What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part V

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked


In this episode, we go on a deep dive into the Act of 1871. When the South walked out of Congress in the 1860s, that was the last real Congress and everything else has all been theater. Nothing has been done since in the district called Washington, DC, better known as the swamp. Learn how the thieves in the district of criminals have been stealing everything you thought you owned as Ron Gibson unmasks the thieves people are not aware of. The American people are starting to wake up to the fraud and only the people are going to be able to restore the republic. Learn why your land patent is so important to you and your family. Make sure to purchase the book Destroying the Altars of Baal so you will know the truth and learn how to operate in your God-given rights.

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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Ron Gibson Part V

Truthful Facts People Don’t Know But Should

Before we get into the interview with Ron Gibson, I wanted to go over some things. In 1868, the 14th Amendment was ratified ending slavery by giving all American citizenship. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and the states wherein they reside. The United States code annotated, amended however, what the public was not told that while under the Lieber Code, a 14th Amendment citizen can only be found within the jurisdiction of the United States. That is all government employees, all those who live in territories occupied by the federal government such as Washington, DC and former slaves.

The rest of the population was not subject to the 14th Amendment and thus, could still claim jurisdiction under the original Constitution. In addition to that, after the conclusion of the Civil War, the federal government was now occupying the Southern states, placing these captured citizens under the jurisdiction of the Lieber Code. The Southern states had to agree to ratify this amendment in order for them to be granted their freedom from the federal rule. Thus, instead of ending slavery, the 14th Amendment held all southerners captives as slaves in the plantation known as the United States of America. Just like how all citizens were turned into corporations in 1790 to subject them to the Revolutionary War debts, 14th Amendment citizens were created to be franchised subjects to the corporation known as the United States, Incorporated.

Like all corporate brands, you do not have any Constitutional Bill of Rights protection. Proof as such can be found in the all caps versions of your legal name, which signifies a corporate entity after the Civil War. The United States defaulted on its war debt during the bankruptcy proceedings. Cunning lawyers in league with the international bankers found a foothold with an Article 1 Section 8 Clause 17 of the United States Constitution, which allows the creation of duplicate entities known as the corporation of the United States to replace the now bankrupt and defunct Republic of the United States. This occurred with the passage of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, which incorporated the area of the District of Columbia into a private foreign corporation chartered in the city of London, known as the United States, Incorporated.

This corporation designated Congress as the Board of Directors to continue the business needs of the government under Martial Law. Thanks to the Lieber Code, federal jurisdiction under the Organic Act was expanded to include not only all captured citizens in the Southern states but all Americans in all states. Thus, America lost her sovereignty under the yoke of the Crown of England and international bankers. During the same time, the corruption of the United States adopted its own Constitution, which was identical to the original national constitution to fool the people. One word was changed from its original form, the Constitution for the United States toward the present day, all capitalized meme, which signifies a corporate entity, the Constitution of the United States. Incidentally, the title of Nobility Amendment was removed from this new Constitution. With the Illuminati over full control of the United States, they now seek to rule the world after the death of Adam Weishaupt in 1830. Giuseppe Mazzini was selected to head the Illuminati.

In 1871, the mental power passed on again to an American General Albert Pike as its new director. Pike became fascinated with the idea of a one world government and eventually constructed the Illuminati blueprint of one world domination. His plan called for the financing of three world wars in the twentieth century. The first war would bring about the atheistic communist state from the ashes of the Czar of Russia. The second war would bring about the Jewish holocaust under a fascist government to ferment support of a Zionist state of Israel. The third war would manipulate the difference between Christians and Muslims for their own annihilation. Finally, the political Zionist would come out as victors of all.

These three world wars would require enormous funding since most of the royalty in Europe was already deeply in debt, thanks to numerous wars and conflicts created by the Rothschild banking dynasty. The only place left that could possibly pay such ambitious plans was in the prosperous American republic. After the Civil War, the United States went through a great industrial expansion. The new industries of oil, steel, textile and railroads all needed generous financing, which is the Rothschild family was more than eager to provide. To access these markets, the Rothschilds sent their agent, Jacob Schiff, to infiltrate the New York banking scene, which was controlled by JP Morgan.

