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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part VII

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority

JFS 20 | Federal Bridge Certificate Authority


Many Americans have been caught in the hamster wheel. You wake up to go to work and come home with just enough time to sleep and prepare for the next day. You do not have the time to research further into our state and discover that this thing we call the Federal Government has been set up for your demise. With Ron Gibson, we continue to explore and shed light into what goes on under the state. We look into the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority – —the Technical Platform for Senior Executive Service aka ‘Deep State’ – and how it was set up to enable the spy agencies to tap into any cooperating computer system at any time. We also dive deeper into lawyers and attorneys, identifying their role in this whole scheme with the government.

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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part VII

Federal Bridge Certificate Authority

We’re going to continue our discussion with Ron Gibson, but before we get into the interview, I wanted to bring you something that I think you’ll enjoy. I’m getting this information. This is from an article on September 4, 2018 from If you’re not familiar with Patriots for Truth, American Intelligence Media on YouTube, you should get familiar with them as well as Leader Technologies, Michael McKibben. Let’s get into the article, Federal Bridge Certificate Authority is the Technical Platform for Senior Executive Service aka ‘Deep State’. The Federal Bridge Public Encryption Key platform was set up in the early ‘90s under Bill Clinton to enable the spy agencies to tap into any cooperating computer system at any time.

It was facilitated by the National Institute of Science and Technology, NIST, through the embedding of an encryption backdoor key algorithm called the Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm. That stands for Dual Elliptical Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator. For all my Bitcoin brothers and sisters out there all around the world, you are not alone. Meaning that this totally fake story about the creator of Bitcoin was just that, fake. Bitcoin and the blockchain was created by the Senior Executive Service and some other alphabet houses. Which ones? Let’s go through the jingle. The NSA, the CIA, the FBI and DOJ. MOUSE, ladies and gentlemen, they’re all rats.

While I’m on the subject, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Elon Musk are cardboard cutouts of the deep state. Let me refer you back to an article in the Economist, a Rothschild magazine in January of 1988 with the Phoenix Rising Up Out of the Ashes for a history of the Illuminati. You can order our book called Destroying The Altars Of Baal. You can order a copy of your book on the while supplies last. In the article about The Economist magazine, it said in 30 years that all currency would be digital. Do you think they’ve been working on this for a while? All of a sudden this guy from Japan comes up with this Bitcoin amazing system that will change the world. It’s going to change the world, but you can count on the official story not being true.

“It is a special mathematical formula for generating random numbers used for encryption. The NSA insisted on building a flaw in this algorithm known only to them as a way to bypass all keys that were generated with this algorithm. All keys everywhere. This NSA flaw in the encryption key is known to all insiders in the deep state shadow government around the planet we believe. Here are properly formatted versions of the NIST Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm registry required by the Department of Commerce on all hardware, software and firmware used outside of the United States.” I wonder why they’re not using it inside the United States.

We want to give a special thanks to Americans for Innovation researchers for putting a majority of this information together. Let’s run through a little overview here of the company. Company overview 2003, Entrust. Securing Digital Identification and Information. The Federal Bridge: A Foundation of Trust. Entrust, this infrastructure supports the Walker patents’ “Mass Data” surveillance grid. Human beings are described as “wet-ware” for the Internet of things in the Walker patents. That patent number is US Patent 6,965,816. Relevant timeline, entries show that the Federal Bridge is the encryption key sharing architecture that enables the Deep State shadow government Senior Executive Service to hack/tap into any computer or phone anywhere, anytime. They’ve been able to do that since the early 1990s.

Do you think the recording is out there about 9/11 and the complete setup of that? You better believe it is. Robert S. Mueller III has all the information on all of us wetware humans on the planet since the early 1990s. In 1993 Clinton’s FBI encryption backdoor keys and endorsed by the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, John Podesta and James P. Chandler III. If you’re not familiar with James P. Chandler III, you need to do some research on that guy, what a character.

In 1994 Federal Bridge Entrust, Public Key Infrastructure monopoly. In 1994 Clinton secured high-tech rare Earth minerals in Congo and Rwanda using genocide as a pretext. In 1994 Chronicles documentary released proving Clinton’s racketeering, drug smuggling, money laundering and Rose Law Firm. In 1995 Highlands Group created by the DoD to coordinate illegal public/private spy partnership off the record, decisions used as a pretext. In 1997, the Federal Bridge Entrust, PMI portable access, Privileged Management Infrastructure. In 1998, HP engineer Richard C. Walker, starts filing a string of patents for the Internet of Things and lays out a global spy grid. In 1998, George Soros told CBS that he did not regret working with Nazis against his fellow Jews in Hungary. In 1998 through 1999, the Kosovo War used to clear out Christian Serbs from Kosovo to create unimpeded land routes for planned coming to Soros-funded Muslim immigration and created genocide as a pretext in Rwanda.

