What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Part III with Ron Gibson

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund


The International Monetary Fund, formed in 1945 and headquartered in Washington, DC, was founded to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world among its 189 countries. Yet why does the IMF have a hidden lien on your property? What can you do about this criminal attack on the American people? Together with Ron Gibson and our trusty sidekick, Justin Allen Case, we expose the deep state and how they are robbing you blind without you knowing. Once you know this trick, you can make your move to remove your home from the tax rolls. You can even feel free to give your state, county, and local city money if you want. Also, if you want your administrators to follow the rule of law, then you need to hold the purse because we will show you how.

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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Part III with Ron Gibson

Why Does The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Have A Hidden Lien On Your Property

We’ll be joined by Ron Gibson and our trusty sidekick, Justin Allen Case. I wanted to get into a couple of articles before we start our show to inform the audience of some interesting things getting ready to happen. I want to read an article or a portion of an article that was updated February 20th, 2019 by the Arizona Republic. You may soon have to give your DNA to the State and pay $250 for the privilege. I’m reading a corrected article, I’ll go ahead and read the corrections and clarifications. An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed Senator David Livingston’s title. Arizona could soon be one of the first States to maintain a mass statewide DNA database. That’s not true. All of the states have your DNA. At birth, they get your blood and create DNA. The federal government pays the states for the DNA and the birth certificate. The birth certificate is a corporate fiction that they create after stealing your birth name.

That’s why your birth certificate is in all caps. Your driver’s license is in all capital letters and nowhere in these style manuals is there any place for all capitalization of a word, unless it’s an acronym. They have created a corporate fiction and they’ve gotten you to go along with it. Back to the article, if this proposed legislation passes, many people from parents, school of volunteers and teachers to real estate agents and foster parents will have no choice but to give up their DNA. You do have a choice and that is not to. Tell the state to go find somebody else because there’s plenty of people asleep willing to give up their DNA and security for enslavement. Under Senate Bill 1475 which Senator David Livingston, Republican Peoria introduced, DNA must be collected from anyone who has been fingerprinted by the state for a job. Let’s think about that, are senators fingerprinted? That would exclude them. How about other public officials, are they fingerprinted? Could be but I doubt it, I’m sure there’s a loophole in there.

I’m sure judges are not fingerprinted and pretty sure attorneys are not fingerprinted but I’m willing to stand corrected because I don’t want to look it up. I don’t care. The bill is so ridiculous that if the people from Arizona don’t throw this bum out immediately, rise up and take action then maybe you deserve what’s coming. Hopefully that won’t happen. Let me continue to read the article. “To volunteers in certain positions or for a myriad of other reasons, the bill would even authorize the medical examiner’s office in each county to take DNA from any bodies that come into their possessions.” I wonder why they’d want to do that. “The Department of Public Safety would maintain the collected DNA alongside a person’s name.” That would be the corporate fiction, a person’s name. “Social Security number, date of birth and last known address. Any DNA in the database could be accessed and used by law enforcement and criminal investigations.” Let me stop right there. They could use it to create a criminal investigation.

They wouldn’t do that. Back to the text, “It could also be shared with other governmental agencies across the country for licensing, death registration, to identify a missing person or to determine someone’s real name. It could also be provided to someone conducting legislative research.” A $250 fee could be collected from a person because they can’t collect it from a human who submits biological samples according to the bill. It’s not clear who would foot the cost for the dead. That’s already been determined. Back to the text. “No other state does this.” I would respectfully disagree. No other state has told you that they’re doing this. “No other state has anything this expansive in place.” According to David Cane and Associate Dean for Research at Penn State University, who studies genetics and its applicable law. He needs to go back and look at the birth certificate. Cane said the proposed bill is one step away from requiring DNA from anyone who wants a driver’s license.

That’s such a big subject. I’m not even going to handle the driver’s license at this point. In Arizona, DNA is collected from anyone convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, sex crime. If passed, the bill would expand the current database exponentially. The proposed database appears to be focused on making it easier for law enforcement to use DNA in investigations but Cane said, “It’s not focusing on the people most likely to be linked to a crime. It’s spreading the net more broadly. There are questions about whether certain requirements of the database are even legal in the first place,” Cane said. Let me stop right there. If it was completely illegal and they couldn’t do that other than an attorney, who’s going to say anything? The answer is nobody because if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.

