What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Why You Pay Tax On Real Estate with Ron Gibson

JFS 13 | Land Patents
JFS 13 | Land Patents


Land Patents. Why they are important to you and your family? Have you ever ask yourself this question, “Why do I pay tax on a property that I own?” The answer is in the question! Maybe, just maybe, you don’t own the property that you think you own. Sure, your name is on the mortgage and, yes, your name is on the deed of trust (as a tenant), but why would you pay a tax on a property that you think you own? In this audio, you will discover the truth behind mortgages, deeds of trust, warranty deeds. Spoiler alert, the globalist have tricked you once again. You don’t own your real estate, your cars, your cash in the bank, or even your children. Once you register an asset, you give it up to the corporate fiction called the state. Find out how to own your stuff and tell the globalists, the Luciferians, to take a hike. Our brothers and sisters in California are seeing this first hand. They have burned you off your land and now they are telling you that you cannot rebuild, without a lot more fees, fines, and fornication to the people. You do have options, but it will require some work and study. Are you up for taking back America from these thieves? Also, make sure you order the book Destroying the Altars Of Baal to discover the rat lines that lead back to the “persons” wanting to totally dominate you and your family. As Samuel Adams once said, “If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” Learn the tricks so you are not the treat!

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What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Why You Pay Tax On Real Estate with Ron Gibson” ]

What You Need To Know About Land Patents: Why You Pay Tax On Real Estate with Ron Gibson

We have a very interesting guest that you’re going to want to share this information with your friends and family. Please make sure you subscribe and push this message out to your loved ones in order to take back America from the globalist which has hijacked our country from within. You must get informed. Stand up and take action. The type of action in which I refer is lawful action. You must learn the tricks of the globalist and learn what the real law is and who it applies to in every circumstance. We’ve written a book by the name of Destroying the Altars of Baal. Allow me to read some highlights from the book. This will be a collection and reference book to help you know the truth that the globalists want you not to discover. I’ll read from the back cover that will give you some insight on what’s really going on.

“Do you know where the United States is located? The answer will probably fool you. Is there a difference between the United States of America, the United States, UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and USA? Knowing the answer just might open the doors for you. Do you know who you are? You think you do but the truth may shock you. Is the real you, the all capital letter name, that’s on your driver’s license, birth certificate, court papers, credit cards and every legal document about you? Was there a plan to overthrow America from within? If so, who had the plan? What’s the end goal? Does the government spy on everything you do online and while you were in the public?

We, the People, have no clue what our elected leaders are doing in Washington because we’ve been lazy, complacent, trusting and have foolishly turned over our future and the future of our children, grandchildren to financial crackheads in Washington that have very little business experience. Is this concept of a free society that we have been led to believe is in existence? What would you think if you were shown that all federal departments, agencies and other government corporate entities are tax-exempt for-profit corporations under the United States Corporation? What if there was a republic that was hijacked several centuries ago and we have been lied to and led to believe that we are a democracy, when in fact we have become an oligarchy instead of a republic form of government. What would you think if you found out that your government was actually the culprit in the Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal Building? An ex-CIA operative exposed the Oklahoma City bombing as a false flag and confirms that all who were behind it and for what reason.

What if you discovered that you own nothing? You don’t own your home, your car, your bank account, your money and you don’t even own your children? Would that fact fire you up and get you off your butt and realize that we have been captured from within? What if you found out that the Federal Reserve was not federal and had no reserves and that its real goal is to make you a slave on the land for which your forefathers fought and died to secure your sovereignty? What if you found out that your churches had been used as tools against We, the People, by DHS and FEMA? Would that motivate you? That almost all our church leaders have taken a bribe against We, the People, for a Luciferian system and agreed to be silence on all things political? What if you found out that all attorneys are officers of the court? How could We the People get justice when there is no justice in the court system and they are committing fraud against We the People?

