JFS 20201202 – The Beginning of The End – Giggle Giggle, Snort Snort

In this episode, we break down the reality of what is going on behind the scenes that most American people don’t see- YET. You will see very, very soon that law-enforcement has been creeping in stealth mode underneath the waters of the storm that is raging in the media.
As people have asserted and most news media has reported, Bill Barr has done absolutely nothing about all of this fraud that is gone on in our elections process. We believe, and we could be wrong, but we don’t think we are, however, that Bill Barr has indictments and shares information with the military on treason charges.
Right now, the Luciferian left and the Luciferian right are exposing themselves all over the country because they think no one is looking, no one is calculating, no one is taking notes of their treasonous activity.
They’re counting on the American people going back to sleep as they have done for the past seven or eight decades with crooked politicians. But this is a decade of difference, and it’s not going to work that way this time. This time, there will be severe, swift justice served on the traders and foreign actors in our country.
The big Tech Giants are also getting ready to be dealt with very severely in swiftly. Politicians are circling up in order to line their pockets with the dismantling of the big tech Giants of Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and others.
This is not Hopium that we are covering in this broadcast; this is the reality you will see in the next several weeks. The American people are starting to rise up and say enough of the fraud, enough of the lying, the fake news media, and the politicians claiming to have the American people’s back. In reality, they (The politicians) have put a knife in the American people’s back.
The COVID-19 hoax is starting to be exposed in other countries. I believe the media in those countries are just trying to get ahead of the curve, because as we told you during the summer, once the elections happen and President Trump is declared the winner, COVID-19 goes away, never to return.
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