Special Report 20200911 – The Enemy of The People

In our episode today, we cover the number one enemy to the American people. It’s not hard to guess who that is and what they have been doing to us for decades. One would only have to review the documents of operation mockingbird In order to understand this diabolical plan from its inception. The average American would not believe you if you told them that this was a fight against good versus evil. Most people would think there would have to be something more––but there’s not! It’s been around since Adam and Eve: Ol Slew-foot, a perverter of the truth, God hater, the devil, the evil worker of darkness, Diablo, Lucifer, Satan, Lord of the flies, deceiver of the nations, and of course, the fake news media.
Kayleigh McEnany is absolutely perfect for the Trump administration because Kayleigh is a wrecking ball to the fake news media. The media must not be all that smart to continually throw themselves into the proverbial fan blades that cut through the lies and disinformation of the fake news media. Every day they plot and scheme on ways to destroy the Trump administration’s credibility only to be met with knockout haymakers thrown by McEnany.


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