Now you know why Jesus said, “Woe unto you lawyers.” What if you discovered that attorneys can only practice law “In This State” and not on the organic land? Would you know where “In This State” is? Find out in the book. What if you found out that the Federal Reserve used you as surety for the national debt? It gets worse than that. They’ve used your children and your grandchildren as surety for the national debt. Do you want to do something about that? What in hell will it take for the American people to wake up and take back America from the Senior Executive Services deep state and help start the military tribunals? What if you found out that QAnon was hijacked in October 2017? Trust the plan, trust sessions, trust the inspector general. My hind foot, trust none of them. The only drops worth following are the “T” drops, President Trump’s Twitter feed.”

That’s the back cover from the book, Destroying the Altars of Baal that will be on the Joseph Farley website. Do you know that only slaves pay taxes? A king doesn’t pay a tax. The question is, are you a slave or are you a king? I’m sure you heard this phrase as a youngster growing up. “Who died and left you, king?” I know the answer to that question and we’re going to share it with you. Our guest is Ron Gibson and Ron’s bio reads like this.

“I, Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years have been in the construction and mining business. I am an engineer by training. My secondary studies were constitutional law. I worked for nineteen years as a mining and mineral consultant. I am also a mineral producer by profession. I’ve been involved in both precious metals and industrial materials development in all phases. My background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling, testing, sampling, plant layout and design. Running the day-to-day operations, marketing environmental study, estimating and many other phases of the mining operation including drilling and blasting. As a managing consultant for large investment groups, I learned very early the five “P” principle. That’s Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

I have directed large work crews in many different types of mining and mineral projects and pride myself in doing my job well. My background in law includes a counselor-at-law. I am in the process of obtaining my private attorney general authority from the Senate Judiciary. I have been in the study of constitutional law, contract law, water right, right of way law and my specialties are mining law and land patent. On one of my occasions, I have testified as an expert witness regarding land patent law cases, water rights, mining, right of way, and other land issue cases. Currently, I teach a mining law and land patent law at our local college and at the Southwest Oregon Mining Association. I am the Interim Chairman of the Jefferson Mining District, which is the largest mining district in the United States. In addition, I’m a marriage counselor for 30 years and a Vietnam veteran. With that information, let’s bring in our guest, Ron Gibson and our trusty sidekick and co-host, Justin Allan Case.

Thank you very much.

Here we go with our first question. Land patents must be recorded but not registered after the 60-day posting. Is that correct?

JFS 13 | Land Patents
Land Patents: When you register something, whether it be a vehicle or whether it be property or whatever, in essence in law you’re giving it away.


That is correct.

Can you explain the difference between recording a land patent and registering a land patent and why there is a difference between the two?

When you register something whether it be a vehicle or whether it be property or whatever in absence in law, you’re giving it away. You’re making a gift. You’re surrendering it. If you record something, it simply makes it known to and in the public record that in fact it belongs to you or it took possession of yours or whatever. That’s the difference. When you register a vehicle and assets, you are claiming that that vehicle is owned by the state and there is a huge difference legally about what they mean.

There are eleven types of land patents that you have listed in your book. Let’s pick one or two to discuss these different land patents and if our audience want more information, we’ll have your address and your contact information so they can buy the book to see what the different land patents are. For the most part, can you address one or two of the land patents?

Of the eleven land patents that were made available by the general land owner, the most common one is called a homestead patent. That’s for the purpose of living agricultural or whatever. The second most common one is a mineral patent that has to do if there are specific or special minerals that are open to entry under the mining law. The third one is the railroad patent. The railroad is the largest landowner in the United States. I’m talking about all of the railroads combined, but they were given every other section along the surveyed route as a gift at which to build the railroads. They have huge tracks of land. A section is 640 acres. You can just imagine how much land that is for all the lengths in the rail tracks that are in the United States to repair the largest recipient of land patents and they’re also the largest landowner in the nation.

