JFS 20201028 – Oh, We Have Only Just Begun

In this episode, we cover some jurisdictional changes that the federal government is beginning to recognize and embrace. We also cover Hunter Biden and Joe Biden along with the fake news media that refuses to cover the real story and if they cover any of the stories, they deceptively spin the facts to blame the Russians.
This has nothing to do with the Russians and everything to do with the Chinese government and the compromised former vice president.
No one really cares about Hunter Biden and his addictions-Politically. There are millions of spoiled brat 40-year-olds. However, when it comes to a potential leader of the free world and his family compromised for blackmail, that’s an issue.
We are entering the tipping point of Hunter Biden’s drug addiction, underaged girls and Joe Biden along with his wife concealing a crime of potential statutory rape?
As globalist, communist, haters of America Big-Tech companies are pulling the ultimate dope fiend move to change their use of service and terms of service there is an all-out war for factual information getting to the public. Big-Tech will Lose this battle, fake news media and the CCP will be exposed.

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