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Government Cover Ups: A Tale Of Greed and Power within the Deep State with Cody Snodgres

JFS 006 | Government Cover Ups

Assassinations, bombings, and international wars- what was the US Government’s real role behind these disasters. Former black ops asset turned liability, Cody Snodgres reveals information behind world altering events such as the assassination of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., the Gulf War, the Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, and Benghazi. Cody heroically refused a mandate to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in a blatant attempt to destroy government records and investigation reports on some of the most horrifying manipulations of the deep state, including the truth behind the Gulf War Syndrome, anthrax, and arming Saddam Hussein covertly with ammo and biological weapons. Now, he shares this information with you.

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Government Cover Ups: A Tale Of Greed and Power within the Deep State with Cody Snodgres

Had they had those records, they would’ve had direct evidence enough to impeach Bill Clinton, not only impeach him, but try him criminally and convict him of multiple crimes. Everybody thinks, “That’s a good reason to blow up the Murrah Building.” That’s not the real reason.

What’s the real reason?

To do this, we’re going to have to go back for a little brief history so everyone will understand the context of why this real reason is. If you go back to the 1980s, Saddam Hussein was in Ba’th party and come to power over in Iraq. He was a paid CI asset just like Manuel Noriega was down in Panama. A lot of Americans don’t know that Saddam was on was our payroll. They got a war with Iran. Iran’s a much bigger country and had approximately a ten to one infantry advantage over Iraq. The US didn’t want their ally to be overrun, and so they covertly armed him. This happened in the Reagan administration. This book has a whole bunch of detailed names, dates, times.

We’re already with two primary forms of ordinates. One was a Hawkeye 123 sheet cluster bomb. They’re very efficient ground to air way of killing troops in mass. By getting them, we’re doing another covert op. They couldn’t tell Congress about it, and orders CIA to do this, so they stole our plans, the blueprints for those, to come down to Argentina. They had a front company there. To make a long story short, Zirconium is one of the elements that makes the Hawkeye work. It’s restricted element so they forged agricultural documents and stuff, and got the stuff shipped down there. Then they made the weapons and send them through North Africa to Saddam, and he kept them there in case Iran invaded them.

JFS 006 | Government Cover Ups
Government Cover Ups: Saddam Hussein was a paid CI asset just like Manuel Noriega was down in Panama.

Second thing they did was give him biological weapons, which are very effective at killing troops in mass. The one they gave him was the Ames strain of anthrax. It was made in Fort Detrick, Maryland. It was a weaponized version of anthrax. The spore size was smaller and the protein coat had been altered on the spores genetically, so that it would be weaponized, be easily absorbable and more infectious. When the war was over with Iran, Saddam still had all these weapons. Some of them are stored at the KomaCI Iraq facility. Later on, Saddam invaded Kuwait. He turned from a CI asset to a CI liability just like me. The Saudis put a lot of pressure on our government because they were worried Saddam would go ahead and go down into Saudi Arabia, affect all the OPEC prices and their price-rigging schemes and everything.

We cooked up our op over here to go in what they call the Desert Storm, that was January 91. We had a problem. The White House and all of them had a secret. CI had secretly armed Saddam Hussein and people didn’t know about it over here. Our troops were fixing to go over there and take Saddam out. We had a six-month course of anthrax vaccine, standard program, one shot per month to develop immunity. We didn’t have time. We couldn’t wait around six months for our troops. What they did was highly illegal, it’s another cover up. They came up with a new anthrax shot, and they used in adjunct called squalene. It’s a long molecular group of fatty acid group. It’s basically shark oil. What an adjunct is, is a biological mechanism to increase auto immune function.

When you increase the auto immune function in the human being, viral adhesion occurs better. The antidote to the anthrax could adhere and what it boiled down to basically is that they got one shot in one month instead of six shots in six months. They waived FDA testing and signed an executive order, which made our troops guinea pigs. They unknowingly started receiving all these vaccines. The first lot of them went to Dover Air Force base. Down in the book we have lot numbers, we have all this stuff. BioPort was one of the companies that made the vaccine and so forth.

