The Beginning Of The End – Giggle Giggle, Snort Snort

JFS 28 | Beginning Of The End

JFS 28 | Beginning Of The End


We are witnessing in real time the beginning of the end of the deception that has been forced upon us for far too long. In this episode, Joseph Farley breaks down the reality of what is going on behind the scenes that most American people don’t see – YET. Right now, the Luciferian left and the Luciferian right are exposing themselves all over the country because they think no one is looking, no one is calculating, no one is taking notes of their treasonous activity. But the truth has a way of getting exposed in time. They’re counting on the American people going back to sleep as they have done for the past seven or eight decades with crooked politicians. But this is a decade of difference, and it’s not going to work that way this time. From the massive voter fraud by the democrats to the COVID-19 hoax, things are starting to unfold before the people’s eyes. Listen in and get to the truth behind the lies.

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The Beginning Of The End – Giggle Giggle, Snort Snort

The Beginning Of The End – Giggle Giggle, Snort Snort

Here’s the thing that I wanted to get into, and I’m seeing a confirmation of this over and over again. I don’t know if you remember when we talked about the things that have happened in Washington, DC, you’ll start to see happening in the States where you’re seeing that now. You’re seeing the lower courts with this massive voter fraud. This isn’t something that happened in November 2020. This has been planned out for a long time that November 2020 was going to be the time and the year to take over America.

The communist regime has been infiltrating the United States for decades. They’re in our schools and businesses. I’ll give you a case in point. The bar associations, the Federal Bar Association, the American Bar Association was established by the judiciary. Does anybody know that? How can that be? How does a judiciary have a right to establish an association? The bar associations were not established by Congress in the States. For instance, in the State of Texas, the bar association was voted on I believe it is 1956.

They wrote up the Bar association and Congress voted on it. The guy that introduced the bill became the first member of the Bar association. What a fraud. They set this whole thing up. Every business operates only with the approval and consent of the attorney. Every major business operates that way. We have to run it past the legal department. What does the legal department say? How is the law written?

Why am I getting into this? It all comes back around to the United Nation. It comes around to the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act. It’s all coming back around to this great crescendo of an event that’s transpiring before your eyes. You’re starting to see the veil is started to lift from your eyes where you can see this. Some people have been awake for decades and others are starting to wake up. Let me lay this out for you to give you some comfort.

President Trump has already won. Joe Biden had no chance of winning. Why is that? The American people have known like the splinter in your eye thing from The Matrix, a splinter in your soul, or whatever it was. The Matrix was produced in 1999. We live in a Matrix-type of reality. We don’t live in a digital world but I’m saying that the world that you know, see, hear, smell, taste, touch, the five physical senses, is not the real world.

[bctt tweet=”We live in a matrix type of reality. The majority has taken the blue pill and is blind to the evil things happening behind the scenes.” via=”no”]

I haven’t gone off out here in left field. I’m getting ready to make a point to you. There’s something bigger that’s going on. This is not about Republicans and Democrats at all. What you’re seeing right now is evil being exposed at the highest level. You’re seeing it in the courtrooms and our courtrooms are massively corrupt. The judges are bought off. The district attorneys run the judges for the most part. Who’s running the district attorneys? George Soros and the open society or other organizations that Soros’s has, has funded these different district attorneys around the countries and has also funded Secretary of State Organizations around the countries.

I say countries because each state is its own individual country formed with the United States. That was supposed to be an adjective. Way back 1860-ish, they changed the name. It made it all uppercase. A lot of people don’t know this. People are going to say, “You are crazy.” “I can show you black ink on white paper. Do you know some people still won’t believe it?” “That can’t be.” “Why don’t you call the Library of Congress? Here’s what you asked for.” Even once they get it, they’ll still deny that is true. What you’re doing is you’re seeing it. You’re going to experience it.