In 1999, the Federal Bridge Entrust PKI for Wireless Monopoly. In 1999 the precursor to Serco, SI International formed by ex-Lockheed Martin Executive. In 1999, Clinton formed CIA In-Q-Tel as a public/private spy technology funding entity, abolished Glass-Steagall banking controls, formed the National Infrastructure Assurance Council, NIAC, to run mass surveillance on all Americans from the White House. I think it a couple of years before on this Pfizer deal that John Cornyn said that we’re not spying on US persons inside the United States. This has to do with foreign actors outside of the United States. Technically, he was right but fundamentally false in his statement. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, he lied. They’re spying on everything and have been doing it since 1999.

[bctt tweet=”The Federal Bridge Certificate Authority was the Senior Executive Service (SES)’s actual technical platform for how computer systems across the internet could allow the spy state to tap into any system in real time” via=”no”]

In 2000, NSA architect William Binney resigned. He observed that the NSA had gone rogue. In 2001, Clinton appointed James P. Chandler III. In 2001, Clinton appointed James P. Chandler III and Microsoft’s Bill Gates to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council as he departed the White House. In June of 2001, CIA whistleblower Susan Lindauer warned of a World Trade Center attack using airplanes. She was imprisoned without a trial. In July of 2001, operation Stellar Wind to spy on all Americans was approved by the DOJ. On September 4th, 2001, Robert S. Mueller III was sworn in as Baby Bush FBI Director. September 11th was used as a pretext for the Patriot Act to take over American privacy and property Bill of Rights.

In 2001, Federal Bridge Entrust, Enhanced Internet Security PKI monopoly, the excuse, the 9/11. The conclusion, the Federal Bridge aka Federal Bridge Certificate Authority was the deep state shadow government aka Senior Executive Services, SES. The actual technical platform for how computer systems across the internet could allow the spy state to tap into any system in real time. I wanted to cover for our audience some highlights that you may want to think about and begin to research on your own. Here at the show, we want to point you to where you can find these things. We realized that a lot of Americans have been caught in the wheel of a gerbil. That you get up in the morning, you go to work, you’re exhausted when you come home and you have very limited time to do any research only to start the process all over again the next day. If we can drop some hints for you and give you places to look, then you can start to discover that this thing we call the Federal Government has been set up for your demise. You can find out about that in the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act that trickles through the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States. We have Ron Gibson and Justin.

Justin is here. How are you doing, Justin?

Absolutely fantastic.

We’d like to hear that.

I wanted to share something with you. I’m going to go into I’m going to type in just for fun State of Texas and hit the search button and see what pulls up. At the top is the State of Texas right there in Austin and it’s lapsed.

Is this a corporation or what?

Destroying The Altars of Baal

Let’s click on this long number here and see just what that is and where it is. You used to be able to go into this system and type in the Social Security number without the dashes and it would pull up all the transactions all over the world. I had found Elvis Presley’s Social Security Number online. I typed it in and it was still active. I typed in my dad’s Social Security Number and he had been gone to his great reward in the sky for several years and his account had stopped.

Elvis is still active?

At that time it was, which I thought, “What conspiracy could you start with that?”

He died in 1977.

What I wanted to show you was this next account. These are the offshore accounts that are being traded and I have to go back to the very front of it because there’s another one that I wanted to show you that I have to get through the State of Texas. When you go down here, the second one is the Veterans Land Board of Texas. Then you have the Permanent University Fund of the State of Texas and that entity has also lapsed. The fourth one is UBS (Cayman) Trust 2 – UBS State of Texas Equity Strategy Fund. That puppy is active. Justin, can you see the address of this?

It’s 89 Nexus Way, Peterboro Matboards, Camana Bay, Not Available, KY1-9007 Cayman Islands.