Our guys were getting all these weird shots and they started getting sick. They would later call it Gulf War syndrome, but there’s auto immune system dysfunction. They got over there in Theater. A lot of them are starting to already get sick, and then the second thing they did over there, it was the first war ever in history that we had used depleted uranium weapons. They’d been tested at Dugway Proving Grounds here in the states. The two primary formats of those weapons were the 30 millimeter chain guns with the depleted uranium rounds on the 18 warthog. Those are the tank busters we use, and then the M1A1 Abrams tanks.

Timothy McVeigh commanded one of those. His platoon commander was Nichols. They were over there in Desert Storm and McVeigh had bronze star, he had confirmed kills and so forth. Those rounds that are in there have about eight or nine-inch long tube of depleted uranium. They come out and real high kinetic energy about 5,200 feet per second, and have enough kinetic energy to take a T54 tank, that’s the Soviet tanks Saddam was using at the time. Their turrets were about 11 tons. One of our M1A1s hit those T54s,those turrets would fly up like a top in the air and make a huge fire ball, very high heat, very high energy. It’s something brand new that happened, and the Pentagon didn’t know about this.

What happened was there were brand new compounds molecularly being formed in the air. One was uranium oxide, uranium dioxide. The particulate size of these compounds were about four microns. You had all this radiation falling down in four microns. Our mop gear and our nuclear, biological, and chemical or NBC suits, and the filters on our gas mask, only went down to ten microns. These little particles, our troops were breathing all this stuff, and it was going past the filters. We were getting low-level radioactivity when it goes into the human body.

This stuff concentrates in two basic places, the thyroid gland and the ovaries if you’re a woman and the testicles if you’re a man, the reproductive organs. After our guys breathed all this stuff unknowingly and they got these weird anthrax shots that made them all sick, they started coming back to the states. When they got back to the States, everyone started getting sick. That’s the same thing, the Gulf War syndrome, they called it. That’s the name they gave it, but the Pentagon had to cover up all their defective mop gear. The first cover up was the fact that they had given Saddam covertly anthrax and they cooked up a new vaccine. This whole thing was a big cover-up.

After about several years, the VA hospitals start filling up civilian hospitals. These people had all these strange symptoms, radiation. 238 Uranium has a half-life of about four and a half million years. The Pentagon had a big problem brewing, just like the Agent Orange stuff from Vietnam. The men were coming back from that war with radioactive semen. When they made love to their wives, this stuff was transmitted into the ovaries of their wives, and from there to the children, from the children to the grandchildren, to the great grandchildren. They didn’t know how long this would be, how many generations this would go down.

The Pentagon would be on the hook for hundreds of billions, maybe hundreds of trillions in the long run of medical costs. Chris Shays, the Republican senator from Connecticut, was on the Armed Services Committee. He was tasked with giving some payment and determining medical culpability for all these sick veterans. The Pentagon didn’t want to admit about the DEU and they didn’t want to admit about the anthrax. Shays ordered FBI to gather all the medical records of approximately 480,000of our troops that had been in Theater over there in Desert Storm in Iraq. All those records, guess where they were stored?


In the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, just before it blew up. When those records went up, you couldn’t prove medically what was wrong with our guys. The Pentagon got off the hook. They had a huge medical problem on their hands. The Agent Orange that was sprayed in Vietnam to defoliate the highlands during the height of that war, that was an air force op called Operation Ranch Hand from 1969 to 1971, where they sprayed massive doses of that stuff. Later on, all our guys got sick. We work now on guys with Agent Orange stuff. It shows up 30, 40 years later. The Pentagon had this huge problem. They had inter-generational radioactivity and genetic deformities to deal with. How many children would be born deformed? How many generations down would this radiation be transferred from mother to son, son to grandson, and so forth? No one knew.

It’s the first time we ever used depleted uranium on a mass scale. According to Pentagon records, they used approximately 200 tons of it over there. Ten years after this happened in Iraq, all of this sand and the wind storms, they carry this stuff in the rain and everything in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Those rivers are used to irrigate the date crop. Americans don’t know most of them, but Iraq exports 26 or so kinds of date. They’re one of the biggest date exports. It’s a popular fruit over there like apples is here in the states. They irrigate those date crops with water out of the Tigris and Euphrates River. Ten years, all this radiation’s getting in the water, getting in the fruit, continues after this happened.

