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Special Report 20200904 – Gangster Nazi Pelosi robs the American people without a mask

The criminal Democratic speaker of the house, Nazi Pelosi, gets caught without a mask. It’s very apparent that there are two classes of people in our country. The political class and then there’s everyone else. Governor Greg Abbott has not rescinded his executive order for persons in the executive branch of government. Even though he knows full well that there is no medical reason to wear a face mask, better known, as a face diaper, IN ORDER TO STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19. THEN, OF COURSE, YOU HAVE THE NUMBER ONE ENEMY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, CONSTANTLY VOMITING FAKE NEWS ABOUT PEOPLE THAT HAVE DIED UNDER THIS” PLANdemic. The gallows that Haman has built for Mordecai, Haman, will end up hanging on. The truth will prevail, and America shall be saved!
Make sure you thank God every day that the evil in this country shall be fully exposed and dealt with so we can get back to our everyday lives.
Oh, did you hear the great news? COVID-19 will be gone on November 4th.


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