Those are the trading accounts. When you go through here, you can pull up any trading account that’s offshore. It’s an interesting bit there. I had pulled that up and had meant to tell you about the Social Security trading accounts. A couple of years ago, they changed this platform and I haven’t found out how to get back into doing that. I’m sure it’s here, but they have another platform that this goes to and this is the LEI Lookup. I haven’t spent enough time on this one to be able to bring anything out, but there is a way of finding these offshore accounts. One of the queries that I did was a court. I typed in District Court 299 to see if anything would pull up. There were several things that pulled up with court in the name. I’m going to go back. Johnson Court Unlimited or something to that effect. I know that these judges have offshore accounts, it’s just finding them. We had left off with number eighteen. I think it was nineteen that sent me on the search and reminded me of this GMEI Utility report.

By the way, Ron, I had sent you via email a recording that Eddie Craig did on Rule of Law Radio. Right after the opening and then they go to commercials and as soon as he came back on again, I guy called in about allodial title and about land patents. Eddie did a good job on this and there were some pertinent information recording on that I wanted for you to listen to. He had an idea about something and now that idea has escaped me because I was just listening to it. Usually, I’ll listen to it and then go back and listen to it again and take notes and write some stuff down.

My point is that the message is getting out about the land patents and people are trying to figure out how to get this done. Justin, I pulled up a land patent from 1854. I believe Justin had ordered that particular patent because it had an interest to him. The government land office here in Texas is extremely helpful, but you have to know what you’re asking for. If you don’t narrow down on what you’re asking for, I don’t know that they know it that worked there. They haven’t put two and two together yet. If they have, they’re not telling anybody. If you know that you’re asking for the patent and that you want to see the original documents, they had told us that there were no patents issued. The Republic of Texas was formed in 1836 to 1846. I’m more than willing to be corrected on that.

[bctt tweet=”An equity court sets aside the law for the sake of discretionary fairness.” via=”no”]

The Republic of Texas was formed in 1836 and entered statehood in 1845 or 1847.

We were asking for any documents before the 1836 and the lady had told us the only documents were after 1854 on this particular account. We don’t know if that’s going to be true or not, but here is the thing, the land patent, you cannot find online, it’s in their vault. You have to order it and have them send it to you. The other stuff you can find online which I was very pleasantly surprised of how easy it was to get it all to put together from that standpoint. We have not gotten the documents in that we’ve ordered, we’ll find out. We had left off at number eighteen and it is America.

Can we visit with number eighteen again?

There are no judicial courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce statutes and codes. Executive administrators enforce statutes and codes.

I pull FRC versus General Electric and read it. This is a Supreme Court case. One of the paragraphs says, the courts in Washington, DC are administrative courts. My question is, “Does that trickle down to the state because number one, Washington, DC is a corporation and number two, each state is a sub-corporation of Washington, DC. Is that what ties it all together?”

All the states are sub-corporations to Washington, DC because they’re all incorporated. You cannot have a common law judicial court under a corporate structure. They do not have the same jurisdiction. One of them again is corporate and the other is organic. When the states began to incorporate through enticement and financial bribery by the United States corporation government then, in essence, they were all led to the slaughter. The people are the ones that suffered as a result of that because we now have no justice, we only have a remedy. The remedy is not the remedy in the context that we feel or have been led to believe.

A remedy is any ruling that the court wants to give. If you’re the short end on the stick, they’re telling, “You’ve got a remedy,” maybe not to your liking but you’ve got remedy and that’s all we’re obligated to do. We’ve lost the judicial process. We have lost the ability to have a fair trial. We’ve lost the value of evidence. We have lost the whole value of the whole system of right and wrong. I want to address something here if I may. That is the issue that people even in the law circle do not understand. The issue that we’ve come to the point in our past history of establishing an equity court. I’m sure all of you have heard that, in law and in equity. Equity court was never to have been had it not been for the corporation. What an equity court is, it sets aside the law for the sake of discretionary fairness.

There have been cases in our history of our court system to where the law can be harsh, brutal and direct in certain instances. The bleeding hearts in the world at that time decided let’s do this administrative court system. Give the judge all the power that he needs or wants and then let him make a decision predicated upon his feeling and his viewpoint of the whole issue. That just destroyed the element of law per se. Because instead of the element of right or wrong or unlawful or lawful, legal or illegal, however, you want to define it. Now, you have a system that judges have way too much power and that adversely affect the wrong decision in most cases. You have a guy who had some financial hardship, doesn’t have a new set of clothes coming into the courtroom. You’ve got another woman there that’s very shapely and very well dressed. She’s going to win the case. It doesn’t matter what the merits of the case is.