United Nations went into Baghdad and they did tests. They found a 600% increase in leukemia-type sicknesses amongst the children from 1991 to 2001, in one decade. There’s a lot of deformities of the Iraqi people, there’s poisoning, there’s all this secondary spinoff the Pentagon didn’t want anyone to know about. These records were all gone. Someone asked me, “How do you know those records were in Murrah Building, Cody?” I said, “I wasn’t there. I didn’t see them with my own eyes.” We have eyewitnesses seeing those records being pulled out, mass file cabinets of records being unloaded after the two bombs didn’t explode, and then later on in September 19th of 1996, the congressional hearings that were being held on Gulf War syndrome, because they were ongoing. Our guys just kept getting sicker and sicker as time went on. We have a copy of this in the book, in the appendix, the Department of Defense was there testifying to Congress. They’re trying to cover all this up, but they admitted at the hearing that over 400,000Gulf War Syndrome medical records had “disappeared.”

JFS 006 | Government Cover Ups
Government Cover Ups: The United Nations went into Baghdad and found a 600% increase in leukemia-type sicknesses amongst the children from 1991 to 2001.

How many again?

400,000. There were 480,000 of our troops in over there. You got to remember what was happening back then. Our troops were coming home, and a lot of them got done with their hitches in the military, so they were going to civilian doctors, or they went overseas and lived somewhere. Some of them went to the VA. When Chris Shays, was sitting on the Armed Services Committee to determine how much money they were going to give in settlements to our gulf war guys and girls, he said, “We got to have the medical records first.”The FBI threw a tizzy, because they were tasked with going around to all of these places and gathering the records, and they couldn’t get them all. They didn’t have time. Some of these guys were still over Germany and different places.

They got approximately 400,000 out of the 480,000 which was pretty good, but then they “disappeared” because they were blown up in the Murrah Building. The ones that weren’t blown up, there are eyewitnesses. All that’s in the book too. There were teams that showed up when that Ryder truck detonated and then one bomb in the building went off, The other two didn’t, so they pulled everyone back on the perimeter. It pissed off all the doctors and nurses that had showed up to help people. The FBI kept them out and said, “You all stay out of here.” They didn’t want them seeing taking those records out. They went in and destroyed them somewhere. We have names, dates, times, eyewitness, all kinds of stuff in the book.

My book doesn’t have everything in it. Craig Roberts who was a Tulsa police detective was sent by the Tulsa Police Department down there at the time to investigate. This is massive cover up after massive cover up. The FBI needed the cooperation of the Oklahoma City Police Department to cover up this bombing. They did that by blackmail. The FBI had infiltrated the Tulsa Police Department and caught several of their officers dealing narcotics. They use that as a lever with black mail, and they told them, “If you guys help us cover this bombing up, then we won’t prosecute your cops.”That’s how that fix was in there. There’s a lot to cover here. We just scratched the surface of all this.

Cody, this book has so much detailed information in it. The evidence is overwhelming.

That’s why you people go, “Why did you do this like this? Is your book published?” I said, “This is a black ops book. You people don’t understand, you’re living in the vanilla civilian world. In my world, people get killed. People get murdered. People get blown up, and buildings like the Murrah Building.” I had to write this book and not tell anyone about it. Then I had to go out in public first and do the interviews, then worry about the book publishing later. If I had sent this book to any of these publishers here in America, they would have ratted me out to CIA, and I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now. Our plan was to get this first through all these interviews and get exposure. If something happens to me and I’m murdered or I slip on a banana peel or I have a weird car wreck like Michael Hastings or I’m found in a park like Vince Foster and Seth Rich, and the list goes on and on, then you’ll know this information is true.

I’m going to my doctor again. Last month I went in and had full blood test before I started this project. I had full blood test. He’s been my doctor twenty some odd years. I said I’m coming public with this CI book and the Oklahoma thing. I expect I might be murdered, I might be killed or suicided. I had a full toxicology in case I’m found later with some drugs in my system, because that’s one thing they do. If they capture you, they’ll give you shots of drugs then kill you later so the forensic pathologist who does the autopsy will find the drugs in your system and use that as a cause of death. Do you understand me?

Yes, absolutely.

