JFS 20201217 – The Supreme Court Exposed

The Supreme Court Exposed

In this video, we cover some fascinating stories. Mark Zuckerberg is finally going to be exposed for the fraud that he and other deep state members have participated in ever since Facebook’s creation. Facebook was never for your entertainment and enlightenment; it was nothing more than a data-collecting machine. This data would be used against you, and you are the product.
We also cover ex FBI agent Strzok (remember him and his lover Lisa Page), knowing that the Steele Dossier was specifically designed to slander President Donald Trump. One of the reasons that President Trump always addressed Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as lovers were that they were plotting to kill President Trump. We don’t believe for one moment that they were actual lovers, but soon we will be able to see the text messages that the FBI thinks they have destroyed forever, and again this is our opinion only.
We also cover a story about the mass exodus from New York City; Governor Cuomo better wake-up and smell the coffee pretty quick.
We also cover something that most of the American people do not know or understand, and that is asset forfeiture seizure. Why is this article so important to you as an American? Well, watch the video, and you’ll find out.
One of our best articles has to deal with the Supreme Court and the Bat Rastards that have sold out our country and have enriched themselves in the process.
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