Federal Bridge Certificate Authority: You cannot have a common law judicial court under a corporate structure. They do not have the same jurisdiction.


It’s tremendous injustice and yet, here we have a saying, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” That is an absolute misnomer in our day and age because it is not justice. You don’t get justice, you can’t get justice. You will get a remedy but not justice. The only way that our courts were originally set up based upon God’s law and the Bible’s very clear about how to set up a court and our Bible is to be our guideline. Courts in the past had a Bible at the judge’s desk. When there was an issue, he went to that part of scripture to see how he should rule. Now, what we have is anarchy in the court system. The court system is probably one of the most chaotic institutions that we have in our nation. We think Washington, DC is a mess. Pick a good heart. You will want to puke. It’s pathetic.

If I read the Administrative Procedures Act 1946, what you just said, is that going to be relatively plain to me?

I would hope so.

I don’t know if we told you or not, but I am being sued by the State of Texas to try to get a temporary restraining order against me and then a permanent injunction to try to stop me from practicing law. I’m aware of Butcher’s Union versus Crescent City. I’m putting together a motion for summary judgment.

Justin, could you tell the audience about Butcher’s Union, because a lot of people haven’t seen that case before and don’t know anything about that and it’s a tremendous case.

Butcher’s Union says basically that most of the occupations of common right, butcher baker, candlestick maker. The court goes on to mention four of them and the very first one is the practice of law. Then there’s the practice of medicine. Then there’s the preaching of the gospel and the tilling of the soil. These specifically are occupations of common right and the Supreme Court says that a state cannot restrict that by licensing. Any state can’t have a licensed attorney. The way they do that is they created another state and it’s called On This State. Anytime they want to violate your rights, they say it’s okay to do that in this state. My position on that is that if it’s a state, then the Supreme Court and Butcher’s Union decision applies there too. If it’s not really a state, then it doesn’t apply to me because I’m not there, I’m in Texas.

The prime example here that you have to keep in mind and that is to take into consideration the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. Under that act, you’re not subject to that jurisdiction. There’s a very famous case. In that case, the court stated very clearly that you and I are not subject to government rules and regulations unless we volunteered to be subject to those rules and regulations. Why I bring that up is the very fact that here you have this element of the Bar Association. It’s nothing but a private club, no state, and accurately so that there is not a state in the union that licensed attorneys and they cannot practice law because they do not deal in law.

I don’t know if you guys are aware of it, but in law school, there is not one semester that taught on law. They’re taught in the law school of statutes and codes, research, writing briefs and how to create confusion out of nothing. Why I even bring that up, the reason that no state can issue a license to a bar member or an attorney, I didn’t say lawyers. I just did a law class. I teach four law classes. I taught on the issue why attorneys are not lawyers and it’s a very interesting subject. When you get down into the meat and potatoes of it, that because the attorneys are not taught law, an attorney can only deal in statutes and codes or any other corporate designated rule or regulation or whatever. On the other side of the coin, lawyers deal in law.

[bctt tweet=”Justice is an absolute misnomer in this day because you can’t get justice, only remedy.” via=”no”]

I was doing some research on that and one of the things that attorneys and their goals that they’re taught to do is how to take away your rights, your property and your money. Have you ever wondered why an attorney charges $350, $450 an hour? When you can have somebody with his same education just as critical in society and they get $40, $50 an hour? That is the reason that they joined the Communist Party in 1923. I have the documents. In that, they fully adopted the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto. In addition, when the communist joined that, they said, we want you to implement two other additives to number one. You guys know what number one is, the abolishment of private property. Here’s how they plan to do it.

You are to accept with your practice of law that they’re practicing. That they never get proficient at it because they’re outside of the realm of the boundary of law, they’re dealing with statutes and code. That’s why they’re called the practice in the law. What happened in this thing is that they agreed through inflation of costs to clients to divest them of their money, their rights and their property. That’s how this whole thing got started because the reason that no state can issue a license to an attorney for the practice of law, it violates our First Amendment right. The right of free speech. I just wanted to throw that into the equation. I didn’t mean to interrupt your presentation there.

I appreciate your input. This is from Butcher’s Union right here. It says, “It cannot be that a state may limit to a specified number of people, the right to practice law, the right to practice medicine, the right to preach the gospel and the right to till the soil. To pursue particular business or trades and thus parcel out to different parties, the various vocations and callings of.” What it says is that we have the right to want to do with very few exceptions and those occupations cannot be licensed.