I know the Clinton’s game. The Clintons, they did it in Arkansas. I have several examples in the book when they were cleaning up that Central Rose op down there. Bill Clinton appointed the state medical examiner. Whenever the guys were all found murdered or suicide, the state medical examiner would always rule it a suicide. That’s how the Clintons got away with all their stuff. Those two people are satanic evil. Those two people are not what they appear to be. Bill Clinton hid behind the office of the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The story about Benghazi, I have a guy that was there on the ground and got in the fire fight that night, you ought to hear their story. It’ll make your stomach turn when you hear what really happened, not all this crap they put out in the propaganda media. Bill and Hillary Clinton are criminals. They’re guilty of treason and sedition, and all kinds of stuff.

In this book, you lay this out that a prosecutor should be able to get an indictment and to give jail terms for a lot of people. I if they don’t, then it’s up to the American people to do something about this because you’ve exposed it. The American people no longer have plausible deniability.

Here’s what has happened here in a nutshell. I was a patriot of the United States. I was involved in black operations, some of which were illegal. Over in Central Rose in Arkansas, the President of the United States tasked the CIA Director to conduct those operations. The CI was forbidden by its charter to do domestic operations at that time, so that was illegal. After 2001 when the Twin Towers went down and the Patriot Act was put in effect, that gave CI the right to operate domestically here in the US, supposedly under the terrorism thing.

September 11th 2001. Bill and Hillary Clinton have looted this country. The evidence of it is everywhere. They conducted black ops for the CI to cover the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary ran. This stuff in the book has evidence that’s overwhelming. Bill Clinton was the first president ever in United States history, a lot of people know this, who when he got in office in ‘92, the very first thing he did was fire every single United States attorney in the entire country, and he put his own guys in there. It was his way to stock the DOJ. He put his own person in there. Hubbell was in there first and he had to resign. He got state charges down in Arkansas. Then they put Janet Reno, and Janet Reno was a cover up artist big time. I know this for a fact because one of my op buddies was a guy named Captain Glen Wilson. He’s deceased now.

He died of Agent Orange cancer, God bless his soul. He worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency for awhile, and I worked with him on some ops. Captain Wilson, when he got back from Vietnam later on, was head of Narcotics down in Dade County, Florida. That happened to be the time when Janet Reno was the district attorney there. Captain Wilson had coffee with Janet Reno almost every morning. They would go out at night and make all these narcotics bust. There was a big cocaine hub down there in the 1980s with all the dope coming through there. He would sit and they’d go over the reports and all the stuff the night before.

He told me straight to my face, he said, “Cody, you wouldn’t believe the number of times she said, “Let me see the drug evidence that y’all brought in last night.”They’d go down to a holding room and she would take out chunks of cocaine and chunks of heroin for her lesbian buddies.” He said that woman was so ugly, the only way she could get sex with women was to buy them with drugs. He also eye-witnessed her on several occasions when they brought in evidence after making bust and they’d find out that people were politically connected somehow, Reno would either order them to destroy the evidence or she’d just get rid of it herself. She was a cover-up artist big time back then.

When Clinton put her in the White House, then you have the cover up of Waco, cover up of Ruby Ridge Idaho, cover up of the Murrah Building. The fix was in. Clinton appointed all the US attorneys, like the one they gave me, Tom Strickland. Tom Strickland worked in a law firm where they got the principal worked for CIA and the counselor was sit. Our country has been taken over by a secret shadow government. They murdered John Kennedy, they murdered Robert Kennedy, they killed Martin Luther King, they blew up the Murrah Building, they blew up the Twin Towers, that whole thing’s a lie. This is ongoing. If we don’t stand up to this and expose it, we will lose our country. You mark my words. The United States of America will go away, and our children will be microchips, like dogs.

JFS 006 | Government Cover Ups
Government Cover Ups: Our country has been taken over by a secret shadow government.

You’ve been all over the world. You’ve been vaccinated everything. You’ve seen a lot of things. What keeps the rest of the world from saying, “America, you’ve turned into a cesspool. You have pedophiles. You have drug dealers. You’ve been accused of all these different crimes, and the UN just invades us. What would keep that from happening? If rightfully so the rest of the world says, “There’s evidence has been presented to the people, and the people of America have done nothing, and justice needs to.”

