience. It starts off since 1996 it’s been legal to lie to Congress, true story. On October 11th at 1996, The False Statement Accountability Act was sponsored by one-term freshman Senator William J. Martini, who later became a federal judge. It included a particular subsection, Subsection B. That permits judges, attorneys and parties to lie to Congress, courts and agencies without liability. This law has been affirmed several times by ninth circuit Judge Susan B. Grabber, the Clinton appointee. In US versus McNeil she wrote, “Congress chose to exempt from criminal liability certain lies to federal governments. Statements made in judicial proceedings are excluded from liability under the statute by Section B.”

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: You should be the one asking your public servant the questions, not the other way around.


In US versus Horvath she wrote, “Criminal liability does not attach to material false statements submitted by a party to a judge in judicial proceedings even if the party makes a statement knowingly and willfully.” Coincidentally the same day the False Statements Accountability Act was passed. Leader Technologies, former patent attorney and national security advisor to the Clintons, the Bushes, Obamas James P. Chandler passed his Federal Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage Act of 1996. Has anyone told Roger Stone’s attorney that it’s legal to lie to Congress? Because it works both ways. They can lie to you, you can lie to them. Let me break away from the text that is if you know it back to the text, you can also tell the truth or you could tell the truth but lie and say it’s a lie. Once it becomes legal to lie to Congress, the courts in all areas of government that operate under this legal to lie law abrogate their purpose under the US Constitution. How do we know that William Barr’s testimony was truthful? What about Mueller? Which all its entrapment lies but that’s okay because it’s legal to lie in the swamp.

The CEO of Google can lie, so can Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, the Federal Reserve and the Supreme Court of the United States nominees. In the swamp, it’s legal to lie. They actually wrote a law that makes it legal to lie. They don’t have to tell us the truth about anything. Legally, they can lie. They have national security secrets, classified information, counterintelligence secrets, servers plus it’s legal to lie. Since 1996 these swamp rats have lied to the American people and the world and all the while it’s legal. Did I mention that it’s legal? They’re showing us every day, all day long with deceptive obfuscation lawfare and propaganda that it’s legal to lie. Ron, how are you?

How are you doing?

Ron, I was going through on the book what you need to know about land patents. On page 31, I came across something that I thought, maybe I should read this and then we could talk about it and it’s about the IMF issue. Let me read this through but it says federal liens on property tax. In the de jure, the United States of America and under the common law, the land patent is the highest evidence of title for sovereign American citizens. Evidence of allodial title and true ownership but in a bankruptcy and de facto Federal United States inhabited by US citizens and directed by its creditors under admiralty law, the real estate is collateral hypothecated against the debt, which has been fraudulently transferred to the international bankers regarding your property, there is a hidden federal lien on all real estate in the Federal United States because of the federal debt to the International Monetary Fund. This federal lien is not attached to the land but to the property in real estate situated above the land. It is assessed and collected through the property tax.

Editor’s note, Eric Madsen asserts real estate of the United States was quick claim deed to the International Monetary Fund, IMF by the last sitting US Supreme Court in 1944 as their last action. Title interest in land still belongs to we the people, the king released the liens on equitable title. Discover how much federal debt is attached to your property and real estate by writing the Department of the Interior and requesting an accounting of what portion of the federal debt is attached to your property to motivate them, tell them that you want to pay off the debt in full. Borrow firms if necessary to discharge the debt in full or offer to pay the debt in full with gold or silver, they will refuse to accept. You can sue the title company for treble damages for not revealing the hidden Federal lien when you purchase the property and the real estate in the first place.

If you don't know how to operate your God-given rights, they will run all over you. Click To Tweet

They fail to perform on their end of the contract. They will likely settle out of court. This lien must be satisfied, paid or released to own equitable title to your property and real estate free and clear as well as any outstanding bank mortgages. Notify the county tax assessor that the taxes liens have been satisfied in full. Please take us off the tax rolls forever. Ron, there’s a lot of great information in there. I wanted to cover that and then we can move on into some other areas. Once you get this information in any court situation, evidence is paramount and you have to get everything in order before you start any type of transaction. We had looked up and Justin if you had this available about the UCC, if you could pull up that little section and read that for us, then we can start our discussion.

