BitNation: The World’s First Decentralized Borderless Virtual Nation with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

JFS 10 | BitNation

JFS 10 | BitNation

The world’s first First Decentralized Borderless Virtual Nation offers citizens governance services that they can do on their own, BitNation’s backend is a mesh network making them a part of Blockchain. Founder Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof explains that this doesn’t mean being a citizen comes in at a price, but rather you create your contract when you enter a nation. You can choose whatever name you want, and just like Reddit, your profile will display your reputation so others can follow you. However, certain precautions are conducted like facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scans among others to make sure that the real world body has an attachment to the virtual person in the nation. Susanne also explains why aside from technical reasons, culture is the one other factor that pulls people in to BitNation.

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BitNation: The World’s First Decentralized Borderless Virtual Nation with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

Our guest is Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof who lays claim to being the Founder of Bitnation, a platform in cyberspace, which one can offer and accept contracts, launch cryptocurrencies and a host of other activities, all of which are designed for the benefit of the people. This is such an incredible concept.

When somebody is looking at Bitnation, is there a price to get set up as a citizen of Bitnation?

No, there is no price for joining Bitnation as a user or a citizen. However, if you want to set up your own nation, it’s a contract that you create. It becomes a constitution and the contract gets sent automatically to the Ethereum chain where it gets executed. When you send anything to the Ethereum chain, you have to pay minor fees, like whenever you do a Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction. It’s the same principle. You have to pay the transaction fee to launch the contract. Similarly, when you join a nation then you sign the contract saying, “I accept the constitution of this nation.”You also have to pay minor fees, but it’s very little. We’re talking about a couple of cents. It is extremely simple.

JFS 10 | BitNation
BitNation: There is no price for joining Bitnation as a user or a citizen.

Something that’s not on the ten that hopefully we could get into is the ability to set up your own nation and create your own currency, or would it be the ICO currency that you currently are going to launch? How would that work?

In the wallet on Pangea, the jurisdiction software, we have after Ether integrated there. Obviously Path is going to be in the wallet as well, but we will also be able to fairly quickly accept all ERC20 Token so people can add their own tokens and also create their own tokens for their own nations. In addition to that, our backend is a mesh network, which means that we’re fundamentally blockchain agnostic. Even though we’re currently working with Ethereum, we’re also planning to add in Bitcoin for the Rootstock Protocol. Later on we would like to add Monero and we’re planning to add in elements of DoS and DISC blockchain as well. Our end goal would be that people can use whatever currency they want seamlessly on Pangea. We don’t want our token to be a barrier to entry to the platform.

In the United States, we’ve had a big issue that was a buzz word and that was FISA 702 where our government is spying on people all over the world and they don’t even know it. For people in Bitnation, let’s talk a little bit about the humans that come in with the birth certificate, let’s say. How does the birth certificate work? How do you get to stay anonymous yet you’re a citizen of Bitnation?

I prefer to use the pseudo anonymity rather than anonymity because a large part of Bitnation’s software is the reputation system, which means people or countries, whatever name they want, they still have a profile that people can follow with the reputation, etc. Like on Reddit, you can choose whatever username you want, but you still have a reputation attached to your profile, on bitcoin talk what number are you, etc. We have taken certain actions. First of all, all communication is internally encrypted while using our protocol to encrypt all messages, never fail. We are completely against using biometrics. We will never feature biometrics, meaning things like facial recognition, fingerprints, or iris scans right off these things because we want to make sure that the flesh body can ever be attached to the virtual person.

There’s always a plausible deniability. Let’s say if there was a genocide somewhere, and people are searching out all people with affiliations to Bitcoin or something. We want people to have the ability to have plausible deniability. Those are the most important aspects. The Five Fingers is an encrypted communications platform nowadays like if you get WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, etc. but all of them ask for some information like email, phone number or whatever. We don’t ask for any of that information, none literally. That is also done for a specific reason, to not collect metadata on users that can later on be exploited by an authority.