It’s like what happened with Adolf Hitler in Germany. The same type of dark evil has reared its head again here in this country. I want to quote something here from Luke 12:2 because whether it’s Nazi Germany or Vietnam, all the opium in Afghanistan, or the Murrah Building and the Clintons, everything that is hidden will be found out, and every secret will be known. “Whatever I say to you in the dark, you must tell on the light. Don’t be afraid of people that can kill you, but they cannot harm your soul.” This is a spiritual battle, between the forces of light and darkness. It manifests in the people like Hitler. It manifests in the Murrah building. It manifests in the Twin Towers. What we people have done is we have lost our soul as a nation. My stepdad was at Pearl Harbor. He told me, he said, “Son, this nation changed after World War II.”

He would see Bill Clinton in the ‘90s on TV, and with disgust he’d turn off the TV and he’d get red-faced mad. He said, “This is not what I fought for. This is not what our men died for at Pearl Harbor and Guadalcanal. This man is a disgrace to the office of the presidency.” What we have allowed, we have allowed ourselves as Americans to be tricked, duped, and deceived by the dark forces, and people like Bill and Hillary Clinton are nothing more than little snot-nosed politicians that have no spine, no backbone. They have heart out. They looted the money from the American people, and then they hired out hit men to cover up all their crimes, and they belong in prison. I was a patriot this country and they threw me in supermax solitary confinement. They took out my mattress. They took away my clothes. I had no bond, no trial, nothing. They violated every right in the constitution to cover up their CIA crap.

It’s time that this comes out and it’s time that we stand up. If we don’t stand up as a nation and we don’t come together in the light, we will lose this country. Our children and our grandchildren are going to inherit a nightmare of new world order tyranny. I swear this is going to happen if we don’t do it now. Donald Trump’s trying to clean the swamp. He told Hillary, “You’re going to prison.” He has a big thing on his plate. I voted for Donald Trump. We have prayer groups that pray for him. If the man truly is trying to break up this shadow government and all with all these indictments, I’m all for it. If he can’t do it and he’s not strong enough, he’s just one man and he’s only a president.

In the deep state, presidents come and go. The deep state remains underneath that. The international bankers, the arms trade, and the international drug trade, those things control a lot of things behind the scenes. Leaders like Tony Blair over in London and Obama or whoever here, they’re just the puppets of these higher powers. It’s a big thing. It’s a snake. It’s an octopus with many tentacles. If we can identify some of these false flag, show the patterns, at least the sleeping American people can start to wake up to this evil that’s been going on.

Justin, do you have any questions for Cody?

He had about hit everything that I can think of. There’s so much more going on here from him and I hope we can do another interview with you.

We need to do Benghazi and what really happened in Benghazi. I had an ex-marine corps guy that quit and was a CI contractor. He whispered in my ear that he signed up point-specific or mission-specific non-disclosure agreement. He can’t talk about what happened in Benghazi and I cannot use his name, but I can tell you what he told me right in my ear. This story will make your stomach turn about what really happened there. I got mad when I heard it.

What’s the short-term game plan? Do you have anything as far as in Washington? Do you have people that are working on things to say, “Here’s the facts. Here’s all the evidence. You have 90 days, you have six months. If you don’t do it, somebody else will.”

We’ve had some people that have contacted press secretary. He’s from South Carolina. He’s done a lot of stuff. We’ve also mailed some stuff to Donald Trump and over to Vladimir Putin in Moscow. We have some people working on those things. These men are extremely busy. It’s difficult to get to them, but we think that at some point, we’ll be able to do this. The stuff I send out to civilian press guys like you, we don’t put the stuff that I sent, like to Trump and Putin. I told them that I would come testify under oath and take any kind of lie detector test they wanted, as long as it was not doctored by the CI in some back room. I would go to Moscow and testify whatever to the Russians because it’s a way to get the records out.

Our government is so corrupt, they stacked the deck like Clinton. He fired every single United States attorney in the Justice Department. They knew what they were doing in Arkansas, and they knew there would be blow-back later like the White Water. They stacked the deck, then he appointed the US Attorney General and that was Janet Reno. This whole thing was stacked to cover up their crimes. The Clintons are masters at it. Hopefully we can get somewhere and get some traction. When I testify, what they’ll do is seal it all. The only way you can really do this is go out to the American people on shows like yours and try to get the truth out. If I stay alive long enough, maybe something will get done, but I can’t do it alone. I’m just one guy. We need to all stand together in the light. If we don’t stand up, we’re going to lose this country.