“3-603 of the Uniform Commercial Code Subsection, Tender of Payment. If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person in title to enforce the instrument, the effective tender is governed by principles of law applicable to tender of payment under simple contract. Subsection B, if a tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument and the tender is refused, there is discharge to the extent of the amount of tender of the obligation of an endorser or accommodation party having a right of recourse with respect to the obligation to which the tender relates.” That’s the end of the quote. There’s a Subsection C but it’s not important. What I wanted to bring up is, it talks about the person entitled to enforce and that’s governed by 3-301 of the UCC and that’s generally the person who is the holder of the note, the instrument or the person that he is authorized to act on his behalf, who is in possession of the original instrument. That’s who it’s talking about here. If you were to take gold for example and offer to pay the note and they refused it as you say, they will in the book, it’s a done deal. It’s over.

They cannot accept gold and silver.

If they don’t accept it, it’s in violation of the Constitution because the Constitution only provides for two types of currency with gold and silver coin.

You’re forgetting the corporations are not under the Constitution. That’s the reason that the Administrative Procedures Act was implemented in I think June 11th, 1946 but they became a privately held corporation. In that, corporations have no Constitutional protection. That’s the reason that they don’t adhere to the constitution. They do it to a piece of people because they’re afraid the people are going to find out what criminals they are. You notice if I can go back to what you read or what Joseph was reading there in that, real estate and allodial lands are not one and the same. When they talk about real estate, they’re talking about the redefined land. It doesn’t change the land but they changed the definition of that land to real estate, which means that it’s real land but the ownership to that is held by the States. The states then when they took it, I don’t know if I told them the story on how about that came about but they then turn around and surrendered that land to the IMF, to pay off the national debt.

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: The land patent is the highest evidence of title for sovereign American citizens.


They had no authority to do that because the allodial titles, that all lands were conveyed by act of Congress, Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2. In the disposal of those lands, all of those lands were disposed under an allodial designation and jurisdiction. This issue of jurisdiction is tremendously important that 99% of the people have no clue what it even means. When you talk about or we talk about jurisdiction, it means a complete a story about what governs any particular situation. The Corpus Juris Secundum 73B states and I quote, “Once the land patent is issued, neither party can change anything on that land patent.” In other words, it stands forever and it states so right on the document itself. It is your underside to heirs and their heir’s undersides forever. If you look in the scripture, there are eleven different scriptures that address God has given his people the right of land and land ownership.

Not only that, the protection of that land through jurisdiction. You come along several thousand years later, however many you want to count and all of a sudden, an entity decides we’re going to change the government structure. We’re going to pass laws to our benefit only and we’re going to do it at the expense of the people and their land. There’s no lawful authority to do that. There’s none at all. That’s how this issue came up about pledging the people’s land to put us back into slavery and bondage. I’ve looked this stuff up for 48 years, I’ve never found it. I’ve talked to other people who are as learned in land law as myself. They’ve never found it either.

If I would have turned the page, which I didn’t but if I have turned the page, you have UCC 1-306. In the Texas UCC, it’s 3.603 Texas Business Code. They have used the trick words. That’s some of the things that were going through. One of the trick words that they have used in Texas and I believe they’ve used this in a majority of the States that we’ve looked at but it’s the term, in this State. In Texas in the tax code Title 2 Subsection E Chapter 151, it says, “In this state means within the exterior limits of Texas and includes all territories within these limits, seated to or owned by the United States.”

We’ve written a letter to the governor, to the attorney general and to the secretary of state. We’ve gotten Scooby Doo responses. They referred us to different places without answering the letter. We finally got to one department that sent us three by five cards of primarily VA hospitals. The word, “In this state,” like real estate is an ethereal term that they’ve made up, so to speak. That’s how they’re able to tax property in this State but they can’t tax property on the organic lands. We’ve also discovered over the past five or six years that all attorneys are licensed to practice law in this State because they can’t practice on the organic land where the Constitution is attached.

You mentioned the administrative code and the administrative code is in direct conflict with the Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Therefore, any part of the administration code that is in conflict with the Constitution is null and void. I wanted to point out that the administrative code cannot usurp the Constitution.

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That’s right but they’re doing it and it’s like Title 18, 1001 where it talks about lying to Congress, lying in judicial proceedings and things like that. They’ve set up Section A and when you read through on Section A, when you get finished reading A you say, “That pretty much clears it up.” Almost nobody reads Section B. Section B is the exception and that’s why you’re having Lois Lerner that can lie before Congress. You’re having all these other people that can lie before Congress and nothing ever happens. You have Roger Stone that they want to get mean with, so to speak, to indict and arrest and portray him on TV as a criminal. When in fact, it may have been something that he didn’t remember to the T but we’ve all seen Clinton. We’ve seen the rest of them absolutely lie to Congress, no ands, ifs or buts, and nothing happens to him.

