JFS 20201203 – It’s Fish or Cut Bait Time – William Barr

In this video, we are laying the groundwork for one of the most remarkable events that will transpire in the next few weeks. The big hubbub is where is William Barr, is he missing in action? Why is William Barr not out there like all of the political hacks grandstanding about the crimes that have transpired in the voter election fraud cases? Does William Barr know something that you and I don’t know? Is he privy to information that we don’t have at our fingertips? Does he know that now is going to be the time that all the little COVID-19 creatures come out and demand stricter lockdowns and demand that you give up your rights for a privilege?
We believe that William Barr is waiting for all of the reptiles to show themselves, which they are doing right now, and all of the actors who are traders against the American people who have absolutely committed treason and violated their oaths of office. The nice part about all of this is that most of the political figures have committed severe federal crimes, including but not limited to treason.
William Barr is smart enough to know that President Trump has all the cards, and he also knows that President Trump could include attorney general William Barr as one of the enemies/treasonous traders.

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