When you sign up with your phone number, your phone number’s already been tagged to you. Years ago, probably ten years ago here in the United States, there was a big deal about a driver’s license being connected to your cell phone. That way, you’re immediately identified. That’s the thing that a lot of people are saying, “I don’t want to be tracked.” “You must be doing something wrong.” “No, it’s not that. It’s that your authority is doing this for a reason. There’s an end game for all of this,” that’s why Bitnation is interesting and very important. I’m glad to hear that you guys have set that up this way.

Some people might say you can always get a burner phone or you could get an anonymous email, but how easy is it to get a burner phone? There are cameras everywhere where you’re buying the phone. There are plenty of ways you can be identified. The NSA can crack devices by knowing the proximity to other devices, etc. Unless you’re like a high level security specialist, it’s almost impossible to be anonymous if you give out your phone number or email address.

As far as the people that are coming in that set up their own nation, then there is a competition for other nations to say, “Come be a citizen with us in this nation and here are the reasons why.”Tell us some of those reasons of why you would want to be a particular citizen of one particular nation. Could it be no taxes?

Yes. It could be simply more technical reasons like better services for less money. Nations simply provide better government services. It can also be cultural things. If you’re a Baptist or something, you want to be in the Baptist nation. Here you observe those other country rules. There is nothing wrong in a nation catering for a specific cultural, religious, or ethnical community either. Nations can have many different types of appeal. It’s going to start with a lot of what we have seen so far is a lot of communities that have something that they need. For instance, we’re talking about activists in Venezuela, Catalonia, the Rohingyas and people like that because they actively need a nation because the place where they live doesn’t provide an option that they are satisfied with.

It’s going to take off like that. Once we got a foot hold and more and more people are starting to use it in the next five or ten years, then people simply connect choose. Not so much out of necessity because there’s no other option or because of self-control or belonging, but more because this is simply a better nation with better prices and better services. This could be much pragmatic and ideological over time. In the same way like early Bitcoin adopters were extremely ideological or very particularly cold, and they loved it for technology or the ideology. Now we’re seeing more adoption in markets where people just like it because it’s cheaper and faster transactions and better anonymity. They like it for the practical reasons.

JFS 10 | BitNation
BitNation: We’re seeing more adoption in markets where people just like it because it’s cheaper and faster transactions and better anonymity.

Currently with the expenses and how long it takes to get things done, you buy it and then a week later your account’s going to settle, it’s not going to work well. I know that they’re going through some kinks, but this blockchain system is not going away. It’s only going to get stronger. We’re seeing a lot of the Federal Reserve, which is a criminal organization that was set up in 1913, starting to have some cracks in their facade currently. The people do need to get someplace where they can have some type of not only communication but the ability to buy and sell things. If something happens with the Federal Reserve or they clamp down like a Nazi Germany thing, then it’s over. If you have another platform and a lot of cryptocurrency, for guys that are not real technical, it’s going to take some time for people to learn how this works, what you can use this on, and how you can use it. That’s why it’s so important. The biggest question for the libertarian movement is, “I would want to be left alone from this government,” and that’s what Bitnation is offering here.

When you say that you’re an anarchist, everyone is like, “Who’s going to build the roads?” What Bitnation is doing is saying, “Here it is. Here you have your government services.” They will be cheaper and more effective. Just do it yourself. It’s possible. We have built the technology for it. I do think people want government services. I do want security, I want corps and I want all of those things. I just don’t want it to be forced upon me by one controlling entity. I want to be able to choose on a free market which service provider I want.

As far as people that are stateless, let’s talk about that. In the United States, there’s a deal for the month of March. It’s called Military Tribunal Month. The reason that this is important and interesting is that there are a lot of people in the military that don’t necessarily know this, and that is if they’re court-marshaled, they could be stateless. When they sign up for military services, if they do something wrong, they could revoke their citizenship and throw them out of the United States. You do have a stateless person.

I didn’t know that.