One thing that I think is important needs to be said and nobody wants to hear this. Going back to the implementation, the unlawful implementation and passage of Congress of The Administrative Procedures Act, there was no authority for Congress to do that to start with. Every one of them there created a war on the Constitution. Every one of them created treason that supported and voted for that. What happens in an issue like that is the very fact that they function as a criminal entity because they’re warring against the Constitution. They’re all traitors to this nation and Christian heritage. The whole function of this so-called government is on the basis of criminality. That’s why nobody gets arrested. That’s why no one goes to jail. That’s why they don’t want the truth to come out. They want one lie on top of another to hide what the truth is of what they’re doing. The American people are sitting idle for the most part, not all and doing nothing.

I have a saying, there are three types of people that I’ve learned in my life in this world. Number one is those who make things happen. Number two, those who watch things happen. Number three are those who will look around one day and wonder what happened. Unless you’re a doer, you will never see the truth of what’s actually going on because you have to peel these layers of the onion back, if I can use that as an illustration. Texas claims to be a Lone Star State and it was. The reason that it’s not being incorporated like all the other 49 States had done and therefore they’re under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. They get Federal money and I could go on and on. Until the people change, then that it is going to continue. The criminality will continue, it will get worse and we will be more adversely affected. A lot of people don’t want to hear that but it’s a fact of the matter.

The Federal Reserve Note is what ropes in the different States. One of the things that you’re going to start to see come up will be the people finally having enough and say the fraud is too much. These people need to go to jail and it’s going to get back to the pitchforks and lantern type of deal. When they start to realize that this QAnon movement got hijacked and put out the narrative of trust Sessions, trust the plan, trust Horwitz and the reality is what they’re trying to do is to keep the people in idle mode so they can waste time. The people do nothing but wait and wait while the criminality continues. That’s getting exposed and it’s been discovered that Sessions was a rat after all. He wasn’t a white hat. He was a rat and they got rid of him. Horwitz didn’t do anything and there is no plan. The plan is to keep the people in the dark and not active.

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Therefore, any part of the administration code that is in conflict with the Constitution is null and void.


We’re getting ready to see this country get really active to where the people say enough is enough. Until they understand this, as far as the trick goes and have a consciousness to ask the question, “Why am I paying taxes on my home and why do they continue to go up? I don’t even have kids in school.” They may say, “I have kids in school, I don’t like what they’re teaching there but I’m funding it every month.” They don’t think that there’s an option but there is an option. You can take steps to get your property, to get your land or to get your house, whatever the correct word is off the tax roles, to where you no longer get tax notices. You’re out of the system because you’ve exposed their hand.

If you look and I’ve not looked at all of the Constitution but I’ve looked at a great number of them, know where do I find that the State Constitution, let alone the Federal. The Federal does not allow an ad valorem tax, which is a direct tax and that’s the means in which they taxed the people’s property and land. I don’t know if you know this or not, probably do but the intent of this whole Agenda 21 was attainable development, whatever term you want to put on it. It’s designed so that nobody ends up on in any private land. There is a tremendous and since and dedicated effort to which destroy that God-given right. They do it through taxes, you are used in the utility bill. You watch what happens in the next two to three years on utility costs. It’s already showing up but for those of you who don’t see it yet, you will see that’s why these smart meters are put it. We’re having a battle over the smart meters. Those smart meters and stuff are a trespass upon the patent. They have no validity unless you choose to have that. You’ve got arms linked government entity in your home 24 hours a day. That’s not a good deal.

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That thing is spying on everything that you’re doing. Not only that but it’s also sending harmful waves throughout your house, even if you did not want to have the fight with the city and county at that State, if you had your title and they told you that it’s a mandate or an ordinance that you have to have a smart meter at that point in time, at least you have something to fight with. Without the allodial title, what they’re going to tell you is that the city or the State passed an ordinance, a law, a rule or a statute that all real estate must have a smart meter on it. That’s the trick when they use that word, real estate must have the smart meter on it. If you have your allodial title, you can tell them no. They don’t have the title to it, you do. The mortgage company doesn’t have the title to it, you do. In your book where you defined about trying to protect yourself on a foreclosure. It says that a mortgage is a commercial lien and does not convey an estate or title. A bank has to prove that it has title to the land in order to take it over. The title company insures absolutely nothing except equity.

When you deal with a court mortgage, they don’t invest any money at all. There’s no loan but in that, there’s no title conveyed to them at the time that you signed the document. Those were not true contracts anyway, that’s a whole other subject. The point being is that for a mortgage company to foreclose, you’re absolutely right. They have to have a title. There is no title and the title is held by the allodial grantee or assignee, he has the title and you can go back in each one of the properties it’s been sold. By adverse possession, you can pick that property up because under Land Law you cannot convey and a piece of property without a title, a warranty deed or a sheriff sale. That sale is not a title, there’s no title. Here we are pretending that there is a title when in fact it does not exist, not in that context. The only title is the patent.