By the turn of the century, the Rothschilds had fully entrenched themselves into the tightknit fraternity of Wall Street bankers such as Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. They now saw their most prized possession have full control over the American monetary system. With the help of Jacob Schiff and JP Morgan, the Rothschild’s formed a scheme which would seduce Congress into languishing control over the monetary supply. This occurred with the panic of 1907 when a liquidity crisis caused many banks and businesses to fail all across the United States. The meltdown began when JP Morgan pushed rumors that the Knickerbocker Trust Company in New York was insolvent. With a bank run on and they were forced to call their loans, creating a chain of reactions which would threaten to implode the entire banking system.

The failure continued until JP Morgan and company provided a generous loan to the insolvent banks, but JP Morgan was not trying to save the American banking system, rather he used the crisis to destroy his competition by choosing which banks he would bail out. The biggest casualty of the economic fallout was the looming bankruptcy of the corporation of the United States, which had no means to pay back their loans, which were due in 1912. In anticipation of this bankruptcy, representatives from the world’s most powerful families met in November 1910 at a secret meeting at the Jekyll Island Club Resort in Georgia to discuss the foreclosure of the corporation in the United States and to brainstorm solutions, which would prevent further liquidity crisis such as occurred during the panic of 1907.

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These in attendance included Senator Nelson Aldrich, Paul Warburg, representatives from JPMorgan and company, and Jacob Schiff representing the Rothschild family. They proposed a twenty-year extension on the national debt if the United States would agree to charter a privately-owned Central Bank. It would serve as a bank of last resorts by lending money to other insolvent banks in order to prevent future bank runs. A week later, they emerged with their plans to create what is known as the Federal Reserve System because the current President Taft would never agree to sign away the American monetary system to a cabal of international bankers.

They waited until they got their man, the progressive Woodrow Wilson into power. In return for the bankers’ generous campaign contributions, Woodrow Wilson reluctantly promised the bankers he would sign the Federal Reserve Act if he was elected into office. Many powerful forces were opposed to the creation of a private controlled Central Bank. To neutralize this threat, JP Morgan invited many opponents of the Federal Reserve Act on board the maiden voyage of the newly built Titanic luxury steam liner built by the White Star Line owned by JP Morgan.

JP Morgan ordered the captain to steer the ship into the iceberg and under gunpoint prevented the men from escaping onto the lifeboats, killing many of his enemies in one fell swoop. When word of this got back to Woodrow Wilson, he commented, “There exists this power in the world so subtle, so organized, so watchful that we dare not speak above a whisperer when we speak in condemnation of it.” At the beginning of 1913, the United States had defaulted on its debt after being denied a new credit line. Now, President Woodrow Wilson faced a constitutional crisis.

With no other sources of funds, he went along with the banker schemed and engineered at Jekyll Island Resort. To avoid any oppositions, Senator Nelson Aldrich quickly pushed the Federal Reserve Act through both the houses of Congress. On December 23rd, 1913 while most of Congress was way on vacation, a quorum call was issued and a few selected congressional traders voted by voice to avoid public record and passed the Federal Reserve Act, which President Wilson signed into law. Wilson later admitted with remorse when referring to the Fed, “I have willfully ruined this country.”

This act gave away the keys of the printing press at the US Treasury to foreign corporate charters under the Crown of England, known as the Federal Reserve Bank. In a speech, Ben Bernanke gave in relevant part said this, “The Federal Reserve was created by Congress in 1913 and it was entrusted with the power branded originally to Congress by the US Constitution to coin money and regulate the value thereof. The Federal Reserve Bank advertises itself as a nonprofit corporation that operates as another branch of government. However, its board members are unelected and their meetings are conducted behind closed doors away from public scrutiny. G. Edward Griffin said this, “The board of governors of the Federal Reserve System is chosen by the president from a list prepared by the banks themselves. President Bush made this statement with regards to Fed Chairman Greenspan’s replacement, “It’s important that whomever I pick is viewed as an independent person from politics.”

All this secrecy became very suspicious considering how the Federal Reserve monitors and controls trillions of dollars within the world’s banking system. After the federal government lost its ability to issue its own money, the national debt soon soar to astronomical heights because now the government had to pay the Federal Reserve interest on all of its currency printed in circulation. This interest on the national debt could never be repaid as a Federal Reserve required all debts to be repaid with gold, which the federal government did not have.

