JFS 20201108 – Counter Punch

In this episode, we cover the massive amount of voter fraud but, more importantly, the attitude and perception of the true Trump supporters. Be assured, my friends, we have not lost, nor are we without hope. The counterpunch starts next week, Monday, November 9, 2020.
The mainstream Luciferian news network is attempting to get you, the Trump supporters, to believe a lie. Since the election pole companies failed to lie to the Trump supporters, it’s time to bring in another propaganda and deception set.
The Wizard of Oz does not realize that Toto is pulling back the curtain, and everyone will see that there’s a little fat man running the wizard (not that we have an issue with little fat men), and all the power is getting ready to leave the deception spell that has been cast upon the Trump supporters.
Rejoice, my friends, have just a little faith because you’re going to witness firsthand the fight of the century. Our man, President Donald J. Trump is not out, nor has heaven forgotten their agenda. You are going to witness the onslaught of the counter punch. America shall be saved!

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