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JFS 20201216 – The Maneuvers Have Started

In our video tonight, we cover the elements and steps taken for President trumps victory. First of all, President Trump has already won. The American people who have supported President Trump have won; the fake news media’s job is to convince you that we have lost and are trying to project on you that Biden and Harris are victorious.
Ever since the implementation of Operation Mockingbird in the United States, the American people have lost; the American people have been lied to, cheated, deceived, trade, and used as pawns.
Titled 28 U.S.C. section 3000 to 15 (A) defines what the United States is, and that definition is a federal corporation. If the United States is a federal corporation and not just a great constitutional concept, then who are its shareholders and, most importantly, what is its product?
What if you found out that Congress are the shareholders and beneficiaries and that “We The American people” are the product?
The rabbit hole goes significantly, very deep depending if you want to take the red pill or the blue pill. Many people will take the blue pill and go back to sleep and hope this has never happened. The real American patriots have taken the red pill and are now seeing just how corrupt and rotten with a stench of decay this American system has been for decades.
Tonight Matt Sealy, a city councilman in Michigan, lays out several steps that President Trump can take in the coming weeks. This information is very encouraging, as well as very enlightening.
Our hope and prayer at the Joseph Farley Show are to bring you great factual information that will help you increase your faith in God and your knowledge about this place we called the United States.
The “united States” is the original way that our country was expressed before the Civil War, and someone had a great idea to turn it into a corporation called United States. How can you be a citizen of a corporation?
Sit back and enjoy the show tonight.

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