Even worst the interest portion of the national debt was not issued into the money supply. In other words, more and more debt would have to be issued to continue servicing the growing interest payments on all loans. In order to cover this interest payment, Congress was forced to pass the income tax legislation, which became law in 1913 with ratification of the 16th Amendment, also known as the income tax amendment. Initially, they levied a 1% voluntary tax on all income over $3,000 and a progressive surtax on income over $20,000. This would soon increase without the break of World War I and World War II. Income tax allowed the Federal Reserve System to confiscate earnings of the common man. The industrialists, the financiers were exempt from paying any income tax because they could afford to hide either the assets in tax-free foundations, which they claimed were devoted for philanthropy. Examples of such include the Rockefeller Foundation, the Mellon Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation.

G. Edward Griffin said this, “The main purpose of income tax is not to raise revenues but to redistribute wealth and to control society.” Technically, the 16th Amendment was not ratified by the necessary states as it violates the constitutional clause of no direct tax. Despite this, Congress went ahead and taxed the people anyway. Article 1 Section 9 Clause 4, “The government was able to do this because under their corporate charter, Congress was operating as a board of directors and therefore they had the authority to enter this amendment as ratified.”

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: After the federal government lost its ability to issue its own money, the national debt soon soared to astronomical heights.


Remember, this amendment has nothing to do with the original United States Constitution, which was replaced back in 1871 with the Corporate Constitution. Peter Gibbons, a tax attorney, said this, “It’s very simple. Congress tried to enact an income tax in 1894. The Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional. When the Supreme Court says things are unconstitutional, they’re unconstitutional. They tried again in 1913 and the Supreme Court said the 16th Amendment conferred no new power of taxation. If they didn’t have it then, they don’t have it now. There is no constitutional basis for tax on the wage of the American people living and working in the 50 states of the union,” end of the argument.

In 1933, the United States once again declared bankruptcy to make all citizens subject of repayment of the national debt. The bankers chartered a Delaware corporation known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue. This corporation was illegally masquerading as part of the government placing them under the constraint threats of a lawsuit. To escape this litigation, they moved their jurisdiction to outside the United States to Puerto Rico. This occurred in 1953 when they changed their name to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS incorporated as a Puerto Rican trust within the division of the Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Further proof can be found within the United States Code, which lists the IRS as a Trust Fund Number 62 the Puerto Rico Special Fund and Derivative.

This was done to divert all income tax payments to the International Monetary Fund owned by the various central banks of Europe and North America, which in turns are owned by the Crown of England. Bob Schulz with We The People Foundation said this, “There is a substantial conclusive body of evidence that proves that our income tax system represents the most pernicious form of tyranny. It is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by the government against the working men and women of America.” An unnamed speaker said, “I can eliminate all income tax tomorrow and have more than enough money to fund the government by using some other guy’s bright idea. We tax the federal government at a point of 0006, double our money until we decide to put them out of business permanently because we certainly should not have a Central Bank.

The evidence proving the income taxes paid to the United Kingdom is found deep within the IRS individual master file, which contains every transaction had financial report gathered by IRS officials throughout your lifetime. One of these codes determines what kind of tax you will pay. After looking this code up within IRS 6209 Manual, you find they have incorrectly classified all Americans as domicile corporations in either Guam, the Virgin Islands or poor Puerto Rico. Furthermore, all taxpayers who have filled out a 1040 form are subject to a tax for doing commerce in the United Kingdom under the treaty with the United States. Charlie Beard with We The People Foundation said this, “There is no law that requires the average American worker in a private sector to pay a direct un-apportionate tax on their labor and compensation for services. There is no law.”

As you follow the money trail, you will find that the taxes collected on the 1040 form is then sent to the Crown of England as a tribute payment. The Crown of England is a sovereign corporation located within the 677 acres of the city, found within the heart of greater London. This tiny strip of land contains the world’s most powerful banking houses such as the Bank of England and Lloyd’s of London owned by the House of Rothschild. It is these bankers and the power based known simply as the Crown. Even though the Queen of England is a member of this club, she is not its corporate head. That job was given to the pontiff of Rome.

