JFS 20201104 – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Well, Gomer Pyle would fit right in reviewing the election. As we have outlined for months on how this thing will play out, and now you finally see it. Sure, I know most of you were skeptical that the radical left, communist, socialist, haters of America could be so bold, arrogant, hubris in their approach and action to steal the election, but it’s all true.
Now, the real fight starts, and all the States are going to have their fingerprints all over the fraud. In the second half of our show, we are going to expose the mail-in-ballots fraud that has taken place.
If you know how to pray, start! If you don’t, learn because you are going to need it.
Bombshell information that can only be seen on the JosephFarleyShow.com

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