JFS 20201110 – Biden Won! Now He’s Going To Do The Walk of Shame

In this episode, “To Catch A Thief” montage, we review some of the amazing audio and videos of people committing felonies during the 2020 election. Not only has President Trump won the 2020 election, but Joe Biden and his goons have been caught red-handed attempting to steal the election.
The stupidity of the left is really mind-blowing. One could say that they are reckless, careless, and really stupid. But, the fact of the matter is, they are so arrogant and believe that the department of justice (DOJ) has been completely neutered. All eyes are now on Attorney General William Barr. I know, I know that William Barr has a résumé of a globalist, but William Barr has indictments that we are going to see come out in the next 30 days, I believe. 

Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com 

Come enjoy the deep mysteries of the far better truth than fiction or any movie Hollywood could produce.
Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com 

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