The pope was given control over the monarchy with the signing of the Treaty of 1213 between King John and Pope Innocent III, which forever pledged England as a vassal state of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1297, that treaty was used as a precedent to incorporate the city as the independent city-state controlled by the Vatican, which would govern England without directly relying on the monarchy. Just like how the corporate United States was subject to the Crown of England, so too were the subjects of the British Empire enslaved with debt by the financial division of the Vatican headquartered within the city of London.

This small clique of bankers have full authority over the affairs of parliament and this has been the case since 1694 for when Pope Innocent XI hired William of Orange to dispose the Stuart King and charter the Bank of England. Located within the Crown of England is the original Federal Reserve Charter, which according to the farmer’s claim legal team allocated at 67% of the income tax collected by the IRS was to be divided to the Crown of England. Another 23% was to be paid as a dividend to the 300 shareholders at the Federal Reserve Bank and the last 10% was to be paid to the employees of the IRS to keep them quiet about this deal. In 1913, none of the income tax collected by the IRS has gone to the federal government. The federal government is funded totally through black budget sources such as drug trafficking, off the budget accounting on the comprehensive annual financial report. With that, let’s go to our show with Ron Gibson. We have Ron Gibson. Justin, are you there?

Justin is here.

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Justin, how are you doing?

Absolutely fantastic. How are you, Mr. Gibson?

I’m still kicking and scratching. I’m still above ground. I used to laugh at my dad whenever someone would ask him. He said, “Charlie, how are you doing?” He said, “I’m doing wonderful.” He said, “I got up this morning. I looked at the paper and at the obituary column, I didn’t find my name. I put on my clothes and went out. I’m having a wonderful day.” There is some merit to that.

I sent you an email, Ron. I sent it to Joseph too. It’s Chrysler Corporation versus Brown. Are you familiar with it?


Joseph and I were talking about the IRS and how it’s not a part of the federal government and that kind of thing. The Supreme Court confirms that. If you want to open it and go to Footnote 23, it will tell you that they are not now and never have been a part of the United States.

They’re a part of the United Nations. The collection agency is in the United Nations.

That’s the first piece in your book and you have on Page 52 truthful facts people should know but most do not. You have listed 33 of them. I wanted to see if we could cover a couple of them. The first one was the IRS is not a US government agency. It is an agency of the IMF, International Monetary Fund. The case that you have listed here is diversified metal products versus the IRS. What Ron has written is called What You Need to Know about Land Patents. We wanted to cover a couple of these things. Justin, the case that you were talking about is Chrysler Corporation versus Brown?

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: Our constitution is not a self-executing document. In other words, you can take a copy of the constitution big or small, depending upon who’s published it, and you can lay it on the table.



The American people have been so afraid of the IRS because the tyrannical maneuvers that they’ve made and trying to make examples out of people that don’t file a tax on a note that when you tell people this, they won’t believe it. You have to give them something to be able to go back, look up and read for themselves. Part of the problem is people are too lazy or don’t know where to find it.

The prior one is the biggest culprit. We’ve gotten inherently lazy about everything in our life. We want this machine to do that. We want that gadget to do this for us and as wonderful the machines are, you can still use them to great educational benefit if a person will in fact, spend a little bit of time and study. They will give all time to sports events and all time to television programming. We won’t take ten or fifteen minutes a day or even an hour a week to learn what our rights are and how to protect them.

It’s like the thing I share with a lot of people about the Constitution. “They’re violating my constitutional rights,” and the first thing I ask them, “What’s constitutional right are they violating?” What I get is this blank look like a deer in the headlight. They don’t even know. They know somewhere they’re being violated. My point to them is that our Constitution is not. Let me tell you what it is not. It is not a self-executing document. In other words, you can take a copy of the Constitution big or small, depend upon who’s published it. You can lay it on the table.

It can lay in there 150 years and have no effect and no benefit to anybody if nobody picks it up and reads it and then takes a stand for what they read. That’s the whole point that we’re talking about. I’m an avid student of case law and the federal courts especially some say, “Courts have done it.” The federal courts have stated in numerous cases, “If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.” Fundamentally that’s a true statement. I like to challenge people not only to defend themselves but to know why, how and what it is that they’re defending. There’s a big hole there. It’s all I can say.