Do you remember the movie, The Matrix? I can’t tell you about The Matrix. You’re going to have to experience the red pill and the blue pill. Some of you have been red-pilled and you’re starting to wake up. I have known grown men after they’ve discovered and read this for themselves cry that this whole thing is a fraud. Everything that you’ve learned in school is all been programmed. The way you think your country works and the people you think are running the country, it doesn’t work that way

That we have fair elections, we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we live in a right country, there’s a lot of corruption in America, in each of the towns, cities, counties, and states. What’s going on now is that you’re seeing and you’re going to experience this. You’re going to sit there, those that get out of the idiot box and realize about Operation Mockingbird that the mainstream media was set up specifically to lie to you. Do you think they’re bringing you the news for your entertainment? No. You are the product. They’re constantly selling you on the nonsense of flu season, buy your NyQuil. They’ve been doing it for decades. Soon as it gets cold then the commercials come on to program you to get into the habit of, “It’s flu season, better get your NyQuil.” You go down that same methodical, ridiculous roller coaster every single year.

This 2020, it’s changing and this is a decade of difference. This year has been completely different but I’m telling you this. President Trump has already won. There are things going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about at all. The mainstream media is not going to tell you and you have to ask yourself where do I get my information? What forms my opinion? Who forms my opinion? Do I ever take time out of my day to sit and think? Would I be willing to set aside an hour to think, meditate, and understand the universe?

JFS 28 | Beginning Of The End
Beginning Of The End: We are going to see massive change in 2021. It’s time to sit back, relax, watch the show, and get your popcorn because it is going to be entertaining.


I’m here to tell you, 99% of the people don’t do that. It’s the same routine every single day. We’re creatures of habit. We love to get up the exact same way. We drink coffee out of the same cup every single day because we like a pattern. We don’t like change at all. Change is good for you to have a lot of change. In 2021, you’re going to see a massive change. I don’t know if you remember that I talked about the military having to go to the polls in order to protect the votes and I thought it was interesting.

One of the articles on the Gateway Pundit, Attorney Lin Wood says President Trump should declare martial law to hold a new election. I like Lin Wood. he’s a good attorney but he missed something. President Trump has already issued an Executive Order in 2018. It’s already been outlined. In a martial law environment, we’re in a declaration of war, which we’re already. It’s already had been done. President Trump is the highest guy out there. If you’ll go back and read the congressional records about the presidency, our government, and how it’s all set up, when a war is declared, he has total control over everything. We have had foreign interference in our election with China and with other countries.

We’ve had a coup attempted in America and it’s all been well organized. It’s been organized all over the country and you’re going to see between now and January 15th, 2021. You’re going to see a lot of heads roll. Deals are being cut in the backroom like, “I was involved in this.” Plea bargains and all kinds of things are going on, witnesses, depositions are happening, and it’s a busy place legally for the guys that are on the inside. As the American people sit out here and scream at the television saying, “What’s taking so long? Who can’t see this?” It’s been a fraud. You have the guys with CNN on the other side, “Biden did win.” CNN constantly sprays their filth and deception. Occasionally, they’ll float a story out there about, “If this happens, President Trump could win this way.”

They’re trying to hedge their bets. That’s all they’re doing. President Trump has already won. Now is the time to sit back, relax, watch the show, and get your popcorn because it is going to be entertaining. You’re going to see the exposure of the lower courts and Supreme Court in these different states. They will expose themselves. You’re going to see a lot of exposure coming up. These guys are going to have a chance to either plea bargain or do some serious time. The crime for treason is death.

I doubt that we’re going to see that. I don’t think the American people are going to see the 21-gun salute with real bullets and they’re not shooting in the air. I don’t think we’re going to see that type of activity. I do think you’re going to see people roll over on other people, Nuremberg trials again, Jack Dorsey dragged through the mud and Zuckerberg exposed for the fraud that he is. I don’t think Zuckerberg could write code. The story about Zuckerberg, two twins, and all that nonsense has been a lie from the beginning. Zuckerberg has been backed by the cabal.

[bctt tweet=”COVID-19 is merely part of a bigger fraud designed to prevent President Trump from remaining in office.” via=”no”]

Social media was a new way to deceive the American people. They stole this information from a guy by the name of Michael McKibben with Leader Technology. I’ve talked to Michael several times. They took their case all the way to the Supreme Court and lost but it turns out that Justice Roberts and several of the other justices had Facebook stock in their portfolio, a massive conflict of interest. You’re going to see all of this stuff come out and get exposed. The longer this takes, the better it is. The longer it takes, the worse it is for the guys involved in criminal activity.