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A Federal Law known as The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act bars employers from using DNA testing as a condition of employment. That is a trick sentence. It leads you to the impression that there is an act that’s going to protect you. I guarantee you we don’t have time to get into that. I guarantee you if you dig into that act, it does nothing like that. Connections to the Hacienda case, police collected DNA from male employees after the woman unexpectedly gave birth in December, nursing care facility employees like Sutherland would have to submit their DNA under the proposed legislation. This could have expedited the Hacienda investigation and would assist with any similar cases in the future. There’s always a reason why they have to come in and take your rights. One guy that everybody has to give up their right to privacy. This is a fabricated story and a lie on that particular statement. It’s not clear whether the proposed legislation was crafted in response to this crime.

The reason that it’s mentioned is to put in your subconscious mind, “Good point. Yes, they should. If they had their DNA, they could have found out who did it a lot sooner.” Livingston has not publicly explained the motivation behind the bill. He didn’t respond to multiple calls from the Arizona Republic. He’s probably not because he doesn’t have to. If nobody throws a fit, they slide this right in there. Liz Recchia, Director of Government Affairs for the West Maricopa Association of Realtors said, “The organization is against the bill.” She urged readers in an industry blog to brace themselves before looking at the bill. It isn’t very often a bill at the state legislature affects so many Arizonian civil rights in such an onius manner. Recchia wrote, “Dozens of individuals and organizations have registered in opposition to the bill, including Arizona Police Association, the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association, the Arizona Association of Realtors and the American Council of engineer companies of Arizona.”

How about you file suit against this guy? Are any of those associations going to pick that one up? I’m going to tell you they’re not. They’re going to moan and complain and do a whole lot of nothing. Maybe they’ll hear the audio and a light a fire under him to do something. A DPS spokesman said the department doesn’t come in on pending legislation. Thanks for the clarification. Senate Bill 1475 is scheduled for a public hearing Wednesday before the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee, which Livingston chairs. Transportation and Public Safety, I guarantee you it’s getting into the driver’s license and it will get into everything you have. It’s the start of the facial recognition, the DNA to tie you one step closer to the corporate fraudulent birth certificate account, corporate fiction that is filed in the State of Washington DC. I thought it was important to bring this up as we get into land patents. What does this have to do with land patents? It’s ownership and it’s your God-given rights, not the rights that the government or the alleged government gives to you.

The people are the government, the people are sovereign and you cannot be a sovereign citizen. You cannot be a free slave. That’s an oxymoron and people that use that term drop the oxy. Let’s go to the next issue. Until the American people step up and stop acting like slaves, then you’ll always be a slave. It is not my fault. It’s not their fault. It’s the responsibility that belongs squarely on you. You’re responsible. If you don’t know your rights, then you don’t have any rights. All humans are God-given rights. If you don’t know how to operate your God-given rights, they will run all over you. The first action is thought. It’s consciousness and the globalists have controlled your thoughts through programming. You may say, “They haven’t programmed me and they sure don’t control me.” I would have to say, “Let’s do something fun.”

Raise your right hand and repeat after me. Come on, it’s all in fun. It may save your life and your freedom. Raise your right hand and repeat after me. I swear or affirm to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. You are now sworn in under pains, penalties of perjury. Let’s have some fun, answer truthfully. Here we go. Are you a US citizen? You may answer it. Yes, I am. The next question, do you have a job where you worked for money? Most of you would say yes. How do you get to work each day? Did you say drive? Number four, what did you drive? A motor vehicle. Do you own your own motor vehicle? That could be, “Yes, I do or the bank owns it. I’ve almost got it paid off or no, I take the bus.”

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights.


Number six, is your motor vehicle registered with the state? Most people are going to say yes, it is. Number seven, while you were driving to work and your motor vehicle, did you make sure to obey all the traffic laws while operating your motor vehicle? Most people would say yes. If so, why did you do that? Was it because the police officer may give you a ticket? Most people would say yes. Do you have a driver’s license? Most people would say yes. You took a test, passed the test and they issued your driver’s license. Most people would say, “Yes.” “May I see your driver’s license?” “Yes. Here you go.” “Is this your driver’s license?” “Yes, that’s my driver’s license.” “Do you even understand the Transportation Laws or the laws in this state?” “Yes.”