I did a short study one time and asked about everybody that I met about the First Amendment. I told them that there are five rights listed in the First Amendment. Can you tell me what they are? Nobody could give me all five of them. One person gave me four. Nobody could give me all five. Most of them could give me maybe one. People don’t know and they don’t care.

It isn’t because the information is not available. They’ve gotten complacent. Complacency is a killer.

This goes back to 1 Samuel Chapter 8 where Israel wanted a king like all the other nations. Exactly what happened when Saul appointed his sons that the sons began to take bribes and do all this other stuff. The people came to him and said, “We need to have a king.” That’s exactly what’s going on now that the courts are doing. Talk about crime and criminal activity, you can see the most criminal activity in a courtroom. It’s usually done by the guy sitting in the black robe and the mouthpiece that’s in front of him. The people have no clue of when to say, “That’s wrong. You can’t do that.” The people don’t know. They don’t understand the administrative code. They don’t that the Constitution is a box for them to stay in and that the people designed that box for them to stay in. You’ve got to know it in order to keep them in that box.

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The second one is the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, is an agency of the UN. That’s Black’s Law Dictionary. What I want to try to do is show this roadmap that you’ve outlined here, which is a tremendous roadmap of what’s going on because a lot of people see the issue at the local level. That’s right, it is at the local level. Once it gets out of the state that you’re in and it gets into Washington, it doesn’t stop at Washington either. They’re attempting to build. They’d been planning to build this one world order for a long time. Can you comment on that?

To put it down where the rubber meets the road, these alphabet agencies, departments and international consortiums by whatever means all boil back to an individual or a group of individuals who want to ruin the world. It matters not in their view and their opinion on how many people it hurts. It doesn’t matter how long that it hurts as long as they can accomplish their objective. When you get into the International Monetary Fund, that’s all tied to the Vatican. I catch hell over this all the time. I made Catholics come unglued. I’m not saying anything against the people within the Catholic church, but as an organization, the Vatican is as corrupt as it comes.

In fact, that’s where the judges came out to take care of all the dirty laundry that they wanted done. This one world power is predicated upon the leading factor which is money. That’s what the IMF was born out of was to have an International Monetary Fund that’s controlled by the Vatican. The international banks are funded by the Vatican. It goes on and on and on. That’s why we had the bankruptcy in the United States in the 1930s. It was the very fact that they had to break the back of the American middle class because that’s where the real wealth lies. It didn’t end the rich people in this country.

Reagan had said this numerous times during his presidency there in the ‘80s, “If you can destroy the strength of a nation,” and that’s what we define as the middle class. I don’t like to call it that, but so that everybody identifies what I’m talking about. In essence, you start seeing the fulfillment when Daddy Bush began. He touted the new world order is the new world order. He did everything that he could to help promote and facilitate that. All of your banking affiliates or whatever are all tied to the IMF. Even your birth certificate when a child is born, there’s an account that’s set up by the IMF.

What they do is they monetize that money that’s in there and as it grows on the thing, then that further creates money for people who are involved and in control of the International Monetary Fund. The World Bank is another player. Bank clearing houses are another arm of that. It’s like this massive octopus with all of these arms and tentacles out there. They’re all sucking the people dry. That’s the intent. I don’t know if I mentioned to you, but another tremendous travesty that we have in this country is the Bar Association.

The Bar Association, no state issues a license to practice law. Of all the 50 states, not a single state issue what they call a BAR card, whatever. It is nothing more than union dues to the Bar Association. I don’t remember the exact date, but I’ll be pretty close. In either 1922 or 1923, the Bar Association joined the Communist Party. They accepted the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. What’s the first one of the Communist Manifesto? It’s to do away with private property in it. That’s the first one. That’s why when the Bar Association joined in, they gave them two addendums to that. Number one is that they were to do everything they could to deprive the people of this nation of their money, their rights and their property. Because if you can divest an individual, that’s how the attorneys manipulate clients so that they will lose, they have an exorbitant price of their per hour rate. There’s nothing justifies $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $800 an hour for what they do.

They are the masters of copy and paste.

