JFS 20201113 – Michigan Voter Lawsuit

In this episode, we cover the fundamental flaw with social media and big tech giants like YouTube and Twitter. The Joseph Farley show has a YouTube account, however, after having several accounts terminated by YouTube back in 2018. I was not overly excited about setting up this last YouTube account a few years ago. 
Because of the massive lawsuits that will come to the big tech giants I have decided to upload to YouTube and Twitter just to be a thorn in their side and preserve my chair at the table of massive lawsuits to come.
Well, last night the video that we made called “They Have mask The Truth” was taken down after six people saw the video.
Obviously, something in the video has sparked YouTube’s panic button on letting out the truth and we are going to find out what that is, and of course, we will let you know shortly. 
In this episode, we are covering the basic outline of the lawsuit in Michigan with regards to the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who In my humble opinion is in a world of trouble. We have covered Mrs. Benton’s dark past with the globalist several videos back and now you are going to see The corruption she has been involved in.
On Mondays show November 16 we are going to do a deep dive into the Michigan lawsuit, this should give you a lot of comforts to know that President Trump is going to prevail. 

Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com 

Come enjoy the deep mysteries of the far better truth than fiction or any movie Hollywood could produce.

Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com 

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