Now, because they have a land patent, the railroads are not paying a tax. Is that correct? Have you found that they do pay a tax or not pay a tax on the land that they own?

I have not found if any of them are paying a state property tax but the Railroad versus Thompson case, I believe it was, changed a lot of the fact that they came in commerce and no patent property has to be in commerce and there are special reasons for that. By doing that, the United States Supreme Court case that it subjects them to bend to regulation. There’s a whole history on the very subject I’m referring to here. The point being is that the same court case was in tremendous error because all producers were not to be taxed. They were not to be regulated. What people do not understand patents and regulation? The word regulation has been redefined, which is against Federal Law to do that but they’re doing it and they’ve done it for years.

Regulation in its original definition was to keep things regular. It was to keep obstacles, laws and policy out of the way of production. When they redefined it, a regulation they interpreted that now to mean that they have a right to intervene and there are two diabolically opposed definitions. What happened was that all the producers all of a sudden started being bombarded by the government agencies and personnel under the auspices that we have a right to regulate you. That is not the law. The reasons for protecting the producer was the fact that it was a very key element to commerce. If nothing is made, there’s nothing to buy or sell.

Our early forefathers were driving us to understand that you better not interfere with the producer or you don’t have any groceries on the grocery shelves. You don’t have anything at the hardware store. You don’t have vehicles at the automotive dealership and on and on it goes. That was the reason why under the patent, they are called allodial titles. The definition of an allodial patent means that it’s owing to no one. You are king of your land. There is no superior landlord. A landlord means that they are the owner and you are the tenant. Under the allodial title, you are the king of your land. You own your land. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do other than if you’re infringing upon somebody else’s rights or endangering the public health safety and welfare. Other than that, under the allodial patent, all patents were issued by the General Land Office under an allodial designation. That’s an insight about how that works.

Let’s go back in history for just a moment and talk about something about the land patents. I wanted to quote here out of your book that, “All US land patents flow from treaty rights and hold superior title to land.” Let’s run through some of our founding documents like The Law of Nations, the Declaration of Independence, The Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, The Treaty of Paris and the Homestead Act. Can you explain or expound a little bit about the Law of Nations for us and why that’s so important?

JFS 13 | Land Patents
Land Patents: There is a provision in law called Corpus Juris Secundum 73B that says land patent can be changed by the guarantor or the grantee.


First of all, let’s go further back. The right of land ownership is a God-given right. It’s an inalienable right. If you go back to scripture in the Bible, it is eleven specific scriptures of which had God said, “My people shall inherit the land forever. They shall possess the land forever. They will inhabit the land forever.” It goes on and on if you do the biblical research on the right of land ownership. You need to remember land in olden days going back was the measure of wealth. First of all, the land and on the land if you have cattle, camels, sheep, goats, whatever on the things, that was a measure of wealth. It wasn’t until Julius Caesar’s time period that came that he redefined what wealth was and the very tool that brought the wealth then became the wealth and that was money. I mentioned that to give a historical background about the allodial title and the treaty to all lands in the United States came by various means. It either came by conquest, it came by buy and sell agreement, or it came by a gift.

Therefore, that acquisition of lands from other nations came by way of the treaty and because it came by treaty, it is also protected or called protected covenants that come along with the land. The thing that I want to make clear here, there’s such a misunderstanding about the United States government in these treaties that came about. All with a series of several hundred years was the issue that the land when it was conveyed by way of the treaty, did not go to the ownership of the United States government contrary to what most people think and represent. It went into a trust account on behalf of the people. The US government was just the custodian of that land and land records. That’s why the treaty entered into the deal because in those treaties there were protective covenants that came with that. Constitutionally the United States government cannot own land other than military bases, ammunition dumps and post offices or other need for buildings. If you look at the origination of the right and the authority to dispose of land it comes under Article 4, Section 3, Clause 2 at the United States Constitution. That when the General Land Office issues a patent, it enters into by that creation and creates a forever contract.