Let’s talk about donating to your cause here. I noticed that on one of the sites where I was able to buy the book, that you have a Bitcoin on there and there’s several different ways to donate to you while those avenues are still open. Can you talk a little bit about that?

We have two websites. One of them is here in the states, but it’s having tech issues now. It had a donate thing on it. The other one over in Europe is that They have a donation thing on that website. Here’s what happened just recently. This is amazing. I was sitting here and it was dark nights ago. I live in an extremely rural area, four feet to the National Forest and this little cabin. Uploads this truck at night. Nobody ever comes out here, it’s really rural. It was a UPS truck. He honked, and I know the driver. He said, “We got this special delivery.” I said, “Okay.” He gave it to me and it was an envelope, a big 8.5×11 Manila thing full of cash. I looked at it and I immediately dropped it. I went and put on plastic gloves and got my magnifying glass because I thought it’d have anthrax in it. You know how they do that after 9/11. You all know about the anti.


Right when they were voting on the 9/11 thing, the Patriot Act, several senators and staff open their mail in DC and there was white powder, Bush and Cheney and all of them. I’ve got a suit here that Dick Cheney had his hands on while he was a secretary of defense. They scare them all with the anthrax here so they’d vote for the Patriot Act. What’s the first thing you do when you open up? When someone sends you a cash, what’s the first thing you do? You dump it out and you start counting, see what it is, how much it is, right, you get your hands on it. In my black ops world, my training, my first thing was to drop it and not touch it. It’s the opposite of what everyone does in the civilian world. Our world is opposite of what everyone does and think. That’s how we stay alive. I checked it real close to make sure it didn’t have any dust or particles of anthrax, because that’s one way the CI could kill me to shut me up and this book, send me an envelope of cash way out here in the mountains and then they find me the next morning dead out here.

You have to get on the ticket with what we’re dealing with here. These people murder people. They murdered 168 men and women in the Murrah Building. They don’t think of nothing about blowing up two or 300 people to cover up their scams about anthrax and about Gulf War syndrome. 54 were dead and 21 children dead down at Waco. Mickey Weaver up at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, she walked outside that cabin holding her six-month old baby and she was shot right through the neck while holding a six-month old baby. The sniper that supposedly did it was a guy named Lon Horiuchi. He was in Sniper Nest Number Seven, down at Branch Davidian Compound. I worked with these people. I know these people. They’re the dirtiest, lyingness pieces of trash. There’s a lot of good ones too. There’s good ones and bad ones in the FBI, the DEA, Justice Department. We have to filter out this ugly evil or else it’s going to win.

Next time might be if get a chance, I want to be able to talk about Waco, 9/11, Benghazi. There is so much.

I’m bursting at the seams. You’ve got to hear the stories. Timothy McVeigh was at Waco. They put a microchip in his rear covertly. It was the Lockheed Martin Beast battle engagement area simulator tracker new satellite system. They were field testing in Iraq. The Waco’s family were security officers. They sent them special forces. CI tried to recruit them out of there. We got letters he wrote to his sister, Jennifer. The American people don’t know any of this stuff. It’s going to take another hour or two just to go through it all. It’s an amazing story. The Benghazi thing is about 20 to 30 minutes of talking to tell you exactly what happened. It will make your stomach turn what Hillary Clinton and Obama did there. It deals with Gaddafi’s gold. There’s a bunch of gold bullion and arms from Russia.

We’ll get on this. We’ll get this information out and just start pressing it out there and see what we get done. Cody, thank you so much for joining us. God bless you. We pray for your safety. Stay strong.

Yes, sir. I will. Thank you very much.

We’ll be in touch. Thank you.


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JFS 005 | Oklahoma City BombingFor over 20 years, I was an Independent Contractor (IC), specializing in sensitive, covert assignments, as well as bodyguard work. In 1994 I was given the task to blow up the Alfred P. Murray building in Oklahoma City. This job came from an x-US military man, who told me he worked covertly for CIA. I refused on moral grounds. My strong opposition to attacking U.S. citizens on our own soil changed my status from a CIA asset into a liability, a private, Independent Contractor who “knew too much”.


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