There are a lot of military guys that don’t know that, but they’re getting ready to find out. In your particular nation, you would have people that are from Great Britain, Canada, or from other states that want to give up their citizenship and say, “I don’t want to participate in this any longer. I’ll come over to Bitnation and start my own nation.” Here’s something else that you’ll find interesting. In 1933 in the United States, they set up a thing that’s called In This State. In This State is not the organic state of Texas or the organic state of Oklahoma or the organic state of New York. It’s Ethereum. It doesn’t exist. They hovered it right over the state. Now, whenever they want to violate the constitution, everything is done in this state. It’s a way that they have tricked the American people since 1933. It’s now starting to get exposed. Our generation has never been in an organic state. Coming into Bitnation should be simple once you understand what America’s administration has already done to them.

It’s the same thing in Europe. If you take France as a country, for instance, before the Vespasian agreement, there were lots of different languages, cultures, etc. Switzerland still speaks three different languages, Italian, French, and German. There’s no such thing as a unified ethnicity, language, or culture in any European country.

That’s the same way all over. That’s why Bitnation could be so important. You guys are going to do an ICO.I have a company that I set up called Trump Capital. In America, Trump is either absolutely hated 1,000% or he’s absolutely loved 1,000%. That word, Trump Capital, gets people’s attention. Down at the bottom on my disclosure, it says that we are not a part of the fraudulent Federal Reserve. It goes through all these comical type disclosures. The reason I set this up before was there’s a lot of people that have Bitcoins and they can’t spend them. They have millions of dollars of Bitcoin but they can’t spend them because the market isn’t liquid enough yet to be able to sell off $5 million worth of Bitcoin.

What they could do is they could loan them. One of the other businesses we have is in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas in the United States is getting ready to come back very strong. There are a lot of small operators that need a $1 million, $5 million, or $10 million to buy equipment and to do some other things. What I’m doing is I’m setting up the cryptocurrency lending platform at some point in time. To be able to go out to these guys and say, “That’s fine, we’ll loan you money,” and then call companies like John Deere and some of the big heavy equipment companies and say, “We’d like to buy your machine but we’re going to pay in cryptocurrency. You may want to hold some of the cryptocurrency, you may want to sell it, but what we’re trying to do is make a market in it to where it’s liquid enough, to where people can start moving around in it.”

[Tweet “People use token to raise money, but for market adoption it’s a barrier to entry.”]

There are a couple of lending platform like ETHLend and Zouk. There’s a couple more coming, but I haven’t seen any actual product, neither have anyone. They draw some difficult design flaws in them as well. For instance, Zouk forces people to use their token, which sounds good in principle but actually it’s a barrier to entry because then people will be like, “Why should I come back to Ether or whatever your token is just so that your token can caught in value?”People do it to raise money, but for market adoption it’s a barrier to entry, right?

This would have to be outside of the Federal Reserve system. Without being too militant about this, we understand that the Federal Reserve is an absolute criminal organization. They’re getting ready to get kicked out of the United States and there’s some cool stuff that’s going on behind the scenes. There is this major stuff going to happen this month. There’s some real major stuff. This military tribunals that’s getting ready to happen, there are going to be massive people that are in deep state that are going to get arrested through military kicking their doors in the middle of the night. Governors, there is a huge thing getting ready to happen in the United States.

Here’s what’s happening is that trump has been a plant. When I say plant, for 50 years, Trump has grown up and has known about the criminal Federal Reserve. He knows about the IRS. He knows about all the junk that they’ve been torturing people and doing. When John F. Kennedy wanted to change the monetary system, they shot him in the head here in Dallas. That was 55 years ago. He didn’t set up his workforce, so to speak. Trump has been laying the groundwork to set up his workforce and getting the military ready. They’re going to go in and start arresting very high profile people. This is very dangerous here in the United States right now because they could jump off into a massive civil war at any moment. There are a lot of people in America that are asleep and don’t realize how tough the situation could get.

You can see these with all the protests going on everywhere, from Black Lives Matter to Charlotte. People are tensed. People are boiling.

Yes, and he is aware of that. You’re going to see the Federal Reserve, Rothschild, these oligarchs that have controlled the world, Trump issued an executive order and he’s going after them. He’s going to get their money because they’ve been doing a lot of stuff. Their top guy, Eric Schmidt, at Google has been funding dark-type stuff.

