JFS 20201102 – The Night Before Christmas

In this episode, we cover the amazing lopsided turnout for President Donald John Trump and the pathetic challenger Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that could not get 100 people in an outdoor event, where half of the attendance would-be reporters.
This election is for the soul of America. Tomorrow will be historic and President Trump will win by a historic landslide. Never in the history of the United States has one person WON as much as President Trump. Watch and see, historic!
President Trump has also set up a website for you to report any criminal activity tomorrow at the polls below is the web address.
I also mentioned in the broadcast a gentleman that compares Cyrus to President Trump. Cyrus was a worldly king that came in and drained the swamp. Dr Lance Wallnau has some great Historic biblically-based teaching that is really phenomenal.
Dr. Lance Wallnau
Come enjoy the deep mysteries of the far better truth than fiction or any movie Hollywood could produce.
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