When you ask the sheriff or send them a letter and demand that the mortgage companies show titles since the sheriff is the one that’s executing the foreclosure or the first part of it, have you had any success with that and dealing with the sheriffs or do you immediately get into the court case?

Yes, on several occasions we’ve had good success doing that.

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: Patents are protected by treaty law and there isn’t a court in the land that can supersede that treaty nor its protective covenants.


Dealing with the sheriff?

Yes. I don’t think you can adequately do it with a letter and there’s nothing wrong because that is what’s defined in the document. You want to go right down there and get right in front of it and say, “Here, this is an allodial title.” In my book on page five or seven or whatever it is, it shows you where I proved that it’s an allodial title because the General Land Office said it was. Page 28 and 29, then you show them Corpus Juris Secundum 73B and then you show them and our State, Redfield versus Fisher Case, United Oregon Supreme Court Case that says that you can’t tax that land. There are case after case, on and on it goes. What you’re looking at in dealing with the sheriff in a case like this, that you respectfully let him know that he then becomes an accessory to the fact.

I do know of which particular case where the individual went to the US. Marshall’s office, took his documents and told them that the sheriff is going to hold a sale in two days. The US Marshall’s office intervenes and told that sheriff that conducted that sale that they would come and arrest him because the government has an obligation to which to protect that patent. That’s what Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 is, they cannot impair the obligation of contract Fletcher versus Peck. You cannot impair the obligation of contract and on and on it goes. There are numerous protective covenants having to do with that land patent but everybody wants to ignore it. The courts, I could give you all Oregon statute to choose they can ignore it. ORS 93.650 says that any patent that’s certified can be brought into any of the courts, 93.680 basically it’s the same thing.

On the Federal side of 43 USA 57 and 83, the Supremacy Clause, Article 6 Clause 2, Article 1, Section 10 Clause 1, all of those are protective covenants. Patents are protected by treaty law and there isn’t a court in the land that can supersede that treaty nor its protective covenants. Patents are protected by treaty law. There isn’t a court in the land that can supersede that treaty nor its protective covenants. The State courts do have the authority to validate that patent but not to rule against it. They can only affirm that in fact that patent. Courts by law and the court rules when they have a land patent issue is that they’re not going to support that they have to recluse themselves. That’s how powerful that patent document is. We have so many people that don’t know what it is.

I was talking to a gentleman said that they talked to the head surveyor in the State. He never heard of the allodial title. I talked to the head guy in Portland, Oregon where I live. People were being foreclosed on and I told that head Department of Justice guy that they had an allodial title or patent. He said, “What’s that?” Everybody in the room turned around and looked at me. I explained to him what a patent was. I said, “Not only it’s a patent, but it’s also allodial.” He said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never heard any of this.” I stood there shaking my head.

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Therefore, since he hasn’t heard of it, it can’t be true.

Yes, it doesn’t exist.

In some of the Texas cases that we’ve seen, Justin is up on that a little bit better where they have a rule in Texas.

There are Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 736, which is a fast track to foreclosures. Is that what’s about?

Yes, that’s it. Can you explain that?

It allows the bank to foreclose on your property without any evidence. You don’t get a jury trial, you don’t get discovery and you don’t have the right to appeal.

That’s a Constitutional violation. That’s called a Bill of Attainder and if you go to Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1, you will see the three main items that are listed there. When you get into that it says, no States to legislate a Bill of Attainder. A Bill of Attainder is an interesting document. It means that they become the accuser. If I can put it, even if it’s up a paper arrest. They are the judge and the jury and they’re the executioner. You never get the right of any defense called new process by a jury trial or a court hearing to protect your rights. You don’t get the right of cross-examination.

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JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund

Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years, has been in the construction and mining business. Ron is an engineer by training and secondary studies include constitutional law. Ron has worked for 19 years in mining and general consulting. He is also a mineral producer by profession. Ron has been involved in both precious metals in Industrial Minerals development in all phases. Ron’s background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling and testing, sampling, plant layout, and design Ron has run the day-to-day operation including marketing, environmental studies, estimating and many other phases of mining operations.

As a managing consultant for large investment groups, Ron learned very early on the five “P” Principle: Proper, Planning, Prevents Poor, Performance.

Ron’s background in law includes a counselor at Law and he is in the process of obtaining his Private Attorney General authority from the Senate Judiciary.


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