Do you have your Social Security card? “Yes.” Do you have it on you? “No.” Do you know your Social Security number? “Yes.” Can you tell the court your Social Security number? “Sure, X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X.” Are you sure that’s your number? “Yes.” Those are a few questions, let’s go back and review your answers. Question Number one, we’ll review your answers along with what you think is the right answer that you gave and the real answer. The answer that you gave, you’ve been programmed to give. Number one, here’s the question, are you a US citizen? The obvious answer is yes. The real answer is that you are not a US citizen. You are a human and you have placed yourself in slavery, voluntarily. A human cannot be free and a slave.

The definition of United States is found in Title 28, USC 3002 15(A). What it says is United States means a Federal Corporation. How can you be a citizen of a Federal Corporation? The answer is you can’t but that birth certificate, it sure can be. If they can trick you into thinking that the birth certificate and you are one and the same, that’s where the problem starts. The name that the deep state, senior executive services, globalism, New World Order, Luciferians have given you was stolen at birth and they created an artificial person. However, you did not know that. When they called out that artificial name in class for twelve years or longer, you have been programmed to answer, “Here.” Number two, do you have a job where you worked for money? Most would answer yes, you may be working but it’s not for money. You’re working for a note. A note is not money. It’s a note that has no redemption date. It’s a promise to pay you but they never tell you when you will be paid, how you will be paid or if you will ever be paid. The money that you think you have is not yours at all.

Look up Title 12 Section 411. It’s a credit line issued to the Federal Reserve banks and for no other purposes. The money that you have in your pocket, the money that you think you have in the bank, you don’t own it. Number three, how do you get to work each day? Did you say drive? What did you drive? A motor vehicle? A motor vehicle is a term that they created that is in commerce. You have said in number five, do you own your motor vehicle? Most people would say yes but the real answer is you don’t own it. Number six says, is it registered with the State? You said, yes. You don’t own your motor vehicle. The State owns it. Anything you register, you have given it away. You pay for it. You pay for the upkeep, the gas, the tires, the maintenance and the insurance and you don’t even own it. You think you do but you don’t. You don’t have the title. Once you pay it off, you may get a Certificate of Title, but that’s not the title. It’s a Certificate of Title. You don’t own the vehicle.

Number seven, while you were driving to work in your motor vehicle, did you make sure to obey all the traffic laws while operating your motor vehicle? Yes, of course. There are eight words that you should write down and put on your wall. I’ll read these words to you and I have used all of these words in the questioning and that is this State, law, police officer, operate, drive, motor vehicle, vehicle and transportation. All of those words are words found in commerce. Why is that important? If you are driving to a job where you are being paid for driving, then you need a driver’s license. If you are traveling to the store or traveling to your work then you don’t need a driver’s license but they’ve convinced the American public that you must have a driver’s license. It is so far from reality that people have a very hard time getting their minds around this. If you were on the stand and I ask you, “You took a test and pass the test and they issued your driver’s license to you?” You said, “Yes.”

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When I asked, may I see your driver’s license? You said, “Sure, here.” Then I clarified it further and said, is this your driver’s license? You’d say, yes. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not your driver’s license. It’s not your Social Security number. It’s not your card. You own nothing. Under perjury, you have perjured yourself with these questions. Is that my driver’s license? Your license? Whose license is it? When the cop stops you on the side of the road, he asks you for your license and you voluntarily give it to him not thinking about he’s violating The Fifth Amendment that you have a right not to be a witness against yourself. By handing him the driver’s license, you’ve become a witness against yourself and it’s a downhill spiral from there. I’ve asked you, do you understand the Transportation Laws or the laws in this State? I can assure you that you probably don’t. The point of this is to give you an idea of whenever you talk to a government administrative person because I don’t want to say official. If you’ve ever noticed, they’re public servants when they’re running for office and then they’re officials after they get in.

