S1.E4 – The Action Plan has Three Major Objectives

On today’s show, we start on page 4 of the Rockefeller Foundation COVID-19 white paper. We also have some governors that are acting up around the country exposing themselves to be minions of the deep state. Republicans or Democrats, it matters not SOME are deep state actors. We also have scientific proof that what you’re being told by these governors is actually false. They have conspired to go along with the enemies of America to try and make America crash while endangering the health of the people. There are four states that are very critical to this nation. California, Florida, New York, and of course Texas. The goal is to open the states, (to give you hope) then lock them down again, then open the states again, then lock them down again. What happened to 15 days? The American people are starting to see the actors that are going along with this diabolical plan. It’s time for the churches (the real body of Christ) to rise up and operate in their authority over the principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. This will be the greatest harvest the world has ever seen in the not too distant months ahead. Where America goes there goes the rest of the world. Make sure your oil is full because we’re going in. Prepare saints of God because this will be glorious. Our greatest days are ahead of us in America, once again will be the lighthouse for the gospel to the world.

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In this episode of the Rockefeller Foundation white papers Part IV, we cover some spiritual issues that are behind all of this nonsense that is going on in the earth today. The deep state global companies could have never pulled this off if the church of the Lord Jesus Christ knew who they were and took their rightful place of authority. The government was never designed to enslave the people, the government was designed to serve the people at the people’s request.
Governments’ sole position in life is to protect the rights of the people, not turn the people into slaves of the government.
Every time you put on that mask, you are sending a message to the government that you are a slave.
The big fantasy of Rockefeller Foundation and all of their blood-drinking demons is to track you like an animal, including when you go to work when you go home.
Stand up, once in your life, and tell the Luciferian’s NO!.

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