You know what the definition of a license is, do you not?

It is the authorization to do something that would otherwise be illegal.

The first section of the 14th Amendment was among other things, designed to prevent all discriminating legislation for the benefit of some to the disparagement of others and when rightly enforced as other prohibitions upon the state, not by the legislation of a penal nature.

Justin, why don’t you read that next sentence?

Butcher’s Union is a fantastic case and any audience out there who hasn’t read it needs to. The citation is Butcher’s Union versus Crescent City Co., 111 U.S. 746 or you can just type in Butchers’ Union Versus Crescent City Co., 111 US 746.

Federal Bridge Certificate Authority: License is the authorization to do something that would otherwise be illegal.


That was decided on May 5th, 1884 and it has never been overturned.

It’s been challenged four times and never successful.

A little bit about that particular case. They have not yet scheduled a court date.

Let’s go back into this thing. I was helping a guy in court as a private attorney general. I turned in all my private attorney general stuff to the court saying that that’s how I was operating. I got a call from a detective from the city in which this court was located and he told me that he had a warrant for my arrest for holding myself out to be a lawyer, which is a third degree of felony. I was a police officer for twenty years almost and told him that and ask him for some courtesy. I said, “If you’ll tell me when you have the warrant your hand, I will drive out there and go to a bonds office. I will arrange to make bail and then I’ll come and surrender and you can book me and I’ll bail out.” He said, “That’s fine. I’m not worried about it.” He did.

When the time came, he told me that he had the warrant in his hand. I got hold of the bondsman and bonded out and I went in and got booked and released. I had to report to the bondsman. After two months of that, the bondsman told me, “Would you be offended if I just had you report once a month?” You’ve been clockwork. I said, “No, that would be great.” After that, the bondsman calling me back and said, “You don’t have to report anymore.” I said, “What?” He said, “You don’t have to report anymore.” I said, “Why?” He said, “The district attorney has decided not to prosecute the case.” I said, “Do you have anything in paperwork?” He said, “Yes”. They sent it to me over email.

When they did that, you immediately called the county and wanted to get the information in your file and they couldn’t find it from what I remember.

I have not only called them. I have sent them public information requests. I’ve asked for the warrant and the mandatory affirmation that supports the warrant and witness statements or whatever and they have refused to provide anything. I think that’s one of the reasons that they didn’t proceed with this because I started my discovery immediately and I started hitting the district attorney with all these requests. He realized that he couldn’t come up with that stuff. Four or five months after I was arrested, he gave a statement to the bonding company saying that he was not going to pursue the case, which of course leaves me on the hook. I got a summons from the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee here in the state of Texas and they summoned me to a hearing.

I appeared at the hearing after I wrote them a letter and said that I wanted them to produce any man that had been harmed and filed a verified claim against me and they didn’t produce any names. I got to the hearing. The first thing they did was start to question me. I said, “We don’t go on here. There’s a supreme court case that says anytime I deal with the government, it is my responsibility to make sure that the agent that I’m dealing with is authorized to do what they purport to do.” There were about fifteen people there. I said, “I want everybody’s identification up here so that I can copy it down and I want to know everybody in here who is an attorney. They all refuse to identify themselves and they refuse to identify any of the attorneys there. I said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I think that means we don’t have anything to talk about.”

[bctt tweet=”The United States is a corporation, not a landmass.” via=”no”]

I started gathering my papers together and the one lady who was trying to end this thing up said, “Yes, we do. We’ve got many questions for you.” I said, “No, you’re not going to do anything because you won’t identify yourself and you’re required to by a ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States.” A guy who obviously was in charge and he’d been silent. He said, “No. We don’t have anything more to talk about.” I got up and left. I’m on a walker so it’s hard for me to carry stuff. He came down and escorted me and came up to the car and opened my car door for me. It was three or four months after that that I got the summons that they’re suing me attempting to get a restraining order.

It’s the court order that if you violate it, that’s where they get you.

That’s a temporary restraining order. That’s where we are now. I answered that lawsuit and started turning in discovery. I asked the names of all the people on the committee and they refused to give me anything. It’s been sitting there for over a year with nothing happening and I’m in the process of putting together a motion for summary judgment and see what happens. If you would be good enough, Ron, when I get done with this thing, if I could send it to you and you can tell me some of the things I’m missing or some of the things that I’ve got there that shouldn’t be there.