Silicon Valley and DC are so close.

Hollywood is close to Washington as well. You’re going to see some amazing stuff this year. If you happened to glance at major headlines, you’re going to see some interesting things happen. We’re getting ready from the standpoint of there’s going to be this disturbance, and whenever there’s a disturbance, there’s opportunity. You guys launching is going to be awesome. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency brought up the discussion of what money is. That’s the best part about what cryptocurrency has done. People in America don’t realize that the Federal Reserve has stolen your labor. They’ve given you a note. It’s not backed up by anything. There’s no gold. They stole everything.

That’s why I make money on my money. When I hold bitcoin because there’s a deflation in our currency, I sit on it and it grows. There might be dips or whatever, but I can’t understand people who get money in Fiat currencies because they’re just losing money. I don’t think in ten years anyone will accept an inflation in our currency anymore. People will require deflation over currencies because why would you have money that loses money than gain money? It’s complete madness.

JFS 10 | BitNation
BitNation: The reason that they are non-tradable is because we don’t want people to be able to buy, sell or gain reputation through popularity or attention.

When we show people in the law that under Title 12 Section 411, you’re not even supposed to have a Federal Reserve note on your possession. It’s illegal for you to even have it. American people have no clue that that’s out there. They also don’t have a clue that it’s a promise to pay but they never tell you when they’re going to pay you. You’re working and you’ve ruined your life for this thing called money and it’s not even real. This currency, this thing is important. That’s why I think Bitnation would be important for people to realize that you’re already stateless. You’re an enemy in America. We outside of the ten-mile square of Washington, DC are considered enemies of the state. A lot of Americans don’t realize that. They don’t understand that you’re an enemy of the state until proven otherwise.

I remember there was a small wars journal which is an important military think tank that they put out a couple of years ago. They put out a report about the greatest future effects to America were Tea Party activists. It’s a big madness that called off the population like, “What are you talking about?” The problem formulation in this story was how will our military rank when they have to shoot their own people? This is seriously a highly considered think tank. It’s crazy.

There’s some great stuff that’s getting ready to go on. You guys are launching at the perfect time. How would people sign up for Bitnation?

Until now we’ve had our website where people sign up, but we’re moving all of our website’s functions to our blockchain jurisdiction, which is called Pangea. It’s on the App Store right now, on Android and iOS App store. It will be at the sub-client scene. This version is completely decentralized. You’ll be able to immediately set up your own nation, join and leave nations. You have your wallet, your profile. You’ll be able to enter into peer to peer agreements in free and simple chat conversation and resolve dispute through our peer to peer market for arbitration.

As far as a worldwide citizen type ID, is there anything to that effect or how would that work?

The very first version we made was based on Chris Ellis from World Crypto Network’s protocol. It was basically like a local key signing party where people signed off on the person being the person that they came to be and broadcasting the latest block number. We took that a step farther when there was a refugee crisis in Europe in 2015. We created an emergency refugee ID because a lot of them simply didn’t have documents and needed something to prove your identity. We’ll try to do it online instead of the tube to increase efficiency, where basically family members sign off on each other being family members, like a peer to peer approval. People loved the idea so then we renamed it and we added some extra functionalities and stuff. All those functions operate on the blockchain that we’re hosting on our website. We are progressively closing down everything on our website to move it to the Pangea platform. When you enter on Pangea, you can set up your own profile. Right now it has very limited usage. It’s just a name, a city and profile picture type thing. We’re enabling the reputation system. It means that if you enter into an agreement or successfully complete an agreement or resolved a dispute attached to an agreement that you make with someone, you get non-tradable reputation tokens.

The reason that they are non-tradable is because we don’t want people to be able to buy, sell or gain reputation through popularity or attention. It’s governed by a bottle that simply judge you on completely meritocratic basis, your ability to complete contracts you have voluntarily entered into. When you accumulate enough non-tradable reputation tokens, you get rewarded with a little bit of PAT, our token. There’s a financial incentive for good behavior beyond simply building a reputation. That is the primary purpose of your ID. It’s to basically build up a person that people want to trade with, a person that people want to get into business with, whether the business is getting married or making a trade agreement. It doesn’t matter. Incentive for people that, if disputes arise, resolve those disputes. You can create nations and if you’re successful in creating a nation, meaning that you provide government services that your citizens appreciate and think it’s good value for money, then you can also get non-tradable reputation for that.