That’s why going back to the scripture I was sharing with you that’s in the Bible relative to land alone eleven different times. That contract is forever perpetual however you want to define it. The other thing that it does is it creates what is known in law as invested right. It means that the right to that land or property or whatever means that it cannot be infringed upon in any way because its source of origin is superior. That’s why they’re called an allodial patent. To take it a step further, if you go to what we’ve defined in our constitution as a Supremacy Clause which is Article 6, Clause 2 it says that all treaties are made that will be made in the United States that all courts are bound. A very interesting language, all courts are bound. They have to acknowledge the fact that it’s a treaty and it’s protected by treaty law. They have to acknowledge the fact there is a provision in law called Corpus Juris Secundum 73B. If you were to go look that up, it says in that land patent can be changed by the guarantor or the grantee.

Once that document is executed, what is stated on that patent is if I can put it in that context or if that is the case and it is, then how is it that government agencies and individual think they can infringe upon it with some type of regulations? How is it that the counties of each state think that they can tax that land? They have no authority whatsoever and I just wrote a book on property taxes and it’s called You Are Not a Slave. I’ve spent both in the patent research and in this property tax research and land law for about 48 years. I’m just trying to give a clearer picture of what has happened and what the cause and effect of that are. That’s why you’re not to infringe any kind of restriction upon a producer because if you have no product then nobody can buy anything, nobody can sell anything because nobody’s made anything. I hope that sheds a little bit of light on that.

In Genesis 28:13-15 as well as in Genesis chapter 47. That’s why the Bible is so important not only the Old Testament but the new covenant, the new contract and in the old covenant, in the old agreement, it was not a unilateral agreement. The children of Israel had to do certain things and if they did those things, they’ve got to possess the land. When they stopped doing those things, that’s why they lost their land. This also goes back to Deuteronomy chapter 28. It talks about the blessings and then in verse fifteen, it gets into the curses if you don’t follow the agreement. At first Samuel Chapter 8, God tells them that, “I want to be your king,” but they didn’t want God to be the king they wanted to have a king like the other nations and that started the downfall because they didn’t want to take responsibility. That leads us back to our country where we are and in getting into the Law of Nations getting into what happened in 1860 where Congress had walked out and we haven’t had a Congress since 1860, but those land patents were prior to that. Is that correct?

That is correct.

The laws that established the land patents at that time were the laws where they could not add on top of it. When we had the March 9th, 1933 and the new deal and they created all of these agencies they have unlawfully taken authority over the people’s land because the people didn’t know any better. In that declaration where the people turned in their gold because of the bankruptcy that started the great deception in our nation. Can you address that a little bit?

First of all, everything that you have just described was unlawful. Number one, they didn’t have authority to bankrupt the country or even the perception of being bankrupt. It is a deceptive measure for the sake of taking control and reestablishing wealth was a whole lot of that particular strain. Simply because relative to the country bankrupt, what was now taken into account as an asset of the United States and that was its public land. Even though that’s a two-edged sword as well. The land never belonged to the government although they tried to claim that it did. On one side, they’re claiming that they own it. On the other side, they never took into account the value of it. Therefore, they should have never been bankrupt. The bankruptcy was not a legal move, it was a political move and it was done for political purposes.

When you have that happened, a whole lot of things go haywire. In 1860 to get back to that point, Lincoln had no authority to suspend Congress in order for that he could declare martial law. If you look at how the constitution is structured and you looked at martial law, martial law can only be implemented when there is no government. There was still a Senate so the issue in the States at that particular time still had a functioning government. There was never any lawful authority for them to declare bankruptcy. That was a political move not an economic move or a legal move.

That particular move in 1860 when those Southern states said, “Look we’re not paying your debts, we’re walking out.” They had no provision to reconvene Congress, which means we haven’t had any and all the true rights are invested in the States. When they develop the Act of 1871 the reason that they developed that act and created the District of Columbia and created the corporate fiction United States was that they couldn’t get the Congress reassembled. Is that correct?