Keep that in mind as we go through these different news stories. I look at different news stories from all over the world and I can tell, almost in the opening paragraph, which way the story is going to go. You start to get a sense of who has a good news network. I saw something from an app that I had that they were talking about a Joe Biden win would meet this for the oil and gas industry. I deleted that app because they’re a total left organization.

It’s propaganda, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a lie and fraud. Joe Biden hasn’t won anything. If you remember, I told you the reason they keep the race close is that at the last second, they can flip it. They weren’t counting on President Trump in 2016. The last second, when they thought they flipped it, President Trump got them. He ends up winning. If the truth were known, he beat Hillary Clinton by a bunch, maybe as much as Biden. Who knows? 2016 taught the left about their arrogance. From the moment he came down the escalators, they were running.

They’ve been planning this out ever since. They think that they’ve pulled it off. President Trump is sitting back and allowing these guys to get out here and show themselves, show their colors, everything else, and then judgment happens. You’re going to see this, some interesting things, and the different news media continue to lie to the people. Every one of them is subject to President Trump going in and taking away their organization. You’ll say, “How could he go in there and take away their organization?” They have conspired with a foreign power and there’s a bunch of newspapers that have conspired with a foreign power. Let me give you an example.

History Repeats Itself

In 1913, when they pulled off a huge scam in America years before they went around to begin to buy up all the newspapers, it’s called the Federal Reserve Act along with their ugly twin sister, the IRS. What they did is they went out, they got them in all the different States, and they formed that organization. Once they formed it, they hammered on the American people how our economic system was, the dollar that we had is going to crash, and the horrible thing. That’s what they did. They had it planned out December 23rd, 1913 when everybody’s home for Christmas, they had some congressmen stayed where they could make a quorum and they passed the Federal Reserve Act.

JFS 28 | Beginning Of The End
Beginning Of The End: What the fake news media tells you is a lie. The information that your agencies and governments are putting out is a lie.


That was massive fraud in America. They’re trying the same nonsense again to have a global reset, pandemic, and shut everything down all over the globe. If you’ll go back to a broadcast that we had on November 29th called Proof COVID-19 Narrative Destroyed. If you’ll go back, you’ll see the facts from John Hopkins where there’s a doctor. I am going to hammer this hang home over and over again until the people get this in their head. It’s a fraud. They manipulated the numbers. They did all of this COVID-19 for a reason.

The reason was for the Mail-in Ballots. It was part of a bigger fraud. The bigger fraud was we cannot let President Trump get into office because if he gets into office, he will wreck everything that we’ve set up for over 100 years including the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and all these agencies that have become a massive octopus that’s out here with tentacles that are running itself. I saw an article here from Sidney Powell, “Frankly, I’m beginning to think the entire FBI and Department of Justice needs to be hosed out with Clorox in a firehose.”

Deals are being cut behind the scenes and keep your eyes on William Barr. I believe William Barr is going to make an amazing announcement coming up. You wait and see how all that’s getting ready to work out. You’re going to see this fraud and it’s going to be laid out before the American people like a dealer dealing cards. I’m not running on President Trump’s casino owning but he saw how this works and he’s watched the cards thrown out. He sees when he plays the last card that all these other guys have lost.

You’re going to see that. It’s going to be a lot of fun to watch and know the backend story behind all of this because I see it every single day and every headline I read like, “I get it. That’s where he’s going.” It’s going to be a great fun ride. You’re going to see media empires crash. That’s one of the reasons that I wanted to start the show. Are we going to become a media empire? I don’t know. I did this to do my part, so to speak, to bring out the proof and to warn the American people what was coming because you’re not getting it on the fake news media like Fox and CNN. Look at Fox News. They exposed themselves.

What Is To Be Done?

The deep state is CNN, not Fox News. They’re fair and balanced. They have beautiful little anchors that come on. Nobody likes to have been played but it’s the fact. We, as the American people, have been played. The sooner that we deal with that and say, “We did get lied to. We have been played. What are we going to do?” One, we’re going to start thinking about things. Not everything that the fake news media tells you.

[bctt tweet=”We have been played. What are we going to do about it?” via=”no”]

As a matter of fact, almost everything the fake news media tells you is a lie. The information that your agencies and governments are putting out is a lie. All these rhinos like Greg Abbott that you thought was a great Republican. The guy Kemp thought he was a great Republican. It’s a lie. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Sit back and relax. I’m going to find different articles. As I find these articles, it’s going to be one more little strawberry on top. How about some nuts and a little cherry?