When you’re talking to a public servant, never ever answer a question. Never ever make a statement of fact. You should be the one asking your public servant the questions, not the other way around. They have turned this whole ship to where we think that we own our Social Security cards. We own our driver’s license. We own our vehicles, we own our houses, we own the things that we buy, when in fact you own nothing unless you own silver or gold. I don’t sell silver or gold. I’m not promoting that. I’m not on this bandwagon that the whole economy’s going to crash. You better get silver and gold. I’m making a point and that point is you don’t have what you think you have. If you’re not willing to invest in your education to find out the truth, then maybe you deserve what you have. That’s a hard statement but when you ask yourself that question, if I’m too lazy, too apathetic, too stupid to learn this, then maybe I do deserve it. I want to pull back a word and that’s stupid.

You can be ignorant about something but have the desire to begin to learn it and you can learn it. I could learn to be an astronaut if I wanted to but I have no desire to learn that. Am I ignorant about that issue or about space? Probably but it’s not important me, I’m not going to spend the time on it. This that we’re talking about has to do with your freedom and at any point in time you can be in jeopardy and you need to know your rights. This first article that I read to you is only the beginning of what’s coming and I’m not a fearmonger and I’m not trying to get you into fear and trying to get you into fact because fear is false evidence appearing real. That’s the acronym. You don’t need to fear this because we have it on black ink, on white paper, the facts that America has been hijacked from within and we can prove that. The best place of proving this is to the American people. When you figure out how bad you’ve been robbed, cheated and lied to, I hope it fires you up. If it doesn’t, your wood is wet. I don’t know what it takes to get you motivated to get in the game.

Under this scenario, this little game that we had that we asked the questions and you could answer the questions, I’d like to first of all thank you. I’ll go ahead and go back into the role play of this. I had to tell you how this would end up for you. The prosecuting attorney would say, “Congratulations. You have won our grand prize. Bailiff, please tell our contestant what they’ve won.” Bailiff, “Put your hands behind your back and count the clicks. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I’ve read to you?” With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me? If you say anything other than no, you need to have a psychological examination. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, it does not say anything you say can help you. Anything you say will be twisted to their advantage. They’re not about fair or even what’s right.

It’s all about control and that is the trick that has been placed on the trusting public orchestrated with the intent to deceive you by all your so-called government officials. Their goal is to cheat you out of your labor. Let me read another interesting piece that headlines with the voice I had put out and I thought this was so good that I wanted to read a portion of this for my audience. It starts off since 1996 it’s been legal to lie to Congress, true story. On October 11th at 1996, The False Statement Accountability Act was sponsored by one-term freshman Senator William J. Martini, who later became a federal judge. It included a particular subsection, Subsection B. That permits judges, attorneys and parties to lie to Congress, courts and agencies without liability. This law has been affirmed several times by ninth circuit Judge Susan B. Grabber, the Clinton appointee. In US versus McNeil she wrote, “Congress chose to exempt from criminal liability certain lies to federal governments. Statements made in judicial proceedings are excluded from liability under the statute by Section B.”

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: You should be the one asking your public servant the questions, not the other way around.


In US versus Horvath she wrote, “Criminal liability does not attach to material false statements submitted by a party to a judge in judicial proceedings even if the party makes a statement knowingly and willfully.” Coincidentally the same day the False Statements Accountability Act was passed. Leader Technologies, former patent attorney and national security advisor to the Clintons, the Bushes, Obamas James P. Chandler passed his Federal Trade Secrets and Economic Espionage Act of 1996. Has anyone told Roger Stone’s attorney that it’s legal to lie to Congress? Because it works both ways. They can lie to you, you can lie to them. Let me break away from the text that is if you know it back to the text, you can also tell the truth or you could tell the truth but lie and say it’s a lie. Once it becomes legal to lie to Congress, the courts in all areas of government that operate under this legal to lie law abrogate their purpose under the US Constitution. How do we know that William Barr’s testimony was truthful? What about Mueller? Which all its entrapment lies but that’s okay because it’s legal to lie in the swamp.