JFS 13 | Land Patents
Land Patents: Isn’t that interesting the title that they put on it is real estate? It means that they’re referring to real land that belongs to the state.


In part that’s correct. The Southern states leading up even through the Civil War were being manipulated, they were being short-changed. All the textile industry was in the North and primarily cotton was grown in the South. When the United States government tried to saddle them with their debt, the states were never responsible for the United States debt. That was a government debt. That wasn’t a state debt. Therefore, they started squeezing on them and they said, “If you don’t, what we’re going to do is we’re going to sell our cotton products to Britain and England and other places in the world.” The politicians of the North at that point in time threw a wall of exit. They said, “If we can’t have that, they’ll break us.” They decided this option that if you don’t quit trying to saddle us with the debt and you don’t pay us a fair price for our cotton, we’re going to secede from the union. Abraham Lincoln had to do something to get the country behind him in this conflict. It was a created conflict purposely.

The fact that the South would relinquish their position and therefore they would come back again to the domination of the North. As Paul Harvey would say, “Now, we know the rest of the story.” It’s an interesting thing that you bring the debt issue. That debt was then transferred to you and me instead of to the states. They then turned around and saddled us with that debt onto the individual’s ability to bring any income for the rest of their lives. That is not our debt either. That’s the thing that people don’t understand. That they will rise up and they’ll probably hang everybody in Washington. Anyway, you shed a little light on it.

We had the declaration of independence in 1776 and then we had the treaty with Great Britain in 1783. The American people became the complete sovereign freeholders in the land with the same prerogative as a king.

That’s why We, The People in our Constitution, if you look, We, The People were not a part of the original writing of the Constitution. It wasn’t until that document was sent to the Commonwealth of Delaware that they said, “There’s something missing here.” That leaves the people paragraph was added as an after issue from which we call original writings. By that, we became kings of our lands by our own allodial title and that’s never been dispelled.

You’ve done a terrific job in laying out the history and there is a lot of case law in here that backs up with the verbiage of the claim for the allodial title. Let’s jump way forward to what they’ve done to us. This money issue and with this warranty deed that the American people believe because of the propaganda that’s been out here in the schools, in the media, in the churches in the different places that we actually own our transportation. That we own our land, that we own our houses, that we own even our children, can you begin to explain and break down this more into detail for us?

You bring up a very good point because it’s probably one of the most misunderstood elements in our nation. Originally when the land patents were issued, they were issued for the purpose of identifying and proving that you own the land. It was done from the highest entity in the land Congress when they initiated the General Land Office. They gave them great lateral discretion about how to formulate the process and the very fact that even in the laws that I shared about Corpus Juris Secundum 73B, that this land patent could not be changed. Because they were wise enough to know that there are going to be some politicians, some attorneys, some bankers or whoever that’s going to come and try to manipulate that.

If you look at the patent law itself, it says that Congress intended that the poor man and now if you slide down the economic scale at the lowest level of a person by their identification, even if he had a right to own the land. No one had a right to take it away from him. On that concept, it was about the very fact that now we have a process and a means to where that land cannot be taken. I don’t know if you’ve gotten far enough into my book, but if you go to the Memorandum of Law and about two-thirds or three-quarters the way through it, I address the law standing of why the courts can’t even take the land away. Like on a foreclosure, it has to be done on the basis of an administrative regulation rather than common law. What I mean by that and most people do not know, we are not under a common law system anymore. We are under an administrative, which is corporate. I say administrative it’s corporate who are pretending they’re actors, they’re phony, they’re showman acting and pretending that they are in fact the government. They are no such thing at all.