That’s another sub token. That’s some form of collective. The first one is called proof of agreement which also gets rewarded with PAT overtime. When you create contract, review a contract, audit a contract, then you also get rewarded with another sub token called proof of making for being a good contract rater or reviewer. All of this makes up for the reputation system which is attached to your profile but it’s still anonymous like we discuss before. It takes time and it’s hard to build up a reputation but if you have to because, let’s say, you are gay in Somalia, and suddenly that is punishable by death and you have to recreate a new identity or something like that, you can do it. It’s just hard work. The fact that it’s hard work is a disincentive for people to create fifteen profiles, but it should be possible.

Back in the 1900s, and they still do it today, it’s much harder to do. They would have the family Bible. When somebody was born, they would write down their name in the family Bible. There was a register of their particular name. Once the Federal Reserve came in 1913 they said, “Here’s what we’re going to do. We’ll issue birth certificates.” They started this birth certificate nonsense right around ’33.They would take that information and said, “Here’s a baby. They’ll pay X amount of tax over their lifetime.”That’s where this birth certificate, driver’s license all got reconnected together. What you’re saying with Bitnation is that people can verify who they say they are by their family node, for lack of a better word, and then they can get their citizenship or their ID inside Bitnation. Is that correct?

No. That was the case with refugee IDs specifically because the problem for a lot refugees in Europe at the time and still now was that according to European laws, if you have close family like parents, children, or siblings in another nation, let’s say UK or Poland or whatever it might be, then there’s a policy that close family should be reunited when possible. We didn’t trust specific reason. The reason was to be able to have people who are missing their close family in another country to be able to rejoin them. That doesn’t reapply to the Bitnation citizenship on Pangea. On Pangea there isn’t any peer approval because the approval is loosely debunked. Like you said about Trump, Trump is either loved or hated. Those are not the most accurate feelings on either side. We don’t want human judgment to judge other humans. AI judges humans and humans judge technology. We have a man-machine balance.

How would somebody go about purchasing the ICO that’s coming out?

[Tweet “There a lot of phishing schemes out there that tries to promote wrong wallet address.”]

The only place to go is our website, the token website, called It’s extremely important that people go to that specific website to verify the token address. There a lot of phishing schemes out there that tries to promote wrong wallet address. You always have to double check the wallet address on our website. Once you did, we’re working on a shape-shift integration, you will be able to partially sit with any cryptocurrency that is on shape shift, which is most often. When you do, you have to use a wallet that is optimized for ERC20 Tokens. I strongly recommend using My Ether Wallet. When you use My Ether Wallet, you also have to be careful with security. When you open up your My Ether Wallet, they ask if you want to store the JSON file on your computer, never do that. Either use a hardware to store your wallet saver like TREZOR or Nano Ledger, or write it down on a piece of paper. Store it offline somewhere. Never store it on your computer because then it’s easy to hack you, and you don’t want that. Take care of basic security. It’s not complicated but it takes a few minutes to think about. You can do it and it’s going to be fast and easy. We don’t know how many people are going to purchase in the first day, but we expect quite a lot because we’re talking with a lot of investors with very high interest. I would advise you to try to invest as early as possible to make sure you get the tokens at their sale price. We think it’s significant in our world and what it will be. Once ICO over and it hits exchanges and so on.

We want to have people ask questions out there on the community because once we get this put together, we’d like to do another interview with you. We’ll have some questions from the community that will ask these questions. I’m excited about Bitnation and what you guys are doing because it is a needed service.

We have a theme of 42 because the number of tokens is 42 billion, the white paper is 42 pages. It’s from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. What is the question of life?

Thank you so much for doing the interview. I greatly appreciate it.

Me too. It was fun.

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