The CEO of Google can lie, so can Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, the Federal Reserve and the Supreme Court of the United States nominees. In the swamp, it’s legal to lie. They actually wrote a law that makes it legal to lie. They don’t have to tell us the truth about anything. Legally, they can lie. They have national security secrets, classified information, counterintelligence secrets, servers plus it’s legal to lie. Since 1996 these swamp rats have lied to the American people and the world and all the while it’s legal. Did I mention that it’s legal? They’re showing us every day, all day long with deceptive obfuscation lawfare and propaganda that it’s legal to lie. Ron, how are you?

How are you doing?

Ron, I was going through on the book what you need to know about land patents. On page 31, I came across something that I thought, maybe I should read this and then we could talk about it and it’s about the IMF issue. Let me read this through but it says federal liens on property tax. In the de jure, the United States of America and under the common law, the land patent is the highest evidence of title for sovereign American citizens. Evidence of allodial title and true ownership but in a bankruptcy and de facto Federal United States inhabited by US citizens and directed by its creditors under admiralty law, the real estate is collateral hypothecated against the debt, which has been fraudulently transferred to the international bankers regarding your property, there is a hidden federal lien on all real estate in the Federal United States because of the federal debt to the International Monetary Fund. This federal lien is not attached to the land but to the property in real estate situated above the land. It is assessed and collected through the property tax.

Editor’s note, Eric Madsen asserts real estate of the United States was quick claim deed to the International Monetary Fund, IMF by the last sitting US Supreme Court in 1944 as their last action. Title interest in land still belongs to we the people, the king released the liens on equitable title. Discover how much federal debt is attached to your property and real estate by writing the Department of the Interior and requesting an accounting of what portion of the federal debt is attached to your property to motivate them, tell them that you want to pay off the debt in full. Borrow firms if necessary to discharge the debt in full or offer to pay the debt in full with gold or silver, they will refuse to accept. You can sue the title company for treble damages for not revealing the hidden Federal lien when you purchase the property and the real estate in the first place.

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They fail to perform on their end of the contract. They will likely settle out of court. This lien must be satisfied, paid or released to own equitable title to your property and real estate free and clear as well as any outstanding bank mortgages. Notify the county tax assessor that the taxes liens have been satisfied in full. Please take us off the tax rolls forever. Ron, there’s a lot of great information in there. I wanted to cover that and then we can move on into some other areas. Once you get this information in any court situation, evidence is paramount and you have to get everything in order before you start any type of transaction. We had looked up and Justin if you had this available about the UCC, if you could pull up that little section and read that for us, then we can start our discussion.

“3-603 of the Uniform Commercial Code Subsection, Tender of Payment. If tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person in title to enforce the instrument, the effective tender is governed by principles of law applicable to tender of payment under simple contract. Subsection B, if a tender of payment of an obligation to pay an instrument is made to a person entitled to enforce the instrument and the tender is refused, there is discharge to the extent of the amount of tender of the obligation of an endorser or accommodation party having a right of recourse with respect to the obligation to which the tender relates.” That’s the end of the quote. There’s a Subsection C but it’s not important. What I wanted to bring up is, it talks about the person entitled to enforce and that’s governed by 3-301 of the UCC and that’s generally the person who is the holder of the note, the instrument or the person that he is authorized to act on his behalf, who is in possession of the original instrument. That’s who it’s talking about here. If you were to take gold for example and offer to pay the note and they refused it as you say, they will in the book, it’s a done deal. It’s over.

They cannot accept gold and silver.

If they don’t accept it, it’s in violation of the Constitution because the Constitution only provides for two types of currency with gold and silver coin.

You’re forgetting the corporations are not under the Constitution. That’s the reason that the Administrative Procedures Act was implemented in I think June 11th, 1946 but they became a privately held corporation. In that, corporations have no Constitutional protection. That’s the reason that they don’t adhere to the constitution. They do it to a piece of people because they’re afraid the people are going to find out what criminals they are. You notice if I can go back to what you read or what Joseph was reading there in that, real estate and allodial lands are not one and the same. When they talk about real estate, they’re talking about the redefined land. It doesn’t change the land but they changed the definition of that land to real estate, which means that it’s real land but the ownership to that is held by the States. The states then when they took it, I don’t know if I told them the story on how about that came about but they then turn around and surrendered that land to the IMF, to pay off the national debt.