The reason that they do it so that they can drain your money and it’s much easier for them to say, “Let’s make a settlement agreement,” or whatever. “You’re going to have to drop the case because I’m going to withdraw if you don’t.” All of that is a planned scheduled of events of which to hurt the American people so that they can attain the objective. You look at school boards and how many attorneys are on school boards. I was reading here in Oregon that in the state of Oregon, where I live right now, there are over 2,000 proposed bills to go before the state legislature. Every one of those is written by attorneys. They expect another 400 to 600 or 700 to be before the closing date. That brings up to be a very fundamental question. Why are attorneys writing all of these bills? Where’s the American public? Where’s the farmer? Where’s the truck driver? Where’s the grocery clerk that has an issue that should be brought before the state legislature? Why is all of these written and submitted by attorneys? It is because that’s part of the master plan.

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: In 2000, the cost of government red tape that curtails economic benefit and the conveyance of money in our GNP cost the American public over $780 billion a year of lost revenue to our economy.


They have us going down to believing that we’re not capable of it. The only people that are capable of writing a bill is an attorney.

I’ve written a lot of contracts and been evolved in a lot of contracts in my life. The longest contract that I’ve ever written has been three pages. Yet you go to a real estate contract or so-called contract because there’s not even a contract. You look at all of the provisions in that and all letters in there for is to give some attorney should it need be something to create a controversy over. Controversy is an attorney’s best friend.

We have started to work on the attorney thing several years ago. You’re absolutely right that no state licenses an attorney and what they’ve done is they’ve created an ethereal place that’s called in this state. All attorneys are licensed to practice law in this state. That’s why we’ve been on the letter campaign of sending public information request as well as FOIA request to find out the territories within the limits ceded to or owned by the United States as far as Texas goes. All penal provisions are committed in this state. As a matter of fact to tax real estate, they can only tax real estate in this state. That little buzzword phrase, whenever they use that word in this state or this state or in Texas or Texas, that’s when they’re attempting to completely violate your rights. Let’s move on to number three. The United States has not had a Treasury since 1921. You have 41 Stat Chapter 214, page 64. Can you address that, please?

Basically, here again, we don’t have a Treasury because we have no money. The United States does not have any money.

Mnuchin is a Hollywood cardboard cutout as a Treasury secretary that looks nice in a suit. He’s acting. He’s playing a role.

It’s a showplace. He’s the figurehead. It’s all he is. Speaking of that, you see on the news it talks about all the inflation and all of the money that’s being printed. You see the Federal Reserve printing money. Do you see those big rolls of thing spitting out $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100? Do you know what they’re showing there? They’re showing the replacement money for the bills that are damaged. They’re not printing $12 trillion or $400 billion or $192 billion. There is no physical presence of that money. The optical illusion of that, they say, “They’re printing all of this money.” I want to share something with you when we go on here and follow me because this is crucial. In 2000, the cost of government red tape that curtails economic benefit and the conveyance of money in our gross national product costs the American public over $780 billion a year of lost revenue to our economy.

Just on the basis of government interference and red tape. Like Paul Harvey said, “Wait until you hear the rest of this story.” Years later, the last one that I have was done in 2013 and because they’re the same group, they’re the same accounting, there was $1.78 trillion was the difference of thirteen years later to $780 billion. Let me put that in perspective. If you took a $100 and walked outside in the parking lot and you lay that $100 on the payment. Then you take another one and you put on top of that and you keep stacking one on top of the other until you got to $1.78 trillion. That pile of $100 would extend up into the sky from the Earth’s surface over 126 miles. That’s the loss to the American economic benefit like government intervention, delay, red tape and permits.

The fact is that we don’t have money the way that we’ve been led to believe. We understand that the greenbacks and maybe that’s not the right word to use because there were greenbacks before. The Fiat currency that to have in your pocket is a note and everything else is digital. It’s all credit. The whole world is running off credit. I heard a report that China has a deficit of $41 trillion. I’m thinking, “I thought we owed China money and all of a sudden China has borrowed $41 trillion from somebody.” I’m thinking, “Who’s loaning all this money out? In order to loan it, you got to have it. It’s the biggest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen.

