JFS 20201116 – The Luciferian Left Needs To Go

In this episode, we discussed the Luciferian Left that needs to go. No, I mean really, they need to go, they need to get out of office and they need to stop messing with America. The American people are starting to understand how bad we have been infiltrated by the communist, socialist, Marxist agenda to destroy America. The American spirit is on the rise and will not be defeated because we have something that the Luciferian left does not have but think they do. 
The children of Israel went into captivity for 400 years. At the end of the 400 years, God delivered the children of Israel. But before they went they borrowed all the gold and silver and left Egypt. The exodus, was after the pharaoh and his people encountered all of the plagues, all of the disasters, and all of the weather patterns (A lot like China has experienced over the past 12 months and a lot like the democratic party in America has experience) Ha, I wonder if there is any correlation between the two. Anyway, the point is after 400 years, freedom came, and God delivered his people. 
In 1215 A.D. we had the Magna Carta; about 400 years later(1620 A.D.), we had the pilgrims land on what we know as America and
Four hundred years from 1620 A.D. is today. 
Life is about cycles, and history always repeats itself, and we are in for some freedom to abound in America. America shall be saved, and the Democratic Party (the Luciferian Left) the Communist, the Socialist, Marxist, and all of the other isms will be defeated.
Hold on, America, your victory is coming fast!

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