What happened was when the Administrative Procedures Act came into being, and I believe it was June 11, 1946 or thereabouts, that changed everything relative to law. Common law then was feticide or being phased out to make room for statutes and codes. Statutes and codes are not law. They are corporate rules and bylaws. A policy is not law. It’s the mechanism that the administrative procedure process is to work. Having said that, once the Administrative Procedures Act was enacted, then in essence they had to find a way of which to get total control of the land. All this time from the start of our nation until 1946, on the sell-buy agreement, the buyer bought land from the seller. He got the entire history, but he also got the letter’s patent who was passed from seller to buyer. When the Administrative Procedures Act was passed, when they went in there, the buyer went to the county to get his land patent recorded. They took that land patent and kept it. They stole it. If I can put it in its proper term. They sent back what’s called a warranty deed. A warranty deed is not a title in any fashion.

A warranty deed only conveys the fact that the person buying it as an equity interest in that particular piece of land and that they have a right of possession but no right of ownership. That’s what people do not understand. Therefore, by virtue of you now, if you look on your warranty deed, you will see that you are listed not as an owner but as a tenant. A tenant has no ownership rights. That’s what our government has done to all of the property owned by the individual in this country. They robbed their title and they gave them a color of title in return called a warranty deed. Therefore, that’s subject to regulation, the building codes, the taxes, the setback and you know the rest of the story. That’s how that program works.

Let’s talk a little bit about what they’ve done and the legal description compared to the metes and bounds.

JFS 13 | Land Patents
Land Patents: What the land patent does is it reaffirms our sovereignty relative to land.


Because they had to do a survey before they issued a patent, it was all done by metes and bounds. That means the township, range and the section and not only that as the facts, but where your property was located within that section. If you were a single person, you’ve got 160 acres. If you are a husband and wife and you got 320 acres or whatever the amount was relative to the patent. On that basis then, what they did is that when the administrative procedure came into play, they then changed that designation from metes and bounds to a tax lot number still listing to the section. That was not the case when they were doing the original patents. If you go to get your regular land patent and send it forward, as I call it sandwich the paperwork involved in doing that, that I described in my book. In essence, you still have to go back to the BLM with just the metes and bounds. Tax lot number, subdivision number, all of that is irrelevant. That all comes under the administrative designation of real estate. Isn’t that interesting the title that they put on it, real estate? It means that they’re referring to real land that belongs to the state. It was instead of recorded, it was registered and they stole the title and issued a warranty deed. Therefore, they have total control over that land and that’s how this whole process came about.

You have in your book that allodial title exists in law land held absolutely in one’s own right and not any lord or superior. Land not subject to feudal duties or burdens. The next thing that you have on page 27 here is about a mortgage and I find this very interesting. First of all, mortgage means a death pledge or pledge of death. In this mortgage definition that you have here, it says a mortgage is a commercial lien and does not convey in a state or title. A bank has to prove it has title to the land in order to take it over. A title company insures absolutely nothing except the equity. Can you address those issues?

The banks and the attorneys are all part of that. The title company wanted to take control of our lands after the Administrative Procedures Act was enacted, unlawfully by the way. They came up with this administrative term called a mortgage. This mortgage was perceived as though the bank has a title or is holding the title. When in fact no mortgage, absolutely none zero without question has a title. A mortgage is only a loan which creates a lien position and the interest that is agreed upon by the parties. That’s all part of Contract Law. As a result of that, they have taken the position that they have a right of which to foreclose on that property. Under Land Law, you cannot convey a piece of property from one to party to another without a title. Because a warranty deed is not a title, then no land can be foreclosed upon simply because they don’t have a title.

The title lies in the land patent and because it’s owing to no one, no bank can issue or impose a lien upon that land any more than the county can impose an ad valorem tax upon that Land. There is no provision in law for that. I spent 48 years researching this stuff and I study. I have had other people and I’ll call that equal researchers to see if they have ever found any kind of provision for that. The answer is consistently no. There is no provision for that. The Constitution, as well as most other state constitutions, in fact, forbid a tax to be imposed upon your land. The Law of Tax can be on commercial activity but it cannot be imposed upon private holdings. That’s what they’ve been doing. That’s unlawful. That’s fraud.