Christmas is going to be wonderful this year and you need to celebrate Christmas. Why do we celebrate Christmas? That’s another story when Jesus Christ of Nazareth was born during the summer. How do we get December 25th? That’s the day that was chosen. It was for the big corporations that said, “Let’s do it at the end of the year.” It is a festival, a time of giving, reflecting, and rejoicing. This Christmas is going to be a great year. It’s going to be a lot of fun so don’t let your heart be troubled about what you see in the media. They’re trying to convince and tell you their vision. That’s where television came from. You do yourself a lot of good to unplug it and be done with it.

At any rate, let’s get into some articles because we have some interesting articles here and I’m still considering covering a piece that is not going to be good for one of the attorneys. I was thinking about this and I thought, “Would President Trump do that? Would President Trump use somebody that had been involved in evil before and he knows that they’re still involved? Would he use him to do certain things?” The answer is, ladies and gentlemen, yes he would. I’m thinking that that’s what he’s going to do, but I’m still working on it. I’m still working on a story behind the scenes.

If we get it all put together then we’ll release it. If something else happens with that story that we determined, that’s maybe not the right direction then we won’t cover the story. It’s going to be exciting. I want to thank you personally for signing up on our website at It’s in the upper right-hand corner and you can join the movement. The movement is about peace, hope and joy. There are a lot of sensational articles that I could bring you. I know they are a lie, fraud, and it’s part of the deep state, but the article sounds great. I’m not willing to do and cover that. America right now needs honesty and hope. It’s the two things that America needs. We are going to attempt to bring that to you.

Dominion Of Massive Fraud

We’re going to find the articles and the platforms that are looking for the truth. Anyway, let’s get into our first article. It is from, Breaking: The Georgia Rep Calls For Deeper Forensic Audit Into Dominion Voting Machines After Incident With County Employee. This is November 30th, 2020. The article goes on. A Georgia Congressman sounds the alarm on suspicious behavior by a Fulton County employee. Rep Barry Loudermilk represents George’s 11th Congressional District including all of Bartow and Cherokee counties and portions of Cobb and Fulton. His concerns come after he learned of an incident in Fulton County.

JFS 28 | Beginning Of The End
Beginning Of The End: Killer Governor Cuomo moved vulnerable patients into nursing homes during COVID-19 in order to get the numbers up.


The Gateway Pundit reports during an interview with Newsmax, Rep Loudermilk dropped the doozy. “A County employee and a judge have, as you reported, basically impounded certain voting machines to make sure they didn’t wipe the data. We find out Fulton County effectively wipe its data because an IT technician who appears to be a county employee used the wrong server for the recount after Dominion told him not to use that server. In case there was a problem, they backed up the data, but they backed it up on the same server that crashed. We’re looking at do we even have the data on the Fulton County servers? We don’t know.”

Let me break from the text for a moment. The data is there, ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t disappear and goes someplace. This is like the Hillary Clinton email scandal. You can beat the phone to death if you want to but that data is there. It’s backed up. Hillary Clinton’s server, all the emails are there, all of this data is going to be here. Back to the article. Rep Loudermilk called for a deeper forensic audit into the election in a tweet and during the interview with Newsmax. We have a tweet here from Rep Barry Loudermilk, “A forensic analysis of the Dominion voting machine needs to be performed. Judge rules that Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee County election officials are prohibited from erasing or destroying any of these voting machines.” This goes over to the Epic Times Article.

Let’s go back to 100 Percent Fed Up. It says during the interview with Newsmax, Rep Loudermilk discusses people voting illegally, “What the secretary of state is saying is we’ve already verified the signatures and we’ve separated the ballots from the envelopes. You still have to verify that people who are voting are people that should be voting whether you can discount their ballots or not in the last election, we need to know if it’s people who voted illegally that they don’t do it again in this runoff.” Breaking from the text.

