JFS 20201109 – CNN Busted

In this episode, we attempt to retract a video comment by us and an article by The Federalist. However; after reviewing the entire video and understanding the inability of Joe Biden to explain anything in detail and his inability to stay on a point for longer than 10 seconds to complete a sentence, we find it very hard to retract any of our broadcasts from yesterday. 
The only caveat we would add is, he probably did not mean to say what he said. However, I believe it’s more of his subconscious mind telling on him for what they actually did. 
He did actually say each and every word, but again probably did not mean it in that context. Just because he is a snake does not mean that we would necessarily chop his head off,  unfairly. We would like to totally give him the benefit of the doubt on everything he says. Matter of fact, you never want to interrupt your enemy from putting a rope around their neck, themselves-metaphorically speaking, of course. 

The globalist media is trying to plant subconsciously in the minds of the American people that Joe Biden has won, when in fact (they) the globalist, socialist and communist media do not have the power to declare a winner. Once again, we see  Operation Mockingbird at its finest, going to work on the American people’s minds. The sad part is,  the American people, for the most part, are not aware that they have already been captured by the enemy. 

It is our job, nay duty, to break the spell off our fellow Americans by exposing the light to make darkness flee. 

Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com 

Come enjoy the deep mysteries of the far better truth than fiction or any movie Hollywood could produce.
Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com 

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