Would it be fair to say that the attorney’s and the court’s sole function is to protect the banks? There’s really one bank, it’s the Federal Reserve and it’s a monopoly but their total function is to protect the banking interest, not the people’s interest.

That is correct. I can show you on every single mortgage that’s been issued since 1946, that they don’t loan a single dime, in fact not one red penny.

That’s really the trick is that they’ve given us a currency that’s a note. Legally the Luciferians can say, “You never paid for it because your down payment was paid with a note and we’ve loaned you a note so you don’t own the land.”

Let’s go back and analyze the point that you made. The very fact that they did not have a title does not subject them to right. Because they have no right relative to that land, they then manipulated the state legislators of which to create a perceived right. That is by virtue of claiming to loan money to a borrower and then through a mortgage. They are claiming that they have a right to take that land should the person not be able to pay for it. Here’s the problem with that. The first part of that is that there is no contract. I’ve got a book on Contract Law probably three inches thick and in all of the years of my study, there are specific elements that are required to have a contract. Number one is the fact that there must be an offer. Number two, there must be an acceptance. Number three, there must be consideration given. Number four, all relative parties have to sign, and all the elements have to be disclosed, called for disclosure. None of that happens relative to a mortgage contract or so-called contract.

What they have is the only person that signs it is the person so-called to be the borrower. The bank never signs it. They know they can’t sign it because they’re guilty of fraud, they’re guilty of it anyway. The fact is that they issue or they have a buyer sign this so-called contract and they have them sign a promissory note. Let me tell you how a promissory note works. They have changed the law of which now gives the bank the discretion of which they can use that as a security instrument. I’m talking about the promissory note here or they can use it as a check. When you buy a piece of land and you expire the three-day time period of revocation, within the first three days you can withdraw your check.

On the fourth day, they then send that to the IMF of which they cash that. Let’s say that you buy a property for $500,000 to keep the numbers easy to follow. That promissory note is also for $500,000. When they cash that, they then pay the seller out of your ability and your signature. Your signature is the power. Your signature is the value. You now have signed a promissory note. They accept that promissory note. The fourth day, they cash it as a check and then they pay off the $500,000. My question in this hypothetical situation here is, “Where is it that the bank loan the borrower any money?” It doesn’t exist. Under that scenario, they loaned you money and now they can foreclose. They then can sell the property to redeem what it is that they have lost.

JFS 13 | Land Patents
Land Patents: In the admissions document that every territory applies for statehood, all other cases relinquish their land to this trust holding of the United States. Texas did not give it. They kept their land.


Let’s track that back of where they got the credit line. The United States Corporation gives the Federal Reserve a bond. The Federal Reserve gives the United States credit on that bond and then that credit is put into the banking system. That bond is backed up by the fee, fine and fornication of the American people because something has to back up that bond. In effect what they’re doing is off of your signature, they’re loaning you your own money. A lot of people have no clue of how that works. The purpose and the reason why a land patent is so important and why you should have a land patent is that land patent establishes your sovereignty, is that correct?

It doesn’t establish a sovereignty. The Supreme Court has ruled that the sovereignty lies with the people because we are created in the image of a sovereign God. What the land patent does, it reaffirms our sovereignty relative to land.

Let’s move this forward as far as into Texas. The rest of the states are with the BLM is my understanding. Can you tell us a little bit about how Texas is different than that?

In Texas, when they were fighting the Mexican government then became an independent state did not relinquish their property to the United States ever. In their admissions document that every territory applies for statehood in all other cases relinquish their land to this trust holding that the United States, Texas did not do that. They kept their land. What Texas did is they followed the exact pattern of the General Land Office in and Texas created a Texas General Land Office that’s still in to this day. They issued state patents rather than United States patent. Therefore, they still have the same protective covenants on it, but it is just issued by the state.