You need to find out how the people voted illegally and see if there’s any criminal activity there. Back to the texts. Rep Loudermilk discussed his reason for the second audit, “I believe there was fraud in this election.” Let me break from the text. You have got to be blind and completely out of your mind if you don’t know that there was fraud in this election. In all the states that pulled the shenanigans in the voting machines, the whole thing is a fraud. It’s been a fraud for a long time. Let’s get back to the text here. People say, “Give us the evidence.” You have to investigate to get the evidence. We have a lot of circumstantial evidence. If you look in Georgia, Republicans won up and down the ballot except for the presidential and the senate race. Pray that he gets that audit.


Our next article also comes from 100 Percent Fed Up. We’re in Texas but I’m fed up with Governor Cuomo. This guy is a clown and the people of New York need to yank him out of there. Here’s the thing, on our broadcast, we had a bombshell video, was called Proof COVID-19 narrative destroyed. If you will go back to that video dated November 29th, 2020 and watch the proof. This was from John Hopkins University, a doctor in economics that ran the numbers that this whole COVID-19 number deal, for the most part, is a fraud. Does COVID-19 exist? Yes, it does. Does it kill people who are issues? Yes, it does. When you look at the statistics and numbers unless you do something like a killer, New York Governor Cuomo moved patients into nursing homes during this COVID-19. These are the people that were most vulnerable. He did that in order to get the numbers up.

[bctt tweet=”Cuomo is a killer and a communist coward. It’s a wonder why the people of New York have not stood up and thrown him out yet. ” via=”no”]

Let’s get into this article, Nursing home killer, New York Governor Cuomo, Jokes and Lectures about COVID Grinch at Christmas. Guys, they’ve already tried to mess up your Thanksgiving. There was a great revolt around the country that people were not going to fall forward anymore. They were going to get together for Thanksgiving and have dinner with their families and rightfully so because this whole thing has been about the ballots. Let’s get into this article dated November 30th, 2020, the nerve of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is hard to believe that he could be insensitive to joke and lecture New Yorkers about the Coronavirus.

His condescending is insufferable. After Governor Cuomo was revealed to have moved Coronavirus stricken patients into nursing homes, citizens were outraged. The deaths in New York State skyrocketed due to the many deaths in nursing homes. Cuomo has yet to apologize or admit he’s at fault as Fox News, Janice Dean, who lost her in-laws after Cuomo moved Coronavirus patients into their nursing homes. Janice Dean tweeted out a screenshot from the video with heartbreaking comments referring to her in-laws who passed away. Tough times don’t last because tough people outlast them. Unless you shove COVID patients into nursing homes for 46 days. New York State deserves much better. New York State is getting ready to go through some hard economic times until they get rid of this murder machine like Cuomo, he’s going to run it into the ground. People are leaving New York State in the full loads. In the Dallas, Texas area, I have seen many more New York license plates than I had years ago. It’s amazing. People are getting out of there and rightfully so. Let’s go see what else we have to share with you. Let’s go check some other sites. Could I make a lot of fun of Cuomo here and his derelict brother? It could be from pressure down in the lower regions of his body potentially but who knows? Back to the tape.

“We’re now all happy, cheery, we’re going to come together, we’re doing gift-buying, and do holiday celebrations. We’re going to start to have meals together. The families are coming back together for the holiday season. Students are all coming home. Religious celebrations during the holiday season. COVID is the Grinch, think of it that way.” This guy is such a communist coward. He’s going to blame his actions on a cartoon character. That’s how stupid he thinks the people of New York are. I am shocked that this guy is still there. Why the people in New York have not stood up and thrown this bomb out of office. It’s beyond me but at any rate, as long as you’re willing to put up with it, he will remain. New York City is going to go broke. It’s going to get bad. There is a mass exodus from New York anyway. Let’s go back to the video.

The CNN Infiltration

“The COVID Grinch is an opportunist and sees this as the season of viral transmission. All those things at the holiday season bring all increase social activity, mobility, and viral transmission. This is the season of the COVID Grinch. When you hear that holiday music, think COVID Grinch and beyond alert because that is part of this holiday season.” I’m getting ready to have another tape from James O’Keefe that has infiltrated CNN. I’m starting to see the criminals exposed for who they are.