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: The land patent is the highest evidence of title for sovereign American citizens.


They had no authority to do that because the allodial titles, that all lands were conveyed by act of Congress, Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2. In the disposal of those lands, all of those lands were disposed under an allodial designation and jurisdiction. This issue of jurisdiction is tremendously important that 99% of the people have no clue what it even means. When you talk about or we talk about jurisdiction, it means a complete a story about what governs any particular situation. The Corpus Juris Secundum 73B states and I quote, “Once the land patent is issued, neither party can change anything on that land patent.” In other words, it stands forever and it states so right on the document itself. It is your underside to heirs and their heir’s undersides forever. If you look in the scripture, there are eleven different scriptures that address God has given his people the right of land and land ownership.

Not only that, the protection of that land through jurisdiction. You come along several thousand years later, however many you want to count and all of a sudden, an entity decides we’re going to change the government structure. We’re going to pass laws to our benefit only and we’re going to do it at the expense of the people and their land. There’s no lawful authority to do that. There’s none at all. That’s how this issue came up about pledging the people’s land to put us back into slavery and bondage. I’ve looked this stuff up for 48 years, I’ve never found it. I’ve talked to other people who are as learned in land law as myself. They’ve never found it either.

If I would have turned the page, which I didn’t but if I have turned the page, you have UCC 1-306. In the Texas UCC, it’s 3.603 Texas Business Code. They have used the trick words. That’s some of the things that were going through. One of the trick words that they have used in Texas and I believe they’ve used this in a majority of the States that we’ve looked at but it’s the term, in this State. In Texas in the tax code Title 2 Subsection E Chapter 151, it says, “In this state means within the exterior limits of Texas and includes all territories within these limits, seated to or owned by the United States.”

We’ve written a letter to the governor, to the attorney general and to the secretary of state. We’ve gotten Scooby Doo responses. They referred us to different places without answering the letter. We finally got to one department that sent us three by five cards of primarily VA hospitals. The word, “In this state,” like real estate is an ethereal term that they’ve made up, so to speak. That’s how they’re able to tax property in this State but they can’t tax property on the organic lands. We’ve also discovered over the past five or six years that all attorneys are licensed to practice law in this State because they can’t practice on the organic land where the Constitution is attached.

You mentioned the administrative code and the administrative code is in direct conflict with the Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Therefore, any part of the administration code that is in conflict with the Constitution is null and void. I wanted to point out that the administrative code cannot usurp the Constitution.

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That’s right but they’re doing it and it’s like Title 18, 1001 where it talks about lying to Congress, lying in judicial proceedings and things like that. They’ve set up Section A and when you read through on Section A, when you get finished reading A you say, “That pretty much clears it up.” Almost nobody reads Section B. Section B is the exception and that’s why you’re having Lois Lerner that can lie before Congress. You’re having all these other people that can lie before Congress and nothing ever happens. You have Roger Stone that they want to get mean with, so to speak, to indict and arrest and portray him on TV as a criminal. When in fact, it may have been something that he didn’t remember to the T but we’ve all seen Clinton. We’ve seen the rest of them absolutely lie to Congress, no ands, ifs or buts, and nothing happens to him.

One thing that I think is important needs to be said and nobody wants to hear this. Going back to the implementation, the unlawful implementation and passage of Congress of The Administrative Procedures Act, there was no authority for Congress to do that to start with. Every one of them there created a war on the Constitution. Every one of them created treason that supported and voted for that. What happens in an issue like that is the very fact that they function as a criminal entity because they’re warring against the Constitution. They’re all traitors to this nation and Christian heritage. The whole function of this so-called government is on the basis of criminality. That’s why nobody gets arrested. That’s why no one goes to jail. That’s why they don’t want the truth to come out. They want one lie on top of another to hide what the truth is of what they’re doing. The American people are sitting idle for the most part, not all and doing nothing.

I have a saying, there are three types of people that I’ve learned in my life in this world. Number one is those who make things happen. Number two, those who watch things happen. Number three are those who will look around one day and wonder what happened. Unless you’re a doer, you will never see the truth of what’s actually going on because you have to peel these layers of the onion back, if I can use that as an illustration. Texas claims to be a Lone Star State and it was. The reason that it’s not being incorporated like all the other 49 States had done and therefore they’re under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. They get Federal money and I could go on and on. Until the people change, then that it is going to continue. The criminality will continue, it will get worse and we will be more adversely affected. A lot of people don’t want to hear that but it’s a fact of the matter.