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When they want more money, they create a war. The IMF and the Federal Reserve fund both sides of those wars. They make money on both sides. It doesn’t matter who gets killed. Previously in the Marine Corps, I was a body escort. I took Vietnam casualties home with their families. If you want to get an eye-opener, step into that set of shoes. They fund both sides. That’s what happened why the United States got in trouble during the Civil War. You’re right, it’s debt. The money that you see printed or what we call money is nothing but a debt instrument.

A debt instrument is a debt instrument because you can never pay off a debt. You can only transfer the debt because you can’t pay off a debt with a debt. That’s the thing I tried to help people understand and to do with land patent and a warranty deed. I have people all the time said, “I own my place.” I said, “No you don’t.” “I most certainly do. I paid it off and I’ve got the warranty deed.” I said, “Go look on your warranty deed and tell me where it shows anywhere on or within that document that you are an owner.

People cannot believe that. That is the cognitive dissidents in our society that they can’t get their mind around that until they get up out of their armchair, go in there, get their warranty deed and read it because most people never read their documentation. We’d have real estate closings. We’d have borrowers that would come in. They’d sit down and here’s an almost the size of a Houston phone book. If you could imagine what that would look like of documentation, sitting in front of people and they start flipping pages and signing. Not having a clue of what they’re signing. Maybe 1 in 100 would want to read their documents. By the time they got finished reading the documents, they didn’t have a clue of what was in there or they may object to something that’s in there. The question came down to, “Do you want the house or not?”

The other side of that coin is what they read, they don’t understand.

The US Treasury is now the IMF. You have a presidential document Volume 24 and page number 113. You have 22 USC, page 285 to 2887. Talk about that as far as when that switched over. Was that back there in 1921 or did that happen 1913 when they set up the Federal Reserve?

It encompasses a time period, not a date because that was the whole purpose of the Jekyll Island meeting on the setting of the Federal Reserve, in the 1933 the bankruptcy and then prior to that to facilitate the bankruptcy, they had to have the stock market crash. All of that was tied together and planned. There was no slope thing that happened in that.

Right now on YouTube, a majority of the financial news and the propaganda that’s out there, we’re headed for a major reset. They can’t keep going. The whole thing’s going to blow up. I’m thinking, “Look at all these guys that are promoting this concept and idea.” When you had the mainstream media and the globalist starting to say it as well, you start to think, “That’s not going to happen.” As a matter of fact, whatever the mainstream media is telling you is coming, go in the opposite direction and you’ll do great. They can continue this charade forever. If we have $21 trillion or $22 trillion of the debt clock, there’s nothing wrong with running it up to $44 trillion or $100 trillion. Your money or the thing that you think is money goes down in value. That’s all.

The other half of that, keep in mind, the reason that there’s unlimited spending is that there is no accountability. You have a worthless currency that’s nothing but a debt instrument in its own right and then you have no accountability from the people who were spending the money.

JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked
Thieves Unmasked: Until we take personal accountability for our decisions about the voice that we put out there, we are not going to get better.


It comes back to the question of, “Who’s going to keep the financial crack head off the pipe?” so to speak, as far as from a drug standpoint because that’s what it is. Who’s going to keep these people in check? Surely not the sleeping American people because they don’t know it. They don’t know what’s going on.

The Bible’s very clear about the leaders that the people are to select and what the qualifications of that. You gentlemen know what that is, that they must have a servant’s heart. The Bible says you reap what you sow. We have sown complacency. We have sown “I don’t care” attitude. We have sown all kinds of, “It’s not bothering me right now so why should I care?” We elect most representatives, congressmen, senators, president, whatever you want to call it, for the wrong reason in most cases, not all but in most cases. Now, we don’t have people with a servant’s heart. We have people there who are self-serving. It’s like the story I tell occasionally. You have your so-called friend who prays for you on Sunday and preys upon you Monday through Saturday only to come back Sunday and pray for you again and start the process all over. It’s a revolving process and until we take personal accountability for our decisions about the voice that we put out there, we are not going to get better. It’s going to get terribly worse.