“CNN says on Jeff Zucker’s 9:00 AM Editorial Conference call how the Democratic Party, powerful interest groups may determine how CNN will cover Trump not conceding the presidential election. ‘I want to underscore something that Michael said earlier about the transition and Trump because I’ve been talking to a lot of people on both sides. I keep hearing the same thing. Folks from Republicans who have not come out to congratulate Biden but also to not to happen to Democrats. That is news organizations have to be very careful and very responsible about not giving Trump too much of a platform on he not conceding because they feel the transition to go forward. Other than the national security briefings, which are critical to start now, they don’t want us to exaggerate that Trump isn’t leaving office. I’m going to have a lot of specific reporting on that later but the big picture wanted to underscore what Mike said.’ ‘Agreed.’

JFS 28 | Beginning Of The End
Beginning Of The End: If you want a concrete example of what happens when you don’t have a good transition, look back to the Twin Towers.


‘On the issue of why it’s important to get the transition going right. The 9/11 report talks about one of the problems were the trouble that was brewing that loss during the transition. If you want a good concrete example of what happens when you don’t have a good transition, look at the Twin Towers.’ ‘That’s an important point. It was a little bit in terms of national security. It’s working to raise again. I would encourage folks to think about that 9/11 commission report and the lack of transition.’”

James O’Keefe has this recording but he has a lot of other recordings over the past. Here’s the thing that’s funny. President Trump has all the recordings so he can listen in on CNN on what they’re doing. He can listen in on MSLSD their conference calls. He can listen to all the different conference calls that are going on. He can assign people to them, get the printout, read these things, and find out who said what and when. It’s amazing. These people are arrogant and got away with this for so long, haven’t given this second thought.

President Trump is going to have the ability to yank their chain in a big way because CNN and some of the other media moguls have taken advertising money from the communist party. This advertising money has been to overthrow America for this big coup in 2020. They’ve all participated in this. President Trump has the goods on all of them. James O’Keefe is going to roll these things out like he’s playing a deck of cards. He’s going to deal one card at a time and lay it all out for you. Let’s get into some other larger bombshells.

Some headlines from Gateway Pundit. Watch Live… USPS Whistleblowers Come Forward. The Driver delivered hundreds of thousands of complaints ballots across three state lines. I did watch this. It’s good. You can go to the Gateway Pundit to watch this live video of the whistleblowers. Let’s run down to the next one. Trump Attorney Phil Kline: Two Trailers Full of Completed Ballots Were Delivered to Pennsylvania from NY – One on November 4th.

You have to get into that article to understand what that is and then another article. These guys are getting busted left and right. Busted: San Fran Mayor Held Her Own French Laundry Party With Socialites The Night After Newsom’s Then Banned Indoor Dining In San Francisco Three Days Later. They’re all getting exposed. We need some more time. We have another article, Attorney Representing GOP Rep Mike Kelly And Sean Parnell Asks US Supreme Court To Hear The Challenge To Pennsylvania’s Mail-In Voting. That should be an interesting article. AG Barr Destroys His Name For Eternity. His Action Confirms He Is Another Card-Carrying Swamp Rat.

I happen to disagree with that but if you look at the comments, I’m sure there’s a lot of piling on, of calling William Barr a lot of names there. I think there’s something different that’s going to happen. Here’s one of the whistleblowers. I was driving complete ballots from New York to Pennsylvania so I decided to speak up. Update, USBS contract truck driver who transferred 288,000 fraudulent ballots from New York to PA speaks at a presser. That’s a video that we had talked about earlier. We have another article. Michigan Poll Watcher Says He Witnessed Shady 4:00 AM Ballot Dump For Joe Biden, Dollies Full Of Ballots Wheeled In. Where’s the evidence, by the way? All maker discovers Dominion failed to pay Missouri taxes and is not allowed to operate in the state but they are still running elections here. That’ll be interesting how all that works out.

We have another article up, Breaking: Barr appoints John Durham as special counsel for crossfire hurricane investigation in October 2020. We have Rudy Giuliani, Trump Legal Team Slams Bill Barr Comments On Voter Fraud. There Hasn’t Been Any Semblance Of DOJ Investigation. I could be way out here on this but I don’t think I am. This is part of the maneuver. Bill Barr comes out at 2:00 and says no evidence of voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 election. Of course not, because Trump won. It’s not going to change the outcome but it’s going to be interesting to get into some of these articles. I don’t want to make this too long but the proof is overwhelming. We may hit the headlines and then get into some of the more critical articles. I’m Joseph Farley and I’ll see you again.

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