S1.E10 – Hysteria in Apr was 700k People Infected and 35k Deaths

In this episode, we continue on Covid-19, part X, Rockefeller white papers. THE HYSTERIA IN APRIL WAS 700,000 PEOPLE INFECTED WITH CORONAVIRUS AND 35,000 DEATHS. We analyze why they would lock down the entire globe and, more importantly, America with 35,000 deaths. We have not been able to substantiate those deaths yet. That means people who died from a gunshot wound, auto accidents, stage four cancer were also diagnosed with coronavirus, and the cause of death is placed on the death certificate along with the actual cause of death. The left knows they have already lost, America shall be saved! And the left is going to prison! Pray for mercy on Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Gates Anthony Fauci and the other co-conspirators.
We also cover some of the interesting information about 5G and what it does to the human body. $17 trillion invested in infrastructure without testing thoroughly 5G and what it does to the human body. Why would anyone invest that type of money in infrastructure without testing the product? Can we trust the global corporations behind this, along with the politicians that have been complicit with this devilish plan to wipe humanity off the face of the earth?


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