The Federal Reserve Note is what ropes in the different States. One of the things that you’re going to start to see come up will be the people finally having enough and say the fraud is too much. These people need to go to jail and it’s going to get back to the pitchforks and lantern type of deal. When they start to realize that this QAnon movement got hijacked and put out the narrative of trust Sessions, trust the plan, trust Horwitz and the reality is what they’re trying to do is to keep the people in idle mode so they can waste time. The people do nothing but wait and wait while the criminality continues. That’s getting exposed and it’s been discovered that Sessions was a rat after all. He wasn’t a white hat. He was a rat and they got rid of him. Horwitz didn’t do anything and there is no plan. The plan is to keep the people in the dark and not active.

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Therefore, any part of the administration code that is in conflict with the Constitution is null and void.


We’re getting ready to see this country get really active to where the people say enough is enough. Until they understand this, as far as the trick goes and have a consciousness to ask the question, “Why am I paying taxes on my home and why do they continue to go up? I don’t even have kids in school.” They may say, “I have kids in school, I don’t like what they’re teaching there but I’m funding it every month.” They don’t think that there’s an option but there is an option. You can take steps to get your property, to get your land or to get your house, whatever the correct word is off the tax roles, to where you no longer get tax notices. You’re out of the system because you’ve exposed their hand.

If you look and I’ve not looked at all of the Constitution but I’ve looked at a great number of them, know where do I find that the State Constitution, let alone the Federal. The Federal does not allow an ad valorem tax, which is a direct tax and that’s the means in which they taxed the people’s property and land. I don’t know if you know this or not, probably do but the intent of this whole Agenda 21 was attainable development, whatever term you want to put on it. It’s designed so that nobody ends up on in any private land. There is a tremendous and since and dedicated effort to which destroy that God-given right. They do it through taxes, you are used in the utility bill. You watch what happens in the next two to three years on utility costs. It’s already showing up but for those of you who don’t see it yet, you will see that’s why these smart meters are put it. We’re having a battle over the smart meters. Those smart meters and stuff are a trespass upon the patent. They have no validity unless you choose to have that. You’ve got arms linked government entity in your home 24 hours a day. That’s not a good deal.

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That thing is spying on everything that you’re doing. Not only that but it’s also sending harmful waves throughout your house, even if you did not want to have the fight with the city and county at that State, if you had your title and they told you that it’s a mandate or an ordinance that you have to have a smart meter at that point in time, at least you have something to fight with. Without the allodial title, what they’re going to tell you is that the city or the State passed an ordinance, a law, a rule or a statute that all real estate must have a smart meter on it. That’s the trick when they use that word, real estate must have the smart meter on it. If you have your allodial title, you can tell them no. They don’t have the title to it, you do. The mortgage company doesn’t have the title to it, you do. In your book where you defined about trying to protect yourself on a foreclosure. It says that a mortgage is a commercial lien and does not convey an estate or title. A bank has to prove that it has title to the land in order to take it over. The title company insures absolutely nothing except equity.

When you deal with a court mortgage, they don’t invest any money at all. There’s no loan but in that, there’s no title conveyed to them at the time that you signed the document. Those were not true contracts anyway, that’s a whole other subject. The point being is that for a mortgage company to foreclose, you’re absolutely right. They have to have a title. There is no title and the title is held by the allodial grantee or assignee, he has the title and you can go back in each one of the properties it’s been sold. By adverse possession, you can pick that property up because under Land Law you cannot convey and a piece of property without a title, a warranty deed or a sheriff sale. That sale is not a title, there’s no title. Here we are pretending that there is a title when in fact it does not exist, not in that context. The only title is the patent.

When you ask the sheriff or send them a letter and demand that the mortgage companies show titles since the sheriff is the one that’s executing the foreclosure or the first part of it, have you had any success with that and dealing with the sheriffs or do you immediately get into the court case?

Yes, on several occasions we’ve had good success doing that.

JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund
International Monetary Fund: Patents are protected by treaty law and there isn’t a court in the land that can supersede that treaty nor its protective covenants.


Dealing with the sheriff?

Yes. I don’t think you can adequately do it with a letter and there’s nothing wrong because that is what’s defined in the document. You want to go right down there and get right in front of it and say, “Here, this is an allodial title.” In my book on page five or seven or whatever it is, it shows you where I proved that it’s an allodial title because the General Land Office said it was. Page 28 and 29, then you show them Corpus Juris Secundum 73B and then you show them and our State, Redfield versus Fisher Case, United Oregon Supreme Court Case that says that you can’t tax that land. There are case after case, on and on it goes. What you’re looking at in dealing with the sheriff in a case like this, that you respectfully let him know that he then becomes an accessory to the fact.

I do know of which particular case where the individual went to the US. Marshall’s office, took his documents and told them that the sheriff is going to hold a sale in two days. The US Marshall’s office intervenes and told that sheriff that conducted that sale that they would come and arrest him because the government has an obligation to which to protect that patent. That’s what Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1 is, they cannot impair the obligation of contract Fletcher versus Peck. You cannot impair the obligation of contract and on and on it goes. There are numerous protective covenants having to do with that land patent but everybody wants to ignore it. The courts, I could give you all Oregon statute to choose they can ignore it. ORS 93.650 says that any patent that’s certified can be brought into any of the courts, 93.680 basically it’s the same thing.

On the Federal side of 43 USA 57 and 83, the Supremacy Clause, Article 6 Clause 2, Article 1, Section 10 Clause 1, all of those are protective covenants. Patents are protected by treaty law and there isn’t a court in the land that can supersede that treaty nor its protective covenants. Patents are protected by treaty law. There isn’t a court in the land that can supersede that treaty nor its protective covenants. The State courts do have the authority to validate that patent but not to rule against it. They can only affirm that in fact that patent. Courts by law and the court rules when they have a land patent issue is that they’re not going to support that they have to recluse themselves. That’s how powerful that patent document is. We have so many people that don’t know what it is.

I was talking to a gentleman said that they talked to the head surveyor in the State. He never heard of the allodial title. I talked to the head guy in Portland, Oregon where I live. People were being foreclosed on and I told that head Department of Justice guy that they had an allodial title or patent. He said, “What’s that?” Everybody in the room turned around and looked at me. I explained to him what a patent was. I said, “Not only it’s a patent, but it’s also allodial.” He said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never heard any of this.” I stood there shaking my head.

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Therefore, since he hasn’t heard of it, it can’t be true.

Yes, it doesn’t exist.

In some of the Texas cases that we’ve seen, Justin is up on that a little bit better where they have a rule in Texas.

There are Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 736, which is a fast track to foreclosures. Is that what’s about?

Yes, that’s it. Can you explain that?

It allows the bank to foreclose on your property without any evidence. You don’t get a jury trial, you don’t get discovery and you don’t have the right to appeal.

That’s a Constitutional violation. That’s called a Bill of Attainder and if you go to Article 1 Section 10 Clause 1, you will see the three main items that are listed there. When you get into that it says, no States to legislate a Bill of Attainder. A Bill of Attainder is an interesting document. It means that they become the accuser. If I can put it, even if it’s up a paper arrest. They are the judge and the jury and they’re the executioner. You never get the right of any defense called new process by a jury trial or a court hearing to protect your rights. You don’t get the right of cross-examination.

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JFS 15 | International Monetary Fund

Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years, has been in the construction and mining business. Ron is an engineer by training and secondary studies include constitutional law. Ron has worked for 19 years in mining and general consulting. He is also a mineral producer by profession. Ron has been involved in both precious metals in Industrial Minerals development in all phases. Ron’s background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling and testing, sampling, plant layout, and design Ron has run the day-to-day operation including marketing, environmental studies, estimating and many other phases of mining operations.

As a managing consultant for large investment groups, Ron learned very early on the five “P” Principle: Proper, Planning, Prevents Poor, Performance.

Ron’s background in law includes a counselor at Law and he is in the process of obtaining his Private Attorney General authority from the Senate Judiciary.


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