JFS 20201126 – AG Barr Made Surprise Visit to Chicago – Big News Coming

In this episode, we don’t cover the little secret trick of AG bar visiting Chicago unexpectedly. We believe that attorney general William Barr has been a sleeper as far as the deep state knows. Today is Thanksgiving; mark our words, Attorney General Barr is very awake and is getting ready to drop the hammer on the Luciferian Left.
There was also great news released yesterday about general Flynn being pardoned from the ridiculous witch-hunt perpetrated on him and his family over the past 3+ years.
We are setting the stage in today’s video for the release of the Cracken from Sidney Powell. By tonight on Thanksgiving, you will see the evidence of the massive fraud.
Patriots, we are in a war, and this war is not bombs and bullets. Still, it is the Luciferian left information war, which includes, but is not limited to, the following entities, communism, socialism, and marxism. These different isms are carried out by the fake news media, the tech giants, and the states’ rhino governors and their minions.
And, of course, for a little levity, we have the California pastor. Link below.

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California Pastor Temporarily Turns His Chapel Into a Strip Club to Be Deemed ‘Essential’
By Jennifer Van Laar | Nov 24, 2020, 1:30 AM ET


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