S1.E3 – Action Plan – Explained

Today on the show we will cover some constitutional issues and what the deep state is doing to control the masses with their illegal executive orders. We will also show you President Donald John Trump’s responsibility for the states. As the deep state governors expose themselves by going along with the globalist plan following the orders of the Rockefeller foundation white papers and Event 201. Your administrators have failed you, the medical community has failed you, and most of your churches have failed you. How’s that Romans chapter 13 working out for the deep state churches? Please make sure and get on our email list if you have information that can help us fight for America by emailing whistleblowers@josephfarleyshow.com We will also introduce you to event 201, the plan to capture America. To watch the full video go to https://atomic-temporary-140671558.wpcomstaging.com/jfs-show/

Today on the show we’re going to introduce Peggy Hall out of California and what she has been doing to prove the fraud that the Governor’s, Mayor’s, City Councilman, and the global corporations have been going along with. Be sure to hop over to her YouTube channel, healthy American Peggy Hall.

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