JFS 20201118 – Just When They Thought They Had Won

In this episode, we talk about the September 2018 executive order issued by President Donald John Trump with regards to foreign interference in our elections. Mike Adams with natural news writes a tremendous article with regards to the maneuvers put forth in this executive order.
If the theories are true, and I believe they are, then all of the recounts and the lawsuits are meaningless.
Foreign actors and domestic traders have conspired to commit a crime and in fact, have committed a crime with the election through fraudulent ballots and fake numbers in the polls. There is so much overwhelming evidence that President Donald Trump has won the election with a red tsunami that even the left must pause to consider the fact that MSM has completely lied to them and has made them look like fools.
Not only does the EO place certain entities (PERSONS) in precarious situations, but All of their assets are subject to seizure by the United States federal government.
This includes everyone and everything under the executive branch of government. However, it can and will spread through the other two branches of government. All of the people in America that have committed treason against the United States are subject to having their assets frozen and sold.
Once one understands the magnitude of what this means–that the deep state truly is caught red-handed. One can only imagine the false flags and potential retaliation that will attempt to happen here in America.
Again, if you know how to pray, please do so. If you don’t, find someone who does because America is going to need divine intervention.

Article from Mike Adams:

BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency” that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure”


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Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com 

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