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JFS 20201129 – Proof – COVID-19 Narrative Destroyed

In this episode, we outlined the facts and showed the proof that the COVID-19 official narrative is and was a fraud. You decide for yourself, but the evidence and the explanation are overwhelming. In this video, you will see the information that was deleted from John Hopkins website. Why? Well, I believe it went against the narrative; however, we were able to get detailed information on it and the video. Gateway Pundit wrote a tremendous article that gave us the clues of where to begin our search.
This information is factual data from John Hopkins University, which initially had the chart that scared the world senseless. The Americans were senseless and told to wear a mask to protect them from the virus, and if you cared about the people in the community, you would follow the narrative.
Adding insult to injury to this massive fraud, you have the governors, Republicans, and Democrats go along with this narrative and promote the scam of wearing a mask when there is no medical science behind wearing a mask. The mask was not about safety but control. It always has been, and it always will.
How long will it take the American people, once they see the facts, to get away from wearing a mask inside this delusional state called America? You are going to want to keep this video close at hand so you can forward it to all the gullible people that went along with the mask concept.
In America, we have had massive voter fraud; we have also had one of the most amazing hoaxes in the world played on us—why? Not everyone is ready for the truth. Let’s go one step at a time.
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