I’d love to take a look at it. I was going to ask if I may, “Had you considered filing a countersuit for malicious prosecution?”

It’s too late to do that in this case. What I have to do is wait until this is over and then file it. I should have filed it right away. Are you talking about on the criminal charge? Because malicious prosecution is a criminal matter. Its abuse of process is for a civil matter.

I think you would have grounds for either/or.

Yes, because they did arrest me and book me. I was arrested, not just threatening me. They booked me.

That’s the criminal part of it. That arrest is the criminal act without authority to do so. That’s very interesting. I’d like to learn more about your case on the thing simply because that’s what they do. It’s all based upon threats and intimidation. It sounds like you handled it pretty well.

Federal Bridge Certificate Authority: Malicious prosecution is a criminal matter. Its abuse of process is for a civil matter.


I figured out what they were doing. They booked me for a Third Degree Felony with the sole purpose of coming to me when I had an attorney and talking with my attorney and saying, “We can drop this down to a misdemeanor if you’ll plead guilty and work out something where you serve little or no jail time.” Because I started firing off all this stuff to them, they realized that they weren’t dealing with somebody who was totally ignorant of the law. They said, “What are we going to do here?” I called the district attorney’s office and the secretary said, “He can’t talk to you.” What do you mean he can’t talk to me? I’ve been booked. She said, “He has to talk to your attorney.” I said, “I don’t have an attorney. I’m acting as myself.” “He can’t talk to you. He could only represent the people.” I said, “I am the people.” He never would talk to me.

That’s another real problem with the court system as a whole. They’ve got some of dumbest rules and protocols, you have to file this exactly this way or you have to say this special way when you’re in court.

Every time they hit me with something like that, I always come back at them and saying, “I’m acting as myself. I’m a man and you cannot hold me to the same standards as a licensed attorney.”

This software that’s being developed is designed to hold them into their administrative duties. When they step outside of that box, you can zing them was so much paperwork and put so much on them that they will wish that they never tangled with you. It’s a really cool software. Let’s get back onto our schedule on number eighteen. It says America is a British colony. The United States is a corporation, not a landmass. It exists before the Revolutionary War and the British troops did not leave until 1796. You have a couple of case sightings here and a treaty. It’s the Treaty of Peace (8 stat 80) and you have IRS publication 6209 and Articles of Association, the 20th of 1774.

That’s where the corporation took a big step in that direction.

A lot of people think that we won that war. What really happened is they said, “Let us send our attorneys over and we’ll help you get America’s set up correctly.” That’s when the Thevenin started. Number nineteen, in order to give the history of where all of this started, it’s going to help people to realize what transpired. We don’t have direct contact with the Vatican or the queen or anything to that effect. The reason why we don’t is because we have the local criminals that are set up. It’s important to know the backstory. Number nineteen, the Vatican owns Britain and that’s the Treaty of 1213. In these treaties, it’s important that the audience go pull these and look them up and when you read through that, you’ll discover what we’ve been talking about. Number twenty, the pope can abolish any law in the United States. That’s the Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1 53-54. Tell us a little bit about what you’ve discovered with that, Ron?

This country was so infiltrated, indoctrinated, manipulated and all of the good stuff. All of the laws and everything virtually came out of the Vatican for the purpose of implementing the whole function of what the Vatican was trying to do and that basically was take over the world. They didn’t know how long it would take, but that’s been the original goal since day one. In align with that, let me share something with you. I’ve got a thing on my internet and it had to do with Oregon where I live. The notation was from somebody in the assembly said that so far, there were proposed of 2,200 plus bills that were coming and there was a deadline on it, that’s how I understand it, of which you have to submit it. There was another 300 to 500 yet to come was their estimate.

What I found interesting about that, it said, “All of these bills proposed to the state legislature are written by attorneys.” I knew that, but the thought that went through my head was that we don’t have any representation in the state legislature. It’s the same thing in Texas, California, New York, New Hampshire, Florida and Alaska. We think we send people that we vote for, their only function is to get with the manipulators and say, what do you want to pass? Then they go and they do their dog and pony show. All of these laws that we’re talking about initiated and the whole court system came from the Vatican. The Vatican had very ill intentions about the people and the function of government. As a church entity, they didn’t want to seem they could do any wrong. They wear white robes and then they told this other group that being the attorneys and the judges and the court system, you take care of all the messy stuff but don’t let that spill over on us. That’s why a judge wears a black robe in the courtroom.

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