S1.E7 – Contact Tracing, 5G and Coronavirus

Contact Tracing- In this episode of COVID-19 part VII Rockefeller Foundation white papers written in April 2020, we begin to expose the fraud that the social media, states, and counties are participating in along with the hospitals and other trusted institutions. So the question is, why would they band videos to create an open discussion about 5G and COVID-19? The only videos that you can find on YouTube are bashing this concept and calling it a conspiracy theory, but why are they afraid of the debate? It’s part of the plan of the deep state sending ripples of fear into the populace. However, we see through the lies and disinformation and are now beginning to expose it. Why are different platforms trying to shut down the truth, well they are part of the deep state?
Why are the 501(c)(3) churches going along with this madness? Have they always been adhering to the false doctrine of Romans chapter 13 because they took a bribe back in the 50s? Revenue Act of 1954 – Modern tax code established, including section
501(c) for exempt organizations. Also, limits on political activities established.
Where are the great revivals and preachers willing to put themselves on the line to go against the establishment? Are they afraid of losing their 501(c)(3) status? Clergy Response Team has now been exposed. The churches were going along with a plan to have the pastors tell the people what to do as a bad shepherd leads the sheep off the cliff.
The legal system, that has always been against the people, is now beginning to be exposed. Along with the medical community, not all, but most are afraid to speak out, because they may lose their license. And then, of course, 95% of the churches have failed their duty to their parishioners. The bold and the brave will be the only ones that will last and weather the storm with the victory. The choice is yours. A righteous man only dies once, but a coward dies 1000 deaths.


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