Series 1 – Deep Dive Rockefeller Foundation White Paper

In this first series, we discuss the blueprint from the New World Order to capture the American people through fraud, disinformation, and fear. The Rockefeller Foundation white paper was designed for public officials as an outline; the United Nations have directed roadmaps on what to say and what to do about COVID-19 for public officials.

On the shows, we expose the plans of the enemy, and you will see by their actions the public officials that have gone along with this plan. We will cover some constitutional issues and what the deep state is doing to control the masses with their illegal executive orders. We will also show you President Donald John Trump’s responsibility for the states. As the deep state governors expose themselves by going along with the globalist plan following the orders of the Rockefeller foundation white papers and Event 201. Your administrators have failed you, the medical community has failed you, and most of your churches have failed you.

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