JFS 20201211 – The Rogue Supreme Court

The Rogue Supreme Court

In this video, we review the Supreme Court’s decision tonight that denies Texas lawsuit against the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The Supreme Court does not care about your rights as a voter if they indicated that Texas does not have standing. We believe, that this merely shows the United States Supreme Courts’ ability to go Rogue on the American People, and side with the deep state.
Have no fear patriots, we are winning. This could be how the Supreme Court gets caught up in criminal activity by the justices on the court. Only time will tell, and of course the military tribunals.

Patriots, we are in a war, and this war is not bombs and bullets. Still, it is the Luciferian left information war, which includes, but is not limited to, the following entities, communism, socialism, and marxism. These different isms are carried out by the fake news media, the tech giants, and the states’ rhino governors and their minions.
And, of course, for a little levity, we have the California pastor. Link below.

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