Justin, do you have any questions for Ron?

I would like to ask you because there’s so much more to cover. Could we do this again sometime in the near future and cover some more material?

You bet. I’d be glad to.

I don’t have any other questions for him at this time. I do want to thank you for your narrative and especially thank Ron for his participation here. This was I thought, extremely interesting.

Thank you, Justin. We have been visiting with Ron Gibson who wrote a book and the name of the book is What You Need To Know About Land Patents. We haven’t even scratched the surface of this book. There are so many cases in the treaties and one of the things that I appreciate about this is that Ron has a land patent on his land and he has a copy of some of his documents in the book. It is a step-by-step method of securing a land patent for your particular home. It would be very important for everybody that is here to order this book. We’ll have the contact information on how you can get in touch with Ron and how you can order this book. Hopefully, we’ll have several more shows about the land patent. What you can do in order to secure your land patent and there are some things that are in the works that we’ll disclose at a later point in time about how you can acquire property by using the land patent and what your rights are. We’ll schedule another time with Ron. We’ll cover some other issues. You should be able to, at the Joseph Farley Show, provide any comments or any questions. The next time that we interview Ron, we’ll discuss those and ask Ron to answer those particular questions. Any final or parting thoughts Ron?

One of the things that I hope people glean from this broadcast or by whatever it means is the very fact of how important this land patent stuff is. I run into people all the time and sorry to say, most people just shrug their shoulder, “I have no interest in that. It doesn’t affect me. Why would I do that?” I’ve done enough study in enough areas to know that they’re coming after your land. I did a class, I teach four law classes a month. In that class, one of the subjects that I covered was, “Why attorneys are not lawyers?” There’s such a misconception everybody thinks they are one and the same. They certainly are not. I think it’s 1922 or somewhere in that area, The Bar Association joined the Communist Party and in doing so they adopted all of the ten planks of the communist manifesto with the agreement that they would accept two more provisions to number one or conditions of number one. For those of you who don’t know what number one is to abolish private property.

In joining the Communist Party, they were instructed to join us. We want you to accomplish these two other elements. Number one is to divest the people of their money, their rights and their property. Let me say why that’s so important. Without property, you have no rights. I’ve had people argue with me that and when I take them through the steps or at the end of that, they’re raising an eyebrow and talking to their head inside. Along with property, you have rights and those rights are protected but you and I have to protect them as well. I used the analogy that you can take a copy of the Constitution. We can lay it on the table and we can go out the door and we can do all this stuff. We get the abused out there in the world and somebody said, “That’s violating my Constitution and protected rights.”

That Constitution is absolutely worthless unless you and I or whoever picked that up, opened it up and read it. Understand what it says and then apply it. Freedom is never free. Somebody’s got to do some work. Somebody has got to suffer. Our forefathers gave their everything to give us what we have in this land now and we’re allowing it to slip away. We’re doing it because of complacency. I don’t know what else to say other than the fact that beware of attorneys. Be tremendously wary of them. Their mandate is to divest you of your money, your rights and your property.

Thank you, Ron.

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Ron Gibson, for the past 45 years, has been in the construction and mining business. Ron is an engineer by training and secondary studies include constitutional law. Ron has worked for 19 years in mining and general consulting. He is also a mineral producer by profession. Ron has been involved in both precious metals in Industrial Minerals development in all phases. Ron’s background also includes project evaluation, feasibility study, geology, drilling and testing, sampling, plant layout, and design Ron has run the day-to-day operation including marketing, environmental studies, estimating and many other phases of mining operations.

As a managing consultant for large investment groups, Ron learned very early on the five “P” Principle: Proper, Planning, Prevents Poor, Performance.

Ron’s background in law includes a counselor at Law and he is in the process of obtaining his Private Attorney General authority from the Senate Judiciary. 


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    1. Sorry for the late reply. You can buy my book on the website. We will add Ron’s book soon.

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