That’s the thing that I appreciate about President Trump. Here’s a guy that’s in his 70s, that has $7 billion of cash and a lot of real high-priced real estate. He did not need to step into the shoes that he did. He’s the only guy in Washington that understands economics. He graduated from Wharton Business School in a degree in Economics. He’s been wildly successful. I believe that we’ve been given a godsend. It’s one guy and he’s involved in this swamp. The American people have got to get educated, get involved in order to get our country turned around.

Look what’s happened. Let’s talk about that. You bring up a very good point. When you get a man in there and the Bible tells us that God places all leaders in their position, he has a hand in that, whether they’re a good reader or a bad. The opportunity is there for them to do what’s right. You turn around and you’ve got a midterm election. Look at the tidal wave of opposition that was elected because of the hatred for a man who’s doing what’s right. That is phenomenal to me.

Those people outed themselves. When you see Hollywood that came out against Trump and right before his election, Tom Hanks, a great actor. I liked Tom Hanks. He comes out and says, “I can assure you that Trump will not be president.” All of these famous stars came out because they knew he was getting ready to be a wrecking ball to their whole industry.

God has blessed us with the right man for the right job. Even he was shocked by the depth and the magnitude of the corruption. I didn’t want to get away from your question about addressing the subject matter here on Page 154.

Justin, did you have anything to jump in on?

I’m pulling up a document that I’m going to email both of you. It’s from the Code of Federal Regulations and it talks about IRS agents being members of Puerto Rico.

[bctt tweet=”The Bible’s very clear about the leaders that the people are to select and what the qualifications are – they must have a servant’s heart.” via=”no”]

That’s where they’re registered. They’re not in the United States corporations. They’re not a government entity. They’ve never been a government entity. There’s a collection agency for the International Monetary Fund.

I heard a broadcast that Rod Class did. He had a client that he was working with and helping that the IRS came after him. They wrote to the Treasury Department to see if there was any type of case open or any deficiency, I believe is what happened in that particular case. The Treasury Department said, “No, we’ve got no deficiency here.” They were able to out the IRS. I thought, “That’s a great move. That’s a tremendous move.”

I have a personal friend of mine that he knows that IRS rule book and codebook better than the IRS does. I have seen with my own eyes the documentation to where he has helped people get off the tax roll and get off of the BNA taxpayer because you and I are not taxpayers by law. It’s right in the IRS manual. He also got about $13,000 or $14,000 of the guy’s previous money that had been garnished and paid to the Internal Revenue Service. The document that I saw said, “We are now removing him come to the tax roll because he had demanded on behalf of this client that they prove that he’s the taxpayer. The IRS couldn’t do it. They also demanded to show that he was obligated to pay a tax. The IRS couldn’t prove it and went on. Basically, to make a long story short, it took eight letters. Eight letters over about eight months period, eight, nine months and he got the guy completely exonerated from any tax liabilities from now and forever and got over $13,000 of his money back.

Those are priceless type of people.

He is and the guy is sharp. He is one sharp cookie. Did I tell you that he bought a home about $500,000 worth in 2007? Several later when things got worse and worse on the economy, they came after him to foreclose on the property. He called me. He wanted to know what to do. I said, “Get a securitization audit done first and let’s see what has transpired relative to your promissory note and all of that stuff.” He got the audit done, the company did and took a month and a half, whatever it was.

They had proved that the promissory note they securitized and monetized is a promissory note. As of five years after the fact that they had the people involved in buying and selling these things as they do on some of them, they’re not all done the same way. It generated over $97 million. He offered his signature and still, he owed $430,000 or whatever the number was. Yet all these millions are being made behind in this shuck and jive game. They want to take his home away from him.

That’s why I’d love to interview these guys because that there would be a ton of people that would say, “I want to do that for my home and see how much they’ve made off my signature.” Go out there and do something about it.

One of the things that is important about that whole subject matter and one of you alluded to it, when you get in a fight like that, there is a certain day you’ve got to be ready for and most people are not. If you’re going to be facing any type of foreclosure, whether it be a notice foreclosure, what they call a notice to sell or whether traditional one where they go to the court, you want to file immediately a motion for quiet title. What a motion for the quiet title does is it petitions the court to determine who has rightful title and ownership and possession of the property? That’s why the patents are so important. I have court cases here that shows that if you have all your property on a land patent, you cannot be removed off of your property.

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JFS 17 | Thieves Unmasked

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